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Bishop Joshua Banda refutes media reports attributed to him that Zambians will not vote for HH


Bishop Joshua Banda
Bishop Joshua Banda

Northmead Assembly of God Church Overseer, Joshua Banda, has refuted allegations reported in some sections of the media that he said opposition UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema, will not win the August 11 elections because of his hate speech.

In a statement to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Northmead Assembly of God Executive Assistant and Head of Media, Muunda Palale, says the report in the Daily Nation newspaper of Sunday, March 27, 2016, was untrue.

The Daily Nation ran a story quoting Bishop Banda that “Zambians will not vote for UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema as Republican President if his strategy is to use unpalatable language, and hate speech against President Edgar Lungu.”

Bishop Banda said truly the reporter interviewed him on phone but he never said a word directing to the opposition UPND leader.

He disclosed that the part of the story referring to the UPND and Mr Hichilema as reported by the newspaper and consequently by some online publications, is a misinterpretation of facts and, therefore, untrue.

Bishop Banda stated that the message uttered was generic and meant to provide counsel to all political leaders, that using unpalatable language and hate speech would not help them ascend in power or retain the presidency.

He further said the Church remains non-partisan and impartial in their engagement in national affairs.

Bishop Banda added that the Church has since communicated to the Daily Nation newspaper Editor in Chief, Richard Sakala, to register its displeasure and disappointment.

The bishop said Mr Sakala has, therefore, admitted that there was some misinterpretation and since retracted applicable sections of the story in today’s edition of the paper on page two.


  1. It just shows how powerful the incoming President Hakainde Hichilema is. Even the Bishop knows. Without HH saying a single word to his misguided statement, the Bishop has already thrown in the towel and cowardly retracted back to his cocoon where he belongs. It is good he has put himself in the right place where he belongs.

    VIVA flight HH2016

    • That’s right, the little, tribal bishop was trying to gang up with his tribesmen Rupiah Banda, Edgar Lungu and now Richard Sakala to try and tarnish His Excellency Hakainde Hichilema’s squeeky clean image. They had to u-turn and quickly retract their mischievous and malicious statements.

    • It is the same old story. Guy Scot, Sampa and HH tried to stop EL from becoming Zambian President but failed. They will again. There is no story here it is the same team. So I wonder what the excitement is all about. The defeated is still the same. Unless you memory is defunct. These guys are political burnouts. HH is wasting his time and money with these guys. This is what we mean that he is under 5. He can do better. What Sampa has done, is that some of his follower will go back to PF because they will feel betrayed. PF is again taking the strong path. All these are political errors by these opposition parties who have no political brains. This is good news for PF.


    • Educated upnd cadre, I don’t remember hearing that the lost MH370 resurfaced is still vanished. Your HH missed a penalty last year and now it will be impossible cos the number of players is the same.

    • There is no need to deny what you said bishop. Remember this thing of denying what you say is not new even Kashimba Nimbwili denied what he said and called the post all sorts of names threatening to take legal action against the post if they do not retract their story …..It was not until when the post released the recordings of the conversation that Kashimba went completely mute and i mean MUTE. Are you ready to defend yourself if a recording was to be released ba Bishop? Anyway its LT with half baked data had it been the post kuti twaikata

    • Kwena ifintu ni Lungu, I have just bought 25 kg ya ka bunga pa k100.

      Hakainde stay calm, you have my vote this time around.

    • Politics is a messy space, advisors of Bishop Banda should urge him to be very smart when dealing with politicians. The man seem to be careless.

    • Fake Bishop, WHY DON’T YOU RESPOND YOURSELF??? You are trying to hide behind some spokesperson, THEN AGAIN YOU WILL SHOUT THAT YOU WERE MISQUOTED!!!

      Abantu baya!! Pama Fi ya shala!! Even the bishop knows it !!!

      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote Zambia forward!! Vote UPND!!


    • I did well not to comment earlier when I read what Bishop Joshua Banda had supposedly said about HH to Daily Nation PF Vuvuzela. I know the man to be level-headed and somewhat spiritual. He has a deep insight on spiritual matters. I respect him dearly. The man used to be the Superintendent of Trans Africa Theological Bible College. Thats no small task at. I used to attend Northmead Assemblies of God while in Zambia. I dont know what has become of it lately. I hope the people are still genuine. Its the Media in Zambia that is twisting everything to perpetuate propaganda. LT is not an exception either.

