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Charly’s Musonda’s mum puts a dumper on Chickens hopes

Sports Charly's Musonda's mum puts a dumper on Chickens hopes

The family of Charly Musonda Junior says it is up to the youngster to decide whether to play for Zambia.

Chipolopolo coach George ‘Chicken’ Lwandamina on Friday called Musonda Junior to the Zambia squad that will face Congo Brazaville in this month’s back to back Africa Cup qualifiers.

Musonda’s mother Angela suggested that the family won’t decide for the midfielder.

She reiterated that her son was also eligible to play for Belgium and England.

“Kindly stop harassing me or Charles Musonda via inbox requesting to know if Musonda will play for Zambia. Maybe you mean well but hey it’s too much stop it,” she wrote on her Face Book account.

Musonda is enjoying good form since joining Spanish La Liga side Real Betis on loan from Chelsea in January.

“For your own information, he qualifies to play for Belgium and England too. But no one is bothering us from those 2 (two) countries because they know that the decision is not theirs but the boy himself,” she added.


  1. Is this woman Zambian?? , you can show some humility pleas, you seem to have a grudge against Zambia what, have zambians done to you?? Atase..

    • Before we judge her, where were her children raised? Belgium. Let the young lad mature first before he gets messed up like Colins mbesuma.

    • No one is judging her for protecting her boys, but she can be a bit diplomatic. Who asked her which other countries the boy qualifies for?? ati ” how come those other countries are not bugging him ??”
      The saying “you can take a monkey out of the bush but you can’t take the bush out of the monkey” comes to mind on your case madam. You were born In Zambia, show some respect and tact for the nation for wanting your boy to play for Zambia.

    • Whats patriotism got to do with it…when you are not going NOWHERE..honestly would you want your child to play football under Galu and corrupt thugs; the young man has a choice to choose between England and Belgium. Your Galu has stolen all funds met for youth development and you want to put pressure on the young man in fact it says a lot about the Zambian national team that you want a boy in a reserve team to play for the national team.

    • She IS VERY RIGHT – why do you want her to influence her son to come & play for Zed, when thugs day in & out are teargassing anyone they want, Gangsters like kaiza fire off guns in public & get away with it; throwing people in prison on flimsy reasons, to leave Europe he has to seriously thinking about HOW MANY CANDLES HE HAS TO PACK – what with the lies of electrifying the most rural of zed, when they can’t commit to keeping a single bulb in Lusaka to have continous power!!
      Galu has brought the lovely sport into disrepute; Players don’t get paid on time – looking at majority of the posts, lots are going on about patriotism – WHY DO YOU WANT HIM ALONE TO BE PATRIOTIC, when majority in the country starting from State house are on about raping the country dry of its monies & resources -…

    • ……about raping the country dry of its monies & resources – Lets start the CLEANSING ON 11/8/2016!!

      Vote UPND!!


      I thank you!

  2. Ba Chicken George naimwe. We Zambians never pleaded for any one Zambian to save or serve us. There are 11 players on the pitch and we won the nation’s cup without any Musonda. How come Charles Musonda never talks about his boys only this loquacious woman? Tuma Inferiority Complex tumoneka Ku Wafuma Ku Mufulira and then she is thrown into the bright lights of Belgium.

    • Your dull George hasn’t even got a contract to legally stand on as a National team manager…yet he is there doing piecework for Galu in the name of patriotism when they themselves are squeezing every juice that comes out of FAZ into their pockets.

    • Jay Jay wabe tole fumapa! Leave Chicken George alone. For you nothing in Zambia is good news. You have a bone to pick so go pick it from the garbage dumps of Europe

  3. Just leave that boy naimwe who cares?
    We won the African cup.
    This woman is to arrogant for nothing, she seem to have grudge against the FA president, but Zambia is big than Charts Musonda and Kulusha Bwalya.

    • Are you sure Zambia is bigger than Galu..the guy has FAZ in his pocket and he lives in RSA …truly laughable!!

    • JJ
      If you hate kalusha, it does not mean you have to be offensive to the whole football ferternaty and fans in Zambia.
      If the fans hope to see musonda Jr play For zambia you can be diplomatic and let them down like an adult not like you hate the whole country.

