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Expelled members scheming to form their own party- Nevers Mumba


Nevers Mumba
Nevers Mumba

MMD President Nevers Mumba says the members who where expelled and have continued to cause confusion within the party are scheming to form their own political party.

Speaking at a media briefing at the party secretariat in Lusaka yesterday Dr Mumba said the party is aware that members who have been expelled have gone to register a party with the registrar of societies.

He urged them to be men enough and come out in the open as opposed to inflicting pain in the former ruling party.

He said there are members who consider themselves as giants of the former ruling party but have forgotten that they are giants today because the party made them who they are.

He warned the expelled members not lay their hands on what he termed the New MMD adding that he will face whoever wants destroy the former ruling party squarely, regardless of how much money they have or how powerful they think.

He said those accusing him of failing the party are just wasting their time because he will not allow other people to write his history adding that he had not failed as the leader of the former ruling party as he was the only person who stood against late president Micheal Sata when everyone was cowering.

He also wondered why other political parties have continued to say that MMD is dead but keeps looking for alliances with the party.

Meanwhile Dr Mumba has announced that he is also considering picking a female running mate and that 40% of adoptions will go to the women as the party moves towards achieving fifty- fifty representation in key governance positions.

He further called on youths to apply for adoption saying the party would like to see young people as MPs and other electable positions in the governance structures of the country.

On alliances Dr Mumba said the party will only go into alliance which is mutually beneficial and where party will be treated as equals who would add value to the alliance.


  1. Even Kadansa has lost interest in an alliance with this clown. Lesson to all, never go for the weakest contender thinking you will manipulate them. Because of their inferiority complex they become tinpot dictators when they have instruments of power.

    • He is not their spokesperson; so what is it to him if they decide to form their own party? Now he sounds like he is no longer interested in the alliance with PF on being told Edgar’s running mate shall be a woman.

    • Nevers Mumba should accept that the MMD is dead and the in-fighting is NOT a sign of a strong party. He should not start to think that there are any chances of him ever getting above on percent of he vote in the August 11th 2016 poll. His tone comes to the fact that the talks about the alliance that he said his NEC tasked him to negotiate with Edgar is a non-starter. It’s stupid of him to even entertain the though that anyone would want to join his party and apply for adoption.

    • It’s amazing how a mere text message from Lungu has forced MMD to implode. The SMS was like a grenade. Nevers Mumba is stunned and stung at the same time. Still,

    • Nevers, your failure will be louder than you can imagine. Your failure is inevitable in view of your failure to stand by one position. The other day you want to work with the very PF who wanted to De-register MMD and tear gassed your in Petauke. The following day only to be told that is only possible if you were a woman.

  2. Nevers mumba your mouth is full of prayers.How come the Almighty God has not answered your prayers.You are not the right man to form government you are just wasting your time.you will never be the president of zambia for the rest of your life.You failed the church,just step down as MMD president and join mulyokela`s party.

  3. Rev, why are you concerned about expelled members? You expelled them, they are gone! So concentrate on building the party without them, and show us how you are more powerful than them!!!! Simple and klaar!!!

    • I’m going to give you a positive vote for being the lone misguided voice in the wilderness. 😀

  4. Nevers now is the time to show that you are the boss of MMD. 16 May is sending shivers in Nakacinda for his treachery. He has missed the bus to the promised and wrongly jumped on the bus going to Namwala.

    Mutati misled you and you will see Nevers enter State House this year and will gnash your teeth for accepting 30 pieces of silver and betrayed the man who built you to be where you are today.
    Watch this space and see how suddenly the tide is turning towards Nevers. All you turn coats will go crawling to Nevers for jobs.

  5. Has Mumbwe, sorry, Mumba lost his mind? He is deceiving himself and living in his own world of self importance. He just needs to start preparing for court hearings and the MMD convention. Serious decisions have been taken out of his hands due to his stup.idi.ty!!

    • She has indeed lost it. It happens when you change sexuality. please forgive her. It takes time to adjust. Sometimes she even goes in the men’s toilet forgetting that he is now a woman.

  6. Why not join the many already existing parties rather than form, form, and form parties each time one is aggrieved. Are you all for becoming “the president”? The large number of parties in the market does not mean diversity of views and growth of our democracy but how selfish, rigid and untrustworthy the politician can be. Some party presidents have clung to the position like a scar as if all others in their party cannot make good leaders. In the end, the others shall form another party just to taste leadership. SHAME.

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