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Dora Siliya continues attacking Scott over his HH’s endorsement

General News Dora Siliya continues attacking Scott over his HH’s endorsement

Energy Minister Dora Siliya has again attacked Former Vice President Guy Scott for his decision to endorse UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for the August elections.

Mrs Siliya said Dr Scott’s move is influenced by hate and emotions.

She took to Facebook and posted the following message.

“I am in New York and just saw on CBS the New York Times criticising Trump for his wishy washy foreign policy. My mind went straight back home. I hear Scott now says he left PF because EL is bringing in MMD people. Correct me was Scott not MMD once and left with the swine and yellow maize scandal? Even if he holds that argument, should UPND members not use it against him and HH as well. No wonder Gary Nkombo warns of some sheep in wolves skin joining UPND,” she said.

She added, “Many may not be aware how Scott and late Nsanda visited RB to ask for his support in January 2015. RB who became MMD after UNIP. I will forgive Scott as he may have forgotten the facts.”

“I repeat what I said yesterday. Over 90% Of ZAMBIANS ARE 45 YEARS AND BELOW. 

In a democracy we all have the right to choose. But choosing is about choosing well BECAUSE YOU KNOW THE FACTS. NOT USING EMOTION, HATE OR TRIBAL INCLINATIONS. How else could late President Sata and I have our meeting after he became President? We both had a political understanding that leadership does not include hate NO MATTER THE PERCEPTION.

I don’t know EL well but I know he is democratic in his leadership, a champion for Women issues, has no pride that HE KNOWS IT ALL, and has such a listening and forgiving heart WHILE BEING Firm.  I use this same list to mark off other Party Presidents. 

We wish the Clergy God’s favour as they chair the peace talks.”

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  1. Bamichaya size nine ya pakamwa pamene apo ni gilaundi simu zauka ba PF.Lol I know its painfull wait for 11th Augast,2016.Wina azilila ama ama power is sweet but a have lost it because I did not listen and I was greed I over stole.Ba maba no siyako not everything until the economy is ISU.

  2. We have really fallen as a people that we wait for others to ‘cry’ in any race they are winners and losers…we all take it in our stride…

  3. Iwe Dollar Bokosi,before you start talking about Guy Scott’s age,are you aware that we have a fossil as a finance minister.What of the VP whats her age.Mwanya mu august muza shula manzi.

  4. She is stating facts, but unfortunately many Zambians will block their ears with the sound of tribal drums and Kwachas and vote for change. If HH wins, come December, the money will have run out, hunger will be back and they will be back again crying for another President. All the Sampas, Mrs Charlotte Scot, etc etc will be looking for portfolios in the UPND. The UPND Cabinet will be bigger than the PF’s in order to accommodate all the turncoats.
    I for one cannot see what Lungu could have done better in 1 year that he did not do. It is PF to blame and not Lungu. This means, Scott, Sampa, Kabimba, KAUFELA should be banned from politics forever together with the Sata vuvuzelas.

    • Maybe he could have at least made an effort to make the PF a non-violent organization. He seems to have done nothing on that score. I’m not in any way claiming the opposition parties are innocent in that regard, that’s a separate discussion. As it were, I think he has come across as a weakling with no authority over his cadres. And seemingly he continues to use a brutal police force and violent party cadres in a reign of terror to try and silence the opposition. More like what Mugabe does in Zimbabwe.

  5. Such comments from Dora will not attract votes instead, it will alienate PF even more. I think Kambwili right now feels like punching this Dora. The more you talk about it, the more you reinforce the narrative that Scott is a factor.

    • Kwati bufi. This alienates PF. People like Doar should just shut up and leave the fight to PF members. There are very few of them

  6. Wonders will never cease, so PF Cadres will be like Dora is right. The same Dora they demonized ati she sold Zamtel to the Libyans she is corrupt. This same Dora whose court cases have slowed because she is now in bed with the ruling class. Please lets not throw stones when we are occupying a glass house. She can’t even be ashamed ati let me just keep a low profile. Wako ni wako zoona.

