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Amos Chanda wants his full interview with ACC on single sourcing allegations Published

General News Amos Chanda wants his full interview with ACC on single sourcing...

Amos Chanda
Amos Chanda

PRESIDENT Lungu’s special assistant for press and public relations Amos Chanda has asked the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to publish details of the interview with him two months ago over an alleged single-sourcing of the Na-tional Savings and Credit Bank (NATSAVE) regarding an advertorial in the French newspaper, Le Monde.

Mr Chanda said he was suspicious of the move by the ACC to summon him over a project that happened in November 2011, shortly after the Patriotic Front (PF) was voted into office.

He said in an interview with the Sunday Mail yesterday that reports in The Post indicating that he single-sourced NATSAVE to place an advert are not only false but malicious.

“I’m asking the ACC to publish the full details of the interview I had with them two months ago over the advertorial that was proposed by a French newspaper [Le Monde].

I worked in State House for nine months before I was sent to London by the late former President Sata and this issue was never raised by the ACC.

Why should the commission raise the matter four years later, now that I’m the press aide to President Lungu? “After I was interviewed by the ACC, I did mention to them that I wanted this matter made public but they pleaded with me not to do so because they interviewed me only as a potential witness not a suspect.

I wanted to make the matter public because I was alive to the fact that it was done for purposes of leaking parts of the interview to The Post. Some people at the commission have now released false information to The Post,” he said.

“When information reached me that the ACC interview had been leaked to The Post, I brought the matter to the attention of Ms Wandi in the presence of Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Roland Msiska.

She assured me that she would check and regretted the incident as unacceptable if it were true.” Mr Chanda said in 2011, shortly after President Sata ascended to power, Le Monde wrote to State House to consider placing an advertorial in one of their supplements.

He said President Sata assigned him and former press aide George Chellah on the project of which they wrote to 120 parastatal and private companies to participate in the advertorial.

He said the promoters interviewed President Sata, Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda and five other ministers and some chief executive officers of some companies.

Mr Chanda named some of the companies that were written to as Stanbic Bank, Zanaco, Mopani Copper Mines, Konkola Copper Mines, Maamba Collieries, Indo- Zambia, Chamber of Mines and Zamtel.

“We wrote the letters between October 2011 and February 2012, and some of the letters were actually drafted by George Chellah.

Zamtel and Chamber of Mines wrote to us and indicated they were unable to partici-pate in the advertorial as they did not have a board in place to approve,” Mr Chanda said.

He said the ACC should resist the temptation of being used as a lynch mob as it is an important State institution.
“ACC is an important public insti-tution of governance and so they should not behave like a lynch mob [instant justice mob],” he said.

And Mr Chanda said ACC director-general Rosewin Wandi’s retirement has nothing to do with investigations regarding some Govern-ment officials “and, therefore, The Post, story to link her departure to investigations is not only misguided but preposterous in the extreme”.

He said Ms Wandi has retired as she has reached retirement age, adding that she still enjoys cor-dial relations President Lungu.

Mr Chanda said Ms Wandi has been in constant touch with President Lungu regarding her future after the ACC.
Ms Wandi has given notice to retire from her position in accordance with section 10 (8) of the ACC Act No.3 of 2012.

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  1. That is why I no longer read the Post lies?
    They twist and bend stories just to influence opinions.
    If this Post thing is about investigative journalism why did they not interview Ms Wandi for fair and balanced reporting?And especially regarding her retirement age?

    • Just sit down sir because you know diddly squat about the criminality going on in Government by these good-for-nothi g so called leaders. If the Post’s account is off, why is he not suing them? Ponder that.

    • This Chanda is a real liar, lying through his buck teeth. Did Wanda retire or resign? There’s a huge difference between the two? And why should NatSave advertise in Le Monde when it does not service any French speaking customers and has no international operations? These liars and thieves are getting caught in their Web of lies.

    • It seems you know nothing about journalism. Of the many scandals the post has exposed how many people have taken them to court and won. Don’t be a blind cadre. 25 years in the news business name one person who has sued them for lying and has won.

  2. Its Timothy Kabalata the ACC board chairman who told us that Ms Wandi has resigned. What Amos is doing is just to confirm what we have been thinking. She has resigned because of pressure from state house.

  3. KKKKK Amos what as the cost of placing an advert in the Le Monde…do you even speak fluent French? kkkkkk why would you want your interview published? Isn’t this what Nchito is asking to be heard in public and you are resisting? Isn’t the right f a citizen to be heard in public or open court? Weren’t the trails of the Army/ZAF Generals held in open court? So we will not allow you to intimidate the ACC to behave against the ethics of investigations or indeed interviews. As for commenting on the reasons M Wandi has left please Amos you are not the appointing authority and she does not and will never report to you…you have no mandate to comment on the contract of such a high ranking authority grow up!

  4. Where there is SMOKE there is FIRE!

    Chanda is obviously guilty otherwise why would he agree to hide details?

    Just more corruption started by Sata and taken to new heights by Lungu!

    Useless PF out in August and then a new ACC can start serious investigations. WE MUST SEE THESE THIEVES IN JAIL —AND THE MONEY RECOVERED!

  5. @undecided voter, going by your saying HH pocketed our money. In other words HH stole our money. The post said it and there is that story.

  6. the seat for Wandi has not been comfortable since the former DG for auditor Generals office lashed at ACC last time , just few months ago, that whenver the OAG provided proof and documentation to ACC to probe ailing govt officers; documents went missing at ACC. tghat was a serious hit on the feet. Wandi cant stay with such an allegation, i cant stay neither. Wand’s job has been diificult since that time she decided to question winter when MCS was president. Wandi mwandi you have tried. go and pumula. u dd your best.

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