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Kanyama constituency has developed during my tenure of office-Gerry Chanda


TOURISM and Arts Minister Jean Kapata (gesturing) in a conversation with Muchinga Province Minister Gerry Chanda (centre) and Bank of Zambia Deputy Governor for administration Tukiya Kankasa-Mabula in Linda Township in Lusaka
TOURISM and Arts Minister Jean Kapata (gesturing) in a conversation with Muchinga Province Minister Gerry Chanda (centre) and Bank of Zambia Deputy Governor for administration Tukiya Kankasa-Mabula in Linda Township in Lusaka
Kanyama Member of Parliament (MP) Gerry Chanda has said the constituency has experienced unprecedented development during his tenure of office.

Colonel Chanda, who is a Patriotic Front (PF) MP, said Kanyama constituency had only two tarred roads in 2008.

Col. Chanda, who was elected Kanyama MP in 2011, said there were now over 15 roads that have been upgraded to bituminous standards.

The Kanyama lawmaker said this in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka.

“Kanyama constituency has seen unprecedented development under my tenure and l am determined to develop it further in all key sectors of the economy to benefit the electorates in my area,” he said.

He named some of the roads that have been worked on a Kanyama-Mtandabantu, Kanyama-Garden House, Kanyama-Zingalume, Kanyama-Mbasela and some roads within Kanyama compound.

Col. Chanda, who is also Home Affairs Deputy Minister, said a good road network was vital for accelerating economic development.

He explained that the perennial flooding has greatly reduced in the area.

He has since urged the people in the area to visit the Kanyama constituency national assembly office to get updates on their area and to interact with him.

The MP has meanwhile commended non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and some investors that are operating in his area to supplement the efforts of government.

Col. Chanda however regretted that cholera has continued to afflict the people in the constituency but commended government through the Ministry of Health for efforts towards addressing the waterborne disease.

He has since reapplied to recontest his Kanyama parliamentary seat on the ruling PF ticket on the August 11, 2016 general elections.


    • Kanyama has no perennial flooding yet there is cholera??? This statement is not marrying properly. Col Chanda we have not had too much rains this season that is why there is no flooding.

  1. Development is about people. Are they now eating more and better food, are the children in school, are the sick attendee to at Kanyama clinic, has crime reduced, do people have toilets and clean drinking water in kanyama, is there no cholera, is garbage collected, is flooding still there

  2. Ba Col. Chanda, am just like many millions firm and staunch supporters of President Lungu and the mighty PF and we are are very certain and clear that President Lungu is winning these elections without doubt because there is no life and direction in the opposition. There is nothing that they have since brought on the table other than bitterness and and hatred.
    Even those few tribalists in UPND, they don’t know what their party stands for. If they can not appreciate infrastructure development that President Lungu and and PF is undertaking, what then do they stand for? How do they claim that reducing fuel price by K1 and discourage exports of goods, then the economy will improve?
    Anyway coming to you Sir, if I were you, I would seriously dedicate the remaining two months working in…

  3. Cont’d
    in your constituency. If indeed you have worked, let your works do the campaign for you. This is what has already reaffirmed President Lungu’s victory, it’s his hard working nature despite the economic challenges.
    Remember that as Zambians we will not be cheated by desperate and jealousy opposition leaders. Lungu is exceptional and those who still doubt him, let them be objective and listen to various global news channels and hear how the whole world is struggling. Am in Singapore just now, it’s not easy anywhere. Someone back home even disputed that the Kwacha is not stronger than the Rand, I just laughed!

    • Just loot for the last time, August is approaching fast.
      Will the cholera sufferers in Kanama get cured by roads, will the pipo who can’t buy maize meal eat roads??.
      Why have agriculture and tourisim industries declined under PF?? don’t blame global factors, other tourist destinations in Africa have seen improved numbers.
      Tell us how many countries in our region have run to the IMF for help???,
      Hopeless PF.

  4. this man really needs serious transformation ,
    his constituency lucks a lot of major things yet he thinks and clams he can still run it.
    he needs to be on the ground and have a true feel of his suffering people (constituency).
    PF will loose this election if they let him stand on their ticket unless he will has a plan on how to convince people in his constituency that he will deliver.

  5. It’s clear the man had no vision for kanyama in the last five years. He still does have any plans for this consituency. You were in the office since 2008 and only points to road upgrade as development. Please be serious. Kanyam needs an individual who lives there. Someone who can be reached to at short notice. Kanyama needs a visionary leader who can help the languishing youth to find something to do with lives.

  6. with all the respect col gerry you have done nothing for kanyama.if pf makes a mistake of allowing a villager like you to stand they i can granting pf lossing a big constituency like kanyama,we dnt want u,no wonder they chased you in chibolya. go to farm

  7. Gerry Chanda the most useless minister he uses his position to womanise, rumour has it he has his brains in his underwear,

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