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Bus overturns, injures 49 passengers after avoiding hitting a traffic officer

General News Bus overturns, injures 49 passengers after avoiding hitting a traffic officer

Copperbelt Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga
Copperbelt Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga

Forty Nine passengers have sustained serious injuries when the bus they were travelling in overturned in Mufulira on the Copperbelt.

The accident happened after the Lusaka bound bus belonging to Straight liners over turned at Kawama area in Mufulira on Tuesday.

Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge said the Marcopolo bus went off the road after the driver tried to avoid hitting a traffic police officer who jumped in the middle of the road to stop the speeding bus.

Mr Musenge said four of the accident victims were in a critical condition and had been transferred to Ndola Central hospital.

And Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga confirmed the incident saying there was no one who died.

But Ms Katanga said the accident victims were in critical condition.


    • In a country of functional illiterates, any bus with a sitting capacity of more than 30 is a marcopolo. Any light truck is a canter.

    • A corrupt Zambia with Corrupt Police officers, who do not think about the danger but money corrupt cash from the driver. How can this e happening and no law maker would challenge this police behavior? The Police Officer should be charged with attempted murder to the passengers.

  1. this is what happened to that moyo lady. these police don’t trust their laws. they know that they can get the number plate and persue offenders with RTSA but because they really want their money to complete their houses they wont just do that. that lady dared the driver and that’s how she was knocked down. This is the same situation. let me find you on the road..i will come for your throat…oops hope its not an offence

  2. The Traffick officers are too corrupt, he could have done well to get the Registration Number of the vehicle than causing this mess and in that area there is rarely a roadblock. Anyway very sad. Ba Katanga kulamonekako bwino not fiko fiko nge fi. Thanks.

  3. “…driver tried to avoid hitting a traffic police officer who jumped in the middle of the road to stop the speeding bus.”
    Exactly what caused the other policewoman to nearly be killed by a minibus driver. These stupid cadres never learn. It’s very stupid of any police officer to rush in front of a fast moving vehicle!

  4. Listen to Twende. That is what Police should do, but, no they are too hungry for corruption money.

    The Police command must teach the officers about safety of working on the roads.

    I wish all the victims of the stupid police criminal quick and complete recovery.

  5. It’s sad to hear of careless speeding Bus drivers putting passenger lives in danger. This us a character of mini bus drivers and even a Traffic roadblock could not stop the errant. People jeering because an officer doing his duty was ignored are being duplicitous when they casually add an unfelt ‘sorry for the passengers.’ The traffic police are there for our safety and we must respect them. The problem us driver was speeding and not able to stop when an incident happened in front of him, had he not been speeding the passengers would have escaped unharmed.

  6. Simply put, government still has a chance to correct these anomalies. It is just not correct for a Police Officer to jump in front of a speeding vehicle. It is a danger to both the officer and passengers in that vehicle. These vehicles have reg numbers and you can follow up with RTSA where an offence has been committed.

  7. Charge the ka police officer with attempted murder like u did with the bus driver that bashed that police woman pa Lsk….

  8. Arrest the police officer for causing an accident.
    Passengers sue the state for injuries caused.
    This is enough evidence even to release that driver who hammered the police police officer some days ago.
    Let him be released because it is the cops who are wrong.
    A vehicle may have brake problems and such daring cops may end up in mortuary.
    Police traffic officers are just making roadblocks anywhere anyhow ranging from ambush and visiting packed vehicles just to elicit a bribe. They are fault finders and time wasters whose aim is just to make money.
    Minimise roadblocks and many lives will be saved. Let there be fixed roadblock points with visit road signs like beacons.

  9. Sad indeed…bring the culprits to book especially the overspeeding bus driver. You say the police should have taken the reg no. and report to RATSA, So in the meantime drive all the way to Lusaka overspeeding and maybe meet a similar accident in Kapiri Mposhi perhaps? What kind of reasoning is that? Let police do their work!

    • You sound like someone who went abroad( if that’s where you are indeed) using some traffic police officer money in the name of uncle. Now let me tell you something Wise head we are not supporting an offence by the speeding driver but we also wont support death crime by some excited Police man

  10. Ba kapokola bansala, trying to make ends meet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charity manage your officers and their unnecessary “ATM” road blocks

  11. In defensive driving we are taught to evaluate, which is better. To lose 49 lives or one life. The driver should have decided to take the bull by its horns and save lives.

    • Most drivers simply graduate from being foul-mouthed conductors to drivers with Matero-fueled documents. That explains that outcome too. But then again you really do have inept cops…

  12. Take those fo.olish police officers along with your inept Minister of Home Affairs to court on this one! Some of us have even resorted to just using public transport or flying when we visit because there is so much non.sense when we come with our foreign registered cars because of your trigger-happy-and-hungry-police force!!! What is wrong with this country?? Most of you don’t even realize you are now competing with the kabokes of the DRC in being ridiculous and mediocre!! SUE THOSE BUGGERS!!!

  13. Instead of putting up genuine roadblocks, the pf police prefer to waylay or ambush motorists in order to knockoff with a warm pocket. . Pf police have become a nuisance in the country.

  14. This is the problem of employing cadres as police officers. This is actually a police cadre of a named political party.

  15. That traffic officer should be charged with a serious offence how does he do that and who ever trains them should be fired.


  17. Bus owner, the driver and the passengers must counter-sue the police officer. Police have no right to jump in the middle of the road. It is careless and senseless! But of course that is the thinking level of Zambia police. Look, they are already trying to justify by claiming the bus driver was over speeding. That may actually not be the case! Zambia Police are too Illiterate….

  18. The driver should just have hit the ‘moron in uniform’ and saved the forty-nine. Ba Traffic police bacita over!

  19. why put a road block at kawama west when is jst a kilometer away from the college checkpoint.Plz our vigilant CIO at kamuchanga police move in and show the public wat u r made of.it’s vry sad that unscheduled speed trap by cops has caused loss of life.

  20. Corruption is the main cause for the behaviour for the Traffic Officers. Whenever, they see an erred driver all that they see is money.

  21. This was an ambush. In a country where citizens stop and think before speaking and acting the passengers and bus owner would sue the state. In Zambia NO. Ni so chabe.

  22. #twende, so what have you said Sir? Guide us Sir since you have all the knowledge, we are all ears.
    To me it’s simple, the crime here is overspeeding. If the driver was not overspeeding he would have safely brought the bus to stop. To me that policeman could have been a school going child, would the bus driver have stopped at that speed. Guys lets stop the politics and zero in on the problem. Widening the issue to corrupt police doesn’t address them problem of overspeeding.
    Stop the overspeeding, that is our challenge.

  23. Can somebody responsible for this indisplined traffic police force stop these road blocks and use civilized way to police motor vehicles?

  24. I remember a policeman jumping from the bush on the left side onto the road trying to stop my car, the only thing I did was to flash him my headlights and the fool had no choice but to jump into the bush on the right side of the road. I swear if he did not do that, he would be in his grave this day and all his plans of completing the house would be right there with him.

    I have no advice to give to Police Force cadre I G and all his fellow cadres, but if they do not stop their nonsense? Kaya.

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