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GBM says he is in high spirit ahead of police questioning

Headlines GBM says he is in high spirit ahead of police questioning

The youths arriving at the Magistrate Court
The youths arriving at the Magistrate Court

UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba commonly known as GBM has assured his supporters that he is in high spirit as he prepares for police questioning set for Woodlands Police Station on Wednesday.

Police in Lusaka originally planned to question Mr Mwamba on Tuesday over a police raid at his business premises in Lusaka where some youths were apprehended after they were found with what police called offensive weapons.

But Mr Mwamba has confirmed that he will attend the interviews at 09 Hours and that he is in high spirits.

He said the youths apprehended by police are not a militia wing of the UPND.

Mr Mwamba reiterated that it is the ruling PF that has a militia youth which he said disrupted the UPND’s recent mobilisation on the Copperbelt.

He has since thanked the UPND youths for having protected his delegation whilst on the Copperbelt.
“These thugs are the same ones that endangered the life of Hon Miles Sampa and numerous others on board a flight that was due to land at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe recently. The thugs are led by someone known as Chile 1, others are Tobi, Solo, Obert, Niza, Laz, Kabobola,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Lusaka Magistrate on Tuesday granted bail to 17 youths belonging to the UPND that were arrested by police after a raid at a business premises belonging to Mr. Mwamba.

The youths who included one female have been charged with offensive drilling.

Youths that were picked up at the gym by police
Youths that were picked up at the gym by police

The youths leaving the Magistrate Court
The youths leaving the Magistrate Court


    • Don’t mess with Hon Edgar Lungu…he walks around with a big stick…he warned you GBM and HH

      2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • I am generally independent minded when it comes to politics, my interest are merely to see that Africa & Zambia in particular has in place effective leadership that would allow the citizens to tap into their creative ingenuity and develop themselves and their communities.

      However it does amaze me that someone, anyone claiming to have the interest of the nation can & in this particular case be supporting the sort of leadership that PF of Edgar Lungu has instituted. This makes no sense to me, this isn’t rocket science, it is & has to be obvious that no country on Earth can and or has been known to make progress under such conditions of governance. The question is who are these people supporting PF? Are they genuine Zambians? Are they just some selfish individuals who place their…

    • Are they just some selfish individuals who place their personal desires above the good of the nation? Are they Judas Iscariots? Friends, ladies & gentlemen, let us be sensible & for once let us do the right thing for the sake of the our nation. You must never forget that our personal selfish interests are better served in a progressive, successful nation. In that sort of a nation, we all have a chance at making for ourselves decent & dignified lives & layout a future of hope for our next generation. Do the right thing for once Africans, think & however hard this might be for some of you, do try please.
      Thank You

    • I go to Gold Gym, because my wife Zumba there. I never see a bunch of youths. But at YMCA, I only see some yoyoyos just like those kaponyas from GBM gym. Bad customer base.
      What’s my point? GBM needs to upgrade. Make gym for diplomats, you never be summoned to police.

    • Lungu is a febble president now finding comfort in whisky to quench his desperation.

      The youth Lungu arrested will be vindicated and set free after which they will sue the government for damages.

      How can a militia of 21 be trained using one machete nine rounds of ammunition without a gun? Lungu is going mad with desperation . He needs mental psychoanalysis for sure.

      All these actions by PF are helping undecided voters to now support UPND cos they see madness and desperation in PF.


    • Militia training in a gym and at home?……Hmmmm. Such a militia ought not to be taken serious, it is certainly ill trained and useless.

      Most if not all houses have offensive weapons. Search any home, you will find weaponry; knives, hammers, slashers, screw drivers and sometimes Pangas, more commonly used by Political F00ls. All you have to do is qualify them as “offensive” and all heads of households will be answering that charge at the police stations throughout the country. This is how ridiculous this sounds.

    • @Nostradamus
      look at those kids, sorry sight!! mwe, these kids are just hungry and poor, they cant even gym,, they were around GBM`s place begging for food after finishing leftover from HH`s house,,
      why is lungu arresting street kids for their suffering caused by his PF

    • What drama in my country! Let Lungu be careful the way he is kicking this country. It will be sad when he leaves office in August. PF has been rejected by the majority especially the workers and farmers in Zambia because it has made life miserable. I hate to say it but I voted for these buffoons who have killed the economy. Not again can I make such a mistake neither can a poor farmer think of that! MMD was even much better than PF under lungu.

    • Kambwili and Frank Bwalya once said GBM is not a factor. Why is he being questioned now if its not for the fact that he has cemented the penetration of UPND in PF former strongholds.

      I can not wait to see how the campaigns will pan out in CB Luapula Muchinga and Northern Provinces . Evidence on the ground suggest that people will do a donchi Kubeba on PF because balelya beka.

