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Over 1.6 new voters added to the voters register

General News Over 1.6 new voters added to the voters register

CHOMA residents queuing up to obtain National Registration Cards (NRCs) during launch of phase-two NRC mobile registration for Southern Province
CHOMA residents queuing up to obtain National Registration
Cards (NRCs) during launch of phase-two NRC mobile registration for
Southern Province

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has revealed that the voter registration exercise, which took place from 14th September 2015 to 29th February 2016 recorded 1,695,580 new registrations.

The Commission says a further 1,634,288 updates which means voter transfers, card replacements and amendments were conducted and 51,998 notifications of deceased voters were recorded.

Lusaka is leading the number of new registrations with 306, 265 new registrations closely followed by Southern Province with 244,999 new voters.

The Copperbelt Province is third with 208,023 while Eastern recorded 196,010 new voters with Western Province recording 124,243 closely followed by Luapula with 124, 337 new voters.

Central Province had 164, 612 and Northern recorded 146, 308 with North western Province coming out last with 86, 388 new voters.

In a statement, ECZ Spokesman Chris Akufuna said cautioned that the figures are still provisional as the cleaning up of the voters register is still ongoing.

And Mr Akufuna has revealed that preparations for the holding of the Referendum are ongoing and that the Referendum will be held on the same day as the general elections.

“The public is further informed that the Commission will in the next two weeks commence the distribution of non-security election materials which will include ballot boxes and wire trays to all districts in Zambia in readiness for the August 11th 2016 general elections. This is to ensure that all election materials are delivered on time, given the large volume of materials that need to be delivered before to all the 106 districts,” he said.

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    • In your dreams my friend.You think changing government is like changing pants.Chagwa walloped your tribal party when he was not even known to the masses,but now he is known and is in charge of every corridor of power.Dont forget that he is incharge of ECZ,Police,OP and the your numbers ve not significantly increased.I see him going through again!

  1. Just how gullible can UPND supporters be? Look at these figures again. If you add up the figures of newly registered voters between September 2015 and February 2016, the total number of registered voters in the PF strongholds of Copperbelt, Eastern, Luapula, Lusaka, Muchinga, and Northern provinces is 1,072,618 out of 1,695,580 registered voters. This is 63.3 percent of all newly registered voters. For the UPND, if you count newly registered voters in their strongholds of Southern, Northwestern, and Western provinces, the number is 458,350 or 27 percent of the total number of newly registered voters. Add Central province to UPND and they still fall short. So what is the basis for UPND over confidence? UPND cannot win the August 2016 elections by any stretch of the imagination unless over…

    • Who tells you that CB and LSK are still PF stronghood? Stop dreaming and counselling yourself my dear, these two regions, it will be a 50/50 split, if there will be any difference in votes between PF and UPND, it will be marginal.
      As at now PF can only reliably talk about a majority vote haul in Eastern, Muchinga, Luapula and partially Northern (I say partially because if UPND adopt GBM as running mate, areas such as Kasama will go to UPND, thus a sound perfomance awaits).
      The forth coming elections is 50:50 as at now, whichever party plays its cards properly between now and August will carry the day, neither PF nor UPND can confidently say they are winning, there is alot of work to be done between now and 11th August.

  2. UPND cannot win the August 2016 elections by any stretch of the imagination unless over one million voters switch from the PF strongholds to the UPND in the next five months! How possible is that?

    • Impossible, just impossible! HH must start preparing appeal papers, it’s done
      It’s Lungu back in State House for peace stability and continued development drive and not these hyenas who think ba zungus are better than Zambians

    • One weakness about upnd is lack of attention to detail and always assuming you have already won with paying attention to the nitty gritties. Why isn’t anyone questioning how come between November and February Northern registered 48,157 more voters, eastern 59,424 and muchinga 21279; while on the other hand Northwestern only registered 578 voters within that same period and western province only registered only 6431 voters between Nov and Feb. Wake up and smell the coffee, don’t just concentrate on receiving defectors! Numbers have to add up bane, otherwise mukaisanga muli mwamoneni

    • #Silento, good observation with numbers, we call upon the UPND secretariat to scrutinise the numbers….PF have been busy quietly been ringing thr biased voters registration!

