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Make no mistake, Zambia is facing a mealie meal shortage-HH


Chingola residents awaiting for their turn to buy mealie meal
Chingola residents awaiting for their turn to buy mealie meal

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has insisted that Zambia is currently facing a mealie meal shortage crisis even if Government keeps denying it.

Mr Hichilema says the mealie meal crisis is the complete responsibility of the Government for making no provisions to plan for this when they had the chance.

“When we talk about our colleagues in the PF running a chipantepante type of Government taking our people for granted and risking our lives for their own benefit, it’s not out of hatred but simply because we care for our fellow Zambians and see the suffering across the country because of a lack of serious planning to make the appropriate provisions available,” Mr Hichilema said in a statement.

“We started sounding warnings bells as early as July 2015 that the country risked facing severe mealie meal shortages due to massive exports they embarked on, but as usual their response was to ridicule us and claim we were criticising their lack of planning and vision simply because we were bitter,” he said.
He added, “Yet, because our party leadership as well as our senior party members come from an agricultural background we knew the hole the PF were driving us into and we have our plan now to make sure this never happens again.”

Mr Hichilema said at the time the PF had no shame in telling lies inside Parliament that the nation had a bumper harvest and that exports were good business for farmers, despite the rules of the house being very clear that this is a punishable offence to lie on oath.

“But, because the PF feel protected by the system inside the Parliament to look after them, they have had no qualms about breaking any such laws. We have been consistent and clear with our message that we needed to take our national food consumption requirement levels seriously before embarking of massive exports like they did,” he said.

The UPND leader stated that his party was also very clear that even if the nation had excess maize grain for exports, Zambia would earn more if the country did value addition by selling finished products such as actual mealie meal, feedstock, and other by-products than raw grain, thereby created jobs in the value chain and distribution process.

“We were very clear that the chaotic PF agriculture and economic policies would lead to higher costs of fertilisers and other input costs which had the impact of strangling productivity to dangerously low levels. Yet, despite this crisis staring us in the face, rather than putting their attention into finding a solution for the problem, the PF spend their time criticising us for telling the truth and trying to convince the country that there are sufficient stock levels to deal with the crisis which you only have to look around our starving population to see is untrue.”

He said even President Edgar Lungu and some of his ministers have now started to realise the extent of the crisis and were later publicly contradicting each other by claiming they needed to import, which would not have been necessary if there had been proper leadership and planning in the first place.

“The PF has always tried to blame all the economic and social problems our country faces on anyone else apart from themselves, when it is no one else apart from themselves and their lack of vision and leadership which is responsible for these problems. They refuse to admit any of their own mistakes or take advice from people with the experience necessary to turn our country around,” he said.

Mr Hichilema said with the favourable climatic conditions and unused arable vast land in various parts of the country, Zambia should be one of Africa’s leading producers of maize and other agriculture produce and that Zambians should never be hungry and queuing for mealie meal currently at very high prices when available.

“We need a government with strong leadership, vision and experience to fix our country’s agricultural and other economic sectors because we as Zambians can no longer afford the chaotic alternative.”

Lining up to buy mealie meal in Chingola
Lining up to buy mealie meal in Chingola


  1. What is the reason the “clergy” where saved rice and spaghetti when they visited HH in New Kasama?

    • The biggest problem is that Zambians do not know what they deserve? So even when they queue up for mealie meal which is in short supply, they will accept whatever bullcrap of an excuse meno meno Lungu and PF tell them.

      Wake up for one Zambian, we are going back to the UNIP era of shortages which was a thing of the past.

      Viva HH

    • Mr PRIVATISATION (hh) is surely an evil man, a prophet of doom even his face shows it. Nowander he does not even smile. He hopes evil for our country thinking that would be his passport to plot 1. Noooo Zambians lets reject this desperate ngombe ilede. He deserves no where near state house

    • Thanks Mr HH. Now this is what we want to hear Mr President issue based arguments.
      In Zambia, people are now used to the poor life style. My fellow Zambians, the life style of poverty is a strange lifestyle if you compare to countries with good leadership. This man you have in the state house is useless and if you don’t get rid of this man come august 2016 then it is your own faults. Lungu has no clear vision and he does not know what he is doing. If PF are kicked out this Aug 2016, this will create some kind of precedent for new ruling parties and they will all fear that if we don’t perform, we will be kicked out. So advise from a fellow Zambian is kick PF out.