  7. Dora points out “Scott and the swine fever scandal”. She must not forget “Dorah and the Radar scandal” Mudala HH ngawaisa revive the Dorah case. It shouldnt be buried

  8. Dora no one likes you in PF Kambwili came out clean he is not alone you will go the day Lungu goes out of PF

  9. This woman has a dirty big mouth and thinks she is too smart. Why is she so much on Guy Scott? She should be reminded that she is minister of Energy and energy is one crucial area where the Zambian leadership has totally failed the Zambian people.
    Instead of seriously spending time to find solutions that will improve power supply to the country she is making a lot of noise attacking Guy Scott and it won’t be long before she starts spewing insults at him as she did with her ex-husband and the late Sata. In the first place, was it a wise decision to bring her to the PF and straight away appoint her to that key ministry? She brags ‘I am in New York’, and does not say on what business she is there.

    • She has problems dealing with PF defections to UPND and yet she herself very recently defected from MMD to PF. She is also fixated on Garry Nkombo which suggests that she is involved in the generation of the fake Garry Nkombo Facebook page.

  10. Mama dora, you are one of my most admired and brilliant Ministers. State facts as they are. Muzungu is not just bitter, but almost plunged the country into civil war. Do not worry he will go nowhere.He will loose Lusaka and that’s the end of the last Boer in Africa

    • @14 Perfect! In one stroke, you expose yourself a racist as well as a tribalist. Try to discuss what Guy Scott said or did without attacking his race. And the “Bantu Botatwe” are as much, if not more Zambian than those, like me, whose ancestors fled from the Mfecane of Shaka and came and settled in this oasis of peace. Or those who came from the Lunda-Luba kingdom to settle here. What disqualifies a Tonga from being President of Zambia? Surely PF, you can do better than this! Advance arguments that either demonstrate the suitability of your candidate, ECL, to be President or the unsuitabilty of HH to hold that office. Tribe should not and is not a factor. What the ordinary Zambian is interested in is delivery of economic good!

    • Iwe, chose what to admire. That urea smell can not be admired. How do you manage to suppress your smell sensors?

  11. A Tonga man cannot win in Zambia. Let all the Bantu-Botatwe assemble we will defeat them, we have the numbers, mama dora dont worry, they will say aisha, aisha, but they are few hyena’s who are very greedy people once in office. I lost my job because of greedy Tonga chaps. No, not now, until they reproduce enough to defeat us. Forget about GBM, he is not Bemba, forget about, Sampa, he is a disgruntled little chap with no following.Tonga to rule Zambia upon my dead body

    • @Perfect

      The Scriptures cannot be broken….where two or more agree on anything touching the earth or heaven it shall be done. As you have spoken in the hearing of all and at least one has agreed with you, so shall it be. Amen and amen…you have decreed a thing and it shall come to pass.

      Prepare your funeral rites and put your affairs in order.


      Bantu-botatwe are hand in glove with rest of Zambians to redeem themselves from PF. Zambians have done that in 1991 and 2011.

      Last time HH narrowly missed it by less than 30 000 votes and from what am seeing, he is getting it this time.

  12. I failed to post direct on her Facebook Page having personally known Honorable Dora Siliya. From this kind of ranting from Honorable Minister, the endorsement of HH has send shiver in the camp of PF and now PF members are feeling the heat. Take it or leave it, PF this time around is going to face a big challenge in August election. The support isn’t the same as previous years. It is sad that President Edgar Lungu assumed leadership at a time when there was a global downturn. This subsequently has led in the loss of jobs. The common man out there is not looking at a bigger picture instead heaping all the blame on the PF. This will adversely affect PF in this year’s election. To them challenges currently being faced in our beloved country is as a result of poor leadership from the…

  13. Amai Dolla define yourself MMD or PF (rejected in Petauke).
    Up on top of the hill insulting those leaving PF to join UPND

  14. Dora should concentrate on fuel and power problems the country is facing. Her ministry is dead soon after taking office with her so called age facts under her bobs. Dora is more than scared. Guys Kuya bebele! Dora start parking your bags. Remember if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones. The late Sata tought you a lesson you have not learnt. You will cry.

