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UPND extends period for applications to stand on party ticket

General News UPND extends period for applications to stand on party...

Charles Kakoma
Charles Kakoma

The UPND has extended the period in which to receive applications from suitably qualified persons to stand as candidates on the UPND ticket.

The period has been extended from March 15 to March 25, 2016 to enable aspiring candidates adequate time to certify their certificates with the Examinations Council of Zambia.

UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma says the extension has been necessitated by the process of verification and certification of Grade 12 certificates by the examinations body for aspiring candidates.

Mr. Kakoma has reminded aspiring candidates that application forms for positions of Member of Parliament, Mayor of a City or Municipal Council and Chairman of a District Council can be obtained from the Secretary General and UPND Provincial Chairpersons.

He said aspiring candidates are required to submit their application letter, curriculum vitae and copies of academic qualifications to the Constituency, Provincial and District chairpersons and the Secretary General.

And the MMD says it is overwhelmed by the number of people wishing to be adopted to contest elective public offices in the August 11 general election.

MMD Acting Spokesperson Reuben Sambo says score of people in Eastern, Northern and Northwestern provinces have applied to be adopted.

Reverend Sambo says people in other regions are also expressing interested to contest on the MMD ticket.

He was speaking in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka today.


  1. This us to do with the number of non grade 12 certified folks if we go by UPND reasoning on PF’s similar challenge.i think GBM is proving to be a problem!

    • Kikikiki…………akansoni kafwilile mwibula…….they too have extended? Just the other day their disillusioned cadres were busy pouring scorn on the PF for making a similar extension. Four moths remaining bane…….viva PF.

  2. Charles forgot to add “This is also to allow defecting cadres from other parties time to file for the same”

  3. Wait a minute. Can it be UPND is having difficulties in finding candidates or extensions only mean PF is having difficulties but UPND its just for candidates to bla bla blabla bla

  4. Upnd & the post are devils they condemn pf for extending by putting false stories that have failed to find suitable candidates for mps but today they are the ones extending, could it be that they have failed also?

    • These fools don’t vote for them.they think they are above everyone. If some useless mps join them,its good,if they join pf they become thieves, *****s or non factor.what sort of hyenas are these so called upnd

  5. UPND UPND UPND, no shame at all! They just repeat what PF has done. This proves that if they ever get into power they would repeat whatever their predecessors have done before them. I told you guys, UPND has no original thoughts of its own, ni copy and paste. What have you seen from HH so far that is original? Point me to only one thing?

  6. My cousin who is standing as a councilor on the UPND ticket in Kabwe as had his form V certificate he obtained in 1968 verified by ECZ. I am impressed by its record keeping although I doubt if ECZ is above corruption because corruption is in our DNA although not as entrenched as in the Nigerian DNA where the State Oil Company failed to give the state its $16 billion. And you say RB stole when he was accused of stealing $2m and ba Chiluba natuma shoes. It is pocket change. The Governor of the Bank of Nigeria was fired for saying that $20 billion was missing during the same period.

  7. Most UPND cadres talk and think afterwards! When PF extenteded they invented all sorts of stories now that it is them affected, they bring a story of giving more time for G12 certificate verification, what warped thinking! The fact is, they just dont have candidates that is all!!!

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