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President Lungu meets opposition for peace talks



President Edgar Lungu and opposition leaders are meeting at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka to discuss ways to ensure peace in the run up to August’s general election.

President Lungu told Journalists on arrival at the Cathedral that the talks were important as they would discuss measures against rising political violence in the conduct of political and civic matters.

All the key political leaders including UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, FDD’s Nevers Mumba and MMD’s Nevers Mumba are present.

The talks have been convened by the Catholic Bishops under the auspices of the Zambia Episcopal Conference while the Council of Churches of Zambia and the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia have been invited to attend as mediators.









    • This meeting was fruitful no doubt especially that even Cosmo Mumba was around, he inspires me a lot and we should all emulate him. Very humble and composed

    • We had national prayers nothing was achieved as violence increased. As for this meeting we shall only judge the outcome by the actual results on the ground and refusal to let opposition go on mobilising ventures around the country without POA hindrance.

      By wanzelu evading LT blocking.

    • What was the outcome of the meeting ? What issues were raised? What did Lungu commit to?

      by wanzelu evading LT blocking

    • Just wondering Lungu has gone softer since that `going for the throat` was made by GBM!!,,, ala politics nikosa,,,,someone is panicking as august approaches,,, even alcohol is now failing to calm lungu down,,,

    • Waste of time. Violence is PF`s DNA. Isn`t it just a month ago when they had national prayers?

    • Irrespective the resolution, PF cadres must still have to throw stones to earn a living. Violence is equal to survival in PF.

    • @Ndobo, you know how we behave after insulting and attacking friends when under influence of alcohol. When friends leave like Guy, Chenda, Shi Nono, GBM, Mwaliteta, umwaiche Miles… and list continues next month…
      There is no option except calling for a meeting mu ku papata.

    • Trust Lungu to keep his word the way you would trust a snake not to bite you when you put your hand in its sack.

    • So much hype about this meeting, how of you have been to a movie and at the end the start showing you trailers of upcoming movies and you like damn i need to watch this one, when it finally shows you even regret buying that ticket, or another scenario is maybe you are about to go, you even warn everybody in the room to take cover expecting a big bang only to hammer a low pitched psssfff. Seriously look at them most are pf cadres running little tuntembaz, cosmo, Joshua banda, pukuta, that richard sakala’s broza, dan pule etc etc. Lord have mearcy.

    • It was not Lungu you LT reporter. It was the church that brought them together to school Lungu on how government should be run.

  1. Very good…. this is the best way forward. No more pangas, No more undressing of ladies against their wish.


    • I still don’t think the Panga Family (PF) will abide by the rules which will be set. Kaponyas/Jerabos knows no rules….violence is imbeded in their genes!

    • My advise to upnd members, remain vigilant, focused because after this meeting expect very frequent provocative visits in areas termed as upnd strongholds by pf officials, the aim will be to paint a picture that upnd is not adhering to whatever was discussed today. I smell a big fat rat. Watch out and be prepared for this new game.

    • This is what a bemba proverb says, (uwasumwa nensoka, alakuntukilwa.) The president’s call for peace dialogue was in good faith in order to promote freedom of expression in the country, but since u upnd cadres cannot read between lines u have term it a snare against u in your strongholds, U are saying that because u know u are the calprit when it comes to violence, how negative and bias are your thoughts. PF was in opposition for 10yrs, never at once did we see violence not even in our strongholds, even now when we are in government HH’s mobility is free even in our strongholds. So u should ask yoselves questions as to why violence is only in yo strongholds? Its simply bkoz u behave like crazy people, u think in yo hearts that u are ruling yo strongholds forgeting that the president of…

  2. Judging from the pictures nothing has been concluded because HH is not even present.Lungu is surround by the usual friends.If the meeting was successful HH and Lungu will have stood hand in hand like Sata stood with mwanwasa.The preist are fishing in a wrong pond.

    • HH is on the group photo that Zambianeye.com has used. I think its just a question of Lusakatimes using a different set of pictures.

    • @SIDO i have just viewed the photos on the Zambian eye and as far as the front line is concerned only Lungu’s friends are there prominently featuring the greatest sell out Nevers Mumba. When i look back to the 1980s, Nevers really wasted our time!

  3. HH was only present in side and not on the main photo outside meaning he left immediately after the meeting.

    • In a democracy there is no need for such negotiations, it will look like parties are coerced to compromise their positions. Let each party stand by its own convictions because that is what they believe in and this should be defended even if it means engaging in fighting. In the end people will have a lot of respect for the winner and no one will raise their finger.