    • The Bishop must stay out of politics as a church leader. He cant be seen as supporting Lungu, unless of course he is happy with the state of the economy. What if some of the church members are supporting the opposition, then what? I still have great respect for this man.

    • Sending the story to page 2 is not acceptable. Sakala (Richard) is really looking for a job under Lungu. He should just apply for the job and not to involve the church in his scheming for a job.

  2. Bishops must be very careful when giving interviews. You never know the agenda of some of these media houses.

  3. It doesn’t matter matter Zambia will for Lungu. Some so called presidents are scared even to smile, bitterness one can even see it on their faces. I would rather vote my elder brother ECL.

    • @Mr Kudos: Well whatever! It’s nice to see scumburgs like yourself eat a little humble pie! You keep manipulating everything and everybody including Bishops (like your 90 days stories) – what do you take Zambians for? We will flush out all the wicked dead skull heads like you on Aug 11 whether you like it or not! You SH.IT AR.SEWHORE!

  4. Northmead Assembly of God Church Overseer…so people of Northmead and surrounding areas give this flamboyantly dressed bishop a potion of their sweat every week and they wonder why they are poor..really laughable.

    • You are wrong. Northmead assemblies of God has graduated from remunerating their Bishop from tithe and offerings. Northmead Assemblies is rich baba. It runs businesses and has donor funded NGOs which contribute to Joshuas salary as Programmes Director. If you wanted to accuse Joshua of something and where you have proof, it has to be something outside accusing him of milking the poor. And yes, I was a member of the church and had access to the churches records. I left when there was a leadership wrangle between Joshua and his assistant pastor Masta. I left with Masta

    • @ Peter Njobvu
      You simply contradicting yourself in that post or validation…you even use the word “graduated” with pride.
      One Joel Osteen still collects money from his followers yet he lives in a $10 million mansion and charges $850 per head to hear this selfsame word of God.

    • @Peter Njobvu

      I am a pente like you. But your wako ni wako goes abit too far to tarnish our image. So this man and your congregation have turned the Holy Assembly as a business venture and now this Bishop is a man of Gold is now Programmes Director! Abomination……ooooH!!!

      Brethren with this postings, how can we convince the likes of jay jay to come and receive Christ?

    • How can you prove that Christianity is bogus? Is a report like enough to tie it to Christianity. Remember we are pefect as humans including yourself. The perfect being Jesus in God our Lord. If you decide to fight what Christ stood, for died for for, you aee only fighting a losing battle. You can never win when you fight God. That is why your HH and UPND will lose even to people whom you think are nobodies because God is God. What for August. You will see the hand of God. You have decided to HH and lose your God. You have to think on the wisdom of your words and choice. I hope you soon chose God before it is too late. HH is only human who has decided not follow God but wealth and power. Once again make the right choice. The devil is only interesting in destroying you.

  5. I’m comforted by the bishop’s clarification on this matter. The church should indeed focus on counsel than choosing side . As for me I view all these leaders as beneficial to our progress as a nation. If anyone feels that the people in politics are incapable let her /him advertise themselves and race to the positions they see fit. Unless tamukwete ka G12.

    • Can the journalist who interviewed the Bishop replay the recording so that we hear what the Bishop actually said? Otherwise we shall just go round a vicious circle.

  6. “Bishop Banda stated that the message uttered was generic and meant to provide counsel to all political leaders, that using unpalatable language and hate speech would not help them ascend in power or retain the presidency.”

    Well…The reporter wanted to get the Bishops opinion on HH calling EL childish, although the Bishop gave a ‘generic’ answer. But we all know where and to who this generic answer was directed at. Its not rocket science. The bishop is trying to eat with both hands here.

    • Come on, stop kicking the man while he is on the floor. He has atleast provided half an apology. Lets forgive him halfway. He is Lungus boy but going by the public reaction to his ridicule of HH, he has realised what a force HH is.

