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Mumbi Phiri told to stop comparing President Lungu’s Salary to that of other heads of State

Headlines Mumbi Phiri told to stop comparing President Lungu's Salary to that of...

PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri addressingt the public of Mano Ward in Bangweulu Constituency in Samfya District at Kasoma Banweulu Primary School during campaign the rall
PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri addressing the public of Mano Ward in Bangweulu Constituency in Samfya District at Kasoma Banweulu Primary School during campaign the rally

The FDD has advised PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri to stop comparing the salary of Zambia’s President to that of leaders in developed countries like the UK, Germany and America.

FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza said it is illogical and immoral to justify President Lungu’s salary increment because he is a leader of a poor and debt burdened nation.

“It is illogical and backward thinking for Mumbi Phiri to try to justify Edgar Lungu’s immoral salary increment by comparing the salary of Edgar Lungu who is a President of a poor, broke, debt burdened and underdeveloped country called Zambia to the salary of Presidents of developed countries such as America, Germany and UK,” he said.

He said Ms Phiri should also tell the nation about other variables such as the GDPs of the countries she is trying to use in her justification of the President’s salary increment.

“We challenge Mumbi Phiri to also tell the nation what the GDP and per capita income of America, UK, Germany are. Let her also tell us the development index and poverty levels of the UK, USA and Germany. She should also inform us about the inflation rates, the cost of living the unemployment rates including the state of the health, education and manufacturing sectors in these countries.

“Is Mumbi Phiri not the same person who has been blaming the global economy for Zambia’s own underdevelopment? If she wants to make those comparisons, we want to challenge her to tell her boss, Edgar Lungu to reduce the prices of fuel since the oil prices are at the lowest in USA, Germany and UK,” he said.

He added “It is now clear why Edgar Lungu has been such a disaster because of the warped thinking of his closest advisers and confidants such as Mumbi Phiri. Surely with this kindergarten type of thinking where can Zambia go.”

Ms Phiri justified the salary increment for the President on a Watsapp group discussion platform for journalists when she posted the the message below.

Here are some Salaries of Heads of States:

  1. Barack Obama USA - $32,916.00 per month
  2. Angela Merkel Germany - $26,100.00 per month
  3. Vladimir Putin, Russia - $26,100.00 per month
  4. David Cameron, UK - $16,875.00 per month
  5. Abdul Fattah Al Sisi, Egypt - $6,000.00 per month
  6. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia - $7,500.00 per month
  7. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe - $9,000.00 per month
  8. Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya - $13,043.00 per month
  9. Edgar Lungu, Zambia - $3,100 per month


Meanwhile, the FDD says it will attend the indaba on political violence so that its party President can have an opportunity to educate President Lungu on how to stop the scourge.

Party Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza who described the indaba as a waste of tax payers money said it was only President Lungu who had the powers to end political violence being perpetrated by supporters of his party and that the opposition FDD will only attend the conference so that its leader can have an opportunity to lecture President Lungu on how to end the scourge.

Mr Mwanza said President Nawakwi has been a shining example on the country’s political scene as she has demonstrated that a leader can run a political party without violence, intimidation nor threats.

“President Edith Nawakwi has been a shining example and if we are going to attend that conference as FDD we will do so in order to give President Edith Nawakwi an opportunity to lecture President Edgar Lungu on how to end political violence because she has demonstrated that she can run a political party in a peaceful, mature and loving manner. We will attend that conference only to give an opportunity to educate President Edgar Lungu over issues of political violence.

“We want him to take a leaf from President Edith Nawakwi who has demonstrated over the years that she can run a political party without any form of intimidation, threats or violence. FDD has been a shining example on the Zambian political scene that we can do politics without beating each other, without threatening each other, that we can do politics by simply advising each other and debating on national issues. Giving clear guidelines on what we should do as a country to move out of poverty, create jobs and ensure that our youths are able to go to school and people are able to go to a clinic at find medicine,” he said.

He said there was no need for people to have an indaba to discuss the violence of the PF when President Lungu can stop his cadres by simply giving clear instructions to them.

He also said the call was one of President Lungu’s gimmicks to hoodwink Zambians into believing that he is against political violence.