      85% of Zambians are saying PF kuyabele uno mwaka whether they rig or not.


    • Hide my id please can you imagine that up to now there are no salaries for defence and security officers up to now. what is this government up to? we want our money please.

      Source ZWD 02/03/16

  1. When they are nabbed on the PF side, they are (harmlessly) on the defensive but when they are on the UPND side, they are offensively ‘armed’ with golf sticks, Lets apply justice evenly.

  2. “High Spirits”



    2016 VOTE PF ( EDGAR )


  3. GBM is a thug. He uses his money to entice the youth, buys them Junta and chibuku then unleashes them on his perceived political enemies. Look at how he knows all the thugs he helped create in PF, he couldn’t bring them with him (from PF) to UPND.
    UPND would have done better to distance itself from this man. But UPND will go into an alliance with the devil just to win an election.

    • do not be surprised if he goes further and give us house nos of these ‘thugs’ or better still, their spouses, next of kin, parents and/ or their bank accounts if any, cos he is one of them.
      he helped create the militia and his creation has turned against him.
      the worse is yet to come…

  4. Comment:This fool has been campaigning for the UPND presidency,he wants to hijack the party,he’s obsessed with getting to presidency,the sooner HH realises,the better.

  5. Comment:he’s been campaigning and plotting to overthrow HH from upnd presidency in the name of countrywide party mobilization.

  6. There is no country that runs like this and achieves development. PF HAS TAKEN ZAMBIA BACK TO STONE AGE. ZAMBIANS MUST FIRE PF ON 11 August 2016 if Zambia is to get back on track!

  7. viva Gbm viva HH we ar wth u guys com august chakolwa will go back were he belongs chawama

  8. Its PF who have militias in their party. Show us the offensive weapons that these innocent youths were possessing.

  9. Comment:This is paranoia at its worst.
    Gbm is a seasoned politician.
    if democracy is abt numbers then as upnd we nid Gbm to make a difference.Infact pf has contributed 2 making Gbm a star by the fear they exhibit.

  10. There is no bad publicist. Any publicist works for the parties involved. In this case, PF and ZP are campaigning for UPND without realising it. The undecided voters will be asking questions as to what really is the problem that ZP has summoned GBM to police when the PF cadres in military attires can walk freely on our streets. The PF cadres carry different types of weapons, even firing guns and shooting people yet the ZP pay a blind eye. It is ridiculous to expect any serious militia training to be training in such a location. How on earth can a 21 militia group train with 3 machetes and expect them to cause damage to a country?
    What effect does this nonsense have on our foreign visitors coming to Zambia for various reasons? Imagine the apprehension this is to them when they hear the…

  11. I might be wrong but the guys in the picture do not look like they can afford gym fees, let alone three meals a day.

    I go to the gym and that is not what my colleagues and I look or dress like.

    They are flashing UPND symbols. They look like true militias (or would be militias) to me.

    • @tutu what did you expect them to flash? A fists and pangas? Expected to see bodies of kambwili type, these guys ain’t weightlifters like you with disproportionate bodies, Mwandi tolo bikapo naka dance chalo chesu bonse, thanks guys for those red roses you distributed on valentine’s day keep sharing the love, PEACE!

    UPND never ever engaged in such tactics because Mazoka left a very disciplined party. Any member who is worth his or her sort should carefully analyze the moves being taken by GBM because we are now headed for disaster. GBM is the one who introduced those red berets in PF and when he left PF the thugs were still loyal to him up to now. Who the hell does this man think he is? HH has now clearly shown that he is ready to sacrifice us for his personal agenda with GBM. We need to replace HH as soon as possible because there is chaos in the party and we can not allow our selves to copy criminal activities of PF to succeed in August. We are just being fooled by a thief who beats his workers and wives. It is painful. BB

  13. Pf has become a party for the minority . Whether Pf has acquires taser and stun guns, they will still be defeated because many Zambians generally love peace and are ready to vote pf out on 11/8.

  14. Pf has become a party for the minority . Whether Pf has/ acquires taser and stun guns, they will still be defeated because many Zambians generally love peace and are ready to vote pf out on 11/8.