    • He has provided “half an apology”…really laughable…the man whom you have labelled a man of god and you let him off with that. This is why I say religion is self distraction….in our Afrikan cultures there is no such thing as half apology.

    • You will never defeat the power of God. Man may have his weaknesses, but God will forever be supreme. Historically people have tried to destroy evidence of the Lordship of Christ or the existence of God but have failed. Now even science is agreeing and giving scientific proof of the Biblical events.

      My friend we know you want HH to be in power by all means, even satanic means, but remember, we are on earth for just a time. The Bible says that every knee will at some point accept that Jesus is Lord. It is my prayer that you realise this soon enough before it is too late. You never win by insulting God or those who have been appointed to lead God’s people. That I can assure. It is not religion that is self-destructive, but man by denying the authority of God his creator. Do not…

    • @Peter,

      My brother, this wako ni wako obsession of yours for your tribesmate Lungu has not died with your baptism of water and I doubt whether you have received the baptism of fire and speak in tongues.

      Don’t mire the church further by responding in a way that further alienates the like of jay jay from the Christian faith and commonwealth.

      I am pente too.

  7. However, it is true that Zambians will not bring to plot 1 a candidate full of hatred like HH. I wonder why this guy hate EL so much like he proposed his wife. This is just politics. EL stood and won the election. If HH has any anger he should turn it on the electorate because they voted for EL to become President of the Republic of Zambia. HH never learns, it is his behaviour and utterances of hate that make many not to vote for him. He should stop his hate talk or else it will be the same old story of losing. We can clearly that EL is trying avoid attacking HH personality at all cost.

    • ,@Asigai

      Just note that many many people votes for HH. It was almost a tie between Edgar and HH and only 27000 votes separated them, the lowest difference in Zambia elections ever!

      And I see the majority voting HH this August……,!!

    • Greoprto,

      I agree with you the difference was small. But remember, the turn out was low in the PF strongholds that time. While in UPND was at its max. This is usually the trend in a bye election. The opposition fights hard to win. In August, this will be a normal election and the turn out will much stronger in the PF strongholds. Besides remember there is the 50+1. I doubt HH will manage this. In the event that he fails, we go for second round that is were it will matter. If HH fails to get a 50+1 again, then EL will remain in power until such a time that someone gains a 50+1. PF is likely to be in power for next 10 or more years. We cannot go for the third round immediately with the resources Zambia has. Most likey, we will have to wait much longer. Opposition short itself in the leg…


  9. The thinking of UPND cadres, look at their comments. Are you sure that ZIKAS virus has not shrunk your skulls.mthe Bishop has clarified the story and the National has graciously retracted the story, and what do they say? The Post does this everyday and on purpose and they have no courtesy to retract, but UPND will not say anything because Mmembe is the de facto president of both UPND and Rainbow party. Andy must be turning in his grave at the selling of his party to the loathed cartel just for a chance to be in state house, but when the dead are not happy you are cursed. On the other hand all the spirits must be smiling down proudly on Edgar Lungu :- )))

    • Yes, insults from UPND will come like tsunami because this is what they are made of, insults through and through!!!. Just wait and see, maybe they are already in.

  10. …earlier this year I advised LT to indicate the source of any article they copy and paste on their site just to help those in diaspora see the inclination and credibility of the story….we know that most if not all the articles on this site are from other sources and not LT generated….just indicate at the bottom of the article…Source – the post or times of Zambia, daily mail etc….articles from individual are usually signed off by the author…
    …news makers are also supposed to refrain from telephone interviews…those are designed in a situation were the newsmaker is very far from the reporter or just for confirmation purpose not a length interview… in this case we are talking of a Daily Nation reporter at longacres and Bishop Banda at Northmead less than 5 miles apart…

  11. I comment of MMD Chief Bootlikers assertion that politics is not a hard but soft science.

    I have noted that this gentleman and his cohort of Kudos, Gen etc resort to obtusfication, sophistry and outright lies to continue upholding their potemkin mirage of a working pro poor party led by a humble man anointed by the great King Cobra.

    Politics is a science that rides on behavioural science and steeped in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as basic of human motivation.

