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Justice Deputy Minister Keith Mukata, 11 other MMD MPs defect to UPND

Headlines Justice Deputy Minister Keith Mukata, 11 other MMD MPs defect to UPND

Keith Mukata dancing on stage after defecting
Keith Mukata dancing on stage after defecting

Some eleven serving Members of Parliament from the MMD have officially defected to the opposition UPND.

The eleven made the announcement at a hugely attended news conference held at Chainama Hotel in Lusaka Monday morning.

The MPs were received in the UPND by the party’s leadership led by President Hakainde Hichilema, his two Vice Presidents Canisius Banda and Geoffrey Mwamba including party Chairman Mutale Nalumango.

The MPs are Dr. Brian Chitiwo of Mumbwa, Levy Ngoma of Sinda and Keith Mukata of Chilanga in Lusaka Province.

Others are Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane of Liuwa, Dr. Chris Kalila of Lukulu and Prof. Jeff Lungwangwa of Nalikwanda in Western Province.

The other MPs are Elijah Muchima of Ikelengi, Sarah Sayfwanda of Zambezi East and Moses Muteteka of Chisamba and Kabinga Pande of Kasempa including Mundia Ndalamei of Sikongo constituency.

At the same meeting, Hon Goma announced that Keembe MP Reverend Ronnie Shikapwasha would be joining the group next week.

Three MMD Councillors from Chilanga also defected to the UPND at the same event.

From the eleven MPs, perhaps the biggest surprise is the defection of Keith Mukata who is also Deputy Justice Minister under the PF government.

And addressing the news conference, Mr Hichilema said it is clear that the wind of change is now sweeping right across the nation.

He accused President Edgar Lungu of instigating violence in an attempt to postpone the August 11th 2016 general elections.

Mr Hichilema said President Lungu is scared of going to the polls hence he has allegedly resorting to violence.

“He wants to avoid an election by instigating violence. No one should instigate violence. Everybody must do their part. The Church will do their part but every leader must do their part to end violence. You can see the fear in his eyes if you look at him. Why are you scared if you have delivered?”

Mr Hichilema who displayed today’s edition of the Post Newspaper under the headline ‘Sort them Out’ which quoted President Lungu directing the police to use maximum force to arrest those perpetuating violence.

“He is now telling the police to sort people out, now that is coming from a President who swore to protect citizens. In Mpika over the weekend at the consecration of Bishop Mutale he asked the Church to bring to us together to dialogue but behind he is asking the police to sort the citizens out,” Mr Hichilema said.

Mr Hichilema also blamed the current mealie meal shortage on the lack of planning by the PF government.

He said there is a shortage of mealie meal in most parts of the country which has led to the increase in mealie meal prices.

“This is a simple rule of supply and demand but off course Lungu doesn’t understand,” he said.

And speaking at the same event, Chilanga MP Keith Mukata rubbished assertions that the UPND is a tribal party.

“The issue of tribalism in the UPND is total nonsense,” he said.

Meanwhile, Justice Deputy Minister Keith Mukata has resigned his position following his defection from the MMD to the UPND.

In a letter addressed to President Edgar Lungu dated March 14th 2016 and obtained in Lusaka today, Mr Mukata thanked President Lungu for having accorded him a chance to serve in his Government.

The letter was also copied to the Speaker of the National Assembly including the Clerk of the National Assembly.

He has also conveyed his gratitude to the people of Zambia for the services rendered to the nation under President Lungu’s leadership.

Mr Mukata became the latest MMD MP to shift camp to the UPND along with eleven other MMD MPs at a colourful news conference held at Chainama Hotel in Lusaka today.

The MPs who defected to the UPND
The MPs who defected to the UPND

UPND leadership at Chainama Hotel during the news briefing
UPND leadership at Chainama Hotel during the news briefing

UPND leadership at the press briefing
UPND leadership at the press briefing

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  1. The UPND claims it will do things differently from the MMD and the PF. My question is how can they be different when they have been too quick to embrace defectors from everywhere?

    • My friend, these two are different parties with different manifestos. First things first, 50 plus one percent votes implies that you win first. This means every vote counts including that for all sorts of squondrels. Once you win, then it is an opportunity to show leadership on what is desirable and what is not. Do you think between Mwanawasa and RB there was no difference, yet it was the same Party?

    • Uko!
      This is the beginning of the end to PF. Otherwise May is nearing to when the real sunami will take its course.
      Once parley is dissolved in less than 2 months, PF MPs will scamper in all directions leaving Lungu with RBs elements.
      Well done MMD MPs for leaving Mumba who is busy bootlicking visionless PF before all are discarded, come 11~8~16.
      Forward Only.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Politics is about leadership…. ministers and everyone behave according to what the leader wants or else they are fired. Currently Changwa has no leadership qualities that why you see anyone in PF can say today we are exporting maize tomorrow we did not export maize and today price of maize goes up 100%. The job is simply too big for a drunk from Chawama and we are making sure he goes back after answering a few questions

    • Politicians have a battlefield that resembles no other. In terms of drama, comedy and thrill… this is only March. By June or July the early skirmishes, swapping of allegiance, Tom foolery and shenanigans will be down to the final countdown… Have you seen ED when desperate? This will be worse. As for the opposition… They are not looking for 1.6% they want a TKO. This is the parade. The war will not be pretty but could be quite comical if they fight clean…

    • This was a punch to the gut designed to remind the opponent that you are still in the game. ED should be tied up with problems on the ground but he will allow this to distract him. I see you HH. Smoke and mirrors. An ego crusher as an enticer. Smooth.

