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President Lungu reiterates his call for civil servants vying for political office to quit

General News President Lungu reiterates his call for civil servants vying for political office...

resident Edgar Lungu Greets Fr Waldermar at Nabwalya Parish at Attending Church Service
resident Edgar Lungu Greets Fr Waldermar at Nabwalya Parish at Attending Church Service
PRESIDENT Lungu says the statement issued by his special assistant for press and public relations Amos Chanda that civil servants seeking adoption for political office must disengage from the civil service is a full representation of his position and is final.

And Isoka residents yesterday mobbed the President as he toured the market and inspected projects.

Mr Lungu said all concerned people must comply with the directive because he does not want them to use public office to their own advantage.

He said this in Chinsali yesterday when he addressed hundreds of people at the central business district.

“The statement issued by my spokesperson has my blessing and it must be taken seriously. I do not want to start forcing people out of their offices,” Mr Lungu said.
The President also appealed to aspiring candidates to desist from telling people that he has endorsed them.

Mr Lungu said he would only endorse candidates chosen by the people as they would help him win the August 11 general elections.

“All candidates will be chosen by you because you have the power. No-one must lie to you that I have endorsed them,” President Lungu said.

He urged all those who will not be adopted not to be bitter but to support their colleagues.

Earlier, PF deputy secretary-general Mumbi Phiri thanked the people for turning up in numbers to support the President.

And business executive Austin Chewe said he was convinced that President Lungu would win this year’s general elections as he has won people’s hearts because of his humility.

Captain Chewe said Mr Lungu would win with a landslide victory during the August 11 general elections.

“I have no doubt that Mr Lungu our President will retain his seat with a landslide victory,” he said.

President Lungu earlier toured the new police headquarters built at a cost of K20.6 million, the K48 million water treatment plant and the six-storey administration block currently under construction in Chinsali.

The head of State later went to Isoka and toured the old market, where marketeers mobbed him. He promised to construct a modern market for them.

He also addressed a mammoth rally in the central business district, where he thanked the electorate for voting for him in last year’s elections.

Mr Lungu called on the Ministry of Local Government and Housing to work on the water reticulation system in the district.

“I would also like to urge the youth to maintain peace and order as they are the ones who get injured in the process. Embrace newcomers from the opposition to make the party grow,” he said.

He also called on millers to ensure that local people have enough to eat before any maize is exported.
“I am told there is hunger in Luangwa, my Government will take relief maize there to alleviate hunger,” Mr Lungu said.
The President later inspected township roads and the water reticulation system in the district.
The President is expected in Mafinga and Nakonde before returning to Lusaka today.

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  1. Agony is when you are Republican president and you think you are just PF president. No one listens to this guy. Even cadres won’t listen to stop violence how does he expect civil servants to heed? This is the worst president we have had and it very hard to believe he is a lawyer

    • I agree. This guy is not respected even by his own cadres. Yesterday Emmanuel Mwamba was in Matero where he’s laying his foundation for the August poll. This is despite the president, his appointing authority, asking that all civil servants, whom Emmanuel is, relinquish their govt positions. Is it humility or just cowardice? Just look into Edgar’s eyes and you will see fear – fear of losing the August 11 election!

  2. How can Austin see landslide when he failed to see his landslide failure in Munali.
    Do people vote for humbleness or competence? some of these dimwits are so irritating.

  3. Then we have a problem. By now the president should have names of all those who applied to be nominated. why cant he just ask them to resign or just dismiss them for improper conduct?

  4. of course he knows every civil servant who is vying for political position. why not just relinquish them from their various positions but opts to beg them do so on their own? indeed a lawyer should exactly knows what the supreme law of this land stipulates. pliz the head of state act

  5. Emmanuel Mwqamba aka Tondo Boys has absented himself from South Africa in defiance of president Lungu directive. Mwamba is not only arrogant but questions president Lungu’s sense of judgement on civil servant’s directive to resign before seeking selection for political election office. Thsi is how ineffective Lungu has become, tied by cartel and left to vultuers’ free for all feast.

    • @MunaDekhane: You couldn’t be more right and the issue of Mwamba at length yesterday. A very simple question needs to be asked: Is High Commissioner Mwamba on unpaid leave while in Zambia pursuing his political ambitions or is the Tax Payer footing the bill?

      Secondly, should it really be the President’s responsibility to request Civil Servants to resign from the civil service if they want to pursue political ambitions? Is it or is it not a requirement of the law that they should do so? If indeed it a law then it should dawn on the President that his double application of the Law (one for the opposition and the other for the ruling party) has come back to haunt him as his own cadres in the civil service are refusing to respect his directive.

    • He is scared of that Mwamba…thats why he chooses where to go…Lazy Lungu is weak and he needs to win the elections first to sort out all these rebels!!

  6. There is no humility about this man suffering from dementia. He is running around the country like a headless chicken to make allowances because he knows that his day are almost over.

  7. Emma Mwamba has withdrawn from politics! He know that as civil servant you only qualify to contest political office 3yrs before election as per new constitution! So all civil servants are jst wasting their time!

  8. An application to be adopted by your party to contest a seat is not participating in politics at that stage, is it? I would have thought you only need to resign after you have actually been adopted. How do you resign before and then what happens when you don’t get adopted? This has to be clarified. Otherwise you are restricting so many would be candidates. Only when your party states that you are the official candidate for this or that seat/position should you resign.

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