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Man ejaculates on women’s chitenges at a Women’s Day event


Mushaukwa whisked away by police
Mushaukwa whisked away by police

Police in Livingstone are holding a man believed to be in his mid-30’s after he ejaculated on women who were attending a Women’s Day event.

Mushaukwa Mushaukwa, a curio trader from Mukuni Park was almost clobbered by angry women during the celebrations to mark women’s day at the Civic centre after he masturbated and ejaculated on women who were following the proceedings.

Mushaukwa claims the women stood so close to his manhood and became sexually aroused, forcing him to spill his semen on the women.

A small group of women were shocked to find semen all over their chitenges and became incensed.

He has since been arrested for indecent assault.

Mashaukwa after he was arrested
Mashaukwa after he was arrested


    • katondo ulebako serious ni father bwalya uwachipowela bankashi advise him to get himself a woman nakula ukusabaila kwachila niwewine chipalile kwati ulupundu lwalikupesha puntu wachilamo edinyo ediyo

    • @makwingo,
      what tribe is that man and from which region?
      definitely not pf or fdd but ‘ing’ombe ilede’. kikiki kikiki…..

    • @Katondo, how can be a UPND without POA permit.
      now I understand why POA is important. what case will be charged with?

    • @Emmanuel Mbwa: this just confirms that PF is not for non-Bembas. Your tribal¡sm knows no bounds. The people you insult hosted you for several years while you served your Satanic master.

    • @Lucy
      This man could be any tribe….i just said he is UPND…..did I mention his tribe? WOW…….August please come quick

      2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

      Matero constituency it’s money in the bank already

    • He is a PF SUPPOTA and heard that Chikwanda was going to BORROW another 10 BILLION for him to steal!

      His name is LUNGU!

  1. UPND cadre from Livingstone. We are not surprised. These are Hichilema’s cows trying to increase the voting population for UPND but it cant work. Satamic people

  2. From the name this is certainly not a tonga bull, A tonga bull would not waste precious staff on chitenges……lock up the bastarrd.

  3. It can only be a T0nga, Mushaukwa Mushaukwa and these are the people who are hoping to be in power, shame. Bana mayo, watch out.

  4. iam sure there are similar cases in southern province that are not reported.
    where did this guy get the guts to do that publicly unless he was assured of protection from fellow party cadres.
    and do not be surprised if those women are pf sympathizers. kikikik kikiki
    yaba tongas…..

  5. As he thinketh in his heart so os he. life is about the state of mind ,fill your mind
    with the word of Christ and see yourself. change!

    • @Divide and Rule
      You very funny…don’t you think he has UPND written all over his face…..
      Anyway at least he knows his stick is still working

      2026 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • George the woman in pic 1 made him spill the chibuku is right behind him, she in pf chitenje, you know our friends and chibuku during such functions are inseparable.

  6. im sure he sprayed on useless PF chitenge to show disgust. As good as urinating on PF chitenge because it is useless.

    • @Lucy
      So you’ve admitted that he is UPND….what do you guys drink…let’s share regardless of political affiliation……

      2016 VOTE PF ( EDGAR )


  7. If this is the kind of analysis of an issue such as this, from bloggers who immediately look at the tribe of the man arrested, then Zambia needs to be saved. People have sunk to a new low.

    • Agreed with you.All PF carders blogging here have nothing else other than insulting the Tongaz everyday just because HH is contesting for president. For them a Tonga should never aspire for leadership in Zambia and that is how primitive these quacks have become. Zambia is fall and the sooner it dawns on all us the better. Compete on ideas and not dangerous issues of tribalism that only exists in your mind. No Zambia tribe will suddenly disappear to other unknown lands. Some people are very backward like still dueling in caves. These apes.

  8. Pf women throw their bums careleslly after drinking chibuku,they rubbed and warmed his machine gun and he fired on their boxes luckly the chitenges shielded their ntwanikeno.

  9. Wisdom Sinkamba – That is a real man. Let him free. You see ladies don’t provoke a cobra. Please ladies learn to dress in a decent manner. We need such men to multiply our small population. Next time stand clear 5 m away from such men. I am sure the guy does not go to disco houses or else he can return empty.

  10. Is this still happening? I left Zambia in the 90s and in those days horny guys used to do this at the Lusaka magistrates courts. Someone explained that these guys were doing some witchcraft ritual. What’s the explanation for such strange behaviour which I have never seen anywhere else?

  11. This is a common phenomena in our party. This is maximum and total exposure of one of the unlucky carders, MUSANKU badala!

  12. Comment: Koma PaZedi! KkkKkkkkk Musandiseketse, Ameneyu akuyenera kukalangidwa kudambwe la Gule wamkulu, Akaphunzire kuti zimenezo samachitira pagulu, Mwana opusa ndi opanda Kalidwe, Wandichititsa manyazi kwambiri, Koma ku Zambia?

    • I find it strange that the medium of communications on Malawian web sites is in local languages. Here is a potential PHD thesis for humanity students: Why do Zambians communicate in English?

  13. Why does UPND think using Bemba or Bemba names will make them none tribal? This guy in question is Mushaukwa Mushaukwa which definitely a Lozi name and most likely UPND. We know Tongas and Lozis are tribal that is why in the history of Zambia no Tonga or Lozi has ever ruled Zambia and it will remain like that until cows can vote.

  14. This is not a political, tribal or even a laughing matter so quit it with the dumb comments, this issue must be properly investigated and i mean psychiatrists must also be involved because we are so backward we never even check mental states of people its just straight forward judging of others some christian nation we truly are. If found guilty let the law take its course because we have to enforce equality of the sexes its our only way of building the nation.

    • In the second picture have you noticed how two girls behind the musta are grudgingly looking at him with open admiration?

  15. People are now running mad because of poverty….When will Jesus come kanshi? Pliz Jesus come and save us from this PF Government, abantu balapwa ukupena ku mulandu wa nsala and lack of what to do to keep them busy.

  16. He was bored enough to do what he did on that innocent woman, you should also mind the way you dress, conduct your figures in public or maybe she had no pant on her chitenge?

    Vote for ECL 2016

    From your friends in Livingstone

  17. Nyele ba fikala, this is the reason why these punks end up bonking goats and dogs. Self control and quit having the sex demons, then you will be fine, but most of these pedophiles are plain monsters. Lock him up before he gets close to children.

    • …..and worse Concerned Citizen. Check up on the life and background of the ‘late’ Jimmy Saville in the UK and you will see an example of ‘pure’ evil! Unfortunately, there is no norm when it comes to sexual behaviour – only what we are conditioned by our society, our peers, our laws and our religion (if we have one) what we should and should not do or say. Sexual and other moral deviancy judging by what we read, hear and sometimes witness, are rife.

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