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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Frank Bwalya ‘beaten up’ by suspected UPND cadres

General News Frank Bwalya ‘beaten up’ by suspected UPND cadres

Mr Bwalya after he was allegedly beaten up by UPND cadres  at Sky FM studios
Mr Bwalya after he was allegedly beaten up by UPND cadres at Sky FM studios

PF Deputy Spokesman Frank Bwalya was on Friday afternoon attacked by suspected UPND cadres at Sky FM Radio in Monze.
He was attacked by three cadres led by a man only known as Lawrence.

Mr Bwalya said in an interview that Lawrence with other two cadres beat him up badly leaving him in pains.

“I had gone to Sky FM radio to do an interview, after that three individuals approached me and beat me up. They have beaten me so badly as if I am a common criminal. It is a party that the UPND thinks it can rule by creating anarchy. I am here at the Police and I am laying charges, I just hope that the culprits are arrested,” Mr Bwalya said.

The incident happened around 16:20 Hours.

On Wednesday, Mr Bwalya issued a statement supporting some PF members who were planning to attack some Journalists at Radio Mano in Kasama for allegedly providing pro-opposition coverage.

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    • Typical of UPND. These chaps are very violent. If we do the same ati awe PF are thugs. Time they stopped sinking so low.

    • Frank is a liar. He started by telling lies that UPND were planning to disrupt public days commemorations such as labour day. The fact is Frank has been planning these fake attacks.


    • The blows he received are manufactured. Where are the bweengwa kidnappers mwebantu to date better still where are the kidnap victims who kidnapped themselves. He goes to Monze to make the Tongas look bad.


    • This man, instead of receiving tithe and confessions, he is receiving blows and tae Kwa ndo kicks. The God’s must be annoyed with him…!!

    • And pf police has accept for him to lay charges without a medical report. That was so fast by the pf cops.

    • You want to believe he was all by himself without any PF without any PF thugs accompanying when he knows not too long ago it was alleged that there was violence in Bweengwa? I really doubt his story.

    • Violence should be condemned with no exceptions even if its a moron like Bwalya at the end of that beating..we slowly turning into Uganda where leaders are man-handled like thugs. The caliber of leaders we have is a disgrace both in opposition and ruling party; another example is UPND parading their injured cadres at a rally imagine what effect it has on the foot-soldier..he will simply go out looking revenge and blood.

    • HH and UPND are political hooligans and are going no where. Kaunda was forced to introduce One Party State because of hooliganism by Nkumbula/Mainza Chona’s supporters and now HH has taken us back to those dark days of violence, may his soul rest eternal turmoil….HH is a satanist who will never anything politically and let him RIP call August 2016

    • It is a LIE, the chap was drinking Jamieson, probably finished 2 cartons – he was seen falling all over the place, then he dreams that 3 guys beat him – who doesn’t know that: “Uwuma nafiyala, omina limo!!” So he wouldn’t be yapping as much if he was actually beaten!!

      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote UPND!!

      #Chagwamustfall!! #chagwashouldfall!!

      I thank you!!

    • Imagine if this incest filled man was beaten by PF, They would have used pangers and knives. He is lucky

    • @ Saulosi

      Welcome back from exile.

      Remember, “him who lives by the sword, shall die by the sword”
      You started it, now enjoy fruits of your 1mbecility!!!

    • Bwalya you are a pathological lair and lying is well enshrined in your genetic make, hence you are suitable to be part of that lying party for a living.

  1. No sympathy really for this man. Had he condemned the attacks on Mano Radio, I would have sympathised with him. Now, how does it feel to move in fear? He even mocked the UPND cadres who were attacked on Youth Day. The way you’re feeling now is exactly how Mano journalists and Youth Day victims are feeling. As a leader, you must condemn EVERY form of violence

    • I too have no sympathy for Frank its good he has had his dose too! I hope the police drag their feet on following up on the case as many other pending ones for radio stations in Chipata and Kasama, beating and urinating on journalists in Eastern province and on youth day, PF instigated violence that led to undressing of a mother of one in Lusaka and many more! How does it feel Frank Bwalya to be beaten and you hear that one has praised and not admonished those that gave you a few slaps embarrassing you in public? Its your own making and I have no iota of sympathy for you as the seminary seems failed to make you a better person to help transform politicians conduct.

    • Seriously i don`t understand UPND, they all support the wrongs which there Party is doing. If it was PF these guys would have rushed to the media and spoken all kind of things.

