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Kalu named among 10 African greatest footballers, Kofi Annan recognises King Kalu, other greats


Kalusha with Koffi Annan
Kalusha with Koffi Annan

Africa 10, a universal organisation chaired by former United Nations Secretary Kofi Annan gave Kalusha a continental recognition at a colourful ceremony in England.
Kalusha was honoured for his illustrious football career spanning over thirty years.

Africa 10 is aimed at recognising sports men and women in Africa that have contributed to better sport on the continent.

The 1988 African footballer of the will now be one of the 10 personalities to carry the vision of Africa 10.

Other members of Africa 10 include Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto’o, Nwanko Kanu, Jay Jay Okocha, Abedi Pele, Rodger Milla, Yaya Toure and George Weah

Kalusha, Koffi Annan and legends
Kalusha, Koffi Annan and legends

Kalusha, George Weah and Abedi Pele
Kalusha, George Weah and Abedi Pele

FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya on Saturday night received one of the biggest accolades of recognition in England.


    • I’ve always maintained that Kalusha was an incredibly talented player who should given back to the game through soccer academies like most west African soccer greats such as Abedi Pele and Kanu. But he rushed for quick bucks by emulating legendary crooks like Blatter and Hayatou that have destroyed the image of the game. So many years on, the country hasn’t produced an expert free-kick taker the kind of which Kalusha himself was – which I find quite selfish of Kalu. This man has so much to give back ON THE PITCH and NOT in the OFFICE! and the only time he came close to it was when he decided to coach Chipolopolo, yet he had not coached any club or development side, why the hurry Mr Kalu?

  1. Why has Koffi Annan this…? Does he want to influence the on-coming FAZ elections? Kalusha is just always favoured as he has done completely nothing. The guy can’t even afford to pay rents.

    • Firstly, write to Koffi Annan directly and ask those hateful questions. Kalusha has a very decent house in Jhb so your hallucinations about rent are misplaced. Do you want him do recognize you? Do something extra ordinary in your life!!!!

  2. Great Kalu Great Kalu…….Congrats what more can we say .This guy has been outstanding throughout his elasterious career that spans over 30 years.Simataa Simataa & kamanga can you see for yourself that you are always on the losing end.Do not touch the great one.Such names do not just come by chance guys.just let Kalu finish his mandate

  3. Just imagine top 10 in Africa.that’s no mean achievement ,to be recognized at a higher level colleagues.Great Kalu is great Kalu

  4. Simaata simata what kalusha bwalya has really done to you?you always against are not suppose to be like that.I have never head you saying good things about kalusha bwalya.We are tied of you leave him alone let him do his work you are jealous of him.If you want to be like him start playing soccer and score more goals may be you will be popular.The more you attack him the more you are wishing him good things.He is receiving all these blessings because of what he did.He deserve all this.If i can ask where did you play soccer?He is more popular than you. He is not your are very far from him all these blessings are coming from God.WACHEPA SANA IWE SIMAATA SIMATA NE NSONI TAWAKWATA KAPOLI IWE>stop all this nosence.

  5. Mr chitembeye you have no are going no where.Let kalusha finish his goals you are saying he dose not pay rent.Is that your business we know you are just used by simaata simata .Ukafwafye ngembwa.

  6. Comment: @Simaata simata, Andrew Kamanga and Chitembeya.
    You bloggers can’t read between the lines. The posting is in support of Great Kalu and not the other way around. Can’t you see the comedy here? You guys have made my day if you not one (you have made my day ).

  7. Viva Andrew Kamanga. Lets retire kalusha Bwalya, he has done his part its time he rested. We will do well the bring our football standards to way the corporate would run business. And Kamanga is the right person at this time. No Politics Involved!


  9. What criteria did they use in choosing? Surely “Ucar Godfrey Chitalu” & other late great legends (MTSRIP) allover Africa equally qualify to be recognized alive or posthumously! In any case I will always cherish the 107 goals “UCAR” scored in a season, record held by him alone to-date!