    • This is the lack of strategy and flawed calculus of the Hichilema political circus that has continued haunting the post Mazoka leadership. They call officiating of their long time supporters as wind of change defection LoL!
      There is no new fish in the pot, but the same you picked up last year and kept in unused pond only to officiate now. It’s terrible or subnormal propaganda stunt because the whole circus does not spike momentum, credibility or numbers to the ticket. Consider this, the same clique teamed up but lamentably failed in January 2015 against the Lungu ticket that only ran 15 days campaign. Secondly they are from constituencies and areas that supported the anti Zambian unity in 2015. What makes them game changers now other than seeking own ticket to Manda hill?

    • @ Robert, If you look at the Zambian type of Governance everything is done and depends of the head of state and if you have a good head of state then things will keep on moving, look at the late Mwanawansa and Sate, they pushed everything and once they left things turned for worse. In short we need to change the constitution coz it puts too much power on the head of state but as things are all the country needs is a guy who has a vision/ hard working and knows what he is doing to move the country forward, So MPs from MMD can perform depending on who is at state house to make them work. EL has failed because he his weak/ vision-less and lakes leadership qualities.

    • PF Speaker Justice Dr Matibini will tomorrow deliver a bewildering ruling that whereas Shakafuswa and court upheld expelled Monde do stay in Chambers, these 11 MPs are no.longer part of.Parliament.

      He will cite Lord Does~Not EXist of fake parliamentary jurisprudence…..watch!!

    • Who is Nevers Mumba taking to Edgar in their alliance of evil? The Mutate faction in MMD will most likely work with UPND also

    • yaba!!,,, am just wondering how many seats are now vacant in Lungu`s parliament!!,,, PF was pushing for GBM`s kasama to be declared vacant,,, now you have more than 10 seats to `dissolve`,, lets see if your parliament will hold


    • What matters most is the top leader. The others can be way any one but the vision carrier is the key. I hope you under my brother.

    • The president in Zambia is all power. So it depends on what kind of president HH will be if he wins. Look at Levy he was playing the same game but he had certain principles that other presidents we’ve had never had. So the issue is the president. He is the key. We have no idea how HH will govern. We can alone hope he doesn’t do a donche kubeba like the PF did to us if he wins.

    • I know fear has gripped these Maniacs who want to subject our country as if we are in Iraq. Let the opposition now open their eyes widely because these Killers will plan for massive rigging knowing there is nothing left out of PF. This is a timely warning to everyone. We dont want PF again!

    • you are the same people who claim UPND is tribal. so what do you say with all these people joining UPND? elections are all about numbers. only a foolish naïve politician would turn away potential voters.

    • Very effective Jedi mind trick. ED’s lot took the bait and predictably have violence on their collective minds. Let’s see if ED can sort out his own people on the rampage tonight…

    • Correctly reading the ominous writing on the wall – MENE, MENE, TEKEL PARSIN – WEIGHED in the balances AND FOUND WANTING!

    • Senior Citizen accept the fact that if Ministers , who are living well , suffering no load shedding, free fuel & allowances UNLIMITED, been dancing with chagwa, ARE NOW SO READY & FEARLESS TO DESERT THE HIGH TABLE FOR WHICH NOTHING IS SPARED, what message does that deliver to their HUGE CONSTIUENCIES & OTHERS BEYOND????????? IT OVERWHELMINGLY TELLS US ALL THAT PamaFI are IN DEEP TROUBLE(rather DEEP SH.I.TEE!!) Things are so bad FROM THE INSIDE, “they FLED BEFORE DAWN!!!”

      Ifintu ni LUNGULA!!!


      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! VOTE UPND!! The party that will perpetuate the Zambian spirit of PEACE , LOVE & a VISION FOR PROSPERITY – THE BEST DAYS are AHEAD OF US!!!

      I thank you!!!

    • Zambian political arena just got weirder. What the hell is all this? Just who is pulling the shots and what does this all mean for the Panga boys. Are they going down under or what? Ar we now going to reclaim back Zambia?

    • My friend, nothing has changed for UPND. These so-called defectors stood as UPND in the last elections after the mmd differences between Banda and Lungu. HH is not a good politician, this was a mere waste of time. It is like changing your under wear and announce I have under wears, the same old ones. PF is very intact and campaigning seriously, while UPND are busy making useless noise in Lusaka. HH will never learn from his past mistakes due to arrogance. Lungu is a very clever politician. This how be beat you last time.

    • @Jinx Popo walikwata amano saana! A very reasonable explanation there! Thats the kind of thinking that will save our nation from poverty bakaamba! Forwadge mama forwadge!

  2. Atase, is this the big Fish UPND were excited about? Who even knew this guy existed? And who is he anyway? Does anybody even know which constituency he represented? I bet none . That is how useless he was. He was a nobody and he is a nobody , he has no constituency and he takes nothing from either MMD or PF.

    This is rather more dead wood baggage for UPND and HH’s pockets. I doubt if HH and GBM are shrewed business people. Their acquisitions leave much to be desired.

