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Politicians championing character assassination politics will be rejected-Bishop Telesphore Mpundu


Archbishop of Lusaka Diocese Telesphore Mpundu speaking at the Julia Chikamoneka awards which was organised by the Press Freedom Committee of The Post Newspaper
Archbishop of Lusaka Diocese Telesphore Mpundu speaking at the Julia Chikamoneka awards which was organised by the Press Freedom Committee of The Post Newspaper

The Catholic Church Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu has cautioned politicians with the agenda of championing character assassination type of politics in the forthcoming elections that the electorates will reject them, reports Pan African Radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

Speaking during the press freedom committee of the post newspapers held at Southern sun hotel recently, the clergyman said politicians should prepare their campaign messages based on real issues.

He said mudslinging in Zambian politics should be treated as a foreign language and politicians must speak one language that can be understood by everybody including the unborn babies which is the language of love.

The cleric emphasized that if political players will preach love during their campaign period, the country will always be known as an oasis of peace in the continent.

He said the perception which other countries have about Zambia in terms of unity and peace despite having seventy-two languages makes him proud to be Zambian and politicians must not be allowed to change this inclination from other countries.

Archbishop Mpundu added that there are quite a number issues affecting the country and citizens are only interested to know how politicians will address the challenges other than name calling which can never be a solution to the many challenges in Zambia.

“We have to speak one language in this country, the language of love, any other language is foreign to us, let me warn you politicians who wants conflicts you will be rejected by the people” Archbishop Mpundu said


  1. I believe that the Archbishop has included Mmembe among the politicians, because he is the chief architect of character assassination in Zambia. He introduced it Andy has recruited many disciples, I will not name them for fear being insulted by some of his students on this blog.

  2. The main culprit is Chagwa who is in the habit of character assasination. He never addresses the issues of the economy, poverty, youth un employment, lack of funding in educational institutions just to mention but a few. What is he promising the people he is going to do in the next five years? Nothing to write home about. Clearlly, he has no vision for this country. Lekeni bambi abali serious batwale ubunonshi bwachalo pantanshi. Imagine what will be of this country if we allowed him to continue leading us for another one more year. It is frightening.

  3. “Politicians who are not telling the Zambians on “how” the economic challenges can and will be overcome must be rejected” says archbishop Mpundu. We have heard and seen this coming from UPND and HH who in their wisdom have all the answers to economic challenges but without clearly stating “how”.
    The Catholics are practical people and they know that it’s not easy to just talk but demonstrate or substantiate ones claims. A big plus for President Lungu who is working and providing practical solutions as opposed to hate speech by GBM and HH.

  4. whatever the interpretation, the upright and consistent reflective mind has spoken!!! This mouth is connected to the brain and is worthy of God’s intervention! It’s a pity that abantu tabomfwa

  5. This retard in the name of bishop after having a meeting with a desparado candidate were they discussed Kambwili gbm nawakwi now comes in the open to vomit out outdated counsel. We have already heard Ecl talk about that and against anyone trading with violent behaviour that they risk being jailed. HH can never talk against violence because all his advisors and violent by nature. These include tekere gbm nkombo to mention a few..

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