    A party that presumes people will continue to choose high prices, repression, bottomless devaluation, upward adjusting inflation, shortages and increases grindingly difficult life in the midst of world wide TV, whatsupp, news and other media to compare their suffering, is either a dictatorship or is leaving in denial of…

    • …… world wide TV, whatsupp, news and other media to compare their suffering, is either a dictatorship or is leaving in denial of the ability of the MAJORITY (not all, and certainly not those benefiting from the party) the citizens will boot it out at the next opportunity.

      That is behavioural science… people behave. And people do not gravitate to anything that gives them hardship! And the opposite is that people do not let go of something that gives them pleasure and/or good life such as jobs, low prices, low taxes, low and reducing debt, abundance of food, fuel, electricity and supplies, and more money in the pocket.

      Lungu does not need to even lose any night’s sleep is he is giving Zambians a good life and pleasure.

    • Lungu does not need to even lose any night’s sleep IF he is giving Zambians a good life and pleasure.

      BUT if Lungu has brought unprecedented suffering coupled with Mount Everest like Eurobond debt (no likelihood of debt forgiveness), shortages and increasingly expensive food and essentials, high levels of corruption and bribery, intolerance and denial of freedom of speech and movement, then I bet you, he must worry and worry a lot and continuously so. The MAJORITY of the suffering people will not all be hoodwinked and buy tribal this or that. They are not fools. It is the economy….stoopiiid as Bill Clinton would say!!

    • Politics is also for people of integrity. I cannot vote for a person like HH who speak lies and has so much hate for EL just because he beat in an election. I cannot also vote for HH who who has introduced all this tribal talk by agreeing that UPND can only be led by a Tonga President. He has not denied this, so we take it is his true position. I cannot vote for HH who stole our money through privatisation dubious deal. I will stick with the humble though poor EL. I am educated enough to know that the economic problems we are facing are due to global trends. The hierarchy of needs theory is not a prescription for political expedience. They are many theories which have been applied and have succeeded than your theory. A theory is but a theory.

    • Lungu does not need to even lose any night’s sleep IF he is giving Zambians a good life and pleasure.

      BUT if Lungu has brought unprecedented suffering coupled with Mount Everest like Eurobond debt (no likelihood of debt forgiveness), shortages and increasingly expensive food and essentials, high levels of corruption and bribery, intolerance and denial of freedom of speech and movement, then I bet you, he must worry and worry a lot and continuously so. The MAJORITY of the suffering people will not all be hoodwinked and buy tribal this or that. They are not fools. It is the economy….styopet as Clinton would say!!

    • @Assagai

      You say ….I am educated enough to know that the economic problems we are facing are due to global trends.

      Which global trend? According to you everywhere there is an economic implosion we are witnessing in Zambia.

      Sir, do you really think the MAJORITY of Zambias are as daft as you would like to suggest?

      I suggest that either you are not educated or you are simply a liar.

    • May be it would help you read this: Iam ready to help as much as possible too:
      Emerging and developing economies benefited from China’s meteoric rise, and the particular composition of its economy. China’s growth has been investment led: in 2014, investment amounted to 48% of GDP. This fuelled a demand for natural resources, spurring on the ‘Commodities Supercycle,’ a decade of high commodity prices.

      Commodities exporters, including many developing countries, benefited immensely. Many African countries boasted impressive GDP growth figures on the back of booming natural resource exports, especially to China.

      Now that China’s growth is slowing and its economy appears to be rebalancing, what will be the consequences for developing countries? In late January, GEG hosted two experts on…

    • Mulato, here is more information. Please do not be cheated by this under 5 HH. He knows the truth about about this. But because he is a liar, he even lies to his supporters. What a leader!!!

      Developing countries are bracing for a major slowdown this year. According to the United Nations report World Economic Situation and Prospects 2016, their growth averaged only 3.8 percent in 2015 — the lowest rate since the global financial crisis in 2009 and matched in this century only by the recessionary year of 2001. And what is important to bear in mind is that the slowdown in China and the deep recessions in the Russian Federation and Brazil only explain part of the broad falloff in growth.

