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Garry Nkombo disowns a Facebook page complaining about new people joining UPND

General News Garry Nkombo disowns a Facebook page complaining about new people joining UPND

UPND Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo
UPND Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo

Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo has distanced himself from a Facebook page which he said is circulating false information about him complaining about people who have continued to join the party.

In a statement to the media the Mazabuka law maker accused the ruling PF of having created the fake page in his name and of using it to circulate false information.

Mr Nkombo said it was unfortunate that the PF can sink to such low and disgusting levels.

“It has come to my attention that some crooks from the other team – PF, have created a fake Facebook page in my name about 3 hours ago and are since posting items seemingly being spoken by myself.

“The circulating post is trying to show me as complaining about Ambassadors of Change joining our ever growing party. I want to take this opportunity to distance myself from that fake PF propaganda Facebook Page. I have been offline for some time and extremely busy welcoming the Big Fish to our very strong party – UPND.

“It is extremely unfortunate that the PF have degraded to such low and disgusting levels as impersonation all in a futile bid to divide the UPND. After such a big day as we had today, it is expected that the PF where going to embark on some form of cushion so it is not at all surprising that they have done this evil,” he said.

He added “I am a man of Integrity and very loyal to UPND, I can NEVER reduce myself to such levels as to post such rubbish. May it also be known that I am in the UPND entirely on Principle and not for positions, so PF better try another place.”

Meanwhile Dauglas Syakalima had this to say on the alleged Facebook page.

Dear colleagues

Am sure you all know that I don’t really participate on many of these fora but am an ardent reader of such.

What makes me write is because of what has been said of Hon Gary Nkombo over the Ambassadors of change.

May I state that Gary has been heavily involved in the negotiations of many of these, sometimes breaking nights. So to launder cheap propaganda to make him look like a villi among our in suspecting members is immoral but very irresponsible.

Gary has been hard working in many spheres of our party too numerous to mention. I therefore would like our members to treat such stupid propaganda with the contempt it deserves and throw it in the political dust bin because it does not fit in the civilization of the twenty first century.

The desperation of the PF is unimaginable. But we shall keep on pounding them until they hang their gloves on 11 August. In fact by the time we reach 11 August, the PF will be a shell of its past.

UPND be vigilant, courageous and never to yield to intimidation. And some of us lead by example on that score. God bless you all.

Douglas Syakalima.
Senior Advisor to UPND President.

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  1. We all know dying pamafi P.F, is capable of such deceit.
    Keep going till this useless Government is thown out of office.

    • Well done Garry.

      The visionless & violent PF bandits were responsible for impersonation of Hon Garry Nkombo through the Shakafuswas.

      Otherwise, PF is feeling pressure & heat as UPND welcomes the endorsement of HH by Dr Scott et al.

      Vote Wisely,
      The Skeleton Key

  2. there is even a fake one in the name of Hikainde Hichilema instead of Hakainde Hichilema. PF are really desperate. please just do what zambians are telling you to do rather than resorting to this cheap stuff. attend to the following. 1. cost of living 2. Do what you say you will do 3. respect civil servants. 4. pay the suffering retirees their monies then the remainder you can pay the marketers. respect the rule of law and apply it fairly. 5. respect the farmer dont manipulate them.

    • I saw that fake HH page. Its sickening how low these people can go to attain their wishes. I wonder if the big man is approving all these moves or they are being done without him knowing.

  3. Ine wine boi these *****s can not do any of the five developmental issues you have outlined due to their incompetence. They are all a bunch of *****s with little time remaining to save their jobs, other wise August 11/08/2016 Kuya bebele ba pompwemushibilansala…

    • are you that friend you are referring to? sorry mwana. you should have taken him to local coaurt if you had the evidence

  4. Today the President and other political leaders are seating to discuss better ways to coexist without friction. Therefor lets stop the hate language and the insults.

  5. Ati big fish ba Garry, Guy Scott ceased to be a big fish a long time ago he now is a siavonga kapenta with no political influence in Lusaka central. Guy Scott instead of retiring from politics he is emberassing himself and his wife by parading themselves before under politicians. Anyway it is good riddance and I’m very sure PF wont miss him.

  6. Gary and Siakalima, search within your own party before you accuse innocent souls. Do you think all members of UPND including MPs are pleased with the way you have desecrated Mazoka’s party? It is you guys who have sunk to the lowest levels of human hierarchy and whose behavioyr and insatiable appetitte for power is disgusting.. Leave innocent people alone and concentrate on how you will hold Andys party together with all sorts of disgusting characters sharing the dinner table with you.

    • It is not even ‘Andy’s party’ if you know any history behind UPND. Andy was in Anglo-American when the party was formed. He only responded to the invitation sent to him to join and lead the party. HH was the founder-donor and has remained so. Do not pretend you know what in fact you don’t.


  8. (WATCH DOG) Rusco April 29, 2013 at 07:40

    Guy Scott just has to reorganise himself, otherwise he is not worth the white color he is painted. He was going to be the main advosor to Sata, but he has become a CHOLA boy as he calls himself. So the Stupidity aspect just embroils him very well, and it is even very mild. How do do accept the Vice presidency yet you know you will never act as a president in the prevailing sitiation, that is being a dander head. All people always aim high and you sentle for Vice presidency that never was progressive to Presidency it case of any thing. Ask yourself, what led to RB to become a president when he never expected it in his life time. It is all stupidit that goes with such thoughts. So HH was very correct if ever that was his analysis, which I think…

  9. Ba UP and DOWN party are under pressure thinking scott can add value to the tribal party woooh ! wooh ! you are relocating to HH farm after August,2016…..never to be heard again on the Zambian scene.

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