    • @Chanda Mulenga, if he is a “nobody”, why did you make him Deputy Minister? You said the same thing about Miles Sampa, but now you are busy trying to de-register DF! Wait for May after Parliament is dissolved – PF will also dissolve!

    • So IF HE WAS A NOBODY, why was he a DEPUTY MINISTER?????
      In the same vein, if he was a NOBODY – WHY HAVE YOU SPENT TIME TO PEN @ PARAGRAPHS TO DISPARAGE HIM?????

      YOU ARE SUCH A LOVELY OSTRICH, keep that empty head of yours buried in some deep sand!!!


      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote UPND!!

      Abantu baya!!!

      I thank you!!

    • mulenga
      I don’t eem to understand what you are saying,you seem bitter. you should be one of those tribalists who don’t what to hear that a Tonga is president. your hatred for upnd is simply tribal ,,please remain in your sinking titanic and pathetic failures pf.

    • UPND started tribal politics by plainly declaring that only a Tonga can be president of UPND after Mazoka. This is what people saying is tribal in UPND. HH dies deny this. Your decided to go tribal and you are only being reminded of your declaration.

  3. We lose Shakafuswa and gain 13 MPs which adds to 13 potential new UPND seats including the presidency. More than a fair trade methinks.

    • If you are so popular, why haven’t you grabbed all the MMD MPs? How many are remaining from the 12 who already support you??

    • After all Shakafushya was an empty vessel that made more noise. Nothing intelligent came out from him and he is with the right party now. He is violent and lacks manners and blends in well with PF cadres.

    • You like all registered voters have ONE single imozi vote…and you.don’t.represent the suffering of any or eve a few .prople. Zambians will decide…..so chill.

    • mr Real
      please be real as your name,there will be no Lungu after August this year. why should Zambians keep pf in power when it is clear it has lamentably failed to run the country,,if you are one of the beneficiaries please eat quietly for the remaining few months and start packing

  4. The wind of change is really blowing, little wonder that EL is crisscrossing the country to try and stem the tide. However, the violence by his cadres seems to be on the upswing. Cadres wearing military apparel at government functions! Police brutality is also not helping matters. Citizens are not impressed and are fatigued by this violence.

    • The only change from 2015 is Keith Mukata who was never PF but MMD and just serving in Govt. All other MP’s were supporting UPND publicly. So ultimately its Shakafuswa for Mukata.

    • It’s not personal you know @ Kambala. You savages like these types of digs that do not even add to topic.

    • Votes have gone Mr Kudos including those of their supporters. UPND is stronger with these defections.

      It’s politics……The game of numbers

  5. Other than Keith, what defection has happened here when the list of the same who left MMD in 2015 and aligned the same way in the January bye-election?

    • If Keith thinks he will be adopted in Chilanga,Ayilasha!! They are adopting a fellow Tonga by the name Mudenda or former Finance minister in Levy’s govt.

    • One wonders where the UPND exitement is coming from. Moreover, Mukata has never been PF, he is MMD serving in the PF govt. The govt has lost a deputy minister but PF has not lost anything in this case.

  6. What can I say. Phew!
    If FRA has that much stocks of maize why is mealie meal being rationed? Given Lubinda get on top of this catastrophe instead of blaming the opposition.

    • Because of unprincipled people buying in bulk to resale at higher prices creating a Black Market to poorer people at higher than market price. You so called Economist lead, can’t even work simple things out!

    • @flag flag Patriot Abroad. You got evidence? Do a foolish Drank Bwalya and report to police! ACC or whoever pleases your PF

  7. I salute all the lawmakers who have made this rare political decision in Zambia particularly the Justice deputy minister, if i was justice minister like simbiakula i would also ask myself this question, what justice am i minister for, when people’s rights are being abused by pf caders on a daily basis, another rare political decision is moses muteteka, we all know he was pardoned by changwa, and knowing Zambian politicians he would have been sing praises for changwa all day, but he has decided to put country first and doesn’t want to be part of the country wreckers.

    • What fool would put negatives on my articulate thought above, i presume it’s pfool caders like kudos.

    • You dont seem to understand politicians my dear. Its election time again and they are just looking out for themselves at being re-elected into paliament. MMD can not win any seat as it stands.

  8. What is the rotten Pastor Nevers going to do now…MMD is surely dead and buried now..how they let this man to be in charge is sad..we need MMD for democracy’s sake.

  9. In Mpika GBM was saying PF has accepted the MMD which the Zambian pipo rejected in the last general elections. Now the question is, ARE THESE GUYS NOT FROM MMD? Moreover this guys are coming fron one area and are finished politically. Mukata is not are performer let him go.

  10. Those are finished politicians and they know MMD is broke so they are fearing to use their money for campaigns instead they want to use HH and GBM’s money. Careful badala otherwise we wish them good luck as they lose their seats in August.

    • MPs fund the MMD if I am not wrong it could be as much as K2500 be head which totals to K30,000 per month less money for Nevers. If they are finished why are you talking about them

    • UPND DOESN’T NEED TO SPEND ANY MONEY!! PamaFI can spend as much as they want – People will only look on in AWE WITH WHAT RECKLESSNESS IT IS SPENT, whilst our children sleep with hunger, LOADSHEDDING GOES ON & ON, more PANGA FIGHTERS MAIM & STRIP NAKED OUR SACRED WOMEN WHO ARE OUR MOTHERS!!!


