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President Lungu agrees to be part of a meeting with other leaders to end political violence


President Lungu with Bishop Haggai Mumba Kapaba.
President Lungu with Bishop Haggai Mumba Kapaba.

President Edgar Lungu has agreed to be part of a proposed meeting by Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) that would bring together political leaders to dialogue over political violence in the country.

The meeting that would be convened by ZEC soon would see Mr Lungu and other political party leaders discuss an effective way to end the violence perpetuated by cadres.

“Following a special appeal from the Clergy over the national concern over political violence , and the proposal that we consider meeting all political parties on the matter, we have have agreed that we meet our colleagues in the Opposition to resolve this matter and as we go towards general election in August 2016, read the statement released by the presidency.

” We have also agreed to meet and dialogue over political violence perceived to be perpetuated by all political parties across the country. This is one of the most important outcomes from a meeting we held at Mpika Diocese with the Catholic Bishops after the consecration ceremony of the Bishop of Mpika diocese at Mpika parish earlier this afternoon, ” concluded the statement.

Mr Lungu also disclosed this during a public rally at Musakanya Market in Mpika yesterday, saying he had to be part of the meeting because he did not want lawlessness.

“Let it be known that I am not a coward. I am fostering peace in the country because I swore to defend the Constitution,” he said.

Mr Lungu said he would not tolerate lawlessness in the country and instructed the police to deal with anyone causing anarchy.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations, Amos Chanda told journalists that the Bishops responded to the call by the President for the church to do more to curb violence.

Mr Chanda said the Catholic Bishops would by Wednesday deliver a concept paper to which leaders would commit to renounce violence.

And Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) vice-president Alick Banda said the abusive language used by politicians belonged to the Stone Age, and that there was need for politicians to respect one another.

Bishop Mulenga thanked God, his family and church members for the support he had received through his calling as a Catholic priest.

Kasama Diocese Bishop Ignatius Chama, who ran Mpika Diocese until Bishop Mulenga’s appointment, said he was grateful to President Lungu for accepting the invitation to grace the consecration.

United Party for National Development president Hakainde Hichilema, his deputy Geoffrey Mwamba, Forum for Democracy and Development leader Edith Nawakwi, and Paramount Chief Chitimukulu were among those who attended the event.

President Lungu with Bishop Haggai Mumba Kapaba.
President Lungu with Bishop Haggai Mumba Kapaba.
President Lungu with Bishop Haggai Mumba Kapaba.
President Lungu with Bishop Haggai Mumba Kapaba.
President Lungu talking to Chief Chitimukulu
President Lungu talking to Chief Chitimukulu
President Lungu with Chiefs
President Lungu with Chiefs
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema with his Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba during the Consecration of Rev. Fr Justin Mulenga as Bishop at St Joseph’s Cathedral in Mpika
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema with his Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba during the Consecration of Rev. Fr Justin Mulenga as Bishop at St Joseph’s Cathedral in Mpika


  1. This is what we’ve been waiting to hear for a long time. It’s high time all leaders became responsible enough to reduce violent, reckless cadrerism. This is the 21st century and we cannot have a situation where illiterate hooligans hold the citizens under siege. Good call from the bishops and the president. All players must look at this as something positive and for the common good.

    • This is indeed a welcome development. On this one ECL, I commend you. But please do not insult our intelligence by coming out with these pronouncements and then don’t follow them up with demonstrable actions to match. Enough non-sense!

    • Believe Lungu at your own peril. Always look to the opposite of whatever Lungu says. Lungu always speaks with a forked tongue, kaBemba mucahabeli.

    • If meeting the Pope resulted in more opposition teargas and beatings mwapia after this meeting, sheer waste of time. I woukd rather trust a convicted pedeophile wih my children. As recent as yesterday PF cadres are wearing military fatigues IN FRONT of PF police, in front of PF leadership and in front of PF veep. If there is an easy group to “put butter on their faces” of its Zambians. Just look at the hipocritical comments oretending this will go anywhere. Meanwhile ati no military fatigues for PF. Mwanawasa was a man alright

    • Perhaps Mr Kudos there is some grey matter and conscience in what we disparagingly call “Skull head”.

      If you continue on path of wisdom, I shall apologise on behalf of the many insults rained on you.

      Keep up on the path of reason and peace!