    • You have degraded Zambian National Football to the point where even players who are finished like Katongo still feature and you are summoning a young player who is loaned out and was playing in the reserve team to come and play for the national team…no wonder your Galu got a scout from Bolton appointed him assistant coach after a month the young man saw what type of mess FAZ was in, decided to pack up and go back to England.

  4. In remotest areas of Zambia, there are many Lionel messis. FAZ should use its resources to scout for talent. Go into Zambia rural schools and get raw talent that you can nurture and polish. Remember, one tree can not make a forest and this young Musonda, on his own can not make Zambia win.

    • Wake up from your sleep, have you not been following what has been happening in FAZ? When that former treasurer resigned and spilled the beans he alluded to the fact that funds meant for grassroots football was misappropriated….you expect this lot to scout for funds yet they can not even manage to buy simple air tickets for players without Sports ministry stepping in…in this day and age.

  5. If he qualifies then good for him but maybe he is not good enough to play for those countries. Why did Chelsea loan him out? Don’t brug for nothing bane?

  6. Slaves were never allowed to eat beef, just chickens. So there was this famous slave called George at one of the plantations back in the day. The slavers used the term chicken George just to dehumanized him. Up to this age when red neck bigots want to blow the racist dog whistle, they will make fun of a black person eating a chicken or invoke a lynching. If I were Lwandamina, I would ask people not to use this racist term on him. I don’t know why we Zambians have this penchant of using derogatory terms on ourselves: The Afrikaans word for black is swart. So the boers trained their dogs to attack black people by saying swart! Now our forefathers who went to work in the South African mines came back with this word and everyone would goad their dog to attack by saying swa! Short for swart

  7. As the Charley’s mum,,, that’s the way to go my sister! Problem with us Zambians is that some feel they are more patriotic than others. Choosing or finding yourself with pathway to leave Zambia does not in itself make you to be more patriotic that the guy who leaves. It just shows the differences in energy and adventurism between these two

  8. it’s simple, Charly is Belgian, he has NO Zambian passport, he doesn’t even have the right to play for Zambia !

    and, seriously, WHY would he ? he has a great chance to play for Belgium very soon, #1 in the world, and one of the 4 favourites to win the european championships, after Germany, France and Spain.

    so, of course she is annoyed, the coach should check his info before contacting them.

  9. Gentlemen the boy should be advised wisely …playing for Zambia ??? Come on guys …do you know what happens at faz …that boy has been raised under European standards…first of all when he comes he will be asked to sacrifice and buy himself the return ticket… When his money will be claimed by the faz president from the ministry … These are African manners not Europe guys …lets be real ….if you ddnt know faz does not provide transport for players in europe but they claim that money from grz ….those are African manners… Dnt think the boy can view this issue your way …to avoid frustrations like sinkala Andrew, moses sichone, Boyd mwila,Davis Phiri ,lucky msiska ,the boy shud think twice ..

  10. Let Charley stay in Europe he has immense talent…the minute he ‘becomes’ Zambian King Galu will be the first to ‘sale’ him off to some mediocre club get his cut and run. Charley Cool Snr has been very smart he has nurtured his family lived a simple life and cultivated a serious work ethic in his kids. Unlike some musela kwakaba he married his childhood sweet heart a simple and lovely woman and mother to the now budding stars. He has not cut deals, stolen money, printed fake replica jerseys or asked his wife to form a front to milk FAZ. He and his wife manage the boys Charley is a qualified trainer and scout as is his lovely wife. Because of the game they have successfully lived in England, Belgium and now Spain….this is a success story.

  11. The boy does even know were zambia is he is a European citizen why are you claiming for some thing that is not yours don’t you have shame? Leave the boy alone your chicken George must be very dull no wonder he has not been given a contract but continues to train your rubbish team. This boy Charlie was born in Europe has never been Zambia but you want to come and play for you how stupid can you be? You call your old finished Katongos .

  12. LT, do you realise what a ‘dumper’ is? Never mind the missing apostrophe. It makes a hilarious howler. The word is damper. I am sure you did not intend to inform us someone’s mother did a number two on the head of a chicken…

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