PF has neglected tobacco farmers-Chishala Chilufya


AGRICULTURE and Livestock Minister Wylbur Simuusa (in-glasses) inspects bales of tobacco as Alliance One Zambia scale-scale manager Vincent Shane (right), Stoga chairperson Stainwell Sikambala (far right) and some farmers look on at the Tobacco Board of Zambia shed in Choma
Former Tobacco Board of Zambia TBZ Board Member Chishala Chilufya has accused the PF government of neglecting tobacco farmers in the country.

Speaking in an interview Mr Chilufya said Zambia was the biggest producer of tobacco in the region but that it has fallen behind countries like Malawi which is six times smaller than Zambia.

He said the lack of policy consistency has chased away potential investors who have opted to go to countries like Zimbabwe and Malawi which has lead to the farmers losing out.

He further said the country should stop the continued lip services to the issues of crop diversification and ensure that it puts money in relevant institutions that would ensure that diversification truly takes off.

He said Agriculture sector if properly harnessed has the potential of providing the necessary employment and foreign exchange for the country.

Mr Chilufya who is also a tobacco farmer based in the Eastern Province said before the PF to over office Eastern Province was producing more than 60million kilos of tobacco but that 4 years down the line the province is producing less than 30million kilos as some of the buyers have either closed shop or moved to other countries.

He said there is lack of seriousness on the party of government saying “these people do not have an interest in tobacco farmers because even when a company closes down they don’t even follow up to find out why the company has closed down.”

He further said that places like Eastern Province which was generating close to US$ 200,000 from the industry is now just earning half the morney because of lack of seriousness on the party of government.



  1. Bamudala I stopped smoking 6 years ago. Tobacco is harmful so even that 30 million should shrink to under 1000 kilos


    • @Zemuntu:
      Please note that tobacco is not used for smoking or sniffing only but also for medical use. Unfortunately Tobacco isn’t famous for its health benefits because the majority of people associate tobacco with smoking.
      Similarly you can’t say let us stop making alcohol because people drink too much…NO! NO! NO!. We all know that alcohol is used in hospitals and other sanitary organizations as an antiseptic. For you to post your comment above it means you have internet… I therefore urge you to use internet wisely for research and investigation purposes. JUST GOOGLE “USES OF TOBACCO” ON THE NET AND I AM SURE YOU WILL FIRSTLY BE AMAZED THEN GET ENLIGHTENED AND COMMENT WISELY IN FUTURE.


  2. PF cadres you have heard it from the horses mouth, so to speak. Can you speak because even when you are confronted with facts your response is always ifintu ni lungu while our beautiful country continues to bleed. I know cadres lack brains but some of you should realize that your government is clueless. Now my car is on e and am busy lining up for fuel because of your useless government.


    In the next few days we shall see more defections from this useless Rotting P.F, carcass.
    People are no longer terrified to openly speak out against this sinking outgoing P.F, government.
    P.F is now on record as being the worst curse to ever befall Zambians
    All departments/ institutions in Zambia have failed, & these thick necked politicians are using government as a personal A.T.M machine.


  4. This is what happens when your country is led by people who sneer at and scorn farmers as bakachema. PF is a kaponya party full of street vendors. They do not understand how food and wealth can be grown out of the land. They only thing they understand is trading, even if all has to be imported.


  5. Chilufya Chishala, please stop misleading the people of Zambia. In case you have forgotten, just before PF came into power, RB and the MMD failed to secure a market for tobacco farmers. Efforts by the then ruling party to bring a buyer they had promised to bring proved futile. Why then should you blame PF? Shame on you. In case you think all people are ignorant, we know what has made you bitter. It is the loan you got from the bank. You have failed to pay back and the bank is on you. You had become too big headed when you had money. You were walking like you owned Eastern province of Zambia. Shame on You! Remember how you even insulted the Zambia Army Regional Commander at Engen Filling Station because of your pomposity? Now things have caught up with you and you want to blame PF. You…



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