  3. Ba UPND balimuchibe,we can’t vote a tribal party kwati kuipaya teti boi.We have now started campaigning

  4. “UPND cannot win the August 2016 elections by any stretch of the imagination….” @Maikalange, why are you worked up. And for this statement, leave this to the gods. You may end up collapsing. All you need to do is on the 11th August, work up early, go to your polling station and cast your one vote for Mr. Lungu. BOOOM!!!! You have done your duty, time for the final judgement of the other million and the gods. Hope you wont be offended by this.

  5. Pf yalala!! The strong and influential pf supporters have endorsed HH and UPND. . MMD /PF has no stronghold at present.

  6. @Zezamba,If you say Lusaka and Copperbelt will be 50:50,then expect PF to carry the day.I say so because PF will ve a bigger pool of voters to fish from as compared to upnd who will ve a smaller pond to fish from.Besides,historically,an electoral stalemate usually means victory for the ruling party because of privileges of incumbency.This election is certainly going to PF whether you like or not!

  7. When zambian wins the two games, then Kenya beats congo & congo beats guinea then we qualify. That’s what I’m reading here. Each party might have strongholds but the undecided, unattached, informed new voter is the one who will determine the outcome. So the message each party sends plus the economic outplay now & in next five months will be key factors. Then bring in the 50% + 1 factor. Its still a long walk for everyone.

  8. Even as we do the analysis, let’s not forget that the difference between Lungu and HH in last year’s elections was only 27,757. To claim that this or that candidate will have an outright win of over 50% in 1st round is a fallacy. A lot has happened since we had elections, and other factors in the coming months can decide the outcome. The question we need to ask ourselves as observers (casting aside the cadre mentality) is; who has seemingly “stolen” more votes from the other? Where has the pendulum swung; has it swung towards HH or EL? How many of those who voted for HH last year, will still give him the vote in August? Has Lungu done enough to retain the support of the 807,925 who voted for him? Notwithstanding the new voters, for me, this election will be won by whoever will capture…


    • Exactly ba Pipo, mwalasa!! This is where we will catch the chipatepate party.

      Muchinga, Northern and Luapula are prone to voting aparthy, no matter how loud Kabwili and team make noise, it won’t help-if they wish, they can go and camp in this region for the 3 months campaign period, but still they will be luck to have a turn out of over 40%!!

      Meanwhile, Southern, Western and Central-HH’s stronghold….yabaa, wapya muziii, ni 80% plus, plus turnout!

    • Zezemba…. we are sensitising people and we are aiming for a 98% voter turnout in Southern and western provinces.

  10. Cb is no body strong wood area it is wide open to any party bt not pf with job loses load sheadng change is inevitable

  11. Forget about strongholds here. The new voters are the young people looking for a sound economy; employment opportunities. You can shout on your rooftops to try to convince them to vote on tribal lines. Forget it. They want a sound economy; they want change. Young people hardly vote for status quo. This is why no ruling party has hardly won by more than 50 percent. We have always had minority governments; worse in 1991 when youths were supported by the parents to dislodge mighty KK. UNIP was counting on strongholds built over 27 years only to be whitewashed!!! Only you bloggers will overwork yourselves on stronghold factor when the new voter went to register primarily to change government. Mark my words! I was in UNIP.

    • @JJP
      I am a new voter after many years of studying abroad. I have also been in employment for sometime and will be voting Edgar Chagwa Lungu and PF. No other government before has been able to pay me what PF is paying me. It is as simple as that. If you think that all the new voters are young ones then you have another thing coming. For the middle aged like me who decided to register again, the motivation was the way our friends in Southern Province voted for their own and how there was so much voter apathy in the northern region. This time around, we do not want to be left behind. We want to vote with our families in big numbers.

  12. Those saying EL will do better this tell fail to see how much populist appeal Sata, and though I disliked the man, EL simply rode on that. That won’t be enough this time around, the Cobra is buried and PF with him. Mark my words!

  13. The Cobra was buried with PF. Come 11/8 voters will go to the polls on empty stomachs with economic and social turbulence at its peak unforseen since independence. So what will be the motive to vote if not CHANGE for the better?.

  14. The clear odds are that if a stone were to randomly fall on a Tonga on earth from Mars, that individual will almost certainly be a UPND supporter. Begs the question, why?

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