      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!!


      I thank you!!!

    • You are just wasting your time. PF is very strong, intact and concentrating on winning this election huge. These MPs are not from PF as a party. They have always campaigned for UNPD. This happened last elections and UNPD and HH was defeated. I thought they would change style but they are doing the same thing, same people and celebrating over something which has not had an impact on PF as a party. If it was only those MPs who vote, it would have mattered. But we wait for the main kill. UPND has been behaving like a spoilt kid in all elections and has never matured in its conduct and doing politics. The Sinda MP stood as UPND last elections, so what has changed. This was waste of time and money. They should do better campaigning. Lungu is on the real campaign trail while UPND and its…

  11. Careful UPND, least you are encumbered with bootlickers with no substance. Let them join but keep them as ordinary members if you want to implement any of the many promises you have made. Otherwise come 2021, you, too, will be crying.

  12. President HH is a President Elect, only waiting for the inauguration ceremony on 13th August. More are still coming even from PF itself in a little while.

    • It is believed that most of the PF MPs from Western, North-Western, part of Copperbelt and Central provinces will defect to UPND. Others are saying because of Dora Siliya more from Northern and Luapula will defect to UPND as well.

  13. Keith hates corruption and it was happening in the law system of Zambia. he tried to fight it but things couldnt work because Lungu the head was operating the judiciary.

  14. Am very surprised for UPND to even waste their time to parade these failed and tired MMD old guards. Are they not the same people who supported Hadolf Hitler (HH) in 2015 and yet President Lungu knocked them down? Where, as 11 August gets closer and closer, HH will definitely go mad.
    President Lungu and the PF must be assured that we, the Zambians have resolved that now and in the future of our massive support to ensure this country continues experiencing development as never seen before.

    All those MMD MPs, what can they point to in their constituencies that they have done in the 20 years they were in power? Even this useless HH, what roadmap to develop Zambia does he have, absolutely non!
    How can you support and vote for a party that doesnt believe that a good road network and…

    • Iwe Ka Messenger
      Ati “we the Zambians”?Are you sure.Speak for yourself.There is a sunami on the horizon and it will sweep you away as you try to convince others that you are not alone with Lungu.Just look at the Youth Day fiasco and it is as if I had known.I told my daughter not to attend.Which stupid parent will allow his child to have anything with state activities held by these *****s.We don’t even need to decampaighn them.They are doing a very good job decampaining themselves rigt now.

    • Would PF have rejected them had they strongly endorsed the candidature of ECL and pledged to campaign vigorously for PF. Give an honest answer.

  15. The bloggers who r rubbishing this defections where so excited when Shakas crossed floor. If these MPs had joined PF it would have been big headline news on on ZNBC, Daily Mail & Times for the whole week. Just lick your wounds & accept that this is a big blow.

  16. This the big fish that swallowed uncle jonah, it will now swallow your uncle Jameson dizi, best you can do if you want to survive throw him into the sea, least you go down with him.

    • Anyway. you are my teacher you know better. But I when get to heaven i will ask Uncle Jona. The way you go to hell you ask him.

  17. cont’d
    How can you support and vote for a party that doesnt believe that a good road network and proper infrastructure is the basis of development? Which country on earth is called developed yet have no infrastructure?
    Viva PF, Viva Edgar Chagwa Lungu, ni kolopa again and again til they drop dead.

    As for Keith Mukata, obviously there was nothing that he brought to PF other than just womanizing after his wife divorced him. And we all know that PF was not going to readopt him especially that they are no deputy positions in the new constitution.
    Ifwe ba PF, we are on the ground and Hadolf Hitler must accept the results outcome, he will LOSE AGAIN ON 11 AUGUST 2016!

    • How can you vote for PF with its record of unprecedented corrupt infrastructure, borrowings, hunger, high taxes, job losses, inflation, PF thuggery, thefts at markets and bus stops, police brutality and economic disaster?

    • The Messnger
      You actually represent the dullness that we want to get rid of.No country does not need infrastructural development we even need more infrastructural development than your retarded illiterate dictator initiated.It is aboubt how you plan for it 1diot.You don’t knock off the entire national purse on infrastructure.And this is what I find interesting.What is bringing you down is so called infrastructural development meanwhile it is al all you can brag about.It is like a prostitute bragging about how much money she has made from contracting aids,

  18. By the time Parliament is dissolved MMD will remain with Nervous Mumba to defect to PF. You don’t deal with serious party matters through SMS like u did with ECL. What ar u going to sell 2 PF now?

    • God is punishing Nevers Mumba for going after mammon. This is a lesson to the rest of the clergy; stay with the collar lest you made to eat grass like Nebuchadnezzar.

      Mumba is forever humiliated.

  19. and what change are people talking about when the same old forks from mmd & pf are the ones who will be in upnd. anyway this does not make a difference as all these people are from w/p, nw/p & rural central which is already ichilema’s strong hold except for one naive young man from e/p levy ngoma from sinda of which upnd won last year. & no one can run away from the fact that politics in zambia is about tribe.

    • Be real my frien where is levy ngoma coming from. However you think after all you have the right to. There is no point to argue with you when I already know who will be the next president of Zambia!