      True, falling demand for natural resources in China (which accounts for nearly half of global demand…

    • I thought cipuba is HH for being defeated by someone newcoming and considered a nobody. Only a fool can fail so miserably severally. HH qualifies undisputed!!! He will fail again in August be assured. PF has done its homework. That is why we are only watching you guys dance yourself lame before the main dance. This happened before and is happening again. If there an easy party to beat is UPND under HH because you lift yourself before the electorate do so. On the actual day only to drop you like heavy useless stone. Diii with huge thud.

      It is not money or insults which you like peddling that win electiosn, but wisdom and political clout.


    • Jkalusa, your insults only show that you are coming from a tribe that is very backwards in terms of manners and social interaction. It is appears that you have been so accustomed to living among animals that you do not know how to relate with people. This is why your HH also speaks like he is not educated because animalism is in your dna. EL, being and Easterner did not stand on the Eastern Province ticket, but the Zambian ticket. HH on the other hand openly stands and get support from Southern Province. This shows how uncivilised you guys are. You can easily pick out a Tonga anywhere in Lusaka by the way they act and talk. You can a Tonga to town but you cannot take away his/her uncivilised way of world outlook. Oh I forgot, panyo pako na panyok na uso wanvwa!!! We are circulating your…

  13. Bishop be man enough and say what you said be careful with yo tongue that paper s goverment paper give the paper 24 hrs to retract the story if not then you are eating with both hands.

  14. A Bishop should not be in possession of so dangerous a tongue. How apt the Holy Scriptures: “a tongue, though a small member, can ignite a fire!”

  15. Too late, the point was effectively driven home. It’s true that HH has those negative behavior attributed him. Some kind a divine spirit singled out that particular bad apple. He is a very dangerous businessman pretending to be politician. He must attend that meeting called by the church without fail. I am watching this space.

    • yes, he is a very dangerous businessman who does any in order to keep his business running.failing to help a former school

    • Ba ROKA kekeeeeee, you must be dull, isnt HH paying Taxes? Why should it his responsibility to re habilitate a government School? Use the Tax from HH to work on all the schools in Zed, including the one ECL went to.

  16. Newspapers like Daily Nation are propaganda rags whose reporters publish a story before interviewing the source. The story was already written. They just phoned Bishop Banda for formality so anyone speaking to these little noisemakers of news media is doing so at their own risk. Daily Nation joined the PF loudspeaker bandwagon after Sakala saw that his provincemate was now the president before that he was anti PF

    • Do not bring the province into this, you tribal spinner. It is your UPND and HH who have brought the whole nation into this tribal talk. Let you HH renounce his position that only a Southerner can be UPND president before you begin to accuse others without proof. We have proof, undisputed so far, against HH and UPND. For you you guys see either a province or a tribe anything. Kindly get civilised.

  17. The bishop has put it very clearly but some cadres as usual decide to misinterpret he has even said nation retracted the story today

  18. I hope the Catholics have made sure that tomorrow we don’t see some cadres at Kapingila House, the insults would desecrate the Catholic holy house. And please the ground rules should include civility and civil language. But anyway Zambians are watching with their pens and note books……

    • @Foo.lish head: Just go and worship your Khama, Botswana and the Pula. You are a just a misguided piece of Shirt that never goes no matter how many times you flash!

  19. What BISHOP CHIHANA should know is that he is free to support any one but he is bound to tame is tongue as the man of God if truly he is ???. Always he should show love even to those he does not support because even some members of his church belong to those he does not support. What our tongue produces has eternal implications, for it reveals what is in our heart. Jesus said that “the good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him” (Matthew 12:35). Isaiah places words on par with actions for displaying a sinful heart (Isaiah 59:2-3). “Men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken” (Matthew 12:36). In and of ourselves, we are utterly unable to “tame the…

    • The biggest problem with the Bishop is that he now seeing the impeding departure of Lungu and how is he is going to face President HH after August, 2016

  20. Thank you Jesus for turning the hearts of many Zambians against this fallen pf and its chagwa. God can’t be mocked. Ba chagwa wanted to use God’s name and his Church to woe voters but as God is true He saw the man’s mischief and therefore disfavored him in preference for HH.

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