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Zambia Revenue Authority buys mineral X-Ray machines


Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA)Commissioner General Berlin Msiska during the official opening of Chipata domestic taxes offices
Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA)Commissioner General Berlin Msiska
during the official opening of Chipata domestic taxes offices

Government has launched multi million Kwacha ‘X-Ray Fluorescence Analysers’ to monitor the mineral value chain in the mining sector.

Secretary to the Treasury, Fredson Yamba says the digital analyzers are worth 7.5 million Kwacha.

Mr. Yamba says the equipment will enhance transparency and accountability in the mineral value chain.

And Zambia Revenue Authority -ZRA- Commissioner General Berlin Msiska says the 18 analyzers have been procured and distributed to various stakeholders.

Mr. Msiska says ZRA will build capacity among its personal use the equipment effectively.

Meanwhile, Mines Permanent Secretary, Paul Chanda says the ministry is committed to improving accountability in the sector.

Mr. Chanda also disclosed that the European Union has reached an advanced stage in buying six more X-Ray fluorescent Mineral Analyzers.

He said this in a speech read on his behalf by the Acting Director of Mines Fred Banda.



  2. mining sector financial quality and reporting cannot be tackled simply from installation and acquisition of simple x ray gadgets the metal balancing must be from the in and out ends of both sides and comparable to primary data in the production system accounting for mass quantities and those acceptable quantified losses as a result metal accounting and reconciliation must provide a convincing satisfactory satisfaction of that validations
    what should come into the production process against ant internal pillar up and drawdowns from operations in mining should be sufficiently similar within mass analysed components at acceptable tolerance limits…

  3. these ZRA machines should be able to feedback and forward to reconcile that in a check in and out style with regular sampling to ensure conformance
    it must be at production stage all the way to concentrators to plant stock and inventory transfer for exports with minimal output change
    you will need also to relate hydrometallurgical plants with multiple products, residues, impurities, reagents and effluents in those ZRA machines metal accounting
    Use of such software Ampla metal mining solutions in mining operations side by side with those x ray machines for ZRA will therefore be complementary and not standalone as the critical point is at extractive and…

  4. production Therefore require mining firms and Jerabos slimes dumps to implement metal accounting software’s in production and that ZRA XRAY machines checks to reconcile those Metal accounting quality

    The new Gadget is only a part of the process in metal accounting to exports revenues in the sector whether jerabos types or pure conventional mining

  5. But if you have bought X-ray machines…why are you negotiating for 6 more from EU? Why cant you just procure them instead of begging…isnt this an investment?

  6. Not sure how these machines work. But writing from experience, like @ Mwalimu has said, accounting from ores to sales of finished products is involving. I know, because I was once involved in carrying out such a task.

  7. When sata came to power he instructed emerald producers to hold auctions in Zambia. The first auction held produced revenues not produced before from the sales of emeralds not to mention the monies from the visiting bidders.
    Suddenly when Lungu came in the auctions stopped being held in Zambia with no explanation why. Before that we got a story from the Indians at kagem bragging that they payed this much tax.
    Can some one from PF tell us why the auctions were stopped in Zambia if it was shown that more money was raised by holding them in Zambia.???

  8. ZRA should be very careful when using this equipment. Since they will be measuring different types of products, the methodology must be well thought out as this technique is very sensitive to matrix changes.

  9. I agree to peoples technical analysis govt should take these loopholes sill them
    The other issue is human error where mines may corrupt these zra workers to give wrong data.
    What measures have been put at blusting/collection of ore to smelter to warehouse for sale.
    Standardise these do these mines sale when they reach a certain tonage or sale as customers buy let mines standardise.
    Make gates to the processing unit,monitor what goes in and products out what has been stored fof sale at what price

  10. Comment:Hope this machine wont b thrown at the scrap yard.
    dear bloggers remember what happened with the motor vehicle fitness machine procured by rsta using tax payers money.its non fuctional todate bcz of few selfish individuals who have obviously benefited somehow.
    it doesnt not make sense to buy a gadget using tax payers money which will b later rejected by the stakeholders.

  11. Weigh scales designed to weigh road trucks or rail wagons where the lever system is usually below ground in a pit so that the vehicle or rail wagon can pass over and stop on the scale, they must have reference to metal accounting and ores mining determination both inferred and non-inferred or determined and non-determined minerals to ensure the yields is as exported or sold

  12. it will be interesting also to review the manual for those X rays machines and see the coding for metals and ores and relate to Accountability and actual recovery of ores accountability in the sense that Sum of all ores outputs in metals +inventories as a factor of inputs
    You will expose mining firms tax revenue shenanigans in Zambia by a robust metal accounting and standards not X ray Machines alone like weigh bridges But Good attempt though
    Canada Red metal Iwe

  13. the emphasis should be on Financial metal accounting compliancy and then confirmation of the QUALITY OF REPORTING to audited as you test the revenues in those ores in mining statistics

    Fore instance as mining REPORTING QUALITY analysis look at the Revenues and Cost of Production to production statistics The hint is most ore production is restated and smoothened only to be reported in future periods and Most of the Ore exported unaccounted for so the X ray machines will not generate exponecial revenues shortest as desired
    Timalolana Napyamo Canada

  14. Okay its the Financial Reporting system and quality that rather should be the core requirement to ensure completeness in the audit of revenue and cost of sales for these means now one of the characteristics of high financial quality in earnings is non existence in the Zambian mining sector and hence the transparency initiative reporting Zambia is full of expenditures and rather scanty on production reserves and revenue Its not a one mans show Its the development of the reporting framework and ensuring that all sticks to the systems requirement to support ZRA initiative

  15. Those financials must reflect consistency in reporting over time, no overly estimates, sustainable ,accruals with that eventually gets realised and very few ,little volatility in actual cash flows not artificial, business models that reflects industrial normal and also macroeconomic conditions
    In corporate Gov., some robust internal control system with sound board committees as recommendation to ensure disclosure that is correct and professional The reporting that should meet the local requirement for SEC listing with proper coverage for independent stake holders to spot the bumper as in acacia insurance
    Most of the Financial reporting highlights for our mines are…

  16. Most of the Financial reporting highlights for our mines are suspect from production statistics to balance sheet, income statement,cashflows especially the component of revenue structure and cost
    For instance look at luanshya mines or kcm or Mopani in their recent Financials look at the segmental revenue realised by region euro china in components of metals sold test the average realised price Check the Total production open pit and under according to mined metals per particular attention to year over year change in production and see what revenues
    Worse of with cost of sales fraud reporting initiatives with lines like consumables/spare parts services and mine…

  17. expansions not in line with productivity for year under review if looked at with other filed reports
    The x-ray by ZRA is not top one but the creation of quality accounting system such as ampla and other metal accounting systems that can be audited and validated by the X rays in the ICTU of ZRA


  18. You Are Right

    That Is Why Reconciliation Of EBITDA Is A Thorn Issue For These Mines Very Few Can Convincingly Relate Net Debt To EBITDA Within Acceptable Tolerable Adjusted EBITDA Margin

    Accounting system and compliancy to best standards in the industry is key The X-ray Machine is for sampling those productive output as captured and reported for completeness

    Napyamo Finally?????

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