    • Opsie SP SP sorry was in a rush on the spellings. By the way when are the victims of the bweengwa kidnappings testifying I really look forward to that movie

    • Lungu is not humble, us who have drank with him over the years know how he dances chikokoshi and talks and insults ati ‘ iwe chika,,,,, Pela jamesson” to the barman,.., this kneeing you are seeing is just for the cameras!!!
      About the the meetingi! I hope at the meeting there will been UN peacekeepers and no PF pangas

    • That kneeling is pretence, or drunkenness.
      It will be a bad idea for HH to have a friendly meeting with Edgar. PF kuti awina pofye.


    • Too Little Too late, Why is everything BAD happen under your watch EL, I think you calling this one just to gain some political mileage out of it. All this violence is in PF and was started by PF, the police are under PF so what ever you say and do will not work because you have said so many things which have not worked. Why should we trust you on this one. You came on top of PF through violence and lifting of hands, so violence is written all over your face.

    • That is Lazy Lungu for you a mere empty tin on Sunday he is there kneeling and talking about a sit down for peace but come Monday morning he will be on “working visit” in NW Province and he will be talking about hammering someone…Lazy Edgar is too weak a leader to stop violence in his party.

    • Police brutality and intimidation must also be discussed

      Lungu must be informed during the meeting that people have freedom of speech in Zambia which he cannot trample on. The recent interruption of miles Sampas radio interview in Isoka is a clear example

    • This is just downright stpid, I mean how can THE president of an independent country plead with the church to do more about violence? Then the nitwit goes on to say,”I am not a coward…” You are not supposed to be, you low expectation girly man! You are the president! Just in case you forgot! You are it – the presidency is you!

      Everything that is going on that is wrong is on your watch. Be THE President for once, ba Lungu napapata! Yaba!

  2. One thing i hate so much about EC Lungu is pretence. I like aggressive leaders who are action oriented eg mwanawasa, HH. No wonder he even blames external factors ;it’s global,it’s copper price. What if u had taken presidency in the time of mwanawasa when major tax payers left the country, nga mwalibuta muchalo atinii bakateka? A man is seen by what he can do in any given situation not UKULANDALANDAFYE.

  3. Bo Lunugu, What’s cowardice got to with maintaining peace in this beautiful country Zambia? Sometimes I wonder if it’s clicked yet that you are the president of Zambia. Good morning Zambia.

  4. Violence is in his DNA who is he trying to fool he became a pfool president using pangas and he as never condnmed violence. Wrungu clueless,visionless,brainless,useless,hopeless and a drunkard. Shame he took his sturboness and indiscpline in the house of God he got no manners not even bad ones.

    • cozzi you are excused as you do not understand english. Going for the throat is a phrase not an action. But I think you will not even know what a phrase is.

  5. Violence is in his DNA,who is he trying to fool this is the man who has never condemed violence and has allowed his pfools caders to terrorise the innocent Zambians,he became a pfool president by using pangas and shame he took is sturboness and indiscpline in the house of God.
    Wrungu clueless,visionless,brainless,useless,hopeless and a drunkard.

    • Iwe spell check, you must be a dog really. Why involve my mother when I didn’t mention yours. Typical upnd cadre without brains

    • Good now you know how it feels to be attacked for no reason. Its funny to attack HH on yhe internet but not funny when mummy us being attacked. Does the little boy want a sweetie now? Funny though she also calls me a dawg

    • Iwe spell check, is HH your father or just a political maron. Learn to differentiate between politics and your stupidity for once. Maybe let me leave a bigot alone

  6. Wena Lungu is very dull please Zambians!This moron doesn’t know that he’s the one commander inchief of armed forces!I have never seen a backward regime like this diabolical & pathetic PF flea circus.This drunkard PF president doesn’t know that there are so many Zambians who are intelligent far way ahead of him & know who is behind this primitive zimbabwe way of bad governance.This is Zambia Baba,your violence strategy to instill fear in your perceived political rivalries is one of the many factors that has eating your popularity at the speed of lightening!You are gone gone gone gone Lungu,come August 11;You are a disgrace to mother Zambia,you are a failure,irrational,arrogant,dull,stupid,backward…How many times have we reminded you to stand up & put to an end to this violence?who…

  7. Yesterday UPND youths where attacked by PF cadres and made sure they didn’t participate in the public gathering. Police could not do anything or did little to protect UPND. What Zambia are we creating?…UPND ambassadors of change wanted peace but PF leaders ordered their cadres to fight UPND. You are against violence why are you against those against violence? You can’t stop violence using violence. You don’t dig a pit to fill another pit. You are not solving anything. Violence can only be stopped if we be sincere about the fight not playing double standards.