“The call by his Excellency President Edgar Lungu for a round table meeting to go and discuss political violence is not genuine and is just another gimmick by his Excellency to try and hoodwink the people of Zambia in to believing that he is against political violence.If the President was serious with the issue of violence he alone can end that today, he is the President of PF, he is the President of the republic of Zambia and no body but himself President Edgar Lungu can end the violence by the PF supporters, by the PF cadres. It will only take him to issue clear instructions to end violence.

“We don’t need to all come round a table and sit to talk about the violence of the PF because the PF itself has to end that violence and the only person who can end that violence is President Edgar Lungu. Let us not be wasting people’s time, let us stop wasting tax payers money having useless academic indabas over violence. We challenge President Lungu to stop the violence by his own cadres in his own party the PF,” he said.

President Lungu has called for national indaba to find lasting solutions to end political violence in the country.


  1. This Mubi Phiri is insane, how on earth does he compare a loser-Lungu to the likes of Obama, Merkel, and Cameron.

    • Magufuli, Mwanawasa and Buhai are 3 African presidents that took a pay cut. What Mumbi talking about. Edgar is just greedy..he knows he is going so he wants to guarantee his retirement..remember he will be on 80% salary till end of life

    • it you who is insane ..you UNPD cadres who has such a one sided and one tracked brain and very selective in your arguments. Mumbi Phiri has given you the who range but you decide to ignore Zimbabwe, Kenya and Liberia. It is insane to compare Zambia to Zimbabwe. Stop being selective to just win an argument !!!!

      This is the same thing your HH does

    • The same Obama, Merkel and Cameron responsible for terrorism that has compromised safety in Europe and America due to too much political correctness. As things stand, Germany will eventually have an Islamic majority. You Zambians idolize everything and everyone from the West. The frauds are as fraudulent as EL.

    • Ask any kachema milking a dry udder only gets you kicked off the stool. Farmyard wise words, take them or leave them.

    • Did I read properly? $3000 For Edgar? Then he deserves a raise. No chipolopolo coach can accept $3000.
      Even HH will not accept $3000

    • Iwe Nostradamus when Renard won africa cup he made MMD, PF, UPND, FDD, UNIP literally every Zedian citizen happy. When Lungu won the election he only made 807,925 PF members happy. You can’t compare the two jobs.

    • That salary is a another PF lie. Google, the top ten highest paid Presidents in Africa, Guy Scott was among them so should Lungu now.

    • Does that salary include paying the US$300,000 for chartering an airplane for himself and his friends for his joyride to New York?

      Maybe if he had to pay for it from his own salary he would have thought twice!

  2. ECL has an inflation beater salary kikikiki economic mismanagement with shikulu AB Chikwanda gives rise to inflation yet their heads are kept above it by periodic salary increments 11/8 zwaaaaaaaaa!

  3. mubi phiri at it again.She danced with Lungu at Catholic church Chawama then enticed him to go and visit the pope.

  4. “..poor, broke, debt burdened and underdeveloped country
    called Zambia..” Eeyy!
    “We challenge Mumbi Phiri to also tell the nation what the
    GDP and per capita income of America, UK, Germany are.
    Let her also tell us the development index and poverty
    levels of the UK, USA and Germany.” Eeeyy!
    ” She should also inform us about the inflation rates, the cost of living the unemployment rates including the state of the health, education and manufacturing sectors in these countries.” Eeyy!

    LMAO! Antonio, you are giving homework to a 5th grde drop out ūüėÄ

  5. Condemnation of salary increase or decrease, without deliverables does not work in this world. As far as President Lungu is concerned, he has worked and deserves the increase because no one has given him deliverables (targets to achieve). Even if he reduces it today, you will again be the first one to complain that he is now victimising the opposition by begging salt and rape from the rich Edith Nawakwi and HH (the opposition). Antonio Mwanza, please give us the deliverables you have tasked him with or your proposed targets or else let him enjoy the salary although it is too much, just to buy kapenta.

    • Deliverable…the country should be in a better state then he found it. By better state we mean improved living conditions. Not roads. Pipo can’t eat roads.

  6. “Mr Mwanza said President Nawakwi has been a shining example on the country‚Äôs political scene as she has demonstrated that a leader can run a political party without violence, intimidation nor threats.” Nawakwi has demonstrated nothing, because she has nothing to demonstrate. She is nowhere near the corridors of power. Besides, all her cadres who can cause trouble have left to join the PF and UPND…the only two contenders on the political battle front. People like Nawakwi are just yappy political leeches watching from the side lines and looking to press the right button for a job after August.

