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GBM released after meeting bond conditions

Headlines GBM released after meeting bond conditions

UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba who was earlier today detained at Woodlands Police Station has been released after meeting bond conditions.

Mr Mwamba was released on K50,000 bond plus two sureties. The sureties were Mazabuka Member of Parliament Gary Nkombo and his Solwezi West counterpart Teddy Kasonso.

GBM was earlier charged and arrested for unlawful drilling contrary to the laws of Zambia.

And UPND President Hakainde Hichilema accused President Edgar Lungu of trying to avoid an election by declaring a state of emergency.

Mr Hichilema who was part of the crowed which went to the Police Station to offer solidarity to GBM said the police wanted to take them to the industrial area so that PF cadres can shoot at innocent citizens and create confusion to give President Lungu a reason to declare a state of emergency and avoid elections.

“Today they wanted to create a situation were they would take us from here to the industrial area and in the process allow the PF cadres to start shooting at innocent citizens then he declares a state of emergency so that he can avoid an election,” he said.

He also said the UPND had no capacity to train militia and that if there is any militia in the country try then it was in the ruling party.

“There is no militia, if there is any militia then it can only be in the ruling party, UPND has no capacity to generate a militia,” he said.


  1. So fast, ZP. Should have delayed bond hearing for weeks…! Any way that was a cheap thrill…thanks for making our day!

    State if emergency until after elections should be considered.

    • @Patriot Abroad

      True…can’t wait for August so that all these GBMs and HHs are done with once and for all

      2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • Sorry plunderers, but come August Zambia shall be freed from this corrupt unaccountable PF GRZ.

      Zambia shall be freed.
      Viva all opposition.

    • The only people happy that GBM was locked up or may end up with a criminal case to stop him from running as Vice President to HH, are the UPND Executive who STRONGLY OPPOSED that HH must not appoint GBM as his Vice President.

      GBM has not added value to UPND, but destructions.The sooner HH realises this, the better for his party.

      And why is this all happening? It’s because HH is desperate and sees himself as the only person that can run UPND.

      GBM has added no value to UPND. Thus was once a promising party. The desperation by HH is alarming.

      And please don’t spin this issue. The youth picked up were not using the gym.

    • HH .. Please! Which industrial site. Stop telling lies or stop listening to whoever is telling you lies.

      You have become accustomed to lies Luke your Chief Vuvuzela [ WANZELU ]

      How can you sink so low. Zambians are not stupid. You created this mess by mobilising these youths. Now you got got up. You want to escape by manufacturing Alarming Stories.

    • PF wanted to ignite umulilo they can not extinguish. I am relieved to hear that GBM is released by these pathetic f00ls. Lungu ‘s reign has been saved for now otherwise people would have taken to the streets demanding for Lungu and PF’s removal.

      Anyway I knew that PF is toothless to detain GBM or any UPND members because that would ignite riots already simmering in the background.

      Even the police and the army are now behind UPND the only party they will be happy to serve under, not thses pathetic f00ls.

      VIVA UPND and THE HH TEAM. VIVA UPND the party of choice in 2016.

    • PF is a bunch of dull losers! GBM ni mwana wa mfumu!! he is the only one who had the balls to stand up to vicious Sata when he was harassing the chitimukulu,,, he personally supported the chitimukulu when he was at his lowest, GBM was the only in Zambia, everyone else was scared sh!t!!! Now how do you think the Chitimukulu feels seeing ka lungu harassing GBM???….
      and the PF has finally handed over Kasama to UPND,,,,
      what a vert Stup!d move ba bafi……….!

    • Lusaka times also!!,,, same like PF, lying!!! GBM is on bail, its the court that order his release,,,,, Police in Zambia don’t give bonds to opposition members as instructed by their boss lungu

    • You don’t mess around with the incoming republican
      vice president. someone will pay for this and while
      incarcerated himself will be denied ARVS.

    • PF this year is the end of your kaponya style of governance, which depends on borrowing in the morning and evening.

  2. Lungu next Mugabe of Africa !!! Ba PF $15 billion in dedit , closed 2 universities , poor health facilities , NO jobs , corruption which starts in state house ,load shedding even when it’s raining in kariba dam , violence is everyone dud to poverty and everyone is joining (PF) which means poverty family . Useless currency on earth even Somalia currency is better .

