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Lusaka residents complain about Police brutality


File : Police officers
File : Police officers

SOME residents of Lusaka have complained about severe brutality by the recently dispatched police recruits.

The residents said the recruits had even gone as far as getting money and other valuables from people who are found walking as early as 20:00 hours.

“We have no peace now since these Kamfinsa guys were brought here, some of us work on night shifts and knock off around 04:00 hours in the morning and we usually bump into them,” a source said.

Another source who was walking home after parking his car at a garage was forced to jump into the premises of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses to avoid being beaten by the officers.

But police spokesperson, Charity Chanda said the officers were only instructed to apprehend suspects and urged residents that any form of brutality should be reported at any police station.

“As far as we are concerned, no one has complained of being beaten by the police and there is no curfew in Zambia. What we want is law and order to prevail,” she said.

The residents of Lusaka have since appealed to Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja to instruct the officers to escort those found moving at night to their homes.


  1. Madam Chanda,even if its protecting your own people,go to chelston mkt and ask how many vicitims of the same brutality are there. Report to the police? How will that help because I can see you are already protecting the so-called recruites,so how will the police help if the boss is already protecting

  2. complaining like kids wont help, in this era of smart cell phones…if u are walking into officers…if possible switch your to recording….most officers have name tags or identification number on their breast pocket…instead of complaining like the 5 year olds…sue the ‘bagger’ in his individual capacity at the same time sue the IG for violation of freedom of movement….harassment and other charges…as long as the officers feel they are the law and are above the law, they will continue harassing the public at will….people are suppose to have a sigh of relief and sense of peace and protection when they bump into any policeman anywhere at any time…but the opposite happens…

  3. I worship my parents. My Mom and Dad. Who’s given me life, who’s fed me, nourished me when I was sick, wiped away my tears and held me when I was emotionally torn and made sure through selfless acts that I live this speck of time happily. I can not worship a god who wish to turn son’s against their father, daughter against their mother. There is no evidence that god made me but there are records that my Mother gave birth to me. So yeah, I have a very good reason to worship my parents. No religion can ever convince me otherwise

    • I am with you 100%
      Hard to face swallow truth.
      What is attributed to god’s greatest accomplishments would not even belong on the resume of an intern at a day care.
      My parents are my god.

  4. Has Zambia been turned to the former Zaire where cops meant to protect the public themselves became the thugs?. The few rotten eggs eroding the confidence of the public in the police should immediately be brought to book.

  5. Give police time and space to work only thugs can complain.
    *if you look suspious they will give a chase.
    *being irresponsible to yo life so drunk,unable to explain why,where,how,with,from,to police will think you are the pipo killing pipo.
    Why its normal even big democracies its happening to protect the majority and i m sure amongst these complaining 50% are killers and very soon police will chop them done.
    If you are a worker use a letter or id let police arrest these killers please
    Stop insulting police and lets all support them to clean our compounds
    How i wish there could be a cleanup starting with mayard areas

    • kalusa..
      every citizen is assumed innocent until proven otherwise…but our cops do it the other way….when you meet them at 01 even if you have a letter from employers indicating that you knock off at midnight….the cops will deliberately dismiss the letter as a forgery…’BWAna NIVAmene vipaYA bantu USIku’..that’s it…you will have had it. They first provoke you with their stup1d Tongish nyanjya accent…as you react they take it you are confronting them….and they will have to show you who the boss is…

  6. Crime Rate eg house burglary, assault, killing of innocent souls, rape is high countrywide and people have been crying for Police presence except for Traffic Officers who are omnipresent (everywhere) like God. Is it the same people who have been crying for police who are now complaining? The problem in Zed is that people like loitering. Wherever you go you will find the loiterers are 10 times than ones with business to do there eg. at border posts, companies like Zambia Breweries, all Bus Stations, stadia, streets, etc. People start trooping to the road side standing and chatting as early as 05 00 hours until late save for few who are earning a living there. Loiterers are ones complaining and take cover in other people’s yards otherwise a lot of people still go on with their business…

  7. Comment:To those complaining that the police are brutal and harassing innocent citizens, WAIT until you have one of your beloved relative killed brutally by the “innocent citizens”
    What kind of people are you??? Those that have been brutally killed are not lesson enough for the police to swing into action? Come on friends, be real.

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