  8. Lungu is the biggest hypocrite that has ever lived in arena of politics and should be arrested once he leaves office. He is responsible of the violence going on!!!

  9. who controls all the law enforcement agencies in this country?Lungu,you are just dull Boss!The faster you consider handing over power to HH the better for Zambia.You have totally failed in all aspects of human development Lungu.Lungu can only continue fooling backward zambians like his PF supporters & crooked pentecostal pastors,not the majority zambians!This dull example of a president is really a let down/a scandal for Zambia.What a pretence,he even knees down after perpetually sponsoring violence day & night!

  10. uncivilised sam, plz stop insulting the president u cursed chap! u think this is upnd wher u drink and eat insults as long as God is exhorted in our country Zambia such type of candidates will neva rule our chhristian nation. forget may be if u change the candidate who will not tolerate division,tribalism,violence then will support him

    • Help Lusaka And Copperbelt market stall traders who are beaten by PF thugs on suspicion of belonging to UPND. The police say they can’t intervene or protect us as this is political. The worst harassment is at Soweto and Lusaka town centre market

  11. gbm and hh taba babatoteleko, they jst invited themselves their faces a angry as if they a fighting with someone bt some oppositions awe kaya

  12. Only busy-bodied, dull & stupid people will attend that mockery of a meeting!From 18th day of bla bla bla to meeting Pope in Rome,now to this bla bla where now next,all to no avail!And primitive & gullible PF zealoites are already singing allelluyah allelluyah! Very stupid primitive creatures!Is really this issue calls for such a forum?One would expect this issue to have ended far far way back by just a single directive from the IG!So another wastage of tax payers’ contribution to that regard on that day,how I wish no sane adult turnsup!

  13. good move mr president. I find it surprising that a good move like should enlist negative comments from some bloggers. There are the bloggers who see nothing good in ecl. Euen if ecl sank a borehole in their backyard, they would still find an excuse to criticise him. What kind of pipo are these? We should just ignore them.

    • kanamaso my friend, the opposition (majority of bloggers) are such a frustrated lot that to them the president deserves nothing but insults and ridicule because their chosen one is the only human being and angel among all political players. If ECL were to announce that he wont stand on August 11, they will still insult him.

    • ecl sink a borehole ??? hahahaha. That is a good joke!

      This clueless clown does not even know what a borehole IS!

      Anyway he is too busy sinking his own pabwato and the Zambian economy and Nation with it!

  14. Mmmm,he even knees ka!I remember this PF president saying we are on top of things!I now doubt the degree of sanity in this man!I think most zambians are just too intelligent for this man!Most Zambians are really far ahead of this man & are operating at another level.This man must really pray hard for his tactics not to land him into jail.May be we are too expectant from him,but if really he’s failing in almost everything regards to human development then he must start apologising to Zambians.To Lungu everything is falling apart & him is saying we are on top!This calls for cabinet to request or institute for a team of Doctors to check on his mental faculties as things are not okay in Zambia but him is saying they are on top of everything!Why is he failing to see what the majority rational…

  15. 1. unabated violence
    2. depleted foreign reserves
    3. high levels of unemployment
    4. runaway inflation
    5. total breakdown of the education system
    6. unpredictable exchange rates
    7. companies winding up
    8. police can no longer protect the citizens
    9. shortages of medicines in hospitals
    10. public media no longer serve the public
    11. Insults from ministers and alarming levels of corruption
    12. divisive tribal politics
    13. public offices turned into political party offices
    14. cadre rule – land grabbing from deserving citizens
    15. increasing levels of hunger country wide
    16. all maize sold out – nothing left for the draught season (rising levels of poverty)

  16. 18. Courts compromised
    19. milking to death of government parastals (Zamtel is virtually dead)
    20. inconsistent policies (back and forth)
    21. failed constitution (marred with irregularities and unnecessary spending during the signing of the shameful constitution)
    *** Massive infrastructure development??*** At what cost?????

    • Depleted earnings eroded by price hikes, inflation and high taxes!

      The list goes on and on !

      Countrymen unite and free ourselves from PF poverty and debt slavery.

