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A 16-YEAR-OLD girl of Chinsali has been dragged to court by her husband for malicious damage to property after shefound him with another woman in his office.
The named girl, who barged into her husband’s office on a tip-off that he was with another woman, appeared in the Chinsali Magistrate’s Court yesterday on one count of malicious damage to property.
The juvenile of Makoba Village in Chinsali, pleaded guilty to malicious damage of property worth K1,150.
Particulars of the offence are that the girl, on February 25 this year, in Chinsali, damaged a 14-inch television set, glass panes and dressing table belonging to her husband, James Muwowo.
Appearing before senior resident magistrate Francis Nsokolo, the juvenile testified that on the material day, she visited her husband at his office during working hours.
She demanded to see her husband but he denied her entry.
She testified that she forced her way in and found another woman inside, after which a fight between them ensued.
“We started fighting. The fight resulted into the 14-inch television set, glass panes and a dressing table breaking,” the juvenile said.
Magistrate Nsokolo adjourned the case to March 23, 2016 for continuation of trial.


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    • How small is a 14 inch television set? That’s like a small laptop screen.

      And please Bembas stop this nonsense of marrying off kids. 16 years is barely legal. It is not right to condone child molestation because mulefwaya ukulilapo. It’s criminal, it is backward. Please change.



  1. Kubwela, correct! How long has this craddle snatching, zipper down and cheating freak been married to this girl? If it is for more than a year, please arrest him for marrying and having sex with a minor. He even had the audacity to report a minor he has been mentally and sexually abusing for breaking a few things, utter rubbish!
    This type of man is surely a dog!



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