  2. Comment: Iwe Frank Bwalya, Akuchita bwino kukufafantha, That’s what you deserve, Don’t be surprised, Ndipo ndikanakhala ine ndikanakumanga Nyakula ya Kongilesi, Ndikukuthyola Nsagwadazo, UPND supporters and its Leadership they have suffered a lot under the leadership of Edgar Chigwadi pa 11 August Lungu and his notorious PF, Vote wisely! Vote for HH

    • May be these SUSPECTED UPND guys should have poured cibwantu on him just like the PF guys poured chibuku on him at radio icengelo in Kitwe sometime ago. Frank talks, yaps, preaches and….. likes violence.

    • As much as we condemn violence this man should learn something from this experience and stand to give testimony so as to teach against violence, I’m sure he has remembered the words he said about the journalists at Radio Mono. Violence is bad and should be condemned by every leader

  3. Now you see ba Bwalya what it means to be beaten. its painful man. i know since you come from the ruling party, this guy will be arrested (rightly so) but Kennedy Kamba that iidioot who drives an ABC Ford Ranger is still walking about free despite him instructing (in full view of the police) for women to be stripped naked and hacking others. i am very reluctant to say i am sorry for being beaten, i think you’re part of the problem sir. in as much as i think you don’t deserve to be beaten no matter how different or annoying you are

  4. Can you trust anything this man claims?? He himself does not belive video footage of PF violence and says it is fake.

    • Oh come off it Mr Frank Bwalya.

      Has anyone ever seen Frank Bwalya walking alone to any place since he became the spokesperson of the PF.
      How is it possible that all of sudden and in Southern Province of all places where he and his party claim the people are savages he decides to leave his car and walk to Sky FM. Does sky FM not have a parking area for their guests.
      And to cap it off there is no collaboration of his story. When he was baptized with the opaque stuff in Kitwe he was only to happy to post pictures of himself drenched, where are the pics now Father Bwalya? As the saying goes “Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.

  5. What a lunatic! He is lying about being attacked by UPND cadres. Whatever happened was stage-managed by Bwalya himself. Same modus operandi as the Bweenga incidence.

  6. such journalism amuse and amaze me…I don’t appreciate one sided stories as if the incident happened in the bedroom were u don’t expect witnesses….

  7. He issued a statement supporting the beating of journalists at radio mano… now he is beaten and he is complaining… icili pamubiyo ecili na pali iwe.. THE UNTOUCHABLES

  8. He doesn’t look like one who was beaten up. How did he know the name of the guy he claims attacked him with other guys? All their plans have failed and they are now resorting to desperate measures. This is total madness!!

  9. If these are views are representative of UPND, there is really no point in voting for this party in the August 2016 elections if we want peace and harmony in this country. I foresee anarchy and instability if UPND ascends to power. Those in the opposition will perish if the UPND becomes the ruling party. Mark my words.

  10. I am ashamed to hear Zambians speak in this way, supporting thuggery in politics. It’s up to Lungu to get tougher and stop listening to these Westerners who won’t let us fix thus problem. As far as I am concerned Emegency rule is needed pronto to stop things getting worse. We really can use the money to resolve our immediate problems imagine waiting until September? It’s too distress and nerve racking observing these things.

    • Patriot,
      State of emergency over claims by FB which are the as credible as the bweengwa kidnapping.???. This is now desperation friend, state of emergency over lies.
      Even EL knows any postponement of August date of our emancipation from the chains of dept and corruption and bad governance will set the country on fire.

    • @ 1mbecile abroad

      Zambians are ashamed that a bunch of criminals has taken Country to the edge of bankruptcy.

      You party started with thuggery, your party now must enjoy fruits of your thuggery.

  11. Ati…..have beaten me so badly as if I am a common criminal.

    Bwalya, YOU ARE JUST A COMMON CRIMINAL! And after August you will be re-housed in a cell for INCITING VIOLENCE.

    Get out swine, you are only getting A DOSE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE!!!!

  12. He has photo-shopped this picture to make the UPND to look bad. I reckon that is what he would say if he was in the UPND.

  13. Going by the reactions from the UPND bloggers on this page and as an avowed pacifist, the UPND have eternally lost my vote even in the unlikely event that they win the August 2016 elections.

    • thats a sad reaction, just because a few who have access to the net react in a way which is not favourable to you, you have made this decision. I believe your decision was not made today, making a decision because of a few bloggers is unheard of

  14. The sole purpose of his trip to monze was to come up with this, this the only reason why most pf leaders visit the south to create confusion, i don’t see any hammered ***** he looks like he was roughed by prostitutes after failing to pay for a service, only his shirt looks a bit roughed, mr bwalya you forgot to apply some tomato sauce, it would have looked not very fake.

  15. Wait until our holy Reverends pukuta mwanza, Joshua banda and bigoga ndlovu hears this, all roads will be leading to znbc.

  16. He does not look like a man who has been beaten compared to what the PF police are doing to innocent UPND members we have seen on social media.

