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HH church luncheon with the clergy was political -Kapata


Jean Kapata prepares the audience for the Lukulu Rally
FILE: Jean Kapata prepares the audience for the Lukulu Rally

THE Church must at all times resist the temptation of aligning itself to any political party in the country because that has the potential to create divisions in the country based on religion, the Patriotic Front (PF) has said.

PF elections chairperson Jean Kapata said while it was within the constitutional right of citizens to associate themselves with any political organization of their choice, it was religiously wrong for men of the collar to take political sides.
Reacting to the luncheon United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema held for selected church leaders at his residence in New Kasama on Thursday, Ms Kapata said it was religiously incorrect for the church to exhibit political alignment especially in an election year.

Ms Kapata said it was shocking that some church leaders had accepted an invitation to have lunch with Mr Hichilema when the country had a lot of opposition political party leaders who equally needed their spiritual counsel.

She said the church must endeavour to remain impartial when advising politicians and that if there was need to pray for politicians, the clergy must never be seen to select which political leaders deserved their religious counsel.
Ms Kapata however said the ruling party was happy with the three Church mother bodies, the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC), the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) and the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (ZEC) for schooling political parties on the need to end political violence.

She said the PF had remained resolute on its campaign against violence and that was why President Edgar Lungu had shown the way by decreeing that those engaged in violence would be expelled from the ruling party apart from facing the wrath of the law.

“We know that there is always a danger that some church leaders can easily abandon their religious calling and align themselves to some political parties. But our plea is that church leaders must avoid falling into the temptation of openly aligning themselves to political parties.

‘‘It is our fervent hope that church leaders will not be politically compromised during this election year because their flock belongs to different political parties. We are however shocked that some church leaders accepted to have lunch with one opposition political party leader,” Ms Kapata said.

And Ms Kapata said President Lungu had remained the most favourite in the August general elections because the PF through the Head of State had delivered to the disappointment of the opposition.

She said as the PF elections chairperson, she was determined to make sure the PF was retained into power and that she would never disappoint the party and the Head of State.


    • Bitterness is chocking this tomboy! John Kapata, you need to deal with your members – Fr. Frank Bwalya and Rev Jevan Kamanga. What HH did was just have a luncheon with them at his mansion. The clergy did not join UPND like the hungry men i mentioned.

    • Edgar’s declaration of national prayer day holiday was political. Edgar’s decision to build a tabernacle is political. Christians for Edgar is political, so what is this Jean Kapata saying? Tell us which church did Edgar attend before being president, where and when was he baptized ?

    • PF Rabid dogs on the loose firing cannons every direction. So what about Mr Lungu and the pastors he invites? What about national day of prayer which has yielded nothing but increased brutality? Ba Lungu all these moves were political moves. PF are making HH popular. Same happened to Sata with MMD firing loose cannons.


  1. Talk to Joshua Banda (Northmead Assembly of God) and the like directly please first before you attack others.

  2. Some of these so called clergy have no idea what they are supposed to preach about. They have turned the pulpit into a workshop to make money. It goes to show how cheap some people can be, bought with a plate of chow! If I were to invite them so that they vote for Obama in November, I am sure they will promise me their vote, shame!

    • They were hungry and so they went for lunch. They are supposed to preach salvation by they are busy looking for food.

    • I can’t accept a prayer from John Mambo.That man is a spy.Remember Kaunda deported him to Zimbabwe?Have you ever heard John preaching? Which pulpit. He’s one chap who can’t even pray during a meal. He can’t even memorise a simple verse like in John chapter 3 v 16.
      Watch these pastors on the side of HH they are either satanist or foreigners from Nyasaland or Southern Rhodesia.
      Deport them.

  3. What’s wrong with these politicians? Madam, you also free to hold similar luncheons. Can’t possibly see what’s wrong here.

    • They just did. Heard advert on radio Christian voice about an event dubbed Christians for Lungu to be held at Mulungushi conference centre.

  4. Let God judge them madam… The people are suffering and the clergy need to hear alternative ideas from the leading opposition!

  5. It was okay for the so called “BISHOP CHOMBA” to be used at your rally in Kabwe to insult HH and wrong for the other clergymen to just attend the luncheon at HH’s residence without insulting anyone. Mad woman give us break.

  6. madam Kapata, who stopped you and the other political parties from holding a luncheon and inviting the same pastors to come and feast? Invite them kaili badye nsima also. When HH doesnt share you say niwkaso he cant even smile. When he shares food and smiles with men of God, ati its political. what exactly do you want him to do?

  7. BaChair Lady wama Elections, Last year you had a selection of certain churches you invited to state house for prayers. You secretly Paid some and provided them with transport. Chiwamila mbuzi kuluma galu? Oh, now i see how shallow minded some PF leaders are. Shame on you!

  8. Your President Ms Kapata is trotting between churches campaigning. Is that not politics? People are hungry, there is no mealie meal. Women are being stripped in the streets and you Kapata despite being a woman said nothing. Your preoccupation is to remain in that office and continue to subject Zambians to untold misery and poverty. Nothing will serve you madam. We are simply tired of your incompetence.

  9. Ma jealousy musiye. Jesus was condemned when he had luncheon with zacchaeus. The clergy have to attend to all human beings when invited. Invite them and they will come. The luncheon shows HH has an active mind, vision and plan for the luncheon seems to have been well organized without any confusion and attacks on political contenders unlike attacks on other politicians made at some church events

  10. No comment other than to ask UPND to extend luncheons to excluded clergy outside Lusaka. They need to also enjoy HH farm beef…

  11. “We know that there is always a danger that some church leaders can easily abandon their religious calling and align themselves to some political parties.” E.g. (don’t call me Father) Frank Bwalya.

  12. Everything about you madam is filthy, no wonder it’ s cardinal and advisable for you to repent, go and bath and be cleansed. very soon you’ ll start rotting and start stinking like whatever vomit comes out of your rotten mouth. go and take a bath please !!

  13. Jean, while you are looking silly with your silly statements, did you know that the tourisim industry for which you are minister has been in decline, recording some of the lowest incoming numbers????
    You most likely did not know this.

  14. Ba Kapata naimwe just concentrate on you dying Paya Farmer party. By the way what are your achievements as MP and Tourism Minister? Nada!!

  15. We are however shocked that some church leaders accepted to have lunch with one opposition political party leader,” Ms Kapata said. Ms Kapata do you own the church leaders? HH was just taking advantage of cheap church leaders who fall for luncheon and he can’t be blamed for that. He just outsmart them and they fell to his re-branding of his party although he forgot to obtain leakage from NASA about major weather patterns on the day like eclipse, heavy downpour, etc.

  16. The so called luncheon given to those hungry pastors wont make any difference to Zambians who are already decided to vote for PF and ECL.Zambians will not risk voting for a leader without experience on how govt works.

    • Ba HH but why suddenly hosting luncheons to pastors and diplomats? Please use those finances to help your defanct vise preident Dr CB.

  17. These hungry clergy men should have been wise to choose a neutral place rather than the Mansion. This being an election year one could be mistaken to have endorsed/supported the sponsor of the food or indeed be belittled as hungry men and women who care not to labelled “sebana wikute”.

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