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Amos Chanda never instructed me to punish UPND Veep, GBM-Police IG

General News Amos Chanda never instructed me to punish UPND Veep, GBM-Police IG

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja

I work independently and at no time did President Edgar Lungu’s press aide Amos Chanda instruct me to punish UPND vice president for administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba so that he can serve as a lesson to others, says Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja.

He was reacting to an article published in the Post suggesting that Mr Chanda had instructed Mr Kanganja to punish Mr Mwamba so that he could serve as a lesson to others.

According to the article, Mr Chanda was alleged to have told Mr Kanganja to show a difference and sort out Mr Mwamba because his predecessor Stellah Libongani was allegedly too sympathetic to them.

But Mr Kanganja said it was not true that he had received instructions to lock up Mr Mwamba.

“All those are lies, they must leave the President out of this; it is all propaganda,” Mr Kanganja said. He said President Lungu was a lawyer and that at no time could he do such a thing.

And Mr Kanganja told Daily Nation that the police service has deployed over 200 police officers to be patrolling Lusaka following the suspected ritual killing of four people in George compound.

“We have heavy presence of police officers in Lusaka. Our appeal to the people is that they must minimize making unnecessary movements in the night,” he said.

Mr Kanganja said on Thursday evening recruits from Lilayi Training College had also been deployed in Lusaka to beef up manpower.

He said the Zambia Police Service was equally not happy with the killings which have in the recent past characterized Lusaka.

“But we have put in measures to curb the vice,” Mr Kanganja said.

And Mr Kanganja has called on leaders of political parties to engage their supporters on the need to stop violence ahead of the August 11 general elections.

Mr. Kanganja urged all political leaders to strongly condemn violence.

He noted that the violence that has been witnessed in the country of late had the potential to disrupt the peace the country has enjoyed over the years.

Mr Kanganja said the police were however on high alert to maintain peace and order in the country before, during and after the August general elections.


  1. Mr Kanganja said. He said President Lungu was a lawyer and that at no time could he do such a thing.
    who is the lawyer here now and for whom. Bwana IG you are compromised full stop. its understandable because at the moment some of your policemen are so demotivated and all they want is to decampaign PF so when you issue instructions, they make its followed to LETTER and even beyond so that the people hate PF. unfortunately politicians are always blind, by the time they realize its too late

    • You will get better results in curbing political cadre violence bwana IG if you follow through and arrest the perpetrators of such violence regardless of the party they belong to. If you do not do that and they know they will get away with murder, your call will be as ineffective as that of the politicians. Make a difference period!

    • @Ine wine: You have summed up the Police IG perfectly.
      But what a shame this is. The IG is now the spokesperson of not only the office of the president but the person of the president as well.
      But Let us examine his claim that he works independently and that the president is a lawyer so he wouldn’t direct the IG to carry his instructions: Just 2 examples will do for now:
      1. After the Bweengwa debacle the President in clear terms told the IG to arrest the people involved. The following day THIS PARTICULAR IG sent a battalion of police to Bweengwa.
      2. Only yesterday on Sunday the President again said the people who attacked Mr Bwalya were the same ones appearing in court and that the IG should immediately Investigate.
      My question is investigate what when he has already pointed out…

    • Cont’d: 2.
      My question is investigate what when he has already pointed out the suspects to the IG? If he really is a lawyer shouldn’t he be advocating for a thorough investigation to be done before naming the suspect?

    • Then you are plain incompetent Mr.IG…we thought you were under political pressure but is is just sheer incompetence on your part..What a waste!

  2. Your time is near Kanganja soon u shall be jobless mwani vule mwani.
    U have disappointed us here in NWP .
    Wish u had brains like yo late brother .
    Kaganja EL should not be using u him will be enjoying his early retirement of which don’t see as he ‘ll be incarcerated for the violence he’s promoting in our peaceful country and you Kaganja u ‘ll be roaming the streets of Solwezi to Mwinilunga sharp.
    Learn to be neutral soon u shall be weeping with ka Amos chanda stupid IG

  3. What a cadre police force we’ve in zambia today,police act when instructed by the president,look at pf cadres behaviour beating upnd cadres during youth day? bcos the president hasnt instructed the police to arrest those cadres, no one is willing to debate the matter, but look at frank Bwalya’s pupported beating by upnd cadres, president Lungu has already issued instructions to arrest anyone behind the vice, is the commander in chief protecting everyone frm cadres brutality? the answer is only those belonging to pf, the rest forget any help from the person inchage of the country’s governance system

  4. Okay, now go deal with the Jerabos. If you Kakoma makanja want to be believed, then take charge and root out every form of political violence.
    The buck stops on you. Grow some balls and take charge


  6. What else is a cadre Inspector General of the PF police expected to say. It doesn’t even make any sense interviewing such characters. Its a worst of time.

  7. Look at this fool of IG soon u will be stinking of diarrhoea the most useless IG of all time .
    Cadres IG please who doesn’t know u MAR TOY LAY YA FOUR MORE CAR (WITHERED TASTE CALLS) When u see defenceless kids being butchered and that poor woman being stripped of her womanless what do u think .Wish can be your kids or your wife maybe u can act on this useless PF cadres .Wish was Mumbi Phiri or Tasila c how u stupid short serving IG cadre of all time .

  8. Kanganja just wait time will deal with you. you cant keep punishing people for no reason at all. wake up my friend. Days are evil it is better to do something ethical than follow instructions from a fraudulent lawyer.


  10. Inspector General of Zambian police service, Speaking onbehalf of the President Edgar Lungu, “Mayiii Babooo” You will end up being used like a Condom like that by PF, Manyazi bwanji?

  11. I know he Kanganja never thought or dreamt that he will be IG one day that’s why is leaking el’s shoes like hell.Switch one mwata or else you will be irrelevant in the election process.you know What I mean as you were.

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