  15. This Dora behaves just like those prostitutes who would wake the entire ruins at unza with their insults over departure fee

    • Her behaviour is typical of that of women from that part of Zambia where they stand on anthills to insult their husbands in particular and men in general. Very uncultured.

  16. Comment: You can’t marry Scott and think you can win. Zambians are well educated and can change sides coz Scott is not a f
    actor. You are a done deal for sure. Surely we Zambians can’t support politics of hate. It’s all over for you.

  17. According to the principled party UPnD, Dora Siliya would suddenly become a principled politician if she joined UPND.

  18. After bonking Old Relic RB, Dora stop misbehaving and thinking u smart. U were divorced for Bed Wetting and beer drinking. Have u stopped now those two smelly habits.

    Untrained and uncultured bums, we are sick and tired of you

  19. MM, you are right, it does not matter, what tribe one is neither race. People do not choose to belong to either. But Scott is another fool, who almost pranged the country into civil war last January, 2015. You may realize that there are no deep cited tribal differences in Zambia. We all belong to Bantu group either from South Africa or not. HH qualifies to be president and I have no doubt about that that he will, but to align himself with the cartel is what pushes some of us away from UPND. Yes politics is about numbers but Guy Scott brings no one to the party and his usefulness is long gone. Miles I would say yes he is still young but Scott, I doubt it. Why should I be racist, when most of education have received is in the diaspora with my friends. Sometimes, one reacts out of the past…

  20. Endorsement of HH by Scott and Sampa has no impact for now on PF bcoz even in 2015 they supported HH quietly due to undemocratic elections at PF Convention. Even Lungu himself and his current Vice President supported HH due to confusions they caused in PF by orchestrating underhand methods of elections. This year is different ball game since Lungu will support and vote for himself. But, Scott given an opportunity to participate in campaigning under quality leadership and proper motivation like position of vice president which he has lost in PF, he may cause havoc on PF as he is good and follows instructions as directed and if his cut is laid on the table properly. Sampa just like GBM is not a factor and may prove to be a liability.

  21. A hypocrite of a so-called energy minister. Blatantly propagating ageism in this time and age. If there is anyone ancient, she is, for thinking so backwardly. What is she in New York for? Anything to do with the energy crisis? The last picture I saw of her was when she was commissioning a ‘bore hole’. What a circus!

  22. Curious about what our energy minister is in new york for in the middle of an energy crises in her native country#whatwouldmagafulido comes to mind


  24. @wnzlu Is true that Dora wees on her bed when she is drunk?
    ba sir, those are just rumours just like there is rumour that that you always pee when you sneeze. is it true ? so you see rumours are rumours and shud not be brought in the public

    • @method white zulu:
      At UNZA, Dora had 5 known boyfriends and serviced more than 12 other chancers including me. She wet my bed twice. In fact you would notice that frequents the toilet every minutes or so before going to bed – possibly bladder disease but she doesn’t say!!

    • Dora’s story was confirmed by the ex husband so Wanzelu has nothing to do with it, she brought her bedroom story in public so Chisha got upset and told us the truth. She needed alangizi in the first place for discussing such issues in public.

    • @ Chilyata, if when this woman was at UNZA she had 5 known boyfriends and serviced 12 chancers could it be that even the degree she got from there was partly a “sexually transmitted” one? Surely these are the type of people Zambia can have as ministers? Shame!!!

  25. Guy went into “hiding” when PF was in Kabwe to choose their leader after the death of Mr. Sata. and it took many visits to try and convince him and his choice to go to the conversion but all in vain until ECL was elected to superintend over PF party. From the onset, it was clear that this man called Scott didn’t mean well for the Party and in particular for ECL. Let him join those in hell if heaven is too good for him. Even handing over instruments of power was not willingly done.

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