  7. Every thing is global as far as kaponyas are concerned. Barack Obama. US POPULATION OVER 170 MILLTON. SALARY 32,000. GDP 18 TRILLION. ZAMBIA POPULATION 15 MILLION SALARY 4,000. GDP 26 BILLION. WHo is getting more? Mumbi please do your maths properly.

  8. What? The Head of State gets only $3 100 per month? Ridiculous indeed. Most of the CEO’s are above that.

    • Ba UPND bafikala and this FDD id1ot Antonio why only pick salaries for those imperialists when Mumbi Phiri has also given you salaries for other African countries to base you arguments on! Why do you twist facts deliberately to alarm or confuse pipo? You mean $3,100 is a lot of money for a president that can make you even stop thinking about other semnsble thnigs! Please please give us a break we know this under 5 HH just want to make cheap political capitalout of it so that those who are not imformed may hate ECL and the under 5 look like a saint in their eyes. morons!!!

    • Don t care. When you add the allowances it s heavy and I don t know why everyone mentions dollars when our currency is kwacha and it is tax free and way above board for Zambia.

    • @Don’t care, that is his SALARY!


      Why do you think he is moving around so much that he is never in the office!

  9. while all civil servants had their salary increaments no one not even the opposition complaint……i guess ur forgeting that a president is also a civil servant with a special case ofcourse. “Edgar Lungu who is a President of a poor, broke, debt burdened and underdeveloped country called Zambia” if u can call yo country this names am sure ba antonio mwanza u deserve to be in another country and not zambia wea u can be yo own boss……ati FDD president will attend the indaba to lecture to president Lungu……….kikikikikiki…….I END HERE

  10. Mumbi is standing up for her boyfriend. From her analysis it’s very clear she has no political talent or common sense logic, it’s now clear that the only talent Lungu has recognized in her is the one in her pants.

  11. FDD spokesperson Mr Antonio Mwanza is just paroting what the Supreme Leader HH of the UPND said a few days ago without objectively telling the nation that all constitutional Office bearers in Zambia had an increment but they have just mentioned that of the President.This clearly indicates that the Opposition has no campaign message after the amendments to the constitution…

  12. Coming from a woman that doesn’t like me with pot bellies. PF and all your minions, sit down. Gonetohugatransformer

  13. This is very disturbing. I thought Mumbi Phiri is mud but come guys, if the figures on top are correct , then it’s not a bad idea to revise his salary. It’s a good debate anyway.

  14. This is very disturbing. I thought Mumbi Phiri is mud but come on guys, if the figures on top are correct , then it’s not a bad idea to revise his salary. It’s a good debate anyway.

  15. First point of correction K47,100 = $4,168.68 at today’s exchange rate and not $3,100. Secondly it is normal but immoral/insane for Lungu and his friends to increase their salaries when the economy of the Zambia is under performing. Even in business which is similar to management of a country, you never increase salaries of top management when the business is failing, you restructure with the view of reducing cost not the opposite. This defies all logic and must never be accepted by all those who love the country not just politians otherwise will be taken for guaranted.
    But I like how The Post Newspaper described Lungu’s action their Editorial and I quote “Strictly speaking, what we have are not leaders but vultures, mercenaries, hyenas out to enjoy, enrich themselves at the expense…

    • The Post Newspapers is not an objective paper that you can base an independent analysis on…You better off making your own informed opinion…

    • Lol. The Post Newspaper? Seriously? Get a grip. It’s like tuning into Fox News or Rush Limbaugh to get an opinion on Obama. Biased as bias can be.

  16. Do you know that some vice chancellors and their deputy in public universities in Zambia get more than ECL’s new salary, yet it is GRZ money that pays these university bosses?

    • Mwana wa Dada
      Do these chancellors also have everything paid for them from toilet tissue,talktime,relish,fuel,beer, I mean everything.All I belive Lungu does with his salary,if he is wise is to tuck it in the bank.