    • Yes we will continue with the PF for another 10 years. Just work hard and earn your bread. your negativity will not take you anywhere man

  17. This president is really one of a kind! He says he is not coward? How in hell can a possibility even exist to be a coward when you are the commander of the armed forces? And the enemy is the street thug your party trained to cause mayhem? Why not simply order them to cease fire? Mr. Lungu has taken all the evil attributes of the PF founder, Sata, like flip-flopping, sadism, lies, machetes and violence to high new reloaded levels. The unfunny joke is he believes he is a man of peace. Do we still remember how these thugs kidnapped and abducted themselves in Bweengwa? Would you sit down at a table with treacherous creatures like this and hope they will stick to any agreement?

  18. I can smell a trap, why today these guys went to mpika organised paid up. I feel there was more to it than officiating on the invent, amongst these one had said he will go for the throat of the president so i cant trust them not an inch.
    Warning if anything happens then even u two will face the same.

  19. If really this is what constitutes christianity then we as a country should consider otherwise,we can not continue living like this as a country purported to be christian!I think God is really exposing the devil in our PF leadership.Only insane zambians can not attest to the fact that PF has destroyed the country in almost all the spheres of humanity!Surely,what’s there to celebrate or point at from this last episode of PF regime circus!Its sililo/manyando/mapenzi/butata/mabvuto after sililo/manyando/mapenzi/mabvuto day & night everywhere you go in Zambia for majority zambians apart from a click of elites mainly from PF then one says there’s leadership!This is really sad,we need to rise up as Zambians & demand & reclaim our once mighty zambia for all not this nonsense from Lungu & his…

  20. I m suprised people want development when you are just good at conderming without producing goods for export. Us zambians are too lazy we want handouts free fertiliser,maize,money etc we want to blame govt for any failure.without credits no meaningful developments can take place if usa gets credits from china what of zed. Hh cannot do more than what lungu is doing now if anything pf has changed zambian way of handling issues u want to eat,talk alot do less

  21. Comment 1.3, why do you belittle the Bambas? What ill thinking, that is saturated with dung, do you have against the Bambas? Is it right thing always to attribute any funny behaviour to the Bembas? What crime do the Bambas have against you? Remember, President Lungu is president for all Zambians including opposition political party presidents who will never rule/govern Zambia. For that matter he deserves respect.

  22. Do not be fooled by Lungu kneeling down the guy is using God, the church and any means to get your votes knick the drank chap this election year he is not a good leader by any means his one year in office has been a mess he is using the police and his cadres to shut you up look at what happened in Lusaka yesterday when he was pretending to knee down his. cadres were beati6up kids and woman do not make the mis take of voting for the ***** again

  23. Edgar Lungu’s announcement that he will choose a woman as a running mate has rattled the cartel and its affiliates. The idea that the Patriotic Front is introducing full gender parity in August 2016 elections is giving some newspaper editors sleepless nights. The cartel media outlets including HH’s blog (ZWD) are now demeaning and labeling innocent women as prostitutes. Despite the democratic progress Zambia has made, our women are underrepresented both as candidates and voters, as well as in prime political positions. Rwanda a recent entrant in democratic process has 64% of parliamentarians as women. But why is the cartel and HH all of a sudden fighting women? Do you really want to know?

    • Zambian people are not listening enough nor are their Radars sensing the danger of a man who would do such media damage to women. Demeaning women us a war propaganda. For HH running in a presidential election is actual war. If he ever approached state house Zambians will rue that day.

  24. Can the intelligence tell the President as commander in chief of the armed forces that Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe international airport(an international airport) in Ndola was completely seized by PF cadres recently with no amesi(immediate) reaction from the Police when it was happening and with completely no arrests thereafter – completely unbelievable. It appears he has only been told one side that GBM is training militias.

  25. Have you noticed how many times Lungu has said “Iam not a coward” when nobody has ever called him a coward?
    When someone says”
    Iam not a coward
    Iam not stupid
    Iam not afraid
    Iam not dull
    Iam not a drunkard
    and so many things, they are actually indirectly telling you who they really are.

  26. And police in Isoka storm a radio station to stop Miles Sampa from airing his programmes. Meanwhile this Kaponya of a president says we can stop violence. This man does’t stop to amazing me.

  27. I am PF but to say the truth, iliko bad. Leadership yalubana. We are challenged. I like ECL, but ka competence ati that level, kavuta.

