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Government to source funds to renovate dilapidated Kaoma Secondary School -Dr Phiri


Zambia Library Service Chief Librarian Bwato Robinson (l) shows Education Minister Dr. John Phiri (c) the Mongu Libraryduring the Launch of the National Libraries Week at Mongu Librabry in Mongu
Zambia Library Service Chief Librarian Bwato Robinson (l) shows
Education Minister Dr. John Phiri (c) the Mongu Libraryduring the
Launch of the National Libraries Week at Mongu Librabry in Mongu

Government says it will source for funds to renovate Kaoma secondary school structures which are in a deplorable state.

Minister of General Education, Dr John Phiri said this when he paid a courtesy call on Kaoma secondary school head teacher Mulambwa Nawa today.

Dr. Phiri said government is on course to ensure that all the schools that were built in the UNIP regime receive a facelift.

And addressing teachers and pupils, Dr. Phiri encouraged teachers to work very hard to ensure that pupils’ performance is improved in the district.

He said that teachers should do their best in ensuring the pass rate of pupils is heightened adding that in 2015 about 35, 000 grade seven pupils did not make it to Grade eight and 138, 000 Grade nine pupils also did not make to Grade ten and a paltry 48 percent got Grade 12 school certificates in the country.

Dr Phiri said teachers have a huge task of ensuring that boys and girls from various schools dotted in all the districts of Western province get good marks from committed teachers.

He advised teachers to avoid engaging themselves in active politics as the move will greatly annoy the system and that whoever will be found being partisan shall be discarded.

Dr Phiri said teachers should not join politics because the country has enough political cadres adding that teachers should remain as consultants.

He implored teachers to change their mind sets and concentrate on imparting pupils with proper so that educational standards are improved in all the schools in the province.

Dr Phiri also implored pupils from Kaoma secondary school to avoid engaging in riotous activities that will spoil their educational future endeavors and commended the school authorities and the PTA for reducing the number of pregnancies among the girls.

And speaking earlier, Kaoma Secondary School head teacher, Mulambwa Nawa said that the sewer system for the school has been blocked and in a deplorable state as people have encroached making the disposal of effluent difficult.

Mr Nawa said the school buildings which have in existence for over fifty years requires a major rehabilitation and requested government to reduce the pupil-book ratio especially with the coming of the revised school curriculum.


  1. To renovate a secondary school you have to source funds which definitely is a loan…for your salary increments you simply sneak things through hoping noone finds out.

  2. In this time and age we still through thousands of children onto the streets – at grade 7 and 9 levels. 173,000 in 2015 alone. Is it a wonder that we have a huge youth unemployment problem? We need to ensure all these numbers go further in their education and at the end provide them with opportunities to harness their various skills, or ‘channel’ them to more productive lives.

  3. PamaFi DON’T WANT ANYONE OBTAINING GRADE 12 Cert, becoz they know that their days are numbered, For their lies can ONLY BE BELIEVED BY KAPONYA’S – that is why MUMBWE Phiri was boasting with glee: “They would see who would vote for UPND!” – WELL, THE TIME HAS COME – 11/8/2016!! The Zambian people will VOTE ZAMBIA FORWARD!!

    Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote UPND!!


    I thank you!!

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