    • Mugabe is the most intelligent President of Africa…and the most respected even the western world can’t mess with him

      2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • @katondo boys
      Look at the thinking of PF, praising mugabe, yet the man destroyed a once semi industrialised country all for the sake of hanging on. That o’s the capacity of PF.

      Zambia shall be free come August.

    • I am more intelligent than Mugabe because I could not have made Zimbabweans suffer the way they are suffering now.

      Intelligent leaders surrender power and enjoy the spoils of being a former president. KK, Kufuor, Mbeki, Namibian presidents, Jonathan, Nyerere are example of intelligent leaders.

      Mugabe is academically intelligent but absolutely f00lish and stupid. Academic intelligence is nothing if not used in tandem with wisdom. Mugabe lacks wisdom but instead he has plenty of selfishness and utter greed.

      So anyone who idolises the likes of Mugabe, Nkuruziza, Kagame, Museveni is as stupid as a soaked dog.

    • @ Katondo boys

      Look katondo boys, you can do better than idolize the world’s most despised and hated dictator. You, Lungu and the late thug Sata must have been sired by the same parent. You are not serious, are you?

    • GBM has exhibited exceptional tact in dealing with those in government who have chosen to forget that he was Minister of Defense and restraint in kind of language he uses as he is equal to stand up to the challenge! Mind you, over the persecution of Mwinelubemba the Chitimukulu GBM is on record challenging Sata! Lungu and his minions have to think deeper as they are treading a self constructed dangerous path! The current scenario in mother Zambia is one where suspicion of company we keep or neighbors has elevated to distrust as PF has created a lot of Judas Iscariots! All opposition parties except the known ones dining with PF must be wary of the happenings as what visits one opposition party today may next visit you thus watch each others’ interests as opposition. Lungu is a dictator in…

    • contd….. the making with a heart not exactly known of an indigenous true Zambian! Just as other presidents Zambia has had before him let more research be undertaken to establish the saying “No man is an island!” Someone somewhere will surface to enlighten the nation on who this man really is!

  3. So what deals are being signed while we are distracted? This is March. Month of the mad hatter. Can’t wait to see what PF have in store for April Fool’s Day on which their Tom foolery can be enjoyed by all until 12pm.

    ED 01/04/16

    10am: Good morning Zambia I resign

    12pm: Hahaha April Fool’s Day stop partying!

    2pm: I declare a state of emergency to stop the celebrations

  4. Oh man… I’ll do it again without the symbols… March is mad hatter month for Tom foolery. Can’t wait till April…

    April 1 2016

    10am – I resign as President of Zed

    Noon – Haha April Fool’s Day. Stop partying!

    2pm – I declare a state of emergency to curb non stop celebrations

  5. PF and their supporters have no answers to countries dire economic problems, now intimidation and violence until the elections.

  6. The sense of reason has prevailed, thank you Zambia police. Do not be misused be selfish politicians. 8 pangas to train a militia!

  7. It is true, PF are pathetic failures.
    After borrowing $10 billion they should not even have had to campain, development should have Done the campaign.
    Unfortunately the pipo saw how they are stealing and missmanging while blaming everyone else.
    Now under the threat of an election loss which will expose their theft, they are ready to destroy a once peacefull Zambia by intimidation, harassment of opposition.

    God bless Zambia.

  8. Actually when UPND look themselves in the mirror they know that all the economic chalkenges that they blame on Edgar Lungu are not of making. They were either found, inherited, structural, external or dowmright lies by UPND. That is why you dont hear opposition politicians like Nawakwi dwell on them because she knows and she has been there. For unde2rfives who have never been there or even been councillors or MP they can tell lies without realising that they look silly.
    Copper prices, chinese economy, retrenchments, low water levels and loadshedding, external economic factors etc etc.

    • Tell us why the tourisim, agriculture and manufacturing industries have all declined order PF.
      if maneged properly, these other sectors would have absorbed all the shocks due to low copper prices.

  9. If this fake militia setup does not curtail the opposition, PF will initiate a fake coup then reinstate lungu under a state of emergency. We hope the army is neutral and uncorruptable. PF are finding giving up the life of luxury unacceptable with jail terms for most of them for stealing a certainty.
    Brace to yourselves country men and women, the worst is yet to come. As chiluba once said, power is sweet.

    God bless Zambia.