  20. Politics is about numbers.
    The biggest loser in this is Nervous S Mumba.
    However,UPND or other parties receiving the defectors should not be quick to renominate these economic migrants at the expense of long term party members aspiring for the same positions otherwise we are recycling the same dead weed.

  21. Africa is dying and Zambia in particular because parties are formed on the basis of the leader’s ethnic extraction and the depth of his pocket. Obviously a look at the MPs who have defected from the MMD to the UPND shows that they are not of “Doctor” Nevers Mumba’s ethnic extraction and the depth of his pocket is nothing to write home about. UNIP and the original MMD are the only parties that can be said not to have been based on ethnic extraction because they had a unit of purpose because the former wanted to get rid of the colonialists while the latter had to get rid of the one party state. The inclusion of one or two tribes is mere window dressing.

    • Man, why are you so marinated in tribalism? We`re all Africans, the tribal thing is for people who have small brains. I do work in many countries across Africa, and in many cases people don`t even know where I come from. Promote Africanism & Not tribalism.

  22. Mr messenger your layout of your ka comment is like that of mr kudos, listen little fellow, that time they were mmd and they just endorsed, this time they full time upnd and they gonna go flat out to campaign for upnd, they won’t have any mmd on their shoulders, that’s the difference between then and now.

  23. I think PF should start parking their bags, remember they only won the 2015 January 20 election by just 1% now with the following issues at hand:
    (1) Beating up people by PF carders during youth celebration
    (2) Increased load shedding
    (3) High cost of food
    (4) Falling economy
    I can see UPND getting something like 71% while PF will be somewhere 25%. I know for my fellow Zambian who are not familiar with forecasting will insult me ,but unfortunately , that is the truth as at now.

    • @ Manager Education
      How come the same crooks supported Hadolf Hiter in 2015 and failed to unseat the might PF and new come President Lungu? Now that President Lungu is grounded in managing the affairs of our beautiful country, do you honestly think it will be that easy to remove PF from power after all the great works they have done, IT DONT THINK SO. Ask the opposition in Uganda and Zim, and you get some answers.

    • Unfortunately for your daydreams, the opposition in Zim and Uganda have never managed to win elections. Zambians have ejected ruling parties twice in the last 25 years. Lungu is the worst performing President ever. He is on his way out and that’s why he is employing fascist tactics.

  24. Now is the time. this is serious. really serious…if PF are saying this is nothing let them tell me they wouldnt have loved the defections on their side. if they didnt why did they rejoice over Maybin? others are saying those aint big fish really? why did they win in their constituency?…PF just preparing yourselves at times its good to be honest with yourself. if you got money that didnt belong to you return it please so that you dont think its personal attacks once you leave office this August.

  25. These bunch of defectors know that they cant win their constituencies under MMD because it is broke and not popular.So they want to stand on UPND hoping to win in their constituencies.It was expected and still they will get walloped.Thank God they are not from PF.But I know from Chingola Who wants to defect as people are not happy with him.

    • You are partly right. These MPs know that the only way to retain their seats is through UPND. PF cannot win the next general election and MMD under Nevers is dead. Go to the winning side. Don’t commit political suicide by staying with the PFools who have ruined the Zambian economy.

  26. I am surprised by the excitement of UPND bloggers about the “defections” of these guys. Not only did these so-called defectors campaign for HH in the 2015 Presidential byelections, they have always behaved like UPND members since then. In addition, with the exception of Levy Ngoma (Eastern) and Moses Muteteka (Central), all of them are from the traditional strongholds of the UPND – Western and Northwestern provinces. In essence therefore, these “defections” have not added any value to the UPND. As for Muteteka, what hypocrisy and what ingratitude! Isn’t this the guy ECL pardoned from prison as a humanitarian gesture and saved him from an untimely death in prison and this is how he reciprocates ECL’s kindness!

  27. Ni Zambia balange! Is it true some people can go to extents of creating shortages so that the would be voter can starve?

  28. I truly thought guy Scott was joining but alas the guy is wise. Now this cuts the levels of talk UPND can forward on MMD and corruption, it simply means they have brought in 11 new bandits in their team. Sad. From an act like this, it’s true winds of change are blowing, the change is both PF and UPND are now MMD. RB holds the highest amount of flesh however and if he defects UPND will win, until then, LUNGU is winning.

    • How many of the original PF will want to be led by RB and Dollar Syria? Expect massive realignment when Parliament is dissolved in May. That’s why PF is not getting applicants.

  29. This is now a season of political adjustment and more exodus is on the way interchangably across the political divide. Lets refrain from name- calling once a politician exercises his/ her democratic right of switching the party. The final decison lies singlehandedly on the electrolate, defections notwithstanding.

    • @ Patriot Abroad

      Why are you not talking.of the daily PF grinding.disorder, brutality, run away inflation , economic and.monetary failure, kaloba borrowings?

    • @hucopa because it’s all just daily grind in the circumstances. What I would really like us for HH to actually say HOW he is going to stop Kwacha falling, how he’ll control Fuel prices, how he’ll stop blackouts. I expect all he’ll say is its PF’s FAULT, I need more time folks if he ever came to power. Any UPND. Replying to this must debate my challenge otherwise it’s all just talk!

