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Michael Kaingu dispels rumours that he does not have a Grade 12 Certificate

Headlines Michael Kaingu dispels rumours that he does not have a Grade 12...


MINISTER of Higher Education Michael Kaingu has dispelled rumours circulating that he does not have a Grade 12 certificate. Dr Kaingu released a letter confirmation from the Examination Council of Zambia confirming that Dr Kaingu does have a Grade 12 Certificate. According to the letter, Dr Kaingu sat for Examinations in 1972 with the Examination number of F 090 7.

Dr Kaingu has been vocal on allowing people with higher qualifications, but without a Grade 12 certificate to be allowed to stand for elective office.

According to Dr Kaingu, in the olden days, people without Grade 12 certificates were allowed to pursue various disciplines at universities if they passed aptitude tests.

“People should, therefore, understand that any college certificate or university certificate is higher than a Grade 12 certificate.

“So as people debate this important issue in the Zambian Constitution, let them compare the two and it is important also that people know or understand what is higher between the two,” he said.

Dr Kaingu said although he cannot speak on behalf of the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ), it is important that people understand what qualification is higher between Grade 12 certificate and a university certificate.

Dr Kaingu said that it is unfortunate that ECZ is demanding Grade 12 qualifications from aspiring candidates and is overlooking their tertiary qualifications attained over the years.

He said there is need to know exactly what is required in demanding for the minimum qualifications as set in the clause for minimum qualifications.

Dr Kaingu said education is not cognitive and is not attained in a straight line as many can attain it in different ways such as through crafts, degree and PhDs.

“Even when we talk of cognitive knowledge – who is more developed in public knowledge, a grade 12 or a person who is holding a diploma,” Dr Kaingu said.

Dr Kaingu said the country’s education system has what is called Zambian Qualification Authority Framework which starts with the Examinations Council of Zambia as the number one qualifications followed by Technical Education, Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship Training (TEVET) and higher qualifications authority.

He said the qualifications are in levels from one to 10.

Level one is grade seven certificate, level two A is grade nine and level two B is grade 12 certificate. Levels from three to five are crafts certificates which are certificates from trade schools and other colleges.

Level six is a diploma, level seven is the first degree, level eight is post-diploma, level nine is master’s and level 10 is a PhD.

Dr Kaingu said the framework is clear that a person who has a crafts certificate is more qualified than one with a grade 12 certificate.


  1. No no in 1972 ECZ never issued “grade 12 certificates”. This letter from ECZ has wrong information. It must be investigated!

    • This document is not even stamped to authenticate it. Kindly Dr Kaingu sir have this document stamped as per GRZ procedure so that we can believe that your “Form 5” results have been verified. You also need to remember that the late Kebby Musokotwane introduced grades in 1983 when he served as Education Minister before then there was no grade 12 but form 5, kindly as well sir tell the author of this letter to amend before you are arrested for forgery.

    • HAHAHA what a Jock? Grades were only introduced in 1984 or 85??, People please why are we Zambians so cheated by these dull so called Leaders? we had Forms and standards then?? ECZ are the biggest corrupt jokers confusing everyone in Zambia. This letter is Fake.. another propaganda. It should read form 5 or standard something????

    • @ The Observer: Government Letters needs a stamp. though on a letter head. There is a risk that people can steal letter heads you know how it goes in Zambia. Forget that, just the content of the letter is wrong, because if they wanted to use the word Grade 12, they would have used the form and state grade 12 equivalent. all this is fake and day light corruption..

    • This is a joke. Now every Jim and Jack will run to ECZ to buy a letter. We need a statement of results. Having an exam number does not mean one has a Certificate. It just means that he could have sat for the exam and may have flunked. The ministers are now trying to beat the system. Soon the Masumba saga will arise.

    • Enough on this Kaingu Fellow!He is a liability in PF.
      President Lungu, please sort out this guy!
      If he does not have grade 12 certificate, let him step aside.

    • The headline should have been “Michael Kaingu fuels rumours that he does not have a Grade 12 Certificate”.

    • Mr Kaingu ,this matter is straight forward if you passed your form five in 1970s, please just produce Cambridge school cerficate or forget standing on PF ticket. Wait for HH to win in 2021! He promises to change this law .
      YOU are such a liability in PF.
      President Lungu, please sort out this guy!
      If he does not have grade 12 certificate or its equivalent , let him just step aside.

    • Mushota, where is your G12 Certificate….we not asking for bridging course universities asks for when one has no G12…ilikuti

    • Sometimes I like the way Kadansa behaves. He’s been looking for a way to kick these guys out but couldn’t do it. Then he discovers a small close called G12 tucked away in the voluminous draft constitution then he goes “mwe lesa mwe what a relief”. Ngosa Simbyakula was the only other guy in on the joke. Remember Boko Haram Chama telling Mweetwa’s committee that GRZ didn’t have a position on the draft. It was all well orchestrated. Now let’s dance.

