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Video footage of Police beating a UPND cadre to be investigate-Mwila

General News Video footage of Police beating a UPND cadre to be investigate-Mwila


Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila says an investigation has been launched into the brutal beating by Police of a UPND cadre during the interrogation of UPND vice President for administration Geoffrey Mwamba at Woodlands Police Station.

Mr. Mwila told Parliament in a ministerial statement that the investigation is meant to ascertain whether the clip of the beating took place in Zambia or not.

He says if established that the video clip which went viral on social media was shot in Zambia, appropriate action will be taken against the Police officers involved in the brutal beating.

Mr. Mwila adds that the officers in question cannot be suspended before investigation establishes their true identity.


    • This man is clearly a PF sympathizer. How on earth does he say it was not zambian video???
      I still can not understand why we are so different from the western world politics. Yet amano we have even better than abasungu but how we act amaze me a lot. Why would a professional police officer act this way to defend a crime. Especially that he is the leader of police. What will be left of a constable?

    • @Ndobo please text that video so I can forward it to Former Home Affairs Minister Edgar. He will tell the nation if the uniform is from his ministry.

  1. What does he mean if it was recorded in Zambia this is stupid because we all know the person who was beaten up.

    • Okay then let the victim report himself to Honorable Mwila. That can confirm it is Zambian police at their worst. Why should investigations take months if the victim is well known?

  2. These PF guys think that Zambians are very dull. I Don’t blame them, they are just finishing themselves every hour that passes.

    How in ones normal mind can suggest that the video should be verified if it was taken in Zambia or not, when everything is so clear for a blind person to see even so clearly .

  3. That was police brutality and cops like those three should never be allowed to continue in the police, it’s well known fact that police can only use force when someone turns violent and resists arrest and they are not allowed to strike a person anyhow, but can can only hit him or her in the knee and elbow areas, unlike what’s in the video, hitting someone in the chest with the burt of the gun, kicking in the head, that was unprofessional, a highly trained cop never does that, unless if the police has been infiltrated by pfool caders, then we should expect such nonsense.

  4. Our leaders its like they bury their heads in the sand. Everybody knows that the police can beat the hell out of innocent citizens with impunity

  5. That was not a care being beaten. It was a human being being kicked, slapped, butted and….. by the zambian police. And IG kanganja has defended the police that they are humans who clacted the way they did when provoked. Sic

  6. But the uniforms are typical Zabwino Palibe over washed “codrols” in a modern world where police use paper spray or teaser guns to overpower anyone who tries to turn violent or resisting arrest, it was sad to see someone being brutally kicked in the head and chest, even colonial constables were trained better even before such new policing techniques came in they knew the areas of the body to hit specifically the elbow and knee area to overpower someone trying to turn violent, unless someone tells me those where caders dressed in police uniforms.

  7. This is the best joke of the year………it has cracked my ribs. What a crop of Leaders Zambia has. Is this a comedy show playing out?

  8. Mr mwila’s last statement is grade sevenish, “officers in question can not be suspended, before investigation establish their true identity”. Someone help me dissect this statement.

  9. I commend the Police for sorting out one upnd cadre. He insulted the buju. Wherever he is he knows Boma ni Boma.
    He should infact vote PF 11/8 or else we shall follow and finish him up. Mind you that’s what we call Using Minimum Force!!

    • The wise men from east said “Chaona munzako lelo chapita mawa chilipaiwe”. The snake you’re feeding today will tomorrow bite you and don’t complain when that happens!

  10. Did the doctors exam this Mwila guy before discharging from a psychiatric hospital?He still sounds psychotic. May be he was addressing a bunch of fellow retards in parliament or a cabinet meeting. Surely that video has sound playing. It’s all Bemba and Nyanja, car tags were showing Zambian car tag numbers. Not been to Lusaka in a longtime but was able to identify the place. The retard of a cabinet minister should have started his investigation by asking who those guys are. He is hallucinating that it will turn out to be in another country and not Zambia. Please you have an opportunity to stop police brutality and protect every Zambian including the police. Remember your stay in power is not immortal. When you are out of power it will be you, your son, wife or brother who will be a victim…

  11. The Looks, poor suit dressing and and posture of Home Affairs minister Mwila tells his low level of intelligence and incompetence. Thats how PF ministers were once called foolish by late president Sata. PF is now exiting as they have offered nothing to Zambia.

  12. Useless minister of home affairs. Still investigating when GBM who did nothing spent nights in PF cells. it think PF should be voted out of power

  13. UPND cadres like daring and insulting the police in the presence of their useless leaders, when the police react they start complaining and writting nonsense like fo0ls! Police are just human beings and also have feelings so if you push them to much against the wall, they will use minimum force. So you should at all times restrain the stupid cadres if you dont want those incidents to occur.

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