    • @Patriot

      You claim to be in the West. What do they (shareholder) do.to a CEO who runs a PIc aground with massive debts, losses and shrunk market share?!

      What do you expect voters to hand Lungu.who has destroyed the economy in August?

    • @Patriot Abroad: I have been keenly following how you have strongly defended PF on this site. Hope you are old enough to contest as MP on the PF ticket. The challenges Zambia is facing are not ALL as a result of global recession as you may want to mislead people. Inflation, load shedding, skyrocketing mealie meal prices, high fuel prices, high poverty levels etc are not global. Try visiting other countries in the region and see for yourself. By the way, I’m not into politics, just trying to answer your challenge.

  30. The only great news today was the ‘business as usual’ announcement on the new roads East and North. PF are still building and still focusing on effective infrastructure.

    Forget all thus makapaka poo poo substandard defections. Farewell and speak no evil of PF Mukapaaappp or whomever that was…….forgotten already!

    • You are in for a rude shock after all you are abroad. Try even harder to forget and be hit by the sudden wind of change. Zambia is yet to be free once again!

    • @Linda, honestly the wind of change will only bring a new Leader, but the problems that caused that change will remain. You guys are not thinking about what instruments you will use to fight Market Forces. What Policies will you use to stem the problems occurring g in Zambia? It’s personality, popularity, dissatisfaction cult like adoration of One Known as HH!

      Don’t you realise the issues of Fuel shortages. Blackouts, Kwacha will be the same. World markets don’t look to be doing any better in fact there are warning signs of back peddling to 2008 or worse. We need stability not a new shiny leader.


    • That’s it in a nutshell. Really it’s understanding that problems are there and ideas on solutions need to be displayed. PF have to put on their gloves for that, but the average person may not understand!

  32. Unlike the PF which has failed to get qualified people to stand on their ticket, the UPND is flooded with a lot of people from all walks of life to stand on their ticket as can be witnessed by these MPs from the MMD.

  33. First, there is nothing that this Senior Citizen can lecture us about winning elections. He strongly supported MMD in 2011 but lost. He was in hybernation for a period until he got redeemed by RB joining PF. Leave commentary to those schooled in political projections. Second, I want to advise PF cadres to embrace wider access to information. They listen too much to their own propaganda on public media to the extent they do not see what is coming. Do not limit your information sources to avoid destructive shock in August. Gently advising.

  34. I wonder how the founding members of UPND are feeling since now it has UPND has become UPMMD. So no more laughing at PF that it is an MMD /PF. Ba kolwe basekana ifipato

  35. The PF celebrated last week from one man called Jonas shakafu… Whose life is covered in patches of corruption. The PF has just become a shell of itself. I can’t wait for 11 August. Whoaaaah!!!

  36. The so called wind of change is some stinky stray breeze escaping from the loo and circulating within and confined to the same household. These are the same species who clandestinely supported HH in the last Presidential election. This is a regrouping of the Bantu Bo Tatwe.

  37. Kikikiki PF…you amaze me, you though Shakafuswa was a big catch and you dispised UNPD and now we have having numbers enmasse you want to call us name? Give us a break.

    Politics is about number for you to reach 50+1%

    There families +++++++++will give UPNDincludong 24,000 UNZA 7 CBU students…VIVA HH

  38. Why are you so excited ?
    PF has not lost any of its MPs to UPND.
    PF has more MMD mps than UPND, so what the celebration

  39. Kiki politics in Zambia is all abou eating.yaba MMD/UPND and PF/MMD.
    Anyway better i support PF than these mafias

  40. PF is a being led by a clueless & vision less leader who took advantage of a presidential vacuum to ascend to the presidency by hook and crook. He has never been in formal employment prior to joining politics and has no clue on what it takes to compete in the global market place. The economic and social consequences are there for Zambians to see. Why is he uncomfortable when his mandate was only to serve the unexpired term of the late president?. He wasn’t ready or prepared for the job, hence the total failure.

  41. Under UPND govt, professor Lungwagwa will be Educations Minister and Dr. Brian Chituwo Health Minister. Do we expect different and positive results. Atasee bane……………….!!! we are truly jokers, Zambians!

    • MMD did a better job than PF so yes I expect different results. Now I am joining a q for fuel once again. Whats wrong with you guys. Yes we had these things during MMD but not every month. I bet you will tell us there is some UPND cadre buying fuel in bulk or that even in Nigeria there are ques. Mediocrity.

    • What changes has PF brought in all those ministries as comapred to MMD? Nothing apart from construction under the ministry of work. Development is not only building Schools and fail to employ teachers, construct roads without any activity, build hospitals without medical officers. That is poor planning! You balance all the sectors. PF has killed all the ministries especially agriculture. Rural areas citizen will find it hard to think on voting PF in power. PF is a total mess!

  42. I wonder what comments would have been there if such calibre of defectors turned against UPND and joined PF…ladies and gents,let’s just be objective in our thinking without following blindly..this is a boost for UPND and if I was a politician in PF,I would really think twice and be frank to say things are not ok..PF just have to pull up their socks and restrategize..other wise,to be frank, UPND is coming on strong…

  43. There is nothing new all these come under bantu botatwe.each of these has made there mind following tribal voting map but pipo like kabinga pande,chituwo,musokotwane,ngoma,mukata,shikapwasha,saifwanda,chavuma mane all finished beyond use & know under pf they cannot be picked its heavely contested and every seat u have to sweat before u are picked.
    Why not have from luapula,copperbelt,central,muchinga, with pipo like kunda,mutati,kalaba,v mwale,etc it can give a sign not those u many win or lose those seats.