  10. Give credit where it is due! I have been in a number of countries and when people ask me where I am from and I say Zambia they always ask about KK and Kalusha Bwaalya ( as they pronounce it) Like him or not he did is part! He made us proud when we sank some of the giant footballing nations in Africa. Congrats Kalu!

  11. There has always been arguments about who between Great Kalu and Charlie Cool is greater. With this, I think the debate is over. But wait a minute….Where does this place my Ucar Godfrey Chitalu who scored a world record 107 goals in one season?

    A feat Messi or Ronaldo will only dream of.

    • Ucar remains a legend. Most of you kids never saw this player in action so what I say you may not believe. When the ball was passed to Ucar in the 18 the stadium knew it was a goal! The guy was the hungriest striker in Africa if not the world. The guy enjoyed banging the goals in. He didnt play football like if the coach had forced him to go on the pitch. He always looked forward to playing! He lived in a different era to Messi but he could have matched Messi the way Ronaldo is doing.

  12. Comment:@supernova the greatest between kalu and charlie cool is kalusha bwalya.Thier is no king without a crown.Meaning kalusha bwalya was once voted africa best footballer which is the highest honour one can get on the continent.And the other legend is christopher Katongo.The guy managed to bring the africa cup trophie which eluded zambia for a long tym.He was even crowned BBC african footballer beating the likes cream of african football in the name of Yaya toure,Didier drogba,Samuel etto and Abyeng of gabon the recent africa best footballer.
    That said i wld like to congratulate Great Kalu for this achievement.

  13. The question is have these legends trained other up coming footballers to play the way they used to?
    let alone in case of Kalu has he coached any other footballer in Zambia how to score a free kick near the eighteen box? So far ni bu chipatepante fye the current crop of players fails to score free kicks near the goal post especially when there team is on the loosing side and the ref gives a free kick in the dying minutes of the game.The Playing time of the above legends is now history,but who have taken over there style of play from were they left?

  14. Comment:@ Analizer
    You can take a horse to the river but you can’t force it to drink water. Talent doesn’t come by so easily. If am good at maths, it doesn’t mean that everyone will be good. The our footballers lack education hence their indiscipline. It’s just discipline that’s all.

  15. Chitmbeya your lifestyle cannot be equal to Great Kalu, Zambia in the African continent, where football history is will never be complete without mentioning Kalusha Bwalya. Issue of rentals are minor staff. He deserves it at all cost. Bravo Great Kalu!

  16. We don’t refuse to give credit where it is due and we are happy for the great achievement of being among the 10 best African soccer legends of all time ba Kalusha. However let me be quick to say that, we also are not ashamed or scared to point out failure where it is due. You have failed to raise our football standards ever since you became president of FAZ, you have failed to secure sponsorship for cup competitions in Zambia, we are always classified as underdogs at major competitons like the AFCON and many more. I can only say that we are proud of your achievements, but we feel that you have failed to run football in Zambia and we can appreciate if you can leave the FAZ office for others to bring fresh ideas that will raise football standards in Zambia

  17. Congratulations kalusha.
    On the football front you deserve this. But as an administrator of FAZ, give someone else a chance. FAZ is a mess with bailiffs always waiting for them to open the gates
    .as far as I am concerned FAZ should be one of the richest associations in Africa.

  18. Congratulations, Kalusha ‘king kalu’ Bwalya. Am a Zimbabwean in Harare. In Zimbabwe almost everyone knows you. The way you used to control the ball and the way you executed those passes was unique and joy to watch. Unfortunately, our own Peter Ndlovu was not on the list.

  19. In 50 years, he is the only faz president to win the afcon,in 50 yeras of independence, he is the only zambian to win the best african footballer. so were did he fail?

  20. There is this biblical saying, A PROPHET IS NOT ACCEPTED IN HIS HOMETOWN. Its true, becoz of some posts that i have perused. Inspite of that, the man is known ubiquitously, in Africa, Europe, Asia etc. Zambia for many yrs to come will never produce a player similar to Kalu.

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