  10. What a stupid charge! Has he got military training? Can he even jog? the man is medically obese! Do not divert the attention of the suffering masses to such useless inuendos

  11. No amount of intimidation will stop Lungu from falling. If the mighty KK tried and failed miserably, who is Lungu? A non entity in African politics. He is just like a coackroach. Zambia is not Zimbabwe or Uganda. Kaunda tried all tricks in 1986 but the people rioted to bring about change. The nation has reached boiling point. Only stooges like Katondo boys and Kundos are so blind that they cannot see or so dull like their master Lungu that they cannot comprehend what is happening around them.

  12. GBM should not have been released because he deserves being in jail. He is useless to me. Am not surprised HH hand picked him as his vice president because HH is as desperate to be President as anything.

  13. Amazing! Upnd goons actually believe they can win in August? Who really have you seen supporting upnd apart from its ‘kind’!Walk around and not just blogging about and see what is prevailing- mwilaibepa!

  14. @ let August come fast… kikiki! You’ll cry @bamubida mavotes when we know that hh is a perennial failure in politics!keep fantasizing!

  15. It seems people fail to read the true mood of voters especially if they’re under 5s! Let’s not contextualise reality on the basis of politicians’s views but from people’s perspective- Ifintu Ni Lungu!

  16. Comment: who is this destructive old man called Saunders? I had high respect for him but no now. How can he defend gbm over the unlaw drilling issue? Of course, we all keep weapons in our hmes for our own protection. In the case of gbm, these weapons were found on his premises where 21 youths were arrested. There were even drugs there. Is this the type of govt Saunders wanTwhich will allow .members of fitness centres like gyms to bring in offensive weapons like machetes and spearsfrom their homes? Then we wont be safe. Vote ecl, vote pf.

  17. I was passing through Nakonde last week, people are waiting to do a neganega formular on upnd- ‘gain bag of maize’ has no ounce of support- let him try to stand in Kasama and he’ll be badly trounced! ECL 2016!

    • They are waiting for 1mbeciles like you to understand difference between right and wrong, between successful and embezzler.

  18. @Katondo boys,
    You are the most nauseating bastard on this forum, you blood make my skin crack. In all honest are you happy with the way the PF is running down the country?

    • @Mumbwe

      Hey my friend do you know the meaning of the word ‘Mumbwe’…..ask

      By the way PF is winning

      2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  19. Nonsense from desperate fake leaders HH and thug GBM!!nobody is above the law!!why train the militia when Zambia is a peaceful nation?BRAVO TO THE POLICE FOR PUTTING GBM AND HH WHERE THEY BELONG-HELL!!GO PF GO!!

  20. Ati 3 pangas, 1 spear and one gun with 8 rounds which has replaced the golf club as of today to take on ZP, ZNS and Zambia army. The spear to be used zulu style while the pangas were for pincer movement. The pistol was to be used on any aircraft flying overhead. The initial weapon, the golf club was to be used to swing golf balls at advancing troops.

    And don’t forget the dangerous kidnappers who kidnapped GRZ journalists and PF officials until police launched an operation to free the kidnappers who were being held in a school. Unfortunately the highly skilled kidnappers mysteriously disappeared after the hosteges were freed. When the journalists who were kidnapped checked their footage of the kidnapping it also had disapeared.

    Wow these UPND are indeed highly trained.

    • Zanis reports reaching us indicate the PF police do not belive the UPND capabilities outlined above could have been honed in an open gym in the heart of lusaka and now suspect the training was carried out at one HH cattle farms. They further say the cows were used to represent the troops who were to face the 3 pangas. The white birds that follow the cows represented aircraft and the pistol was used in the training exercise. The one spear was used to charge through the cows.
      The PF police say they intend to roundup any suspect cows and oxe peckers used in the training.
      They are also offering a reward for information of any person in possesion of more than one panga, a spear and a golf club. Information of any with a firearm is also accepted

  21. “Illegal drilling”????!!!!!! What kind of charge is this? ECL is on record stating that PF youth cadres only “…..provide security…” at PF functions. These thugs dress up, mobilise and behave like militias. They will harass, beat up and humiliate anyone who does not toe their party line. This militia issue is not new; It is a brainchild of PF and they are now trying to use it to provoke the opposition to react and create a powder keg situation that will give them (PF) an excuse to invoke state of emergency powers.