  44. Professor Lungwangwa is better for the job than your ill equipped clueless Kaingu who can’t link human capital as the means by which to exploit land as a factor of production.

    • Although I concur with you completely that Kaingu is clueless in matters of higher education, Lungwangwa was also a complete flop as Deputy Vice Chancellor at UNZA. This is why he only served one term in that position. In fact, he left UNZA in disgrace after a funds embezzlement scandal.

  45. How many times are they going to resign and join UPND. These are the same guys who supported UPND but kept saying they have not resigned from MMD just to keep there parliamentary seats.

  46. Bantu botatwe MPs know they wont be adopted on MMD and now they want to ride on tribal inlined party for Adoptions. Politics of the belly!

  47. No votes gained by UPND as these are the same characters that voted for HH in 2011. HH won in almost all the areas these people are MPs.

  48. New history could be written soon. Opposition could win without a general election. Many PF MPs will defect to DF too. Wait and see as time approaches. Opposition could have more MPs that PF as August 11 will near. Lungu and RB will be embarrassed. Lungu shot himself in the foot by side lining key people like Scot, Sampa and GBM. He gave full ministerial positions to un elected officials some picked from South Africa because of RB.

  49. UK ECONOMY, BUDGET this Wednesday, go to

    Chancellor George Osborne will unveil his latest Budget for the UK on Wednesday, and with it plans for a fresh round of cuts aimed at making £4 billion worth of savings in an “uncertain” global financial environment.

    ‘Class warfare’
    Left-leaning economist Michael Burke said Osborne’s spending cuts will push the burden of austerity onto Britain’s poorest people.

    “The effects will be extremely negative for large families, who are often already among the poorest. It is entirely foolish,” he told RT.

    “The entire austerity policy hits those on middle incomes and the poor. Large families will struggle even more. And the Women’s Budget group shows that women bear 74 percent of the burden of all cuts. Osborne’s policy will increase these…

    Chancellor George Osborne’s post-2015 spending cuts are an ethically bankrupt assault on the public interest that serves the agenda of the one percent, leading UK economists have said.
    Criticism of Osborne’s austerity plans surfaced on Wednesday in response to analysis conducted by academics from Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research.

    The study revealed large families will be the worst affected by the chancellor’s plans to slash £13 billion (US$18.5 billion) off the government’s welfare bill, with Asian communities expected to be at the forefront of the firing line.

    The report expands on an Austerity Audit conducted for the Financial Times in 2013, and is the first academic study to scrutinize the impact of Osborne’s latest…

    • The study also revealed 50 percent (£6.2 billion) of the annual welfare cuts planned post-2015 will fall on working-age households.

      Lecturer in economics at Bristol Business School Jo Michell said that Osborne’s latest round of cuts counter the public interest.

      “The story about deficit reduction is a smokescreen to cover what is an ideologically motivated attack on the weakest in society,” he told RT.

      “The effects will be increasingly felt more widely, particularly among working families.”

      Michell stressed that austerity is a deeply flawed economic doctrine.

      “The recent mini-boom, partly driven by the housing market, is coming to an end,” he said.

      “Austerity will increasingly be a drag on economic activity, leading to falling employment and weakening wage growth.”

    • Exactly. Zambians would be foo.lish to vote HH, he wants to be experimental and we know the regional problems will surface very highly in Zambia if he came into power.

  51. Globally countries are facing challenges, what good is change of Gov’t going to do Zambia? HH is not going to bring the panacea you seek. It’s going to be tough and maybe even worse. Start using your heads and accept world economic trends. PF is not the problem.

  52. So what is going to happen to the anticipating contenders for those same constituencies from UNPD are they meant to step aside for the new defectors ?
    I can smell some awkward situations in UNDP. Politicians of the belly have been
    Automatically flushed themselves out.
    Hungry Hyena and Fat Albert are now
    Shutting themselves

  53. There is no defection here because the same MPS supported HH anyway in January 2016 and he lost. This is grand standing.

  54. Crunch time for these defectors…they would have lost their parliamentary seats anyway,,,Uku sela ukwa kaba doesn’t necessary mean Ba za wina under UPND. PF will fill those gaps from 60 women and the rest of new youths…
    Interesting how the results will turn out come August 11….”Wa fwa wa fwa”

  55. UPND is indeed a party for under 5 politicians!!all those 11 mmd mps except Keith Mukata campaigned for HH during 2015 by election and they lost together.since 2015 all these mps have been upnd and in their constituencies hh won in 2015 hence positioning themselves in upnd so that they can retain their seats.even in Chilanga,hh came out first,Mukata-a tonga is too worried to stand on PF in Chilanga!!UPND COULD HAVE CELEBRATED TODAY IF THEY GOT PF MPS FROM LUSAKA URBAN,COPPERBELT,LUAPULA,NORTHERN,MUCHINGA AND EASTERN.LEVY NGOMA FROM SINDA SHALL KISS BYE BYE TO HIS SEAT IN EASTERN ON 11/08/2016!!!SO BA UPND YOU HAVENT GAINED ANYTHING HERE!!EDGAR LUNGU DEFEATED U WITH ALL THOSE MPS IN 2015 BY ELECTION!!