  17. Why is it that the FDD spokesperson Mr Antonio Mwanza has omitted other facts about all the other Constitutional Office bearers in Zambia including Mps that they had also received an increment…Why is making so much noise from an anthill…

  18. aahhhhhsihhh I make more money than president of Zambia. This is disturbing,please increase president salary, Mumbi phiri is right on this one

    • Its all politics with these UPND minions otherwise there is nothing immoral about this increament of about K3,000, as for the post everyone now knows that anything govt does to them is evil and rubbish. Let Mumembe tell us how much he gets himself while his employees with their meagre salaries go for months without pay.Shameless Mmembe!!


    ALL those that belong to ISIS are DOGS
    ALL those that fight for and support Boko Haram are DOGS
    ALL those that support HH are DULL
    ALL those that support GBM are downright WHATEVER….

  20. @Zakeyo and Mozegeta you guys looks like you either did not read or do not understand very simply English, was not basing my opinion on the post or anyone else but on facts read again. No wonder the country is in mess, anyway what else can one expect from cadres.

    • @Mulena, Happy Easter, Its as a result of what you summed up towards the end of you conclusion on the Post Newspapers that I advised you to be yourself. And please do not console yourself when challenged by a different opinion by calling those who do not share your point of view as cadres…

    • ‘Simply English?’ Yes, wtf is that? You insult our English comprehension and then go on to make spelling errors? Do one muneh!


  22. Mumbi Phiri is just protecting her share.
    Kadansa will be getting over ZMW37000/month (zmw1200/day) in a country where the average person lives on less than ZMW11/day. That’s the argument.


  24. Mu Zambia I think people are running mad president salary at $3000 ati too much sha let’s not pretend ninshi mufola shinga imwe

  25. I am surprised that despite all these comments no one has caught on to the fact that the ZM presido gets over 400,000 per month which is over USD 34,000. I wonder why Lusaka Times has not picked on this and instead portrayed that the Presidents salary is around USD 3,000 which is absolutely ridiculous… all you Bloggers have been arguing from a misinformed position some of you even arguing that chagwa on 3,000 USD salary is on a raw Deal …. LUSAKA TIMES please correct this fake impression you have created … You NEED to do your job right!!!!!!

  26. @shameless:you are indeed a person with no shame!!!WHO SAID EDGAR LUNGU GETS US$34 000 A MONTH?ECL gets us$3 100 then when you muiltiply this by 12 months,thats when you get to $37 200!!THIS IS NOTHING AS COMPARED TO WHAT MOST OF US IN PRIVATE SECTOR GET OR THE MONEY WE MAKE PER YEAR!!!thats why i say hh or gbm are not rich!!they claim to be rich because they are found with people who are too poor!!SURELY,HOW CAN THE OPPOSITION AND ALL THEIR CADRES MAKE NOISE OVER $3 100 A MONTH FOR A PRESIDENT?SHAME!!I THINK MOST OF YOU IN OPPOSITION U WILL DIE POOR BECAUSE THE SPIRIT OF POVERTY IS IN YOU!!!

    • GOD forbids for any who is able to impose poverty on oneself and start celebrating one’s poverty. Why are we a Christian Nation if we are spiritually defeated and are happy with the status quo instead improving ourselves everyday without envy and jealous.

  27. The man deserves increment because he has performed where the three his past predecessors (presidents) failed to succeed.
    1. All Zambians wanted a people driven constitution without editing it, he has given them without any editing within a year.
    2. People needed free things like t-shirts, chitenge materials, caps, etc. before elections, he did it together with all other then candidates. What else do you want. If Antonio Mwanza and people of Zambia forgot deliberately about priorities like bringing down the inflation rate, high fuel prices, unemployment, interest rates, government services eg. road and driving license fees, fitness, school fees with measurable targets for example from current 23% inflation rate to 5%, prior to elections, he can not be punished for that.

  28. What Mr Mwanza is simply saying is that a president’s salary should be proportional to and reflect the performance indicators of the nation he’s presiding over – he listed those indicators. It is myopic to compare EL salary to these advanced nation’s presidents. And compared to CEOs in their own countries, these presidents actually get paid nothing.

    And who compares themselves with the likes of Mugabe anyway.

    As for the size of his salary, when you add all his entitlements, plus wastage, his overall wages simply jump up to astronomical amount. They don’t list everything here giving a false impression. He doesn’t even use his salary unlike you. His is just a pocket change when you add everything else he is getting.

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