  4. HH has failed to accept the resolution no wander left early. Those are Vampires who can not accept peaceful dialogue until blood is shed as their sacrifices.

    • Those insults will not take you anywhere muzekezeke. Your ballot should speak for you. If it’s me reading the signs, you are presenting yourself as a victim. Victims need rescuing, in politics only the the strong win.

  5. Poor HH humility is fundamental in life not arrogance probed by money in ones pocket…sad a missed opportunity, for sure so so sad…..I weep for my president

  6. All these standing minus my Archibishop Mpundu and HH who did well to leave are o imbeciles especially Mumbi Phiri,Nevers Mumba and this clueless ba stard Edgar

    • Kolwe!! Dont you realise that your clueless ECL has the authority to stop this violence. So for him to hold this indaba he wasting tax payers money. Wake up !!

  7. One man is too BITTER..even failing to pose for a photo with collegues.
    Lets retire him from active politics on 11 Aug 2016.

  8. This meeting was fruitful no doubt especially that even Cosmo Mumba was around, he inspires me a lot and we should all emulate him. Very humble and composed

  9. Violation of POA leads to frustrations and into violence. EL needs to restraint himself from playing underhand games that could lead to violence.

  10. One comment that usually surprises me is that people expect only President Lungu to end violence. Thats not a fair view. Violence must be stopped collectively. Unless you are saying the president should instruct the police to put in prison everyone accused of violence or caught in or instigating violence. This will not only have PF cadres in prison but UPND too. Infact if UPND would acknowledge that they are not yet in government violence will lessen in this country. Please UPND supporters understand that HH is a human being even if today he became president there would still be economic challenges around because our economic situation is 75% as a result of corruption by Zambians themselves.

  11. con’t: The biggest corruption in this country is not done by politicians my fellow zambians. It is done by civil servants incharge of procurement, ACC and DEC officials who refuse to probe things like Kapoko issues, most of government ministries procurement officers will ask for kick backs before giving orders for supply and suppliers have to inflate prices to accommodate the kick backs these procurement officers from zesco,erb,auditor general etc. Its shocking that its almost impossible to get business from these institutions including the Army,ZAF,ZNS and ZP without the procurement officers asking for kick backs. Now even if you are an economist president how can you develop the country with such high levels of corruption.

  12. Thats why the question i always ask is when people are saying lets change government, what do they really mean? or do they really understand who should be changed so that there tax or money borrowed on their behalf is fully used where it should be. The true change of government will only happen if our friends in the civil service and quartz government change their hearts and beginning putting the country first before their personal interest. Civil servants have built mansions and bought expensive properties without obtaining any loan from any bank and their salary can not support it. They have established so called businesses which only supplies government. Pure stealing. Very few civil servants can account for their wealthy in righteousness.

  13. Violence in a nation is not stemed or stopped by convening a meeting by religious leaders. In Zambia these type of meetings have been called to calm the growing public anxiety over lawlessness in a nation.
    One of the cornerstone of governance in a democracy is the provision of national security to its citizens which has lapsed in Zambia under the watch of PF government. The state has instruments of power to execute actions that would bring about freedom and peace in a nation. The president, and he alone can invoke and enuciate by law within his ambit to bring about the pronounciation of peace backed by the governing sructures of the state. The clergy would only herald a move in this direction.
    The call of such a meeting where the head of state appear to be unaware of the means to…

  14. bring about peace in a nation is to say the least taking Zambians for granted. Someone need to advise and bring to notice to president Lungu about this provided by law within the presidency.
    Contrary to this, can be construed as abeting violence in a nation for utilitarian motives or belittling efforts of the clergy.

  15. Comment: HH, doesn’t know damage control. He doesn’t know what he has done by embracing Scott. You are done for sure.

  16. This was a meaningless meeting which shouldn’t have taken place wasting people’s precious time. Lungu has power to put a stop to the cadre nonsense but he won’t because violence by his thugs catapulted him into state house.

  17. Ba Dominion you have won many peoples’ hearts by your intellect, than most people on this site. Just check for yourself on comments above mine. It tells you how backward many Zambians are. They claim to be this and that, but see for yourself above. Even those who have done nothing in life and barely survive day by day are now messiahs to Zambia’s problems. What a shame!!

  18. Neighbouring countries should also emulate Zambia. What happened in Zambia is a lesson to incumbent presidents in southern Africa.
    We dont want Southern Africa in particular and Africa as a whole to have wars.
    Wars can decimate populations, destroy infrastructure, leave majority with disabilites, increase the number of orphans.