    • Agreed at bare minimum he should have had a torn shirt as I would have expected him to defend himself or try to escape from the beatings …now I see all his buttons are intact and I am pretty sure he would have liked to show some swelling or bruising on the face or any part of the body …Ba Bwalya muli Ba bufi

  17. There no iota of truth in this bogus story.Even E.L is ashamed of this bigot.Talk to the people about shortages of mealie meal and fuel,galloping inflation,our new HIPC status,cholera,the high poverty levels,corruption,lack of HIV testing kits etc and not this bullcrap..wabe itole.

  18. Here are my thoughts:
    1. How does he know its UPND cadres,
    2. where they dressed in UPND regalia, were they carryng cards, and isn’t there a possibility of impersonation?
    3. Why and how did Sky FM management allow strangers in the studio?
    4. what happened to security measures by the station where z even presence of police?
    5. Has Sky FM management issued a statement confirming that?
    6. Is it really possible that strangers can walk in and ambush someone in the studio like that one i know has proper security measures from objects to human beings, restricting entry?
    7. Don’t u think this could be propaganda in view of UPND members and journalists who were hacked in Kanyama today?
    8. isn’t this an effort to cover up PF’s closure of radio mano in Kasama?

    “…Badly beaten” but…

  19. Attention seeking Bwalya has the guts to strategically position himself and cunningly stagemanage fascinating acts to satisfy his ego after he made similar verbal allegations on the same. He is too cunning to be taken seriously.

  20. Zambians are very intelligent people and I can assure you that they can’t let thugs to be in charge of national affairs. Hadolf Hitler (HH) and Fat Albert (GBM) will never be voted into office because they are thieves, bitter and thugs.
    If indeed they think they are popular, why resort to violence? Come 11 Augudt , President Lungu is getting a fresh mandate as President of Zambia. Never underrate Zambians imwe ba UPND.

    • Which violence have they resorted to?? This claim by FB or the bweengwa kidnapping or acquiring of catapults, boxing gloves and golfclubs to arm a 250 strong militia to fight Zambia army???

  21. But you are a common criminal, Drank Bwalya. Always inciting violence, and now a taste of your medicine

  22. Frank Bwalya is a crook and a liar. He is just faking. Show us a video or photos of the attack. PF and lying go hand in hand.

  23. we shall beat them for you BaBwalya in the boom. What Tongas need to know is that we know them better than they know us and they need other tribes more than other tribes need them. Zambians cant we find a better replacement than HH? believe me by 2021 someone is coming to replace Lungu. Why should other tribes not be allowed in southern province when UPND is allowed in other provinces?

  24. I have never seen a Tonga name on the comments in all on lines why? we know Tonga names but I cant see any on line. But I see Tonga comments.

    • @Tribalist Assage: Practice non-tribal politics, we are all Zambian citizens regardless of tribe. No one of us chose what tribe we wanted to be before we were born into this world.

    As a Christian, one does not look at justifying oneself of wrongdoing especially violence. HH never takes responsibility of the violence perpetrated by his cadres, rather he justifies evil act by accusing others especially PF.
    I am not justifying the violence of PF, they are equally guilty and they should take responsibility as well.
    However, HH treats the perpetrators of violence in his party as heroes and heroines. And those poor citizens who get beaten by his cadres are like infidels who deserve the wrath of violence for not supporting him. I am a victim of HH’s cadres’ violence and justified it.
    For those among his cadres who get hurt in the battle or arrested, HH treats them like martyrs.

  26. Don’t ukulatusenda kwati baiche mulebepa babwalya.so u went to make Tonga’s look bad we no all yr tricks now I am bemba but will vote upnd bcoz of y dirt gorvenance.

  27. When PF wallops Tongas they are condemend .UPND have caused violence in Mazabuka,Bweengwa,Choma and now Monze.All supporters dont condemn these acts.Dont get surpised if such begin to happen to UPPND in other provinces

  28. Going to Church is not and is not even desperation. We have seen our President Lungu in different churches will u say it was a desperate move? This articale is biased, if any anything it is even better to go to church for the sake of promoting peace and harmony. Please can you get mature out of this form of reporting.

    Disappointed citizen!

  29. He would not have been beaten if he were a messenger of love and peace. but he is not, and he is simply reaping what he sows. Those who sow peace, reap peace.

  30. Frank waponokwa, could not stop dancing – Azonto at that.
    remember what goes around comes around.
    Frank, Karma is a bitch, if you know what i mean

  31. I notice some posts trying to draw Maniza Chona’s name into conflicts of the country. Chona was one of the greatest Zambians who lived. The man knew no violence. He knew how to lead. Ask anyone who lived during his time and you will be told that Chona was always associated with his smile

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