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Bowman Lusambo confident of being picked as PF candidate for Kabushi Constituency

Headlines Bowman Lusambo confident of being picked as PF candidate for...


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Kabushi parliamentary aspirant Bowman Lusambo has refuted claims that constituents in the area do not want him to stand on the party ticket.

On Monday some women gathered at Kayele Primary School and Lubuto Market to register their disappointment at Mr Lusambo’s selection as the party’s preferred candidate.

The women charged that Mr Lusambo wanted to impose himself on the constituency, an allegation he has refuted stating that he was the preferred candidate to contest the polls on the PF platform.

“I have been on the ground in Kabushi Constituency for quite some time, and despite being on the ground I am a resident of Kabushi.

“An election is all about numbers; if you amass the numbers that you need it does not mean someone is being imposed. I think all candidates that participated in the electoral process in Kabushi are happy,” he said.

Mr Lusambo said he was confident of being picked as the candidate because the constituents were rallying behind his adoption.

“I have support from the constituents and I am very comfortable. We are waiting for the final decision which will come from the central committee. I am game and 100 per cent focused.

“I know that the interviews we will be attending on Tuesday at district level will see me scoop number one position. I am very confident as I know my capacity to deliver in Kabushi,” he said.

He said he had the backing of the constituents and the PF, as a democratic party, and was ready to work with whoever would be picked.

“This is a democracy and I am ready to work with whoever will be picked at the end of the day; interviews have spoken for themselves. I picked 18 out of 23 votes, that means people have confidence in me.

“We should not bring confusion in politics, it is a service to the people, so there is no one that can impose himself on the people. I am ready to work with anyone who will be picked,” he said.

Another aspiring candidate, Tony Mwape expressed confidence at scooping the top position as he had been on the ground for a number of years.

Mr Mwape said the rules clearly stated that for one to be adopted, they needed to be a bonafide member of the party.

“I am 100 per cent sure I will get there. I have been on the ground for years and rules are very simple for someone applying.

“As for MP, they should be bonafide party members. I am a bonafide member of the party, so my chances are very high,” he said.

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  1. Can’t imagine lusambo, shakas and kambwili and possibly Dora being on one side of parliament seats. …inselefye

    • But what happened to the “MMD die hard” name, Mr. Lusambo? You’re just a desperate dull man trying to earn a living from the sinking PF and its clueless leader. You did a lot of damage to your own party, MMD and now you’re deserting Nevers Mumba. Mumba must be a very lonely man. He’s the only member and his leader in the MMD!!!

  2. Is this not the same Bowman character who’s got a high profile post in Nevers Mumba’s MMD? Clear case of Double tobela or “nchelele bula”.

  3. Politicians who represent their pockets and not the people! They jump from one party to another for their own well being!

  4. The only way you can get true MP’s in the next parliament is to reduce their earnings to that of a primary school teacher.

    This done you will see those truly willing to serve Zambia.

  5. Pliz ba PF lets support young and vibrant leaders like Lusambo. For sure Lubinda, Mumbi Phiri, Prince Kambwili, siliya and shakafuswa, we shall hear what we have not heard about HH. PF pliz give us Lusambo he can even help in North Western province

  6. @ASSAGE,
    On that list remove Mumbi & Kambwili they only know trible politics. For HH & his team, you will know after 11/08.

  7. This is the guy who was fired from cash clusceders at mandahill because of crockedenes.kaponya GOD help zambian

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