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YALI proposes minimum ten year jail sentence for perpetrators of political violence

General News YALI proposes minimum ten year jail sentence for perpetrators of political violence

Yali Leadership
Yali Leadership

The Young African Leaders Initiative YALI has proposed a ten year jail sentence for perpetrators of political violence as a deterrent to would offenders.

YALI President Andrew Ntewewe has observed that stronger laws act as deterrents to certain crimes hence the need for an introduction of a Bill in Parliament by the Ministry of Home Affairs which would criminalise political violence.

He said despite having cases of defilement being reported the cases have significantly reduced because the public called for stronger laws and stiffer punishment for offenders adding that the same can be said about motor vehicle theft.

“First we want to remind you that when cases of defilement were at their highest in the country, our citizens called for a stronger law and stiffer punishment against those who defile young children. Yes, today we still have a good number of adults who commit this heinous act against children but the deterrent has been that legislation and its enforcement has made more people aware of the dangers of defiling children.

” As YALI we call on the Ministries of Youth and Sports as well as that of Home Affairs to take a Bill to Parliament which will criminalise political violence. We believe legislation has to be put in place that ensures that political violence is not treated as mere assault that occasions bodily harm but have its perpetrators face a longer jail term as those who defile children. We propose a minimum 10 years’ imprisonment with hard labour. We believe that a cadre who commits a crime should be treated like a mere criminal who should face the law regardless of political affiliation,” he said.

He added that his organization was sad that the enjoyment of the independence struggle was under threat due to political violence which has continued to rock the country’s modern politics.

Meanwhile British Ambassador to Zambia said there are a tiny minority who still believe that perpetrating political violence would persuade some people to vote for them or their party.

He called on the youths to report perpetrators of political violence to law enforcement agencies, the media, CSOs as well as their leaders whenever they see them saying “name them and shame them.”
Mr Ntewewe was speaking on the sidelines of a youth conference which is being held at Mika Lodge in Lusaka.

The two day youth conference which was organized by YALI as a prelude to Youth Day has participants from political party youth wings and students from institution of high learning and is meant to discourage youths from participating in political violence.

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  1. I totally support a law against political violence perpetrators with a minimum of 10 years because most politicians think political violence is the way to go. Political hooliganism should attract stiffer punishment because it has cultivated a lot of lawlessness in Zambia.

    • Iwe kolwee… This law will be for the opposition and you know that… You shld be fair when you support idiocity

  2. This would be a great idea if the party in power was not biased against the opposition. You will find this will be used to victimise and decimate the opposition…until people in power are firm and fair, this will be just another weapon to be used when the people are not happy with the status quo.

  3. Ba YALI you should be realistic… what you are proposing will be for the opposition only and you know that.Please you are there not for favors but to strike a balance.Even the defilement sentence has many flaws… Only the poor are affected. God will punish you if you are biased. I am not tolerating violence but some laws are meant for a certain section hence you shld advocate for that which will capture every one across the country.Be sincere with defilement cases for example… A certain musician was pardoned recently after serving for less than a quater of the sentence when so many have served more than three quarters of their sentences,and what did he do thereafter? Most defilers are in towns but those in villages are the majority in prisons… You people should be fair… Thats why…

  4. Amazing that the American ,British EU ambassadors etc have not condemned the political violence in the USA where Donald trump had to even cancel his rally. But they have the cheek to lecture us on political violence.

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