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ZESCO commences upgrade of Transmission lines in preparation for power from Mamba


ZESCO spokesperson Henry Kapata (right) talks to a client at his firm's pavilion yesterday during the ongoing eighth Southern Tourism, Agricultural and Commercial Show Society (STACSS) in Livingstone
ZESCO spokesperson Henry Kapata (right) talks to a client at his
firm’s pavilion yesterday during the ongoing eighth Southern Tourism,
Agricultural and Commercial Show Society (STACSS) in Livingstone

THE World Bank and European Investment Bank financed US$100 million upgrade of the Zesco transmission line from Kafue to Livingstone is expected to commence today.

This is in a bid to help cushion the current power deficit.

Zesco spokesperson, Henry Kapata said the project would see the power transmission line upgraded from the current 220 to 330 kilovolts to enable it carry about 665 megawatts of power, which would be generated from the thermal plant in Maamba, Southern Province.

Mr Kapata said the project would be completed in 21 days and assured that by June, there would be stable power supply and reduced power shortages in various parts of Zambia.

He said in an interview yesterday that the current 220-kilovolt transmission line would not be able to accommodate the power to be generated from the Maamba thermal plant until it had been upgraded.

“Zesco will today commence the upgrading of the 220-kilovolt transmission line from Kafue to Livingstone. This is a $100 million project funded by the World Bank, European investment Bank and Government.

Once the project is completed, it will help reduce load-shedding countrywide,” Mr Kapata said.

He said the other idea behind the project was to provide reliability of power supply and quality services to customers.

Mr Kapata said the project would not only benefit the people in Southern Province, but would cater for the whole country.

“This project is important to us as a power utility company, because once completed, it will benefit people in all the provinces. As you are aware, Maamba thermal plant has plans to generate up to 600 megawatts of power. With the current 220-kilovolt power line transmission it cannot be accommodated. So we thought of upgrading it to 330 kilovolts,” Mr Kapata said.

He said Zesco was dedicated to ensuring a stable supply of power amidst the power deficit, which had rippled through most of the sub-Saharan region.


  1. fyi mamba will generate 300mw in August and should the correct Tariffs which are currently too low dont worry they will be raised after elections MCL and its partners will consider upgrading the power plant to 600mw in 150mw modules which could take any from 3 years to 5

  2. By the time of elections there will be no load shading! It will come to pass and the PF government will bring in more development programs to industrialize the economy.

    • It’s is what is called multiple procurement; there will be a number of different contractors working simultaneously at different line segments.

  3. Only persons with short memory will be hood winked by any reduce load shedding, the wise will move on and try others.

  4. Zesco knows this line cant transmit required power to areas where its needed most but you have kept put without action for 51 years this is criminal.
    Where does money go? Zambians pay fixed fee towards materials every month separately from tax. This goes for water also but services are so poor like its free.
    #to me zambian managers still need supervision just like zed contructors they need a chinese standing nearby.
    We need these to be signing contruct forms with guide expectations so that if they dont meet them they shud be fired just like football coaches.
    We need to change things in top management if we have to see things moving. If the top is dealt with he will make sure things are pushed.

  5. I hope this will eventually reduce load shading but as usual ZESCO will come up with other excuses. Who is doing this project? I hope it is NOT our Chinese or Indian guys as usual.They is known to do almost all projects for ZESCO. Who knows why.

  6. This news makes upmd supporters from Cowthern Province ve diarrhea because they ve been thriving or banking on these challenges as a springboard to state house,wenyo!Mwailasha!Loadshedding and dollar issues will be out of the campaign very soon.What will HH Talk about next?Perhaps,he will talk about Unza/copperbelt which re opening next week.Its ECL all the way!!!!

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