    • @eddy: You are a real tribalist. Is speaking Bemba one of the qualifications to become a President in Zambia? The official language in Zambia is English not Bemba. Let’s sell our parties to the electorates based on issues, like the C/Belt youths from both PF and UPND have pledged to implement. Shame that older people are still preaching tribal and hate politics. Time to change is now.

    • @Eddy,
      Few days ago you were charging against muzungu – Guy Scott, now you are after tribalist – HH.
      Man, there must be something wrong with you. This PF thing should be driving you crazy, easy.
      Just take a few minutes and reflect !!!

    • Knowing Bemba is not a factor. Personally I have told my children not to bother learning and speaking Bemba because it will take them nowhere. Their mother tongue and English including international languages such as French are what matters.

  20. The growing support for HH by former PF stars and the weighty coalition building around UPND by other parties has clearly shaken Lungu into “seeking peace”

    Your goose is cooked bwana Lungu forget plot one next elections.

  21. Electoral Commission of Zambia, should have made the initiative, introduced points system to count towards final election results, formulate the rules of the Game for Political Parties to follow like in Boxing. Whichever, party is involved in violence forfeits some points. Because these leaders they are obsessed with murder and thirsty for innocent human blood.

  22. ….this is just all cosmetic….how many time have we seen Nevers physically roughing up Edith or Hakainde….Mulongoti roughing up Mtesa or Chipimo….the guys who do this are probably not even aware there is such a meeting going on….the power to tackle violence must be invested into our police service…at the moment PF cadres are more powerful than the police…how do can anyone explain how the lady was stripped naked in police presence without a single shot of teargas gangster from the police….how many times have we heard HH telling his cadres to be peaceful and ECL saying the same but look what happens on the ground…hacking and hacking.. rubbish…

    • …police would be very active and effective when they hear that UPND cadres are misbehaving…but wont do the same when its PF cadres…that’s were the problem lies…the cadres have taken over the markets, bus stations police are aware but impotent and toothless….for the fear of losing employment….so that meeting is no guarantee that violence shall be cabbed….they just want to show us that atleast as leaders they are doing something….effort is never enough…

  23. This was a holy just gesture meeting called by the Katolikas via the Zambia Episcopal Conference, who advocate for peace, and was not initiated by Chagwa or the dumb oppositions…

    ,regardless para’s will still kick aassss any violent thugs getting out of line…

  24. We were known as a beacon of peace. At least RB was better than this Jameson president who has reduced our country to a shameful violent country. This meeting is vital but it was not needed if we had a functioning president than Changwa whose interest has been to crush the opposition thru Kanganja & his PF thugs

  25. Lets take our debate to a better level. Lets ask big questions. How is it that Africa probably most christian place on earth (south of the Sahara ) is the most underdeveloped place on earth? How is it that we think we can develop by prophesying and praying rather than thinking, researching, experimenting and innovation? How can a whole christian nation fail to realize that violence is barbaric and the police in particular are there to safeguard internal peace and security of citizens? If we have to pray, fast and wait for a prophet to find the answer for thugs clobbering people in the streets and undressing women we will remain the laughing stock of the earth till Jesus comes and I think he is not coming anytime soon.

  26. Ifwe ni pabwato ba guy, violence tefintu, lets love one another its our Zambia, its our land and we are the children of one mother Zambia regardless of our differeces in our political affiliation. Lets also learn to respect and support the elected.

  27. Cooment 25. You have lost it again. I will never communicate in Bemba just like you do not do so to other tribes. When interviewed on public media its better to use the language you know better lest you insult. I have heard the man speak Bemba during his campaigns.
    I advise you to go back to school and acquire a Grade 12 certificate.
    I salute your ignorance

  28. I have a Grade 12 certificate, therefore I am literate. The constitution clearly reads that the responsibility for peace, stability, maintenance of law and order is the resposibility of the Government under an executive president. Only the president with the assets and instruments at his disposal can end lawlessness in Zambia. Unless the president is incompetent, sleeping on duty, ignorant or corrupt!

  29. @2.4
    Joel, You are very correct UPND always start fights but when beaten, they are first to complain. PF in the oppsition was not violent,records are there for all to see. The fights were always between UPND and MMD as evidenced in Mapatizya and Munfumbwe now that PF is in power UPND has taken its fights to them so that it looks like the rulling party are instigators when infact not, we all know that UPND are the violent ones! As for the indaba you can just judge from some negative comments coming from UPND cadres that they are not serious, HH merely went there to show his presence. The man did not concentrate a minute, he was busy dosing and dreaming about state house.Kikikikikikikikiki!!

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