    • Yep agreed, the letter should read something like“has a Form V Certificate, an equivalent of Grade 12…’

    • Kyamba you are very dull. Documents on letterheads are not stamp. The emblem on the letterhead makes the document official.

    • @Napapa sana, I agree 2ith your thought, but I am inclined to agree with Dr Kaingu whom I know very well. He was our neighbor in Livingstone in Dambwa Central (DA 10 was his house number if I am not mistaken). My question is; when a person attains a tertiary qualification, doesn’t that qualification supercede Grade 12 or indeed Form 5 as it were? I know of institutions that award University degrees on recognition of one’s work experience! And wait a minute, how was Dr Kaunda awarded the Doctorate degree? Did he really strive for it? Examples are abound. I can go on and on citing examples but one should assist me with an answer to my question above

    • You are right, in 1972 there was no Examination Council of Zambia. We used to sit for Cambridge School Certificate Examinations upon completion of form five. In those days, all cambridge results used to be published in both the Times of Zambia and the Daily mail. If Hon. Kaingu did form five, how come he joined ZAF as a non- commissioned officer and was working as an aircraft electronic technician? People who completed form five used to join ZAF as officer cadets which is a commissioned officer rank!

    • @ The Observer the letter despite the letter head needs a date stamp because it is being used as an authentication document for certificates thus a date stamp for the issuing office will also be needed to authenticate originating office of the letter! Anyone can go to Government Printers to get headed letter heads from incompetent staff!

  2. No way, this wont cut it for me. I’m not convinced. Kaingu is the BOSS of the the Person who drafted this letter. I want to see the ORIGINAL FORM V certificate and, yes, the transcript of the results with my two eyes before I can believe this. Next it will be Kambwili and before we know it ALL those PF cadres without G12 certificates will be publishing this human written, fake and doctored documents generated by their bootlickers and subordinates at Examination Council of Zambia.

    Only the original FORM V certificate with Transcript of results will suffice , anything else is fake and DOCTORED

    • I agree with you. What we want is a statement of results or the actual certificate. It is the certificate that needs to be authenticated by ECZ not the letter. Bwana Kaingu should stop being funny and abide by the law otherwise, he stands to be the joke of the decade. Better to let sleeping dogs lie quietly.

  3. “Dr Kaingu said that it is unfortunate that ECZ is demanding Grade 12 qualifications from aspiring candidates and is overlooking their tertiary qualifications attained over the years.”
    I am sure the ECZ in the above quote refers to the Electoral Commission of Zambia NOT the Examinations Council of Zambia. That distinction should have been spelt out clearly in the article.

  4. Imwe ba pushy he is a doctor. What’s a G12 certificate these days. Doctors undergo vigorous tests compared to G12 pupils! Grow up and leave the man alone! If a G12 and Doctor apply for a job at Bank of Zambia for a financial controller position who would get the job? Yes you got it a Doctor.Zambian politics kaya Chabe! Instead of finding solutions to our blackouts you are busy harassing someone for a useless G12 certificate he obtained in 1972.

    • A PhD can be bought sir. Did not Frederick Chiluba (RIP) buy a Masters Degree and yet he was a grade 9 dropout? The constitution says Grade 12 Certificate. Grade 12 qualification/certificate forms the backbone of all higher qualifications in Zambia.

    • Osborne ndiwe mbuzi maningi? There are some courses that you can without your so called grade 12 as long as you pass the aptitude test. Take the mancosa mba. (Another reason why anyone in their right mind should not attempt to do such courses). So bu doctor shani aside. Tifuna chabe kuona Grade 12 statement of results na certificate bwana not vinkalata volembewa na officer wamene banafaka undue influence.

    • Yes as a person with doctorate degree he should be learned enough to know when to pick a fight and choose his fights correctly. As it stands now, Kaingu’s decision and reasoning has much to be desired. This sends questions as to the authenticity of his claims. It is simple if the requirement is pass through Ndola before you come to Kitwe, just prove you have passed through Ndola. Don’t argue that arriving in Kitwe is what matters. It is possible to fly to Kitwe from Lusaka but that is not the point. University degrees are awards, but basic education is a foundation to be attained. We need those with a foundation which takes 12 years to attain.

    • Kaingus PhD is fake….so doesn’t count! How can he get Doctorate degree without a G12 certificate anyway?

    • A PhD can be bought sir. Did not Frederick Chiluba (RIP) buy a Masters Degree and yet he was a grade 9 dropout?

