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Head of Anti-Corruption Commission Rosewin Wandi Resigns

General News Head of Anti-Corruption Commission Rosewin Wandi Resigns

ANTI-Corruption Commission (ACC) director-general Rosewin Wandi
ANTI-Corruption Commission (ACC) director-general Rosewin Wandi
Anti-Corruption Commission Director General Rosewin Wandi has resigned.

ACC Chairperson Justice Timothy Kabalata in a statement issued today says Mrs. Wandi has given notice to vacate the Office of Director General.

Justice Kabalata says the notice is in accordance with Section 10(8) of the Anti-Corruption Commission Act No. 3 of 2012.

He says the Commission will greatly miss Mrs. Wandi’s committed leadership and professionalism in the fight against corruption.

Justice Kabalata has since wished Mrs. Wandi well in her future endeavours on behalf of the Commission.
In May last year, Mrs Wandi came under increased pressure from National Revolution Party President Cosmo Mumba to resign, accusing her of incompetence and biasness in dealing with corruption cases.

She however, received the backing of ACC Commissioners who dismissed calls for her resignation as malicious.


    • Good riddance! She’s been instrumental in the ACC’s Selective investigations. She cleared Wynter Kabimba of his corruption involving Trafigura petroleum without asking him a single question.

  1. Good riddance. Should have resigned years ago. She has no case of public interest that she has investigated to show for. Corruption, from within her organisation is order of the day and from without was/ is taking place right under her nose. No substance, no leadership and no foresight. She can now join UPND.

  2. Having known you and your family for 20 years I can attest that you a good mother and a role model to many Zambian women. I salute you madam for the courageous step and wish you even more successes in your future endeavors. A few would resign from your position given the circumstance but your principles had to be upheld your gallantry service is without question.

    • Madam Wandi

      When the river becomes infested with crocodiles, you do well to wade for the shore. For to dance with bears leaves you with no option of when to stop till the bears declares so.

      You have reclaimed your freedom! Just remember you were from the wrong Lozi/Toka tribe and thus associated with bantu botatwe thus facing the tribal vernom from the like of in-born corrupt AB Chikwanda, EC Lung and cohorts.

      On same note, I wish my colleage Madam Lamba well as she ascend the throne. Or will her association with and being classmates of Mutembo Nchito restrain the appointing authority.

  3. Has resigned because Chifentelo put pressure on her, hmmm ba LT mulebako serious. The pressure is that she can’t work independently. Wouldn’t be surprised if she is also arrested for embarrassing the system.

  4. “In May last year, Mrs Wandi came under increased pressure from National Revolution Party President Cosmo Mumba to resign” Who is this Cosmo Lunatic Mumba…….. Kuti waseka

  5. Well done madam,every senior civil servant who is sensible should resign and leave chakolwa alone coz the repercursions after he leaves will be too bad for him.

  6. I didn”t know that even in PF we can have people of such high morals. I salute you Madam for leaving these scumbags. Your uprightness will be rewarded by the next government.

  7. She has just realised that you cant keep on ignoring or shielding Lungus corrupt ways without getting in trouble in the near future.

  8. With ka ECL at Plot 1 awe bwafya. Corruption is rife at State House. His stooges i.e. Chilubanama and Zulu are doing the Dirty Jobs for him.


  9. Another useless Sata gender appointment that has done completely nothing…useless as the man who appointed her. Maybe they will also give her an ambassdor role!!

  10. Whatever the situation we are keeping lungu in state house. HH brought more nisery when he sold our companies and pipo lost employment without benefits.

    • Grand liar you are……this story is as stale and fake as you hideous character.

      For the sane ones, ALL parastatal companies were sold by the Government through ZPA under the watch of Ronald Penza and Valentine Chitalu.

    • Think about what you’re implying. Can you as an individual sell national companies without the governments consent? HH was merely a technocrat carrying out instructions of ruling MMD at the time.

    • @cyberjz

      You are actually in error. HH did not carry out no instructions but Grant Thornton was retained by the GRZ just like D&T, PWC etc to carry out professional services.

      I challenge GRZ to publish a list of all privatized companies, consultants hired and fees paid.

      For your information, GRZ wont do this because they are ashamed that Grant Thornton was given a pittance with a lions share done by G Sokota/N Mbazima of Deloitte, Mtine of PeatMarwick and Mazombwe of PWC.

      I know cos I had some oversight of ZPA etc……..!

    • Guys these are PF operatives payed to push this selling of companies lie about HH.
      The best way to shut them up is to say

      ”Lungu is a concicted fraudster”

  11. I knew it that it will be difficult for professional people to work with Edgar and his team because they are there to serve their personal interest.Look at the way, they are prosecuting Mtembo Nchito,its a clear indication of having a failed leadership

  12. [email protected] just like the way HH saved his interests when he sold our companies and pockted money and thinks that we are that dull to to trust him again. Say what you like HH will be history.

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