Monday, June 24, 2024

Bailiffs pounce on Lawyer for failing to pay his client


Court hammerCourt bailiffs in Kalulushi have auctioned 36 herds of cattle belonging to a lawyer after he defaulted to pay K500 million.

This was when Lakeni Moono of Nkana Chambers failed to account for K500 Million due to be given to a Mr. Edson Mwanza as compensation to him from the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA).

This is in a case in which NAPSA was accused of encroaching on three hectares of land belonging to Mr. Mwanza’s at Kitwe Kalulushi Roads Housing units.

Mr. Moono who was representing Mr Mwanza in the case as the lawyer and proprietor of Nkana Chambers of Kitwe, but failed to pay his client in full and only paid him K200 Million.
It was at his point that Mr. Mwanza dragged him to court.

Mr. Mwanza went for months without being paid and hence he decided to sue his lawyer.

On Tuesday, bailiffs pounced on Mr. Moonos farm and collected 36 herds of cattle and took them to Mr. Mwanza’s business premises at Umulu Pleasure Resort where the auction process took place.


    • LT should now look for a journalist to be writing their articles. It is not true that Mr. Moono owed a balance of K300,000,000.00. Please stop this nonsense!
      36 herds of cattle cannot be estimated to cost K8,333,333.00 each, at any auction!

  1. Lawyers were once upon a time a very respected noble profession in Zambia. Now this profession just like politicians has not only messed itself up but also the nation at large. So so sad

  2. This lawyer deserves more than what has happend to him. He also chewed my money and never worked on the assignment he was given. His practicing licence has been suspended by LAZ on different occassions. Please, this is a warning to everybody looking for a lawyer. DO NOT go to Mr. Moono and pay him for any assignment. He will not execute the assignment, but just chew your money. I approached him without having an idea of him (but recommended by legal aid in Kitwe) and have ended up losing a lot of my money because of this man. Take this as a serious warning.

  3. Lawyers are just humans and especially now just jackass crooks…offcourse not everyone. I know this bumboclatt lawyer…he is a drunk.

  4. This is good news. This Moono lawyer is a loud mouth. I owed one of his clients K30,000.00 and then he adds his fees at about K103,000.00. I was shocked.

  5. That is good news.a friend of mine is in prison for a crook lawyer .he even sold his house because of lawyer .he ask him K300.000.he paid finally he was convicted.

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