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UPND will not disband its Security Wing-Lifwekelo

General News UPND will not disband its Security Wing-Lifwekelo

UPND Deputy Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo
UPND Deputy Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo
The opposition UPND has refused to disband its ‘security wing’ saying it is helping to provide security for the party.

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) recently recommended that political parties should disband their ‘security wings’ saying they have become a source violence and intimidation in the country.

But UPND Deputy Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo says the security wing of the party is there to provide the required security within the party.

Mr. Lifwekelo says even football clubs and other groups have such provisions of the security and wonder why certain stakeholders want these groups disbanded.

He says that is the main reason there are laws in the country to oversee the security issues and that if stakeholders feel that these wings are behind the political violence, the police is there to move in and apply the law.

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    • get grips you, damn PF cadres!,, everyone needs security, any normal organisation be it MMD, DF, UPND needs its own security wing for its leadership and its own protection,,,
      the problem with PF is stup!dity,, they don’t understand the difference between militia and security wing,,, `going for the throat` its a Friday statement for us chakolwas imwe ati its a threat,,, ala very stup!d

    • @Ndobo. Your anger will destroy you. some of us come to this forum with a balanced mind. Im not a cadre and will never be. It is people like you who will make your party lose again and again. you are a lunatic because i just asked if it is there or not. By the way if a grade 7 (like your vice president GBM) says “going for the throat” what does he mean? go back to school coz Bakulmikakafye. Why so much hate even when someone just wanted know if it exist?

    • Why do those that can afford it employ security guards even when we have police to ensure security of citizens? Security left to be provided by police alone is neither inspiring nor assured thus citizens going out of their way to surround themselves with security they are comfortable with. Its a question of being law abiding and not overstepping boundaries!

      I need HH to simplify his message as we move towards election date as it seems the working class and better enlightened have almost caught on and consolidated their positions on where he stands on issues of their affect but for the struggling majority trying to make a living and march with the economy. Now it is time that the message is delivered to mostly the disadvantaged lower levels in simpler understandable form of needs: food,…

    • contd….. employment, education and, health. How UPND will avail these of course separating total free services i.e education from those with affordable cost sharing health and cost of producing food (subsidies).

  1. Quote, “He says that is the main reason there are laws in the country to oversee the security issues and that if stakeholders feel that these wings are behind the political violence, the police is there to move in and apply the law”. Mr. Lifwekelo, that is exactly what the Police have done – your GBM is currently under lock and key. Do not be overzealous – we only have one country to protect.

  2. forget about 51 years of peace as long as blood thirsty shonozi head the opposition up and down party for the under world.

  3. Edwin Lifwekelo is a moron how this numpty can be a Spokesperson speaks volumes about this party…we need a new generation of leaders not these useless vessels wasting valuable time.

  4. Pfacists always misunderstanding statements, zesco, national assembly has one too, remember how national assembly security brought everything under control when you fascist went tribal in the assembly?

  5. @Observer

    The Observer’s observation is spot on. GBM is languishing alone.
    I observed too today that instead of a crowd, only Mr HH and 3 others went to wake him up. No security can protect you from inda (lice) sha mu ma cells!

  6. I have watched with amusement while you Africans call each other names based on tribe and the like. The kind of thing that was rather common in the developed world in the stone age period. It’s laughable that in this modern age “tribe” still has so much power to divide and foster so much hatred . When I look at you, you all look the same! And yet you call each other all kinds of names based on what region you come from or what “tribe” you belong to. Well you keep on tearing each other to pieces. We will continue feasting on your carcasses.

  7. I have never come across such a conflicted country like Zambia. Your own public order demands that political parties should furnish the police with THEIR security arrangements for the event before being given the go ahead. Now you say these should be disbanded? In my view the first step should then be to disband the POA

  8. CAGE is the most popular word at the moment on the lips of all PF sympathizers. These people are sick and sickening.

    • Very monotonous baggers, they hear a kama word, ninshi lwanya, global every idyote was global, global, unprecedented development, every sh*thead was unprecedented, unprecedented, nomba apa ni caged, caged….

    As a Christian, one does not look at justifying oneself of wrongdoing especially violence. HH never takes responsibility of the violence perpetrated by his cadres, rather he justifies evil act by accusing others especially PF.
    I am not justifying the violence of PF, they are equally guilty and they should take responsibility as well.
    However, HH treats the perpetrators of violence in his party as heroes and heroines. And those poor citizens who get beaten by his cadres are like infidels who deserve the wrath of violence for not supporting him. I am a victim of HH’s cadres’ violence and justified it.
    For those among his cadres who get hurt in the battle or arrested, HH treats them like martyrs.


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