  56. The eleven mps are nothing but political prostitutes who think upnd will form the next government. Am sure they have even bn promised cabinet posts should upnd form the next govt. Am not a fortune teller but let me tell these shameless political prostitutes that come august 11 many of them will lose theis seats to pf because whether they like or not, lungu will be at state house up to 2021.

  57. Zambians are fed up with PF violence and arresting of innocent Zambians. What 10 MPs who have joined UPND is to say ‘No Twakana’ violence tag of PF and their constituences. More Zambians are to defect from violent PF party and government.

  58. Yes 12 MPS have defected to the UPND. All the 12 are from the MMD. 33.33% of these are from western province. 25% from North Western Province and 8.33% represents the MP from Sinda Eastern Province. As you can see from the percentages – 92% of those that joined UPND are from the Bantu Botatwe. Countrymen tribalism and persecution agenda of the Northerners and Easterners is the main agenda. Tribalism and persecution will be on the ballot papers. Don’t say you were not warned.

  59. Yes 12 MPS have defected to the UPND. All the 12 are from the MMD. 33.33% of these are from western province. 25% from North Western Province and 8.33% represents the MP from Sinda Eastern Province. Another 33.33% from central province. As you can see from the percentages – 92% of those that joined UPND are from the Bantu Botatwe. Countrymen tribalism and persecution agenda of the Northerners and Easterners is the main agenda. Tribalism and persecution will be on the ballot papers. Don’t say you were not warned.

  60. The performance of any government is based upon management and it’s policies, not necessarily on it’s membership. For example a company that was not doing well with a certain management team, can do much better with another management team, but with the same workers that were said to be unproductive. To tell you the truth no defectors have ever been rejected by a political party in the world not even in the Churches, then why do you want upnd to reject these people. Mind you they come without any conditions, it is up to the upnd administration to use them or not,
    according to the policies and dirrectives of upnd.

  61. This is exactly what happened in 2011 when Sylvia masebo and former home affairs defected to Pf while some provincial chairmen defected from Upnd to Mmd and Sata boosted that the other parties were receiving rabbits whilst his party was receiving elephants.

    Kambwili was hallucinating on Znbc that the 11 MPs who have defected to Upnd are consolidating the tribal party tag.But one may ask, how about Levy Ngoma from Eastern province?
    Kambwili Kuya bebele, mwalya sana Euro bond

  62. Mpombo wibilima, ababilima tabafika.. Sorry Mukata, here is the beginning of your political end.. Believe it my guy

  63. Comment:I c no gain by upnd coz dey were wit most of thse guys in de last elections nd ECL wired dem I c no nid 2 celebrat coz nothn new has happnd apart frm Keith nd history wil repeat itself.

  64. Editor,
    1. They claim to be pro-poor people, yet PF removed subsidies on food and fuel in the early months of attaining power.
    2. They followed this by increasing their salaries twice before imposing a wage freeze on civil servants.
    3. They call other parties tribal but their cabinet in the last four years has been dominated by same region and so have their recent filing of applications for nominations for 2016.
    4. They claim to be consultative but keep changing and reversing policies when stakeholders complain.
    5. They claim to be distributing development equitably but built two universities in one district.
    6. Edgar Lungu wants to empower women to leadership positions, but he is the one who instructed his MPs to shoot down the proportionate representation clause in the new…




  66. Nothing has changed for PF. It is the same as it was before. these are MMD MPs mainly and not PF. It does not reflect any split from PF. HH and his team still remain under five politicians. These campaigned for UPND last time after having internal problems in MMD and they are just doing the same this year.

    August is still some months away and the people who know how to play it are waiting for the kids to dance themselves lame and tired and then show them how it is done. This will be a heart breaking lose than any other for HH and UPND. The harder they come the harder they shall indeed fall, whith a huge thunderous thud. DIIIIIIIIII.


  68. they are mmds mps.so how does the name of p.f comes about on this issue p.f is intact.the people with a final say are the majority voters.

  69. It is now very clear that HH is a very big liar. Please tell him to stop it. In his dreams, he thinks there is wind of change. Let him and his followers continue dreaming.

  70. We Africans must move away from this cantankerous way of managing affairs of our abundantly resourced continent. God gave us all the resources we need but Satan took away all the brains to exploit the resources for our own good. African countries were well managed under colonialism than when they become independent. This is because the ones that took over are weak and incapable. Managing a country requires great skills. We must blame ourselves for entrusting weak and corrupt individuals to run the affairs of our country. Now expect the Chinese to develop our country. What a shame. We must learn to think with our brains and not our hearts. Cry My Beloved Country!

  71. Hmmmmnnn Ba Keith! After mwalya mwalya and lilya mwamona ati cabinet is about to be dissolved ati this Govt is useless. I cant work with this government when you have chewed for 5 years.
    You have no impact my friend. God is watching.
    Muzisiliza mweka

  72. Comment: The defections change nothing as they are the same 35 MPs who supported HH in in January 2015 and they achieved nothing

  73. I once was of the view Chituwo was a professional in the real sense of the word. All I see of him now is just an empty bag, lacking in any inspiration whatsoever.

Comments are closed.

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