  22. Finally PF fools have cashed in on GBM so that they raise funds for police salaries which the stupid government could not pay them.

  23. These UPND tonga party thinks they are a superior tribe. I am not going to give you my vote in august because you are too bitter to rule this country.

  24. Lungu for Zambia,Museveni for Uganda,Mugabe for Zim, and Kagame for Rwanda….a quartet of “police state” leaders who use police forces for their own selfish political ends.

  25. Ati Gbm is not a factor!!?You making him one if only you were and are in denial because he is factor he has caused u misery and sleepless nights with ur pay masters who want to retain power @ all cost.Unfortunately time waits for no one and has finally caught up with you in slumber.Lungu had all the God given chance to make a good leader and president but had no plan of his own instead followed wrong advise from his sponsors and mentors who wanted to put him in the same predicament.He should ve his own strategy first then seek advise now he followed blindly and now his stuck with a country that has gone bankrupt.No money in people pockets except for those in the corridors of power who were nonentities not long ago but the Zambian voter has been left begging no livelihood miners civil…

  26. All you bloggers on here!! You ‘re all stupid, useless Zedians… Everyone commenting on here is in the diaspora… Come August, and Lungu wins because in Zambia the votes are with bakamunshi (remember sata losing because of the same voters). If you wanna make sure hh wins, you all go back ku Zambia and campaign harder to convince bakamushi to vote hh.
    Remember my name!! Blogging here and showing off won’t win hh NO vote, lets all go and campaign for him!!

    • The shining flickering light of PF “intelligentsia” (lol) has spoken!!!

      Mr. Soko, majority of bloggers cannot lover their intellect to your level.

    • As to your level of “intelligence”, do you 1mbecile understand what did you actually said when stating “…won’t win hh NO vote…”???

      Think Mr. Soko? Who is the stupid ONE?

  27. #Mr. Soko, the use-le-s-s and stupid one are those who are supporting a suppressive regime. The wise one are those condemning violence and oppression of fellow Zambians. They may not vote but their views will influence those on the ground to do the right thing.

  28. GBM is violent. Even his family and workers know that. Only another violent person such as HH can make him his vice and hope all the people he insults will vote for them. No wonder HH has another violent William Banda as his advisor.
    ZP please do your best keep this country safe till August when we shall show these disrespectful opposition thugs that we are not blind followers.
    So far, they have failed to give a good reason why they should be voted into power. We fully understand why the economy is where it is now. If it was only in Zambia we would blame it on Lungu, but bane this is everywhere. Viva Lungu and PF.

  29. GBM is out and home,but where are those boys who were found at his premises? They are languishing in the coolers.GBM went with 9 lawyers and the youths, zero!!GBM and HH were shouting from the fence. Youths wake up.Do not be used by any politician.Be reasonable,whether for Lungu or HH.

  30. GBM is not a seasoned politician, but just a wife batterer. HH what do expect from Tekele and GBM, chaps that are vilolent? It is likely that even UPND has some elements of violence that’s why it has absorbed those two wrong chaps, fat John and Tekele!!!!

  31. are the 21 released on bond also or they are still in police custody?shame baice umungulu taufwaikwa

  32. now who is going to be HH’s running mate coz this case will drag till 11 august and GBM will remain mute for the next 4 months

    There will be drama in UPND on 12 August and I will be away from my business, at home with my wife and children. I have stopped attending PRESIDENTIAL LOSS FUNERALS! Enough is enough. BB

  34. Leadership without character is a as well as a dead leadership.People who aspire to lead others should be people with character.The best virtue every leader should have is intergrity.Without this virtue,ones character is impaired.It is an exercise in futility if you want to be a leader but morally you are bankrupt.A citizen of character will have respect for the laws of the land.A person with intergrity does not need laws of the land.His or her imprisonment,is the character on which he has built his or her morals.Leadership devoid of character is not worth being called leadership.People who are aspiring to be candidates should be people who are above reproach and are morally upright.One cannot claim to be a leader when his image is dented and is full of skeleton in the cupboard.

  35. GBM is a very violent man, look at how he has savagely beaten his own wife, servants and workers. This man must face the full force of the law. HH and those supporting GBM are actually supporting gender based violence. GBM = GBV

  36. This years elections will be trick! am for the idea that caretaker presidents dont make gud presidents RB was an example! lets finish some ones work en legacy

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