    • There is what they Call Earned PHD which means true hard work and then Honorary PHD like Chiluba, and a few including Kaunda. Those are free given PHDs which should be revoked if a person misbehave. I think this Kaingu guy bought it??? from Matero university..

  5. Grade 12 and its equivalent is a spring board to attaining any high qualification. So what the DR should do is to produce his original form 5 paper or else we shall speculate it is from Matero compound

  6. now every tom dick and harry will have a grade 12 certificate we need to see transcripts if possible also from my understanding they didn’t have grade 12 back in the days it was forms ……so how did the doctor obtain this certifcate

    as from PHD anyone can buy those these days unless you’ve published material or have transcripts I don’t believe in dr is enough

  7. In 1972 there was Form 5 not Grade 12. And the Form 5 examinations were set/or moderated by the University of Cambridge. This is the reason why people who sat for those exams received what was known as Cambridge Overseas School Certificate. There were no leakages in those days and people getting six-points were as rare as prostitutes in Saudi Arabia. The question is , where is his Form Five Certificate? Could it be that he failed lamentably hence he has no certificate to write home about? There just too many fake PhDs that people receive through the Internet. The system should not be duped by Kaingu. Responsible officers should find out from the University of Cambridge.

    • “here were no leakages in those days and people getting six-points were as rare as prostitutes in Saudi Arabia”

  8. In 1972, the examining body would have been the University of Cambridge and the qualification was called either GCE (General Certificate of Education) Form V certificate and later the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) Form V cerificate. This was before the introduction of the Education Council of Zambia, which also continued Form 5 certification through the University of Cambridge until that was changed to the Zambia version under the grade 12 system. Authentication of these qualifications can still be done by the ECZ who should then issue a fraud-proof letter of confirmation as in the case of Kaingu.

    • We got you the first time. The reason there are no reactions to your argument is because it does not hold any water. Give it a rest general. You win some you lose others. Count this as a loss.

  9. I sat for my O Levels in 1979 and it was Cambridge Form V not ECZ Grade 12.
    The problem with lies, can he tell us why didn’t he just produce the certificate why bring a letter from an official that works under his ministry who wants promotion and can be fired if she had refused.
    Madam you will be arrested for forgery and the Minister will be nowhere to save you.

    • Whatever you wrote in 1979 is equivalent to grade 12. This letter was written this year and not in 1979.

    • Because ECZ what confirmation that one has a grade 12 certficate not the actual results. And that my dear is a confirmation letter. Next topic please!

    • Imagine how long it would take for a Joe Public to get that letter and lunches you have to buy to get such a letter from ECZ even when you have G12 certificate.

  10. FTJ Chiluba had equivalent grade 12. He studied correspondence and sat for his cambridge o’level then went on to study Accounting on corresponding then some other studies on correspondence.. You guys should be reading books. Read books there a number with that information.. Mr. Kaingu is rignt even trades are higher than grade 12.. Give credit where it is due.. The ECZ typed Grade 12 as it is equivalent.

  11. Dr Kaingu’s letter is fake in 1972 there was form 5 Cambridge certificate but his letter said he has grade twelve which he obtained in 1972 this can not be possible so the Anti Corruption should probe this man he is a flaud he has committed a crime.


  13. Bwana Kaingu, this is a very simple matter to deal with . Produce a certified copy of your Grade 12 or Cambridge certificate. . That is the requirement by the Electoral Comissission of Zambia. Degree(s)(BA, B.C., MA, MSc and /or PhD) is/are added advantage only. You were one of the MPs Who applauded when the Grade 12 clause was accented to. .

  14. G12 Cert while PHDs, Degrees, Dips & College Certs are added advntage. B4 dis requirement (qualification) was included in our constitution, passed thru parliament where our Dr & the rest of our MPs participated without going thru de draft carefully. Baloba ilyauma dis tym, bali igong’a ba Dr & others.

  15. ECZ should correct the letter by stating that “the bearer has an equivalent of a grade 12 certificate”. If matter goes to court it can easily be proven that he does not have a grade 12 certificate

  16. I was in the last group to write form 3 (grade 10 exams) and the first real Grade 12s in 1986…. I was at Chadiza… so Ask me you young chaps yapping here!!!!

  17. I was in the last group to write form 3 (grade 10 exams in 1984) and the first real Grade 12s in 1986…. I was at Chadiza… so Ask me you young chaps yapping here!!!!

  18. Dr Kaingu z right , the o issue of G 12 certificate z to have eligible candidates hu can articulate issues well n G 12 is just the minimum so if one is holding a diploma z more qualified .