  15. guys .. this is not the first time panga’s and offencive weapons have been found in GBMs property. maybe the evidence is week but we don’t know the whole story and for UPND cadres to suddenly see GBM as a peaceful person when not long ago he was a chikopo who only knows insults and violence is amazing. clearly violent chaps have left PF … the Kadobi’s and their leader Kabimba, GBM, and the intercity bus terminus guys and we all know where they have gone. whats really sad is that someone releases money to buy pangus meant for violence. even ba supporter sure awe

    it is very disheartening to note that GBM has brought criminal activities to our party which Mazoka (MHSRIP) left clean. This so-called vice president for administration beats workers, his wife and so on and we make him vice president. What a joke! The guy is now scheming violence all over and this is sending fears in the electorates. Why do we waste time leaning on HH who has brought this troubled crook? Does HH think the best way to win an election is to become a criminal? GBM has fooled him. Today HH wants to talk, and walk like a thief ( I won’t mention tribe please)…All because he thinks it is thieves who win elections. Let us replace this HH with another credible person. GN for my choice. Time is running out. I am always warning…

    Thats is the game plan. We cant allow thieves to take over the party and bring shame through criminal elements gotten from their forefathers. GBM come from criminals and he is making our party dirty. Let him leave with his compatriot HH. We are winning in August, but with another leader not HH. BB

    • Sorry PaFyamba impostor. You are scared of the duet of HH & GBM, and you want us to replace them/him with a weak candidate so that you start your tribalism song. Not this time my friend. It is HH all the way. The sooner this sunk into your head the better.

  18. Comment: Most violent PF cadres have been flashed out from PF including their boss the wife clobber. We all know where they have ended to. Old habits die hard.

    • @BE REALISTIC some pf cadres have been sentenced to death by hanging by the lusaka high court, others just know it’s time to put their tails between their legs, cause they know what time it is, post 11 August no one will protect them for the crimes against humanity.

  19. Upmd is very popular and a party of choice in online media like Zwd and now the same Hyenas ve besieged LT.The same diaspora wolves and Hyenas ve been creating wrong signals to poor upmd cheating them for popurity.The ground is still intact and in support of PF and never be cheated that upmd is winning in August,we ve warned you already.Prepare for another defeat in August.Its ECL all the way to 2021!!!

    • The young men and lady were arrested for distributing red roses on valentine’s day, chabanyonga ba pf that people have fallen in love with these guys, very well organized young men and women.

  20. Violent UPND embressing rejected and violent charecters like GBM and William banda, what do you expect, more violence.Those cadres dont look like they went to the gym to keep fit, they are a bunch of hungry street kids who can do anything when given money for genkem and Chibuku.

  21. Comment: Who wanted to win contracts from zesco and Zambia army when he was minister but was exposed? So you embrace even criminals? Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house cos you end up showing your stupidity. Old habits die hard. He won’t change.

    • And who buried K2 billion at his farm? Whose son ran away after the 2011 elections because of economic offences? Who forged a certificate at NIPA and ended up being a PF MP and a jailbird? PF has also embraced thieves and criminals. It is a Zambian political thing to embrace thieves and criminals. There is no morality in Zambian politics – – anything goes!

  22. Tourisim down, inflation at 22%, agriculture down, cholera running rampant in lusaka, shortages of mealmeal in kasama, job shedding the order of the day, PF now resorting to looting GRZ cars after depleting the eurobonds, AG report points to massive aboused of funds at RDA.

    We need change.

  23. A smart lawyer for those youths will be able to show how absurd the whole decision of charging them (the youths) with the crime of Offensive drilling is. I pity the prosecutor.

    • Totally agree with you. I dont seem to understand what “offensive drilling” is. If as an example i take up wieght lifting to protect myself from the PF thugs, i suppose that is an offensive type of sport, is that an arrestable offence??

  24. Look at them dancing and catcalling out to large gatherings. No sign of remorse, nor comprehension of the serious nature of their predicament! No respect for authority. Magistrate needs to wipe the smile off their face.

    • Remorse for what? Distributing red roses on valentine’s day? Where is your love brother, show some love.

  25. UPND fans should not be surprised that GBM has been arrested on these violence related charges. He was the Chief Architect of the violent PF cadres of Inter-City who doesnt know this. By giving GBM a high appointment UPND has just brought PF violent tendencies in their own back yard. As genuine UPND followers , lets petition HH to delink us from GBM afterall he didnt consult us in the first place ! Why should GBM be senior to Jack Mwimbu?

  26. GBM should be senior to Jack Mwiimbu for political expidience!kikikikikiki you have just brought trouble and misery to your party by accepting thugs like GBM as your vice presidentkikikiki! the man is not wise.

  27. HH MUST GO!
    Zambia One and Spaka cannot tthink beyond their nose, calling me an imposter, wasting their already useless time. Go on with HH, because I and many others in the party are thirsting for change because the all time loser cannot guarantee us a win in August this year. DO your mathematics well and see how lamentably HH will collapse on the 50+1 platform. You are the same people who kept telling KK “all the people are behind you” when everybody behind was chasing him away from State House. You are very dangerous morons thinking the rubbish GBM has brought to UPND has any glimmer of glory. Nothing but crimes. VIVA GARRY. BB

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