  28. His Excellency President Edgar Lungu does not need to be dragged into this church lead nonsense scraping and bowing. He is the most peaceful man and declared a few months ago that he was not willing to be President using violence. The fact of the matter is that the violence is being boiled up by One Desperado The Man known as HH and his pretensions Cadres. Look at the defiant looks and the criminal known as GBM.

    The church must instead preach to citizens that they have a duty before God to obey their gov’ts. President Lungu needs to empower Police to deal forcefully with disobedient Cadres across parties, (prison sentences, the lot!), not attend these showy church initiatives. He must lead from gov’t machinery and strength. It’s not doing his image any good.

    • @Patriot Abroad: You are right by saying the President must not be dragged into this “church nonsense “. The church has taken this initiative because the Republican President is not taking action to stop political violence mostly perpetrated by PF cadres in Military attire.
      As regards the Police (PF), if they are professional, they do not need to be empowered by the President to carry out their normal work. Violence is violence and is against the law. Anyone involved in violence must be arrested. Evidence on the ground show that Police are always quick in arresting UPND cadres involved in violence while it takes weeks or months of investigation into violence caused by PF cadres and in most cases no arrests are made.

  29. It’s interesting to note that UPND cadres have not seen the hypocrisy of HH after he joined the cartel of Mumemba and team whom his watchdog condemned day and night

  30. Lungu is a real life Uriah Heep. He pretends to be humble and peaceful and yet he is the one orchestrating all the violence in the country.

  31. Lungu should not meet the opposition. What Lungu should do is to meet his own pf cadres and the police and tell them to stop this violence. Lungu should not pretend that he doesn’t know who is perpetrating violence. The other day It is Lungu himself who was threatening HH And GBM that he walks with a big stick. The other time Lungu said he’ll fall on someone like a tonne of bricks. HH Should not even attempt to meet Lungu by any means. Lungu want to portray himself to the world that he wants to dialogue on peace. The vice president said nothing about the youths who wore army attire against the advice of UN. Stopping violence needs no negotiations but Actions especially by Lungu himself. He must sit down with the violent police and his own cadres. The Bishops were actually advising…

  32. HH cannot do the same as Edgar, for on what other basis can he campaign? Mmembe wants the violence and HH wants it too, they think that they can trick us and gain power the back door, on the back of mayhem conveniently blamed on Edgar as incumbent President who has failed to unite the country. Neat they think it is

  33. @civilided Sam, you call us insane Zambians and yet you need our votes! And when HH loses ati ni rigging!!!

  34. See the body language between Mwine Lubemba and His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Also observe the sheer pleasure and passion on the faces of the bemba Chiefs.
    Those are the things UPND cadres and bloggers don’t want to mention, even though the pictures Are there for all to see, instead they despise the humility of Edgar for kneeling before a Bishop. Well sorry guys, the Chiefs are impressed and we don’t cAre what you think.
    By the way was HH invited to this ceremony or they just gate crashed with GBM? The two look bewildered and disappointed where they are. Knowing them I bet they wanted to be treated the same as Edgar, and given seats next to him. Sorry guys, Edgar is the President with a big P, and He was the Guest of Honour, wait for your turn in 2021, or 2026 if you don’t from…

    • Ba Wise Head, ‘Wait your turn?’. To paraphrase KK: It is a queue? No, it is our country. Not Lungu’s nor PF’s. All this ugly man with buck teeth knows is violence. We want our peaceful country back. So it really does not matter what Chitimukulu and other sycophants do.

  35. Good move Bishops. Pls, invite other mother bodies of the main line church to participate. Doing something to end violence now is a noble act. All of us, Zambians, we must play a role in ending all forms of violence, especially political violence.


  37. The only solution to end political violence is to remove pf from power, don’t even entertain the thought of voting for them in August, any little votes for them will just push their testosterone levels even higher to maim anyone who won’t vote for them, only a change of government will make them look like deflated ballz and a return to normalcy.

  38. Lungu is perfectly aware of the brutal uncivilized behaviour of his PF thugs. He condones it because he thinks it helps instil fear and a compulsion for people to sheepishly follow and endorse his misguided tenure as head of state. Primitive politics at its best. Zambians need, NOW, to say enough! Can I seriously suggest we agree on a slogan that clearly means PF should be kicked out and Zambia should be saved. Any takers for a hard hitting statement that should be spread in all languages? Suggestions? Time to take the bull by its horns! No more PF!

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