  19. Why producing a letter and not results or certificate? the chap has no G12, kuyabebele! bakolwe mwa signe ifyabula ukubelenga, look at the problems you’ve landed yourself in because of your stupidity and lack of school

  20. A PHD or degree is a professional qualification while o-level, A-level or high school diploma (in the case of USA) are academic qualifications. What is being asked for are academic and not professional certificates. Some people have trade certificates which are professional though they never touched grade8.Do you consider those qualified? Please lets use common sense and not continue arguing from positions of ignorance!I rest my case

    • No you’ve got it wrong PHD and all degrees are all academic qualifications. Some professions accept you with an academic qualification others dont. Lawyers are not accepted until they go to the bar. You can have a degree then go on to get a professional qualification like ACCA

    • The argument is that some people have degrees that were received without going through the G12/Form5 academic qualification……..Is it/was it possible to do this. This is the issue at hand. Yes it was possible through aptitude or experience on the job. Unfortunately, the constitution is asking for at least G12/Form 5 or better still equivalent certificate like the Matric from South Africa. Please no PhD before G12/Form 5……..Otherwise, a suspect qualification is on the table

  21. FAKE, LIES AT ITS BEST. There was no Gade 12 in 1972 at Secondary School level. Only Form 5 existed at Secondary School level until in 1983 when mad UNIP did cosmetic reforms to secondary school grading. Otherwise textbooks, teachers, classrooms remained the same.
    Sir just retire from being recycled politician or may be try other countries in SADC where people are very educated but they do not want to invoke this requirement. Even here, this law actually defeats the spirit of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

  22. GBM, Mwaliteta, Namugala, w waiting for your certificates.
    UPND cadres, you do realize that any certificate if printed through the examination council has to state Examination Council of Zambia now right? How do someone of you guys even manage to breath? Thank God Jesus designed our respiratory system, you guys might have perished.

    Viva Common Sense.

  23. I think he is failing to produce it because of the bad grades he got. Completing school and having a certificate are two different things. He completed his form 5, but he did not pass, meaning he has no any certificate equivalent to grade 12 certificate.

    • Well if you have bad grades and you still chose to go into public office you should know these results can’t be hidden. Quit or show us the results bad or good

  24. There was no grade 12 in 1972. Grade 12 started around 1983. Before that it was Firm 5 and it was Cambridge Exams. Examinations Council was non existant. That letter is a fake.

  25. Form 5 results, then were published in the Times of Zambia. I remember checking form 5 results with my older cousin, I was 11 then and his name clearly appeared in the Times of Zambia. He went to Unza. Results were not pasted on school boards then, except for Grade 7 and Form 3 results. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Easy then…….let us verify with UNZA and follow up your Time Newspaper of that particular year when you were 11 years old.

  26. Also the authenticity of the certificate should only come from Cambridge University as their record keeping cannot be questioned. If anything ECZ can go into their archives to check results, even at Times of Zambia which published these results. SIMPLE

  27. The letter is clearly fake. There was no Grade 12 in 1972. There was form five so a letter confirming Kaingu ‘ s qualification should have stated that he completed Form five, the equivalent of present day grade 12. As it is the letter is a lie. I wonder why the examinations council could have been compelled to write such a letter when all Kaingu needs to do is present his Cambridge overseas school certificate. The ZEC only comes in if you have lost your original certificate

  28. Twalafiwina nalelo…………Twalafisepa nalelo……we shall defeat them even today…… was the key words from Nkandu Luo before they voted for the amended constitution in parliament. God is GREAT and today the people who thought were very clever are the ones fighting to amend the G12 clause……….You were busy getting excited to defeat the opposition in a vote that should have not taken place to start with. I can assure you……this is bad leadership and people must pay for not being patriotic over this very important document.

  29. Can the Watch Dog go into the Times of Zambia archives to find a newspaper for 1972 where the Kaingu Form 5 academic year was publicized? Very easy to verify this data……..Which Secondary School was Michael at and the follow up starts from there!!!!

  30. Ba Mushota…..your list is not complete……What about the SUGO certificate??? The point is that you need to go through G12/Form 5 before you get the professional certificates. Hon Kaingu’s letter needs a date stamp even if it is on headed paper because of the issues of authenticity of a sensitive document. It can be done and Hon. Kaingu must be given an opportunity to clear his situation. This is a challenge in life when you antagonize so many citizens and when you tear the presidential speech in parliament for the man who formed a party which is now paying your bills. Shame and its really sad on how ba ECL was duped into working with such characters with shady personalities and functionally illiterate.

  31. ……..as per attached verified certificates, means form 5 certificate but the sentence fall short of mentioning its equivalent.

  32. The back bone of all professional achievements is the Grade 12/ Form 5 certificates. This document prescribe by implication one’s area of specialization or talent.One cannot be a genuine doctor without this document.

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