    • mealie meal is in short supply only in the pf strongholds, CB, lsk, northern provinces. why? pf cannot stab itself in the chest like this for sure upnd is behind this artificial shortage. but we have seen through your schemes. come Aug vote ECL & PF.

    • This should not come as a shock to most Zambian because some of us predicted these queues for mealimeali way back in 2013 /2014 season when PF made a huge mess of agriculture by removing subsidy from agri inputs while at the same time appeasing Mugabe by exporting our reserves before harvest.

      PF were also warned by HH during the 2014/2015 season to deliver inputs on time and reduce the cost of fertilizer to encourage farmers to increase the maize acrage so that maize sold to Mugabe can be replenshed. PF as issual labelled HH as bitter.

      Earlier this year HH sounded the same warning again. PF responded by accusing him of scare mongering. Then PF made it worse by accusing UPND of bulk buying of mealimeal to cause artificial shortages. PF police arrests some culprits and silence…

    • All PF minions are led by the satanist Kudos. The pride he takes in showing his skull avatar confirms that him and most PF minions are merchants of death to most Zambians.

      If in doubt just look at the way they continue to hack fellow Zambians with impunity while Lungu celebrates over a whisky and goes about pretending to confemn violence while glorifying it in reality.

      If you play with violence it will consume you.

    • I have always failed to understand the politics of HH. We all know very well that maize and mealie meal are there except for a few greedy millers who are hoarding the commodity and smuggling it into neighbouring countries. We also listen and watch the news to hear and see for ourselves how many trucks laden with maize and mealie meal and destined for neighbouring countries are being intercepted by law enforcement officers and ZNS. We also are able to listen and watch the news to hear and see for ourselves what government is doing to deal with the selfishness of millers and some businessmen. Does HH honestly think we can buy his stupid story that government is to blame for all this with the high demand for maize in the region?

    • These people in PF are thieves. Look at the trucks of maize that are intercepted day and night at borders, investigations are done but everything die a natural death. what does that mean. It means the ones involved are within the ruling party since they are untouchable nothing can be done in fear of discrediting the party. Zambians are in for a rude shock if they keep on believing the lies by PF.

    • The Nostradamus I’ve so much ready about and watched as a documentary was not so nonsensical like the Nostradamus I am now labouring to respond to his blogging! What a silly contribution Nostradamus! We are talking about serious issues here. Issues that concern life and death and you are joking? Be serious and grow up man!

    • @zedoc, I am shocked at the amount of your stupidity since you find it easy to call others stupid. In case you live on a different planet, listen, today in a country called Zambia, the ruling Political Party is called the Patriotic Front or PF in short. The PF came to power in 2011 with a promise to solve most of the problems effecting Zambia but 5 years down the line, the PF have abrogated on most of their promises. Result: MISERY TO PEOPLE IN 90% OF ZAMBIAN HOUSEHOLDS? Who should the people blame then? Not the PF who promised them Heaven on Earth? But one man called zedoc is disputing this bare fact and calls one innocent man called HH a stupid man? Really? Who is a dunce between HH and the zedoc? Certainly the stupid one is zedoc?

    • It is a shame, to see such things happening, Zambians have to wake-up and know their rights. Sorry but this shows how St.upid we are as a nation. Because they don’t know their rights. They accept to quell up for mealie meal and vote for wrong people.

      We are back in UNIP Days, next will be Bread…. VIVA PF for taking Zambia backward.. What a party with all its leadership.. They don’t think.

    • As president my food policy would be each province produces enough to feed itself and trade the excess with food deficit provinces and/or FRA. The gains would directly go into the provincial coffers to be plowed back into the food production sector!

    • Mr Copy and Paste Hakinde Hechilima has no vision for Zambia. All he does is copy everything Sata was doing but he forgets Sata was not a Tonga. He has no solutions except finger pointing and yapping yapping like a mad man. Provide the solution we see then & if u dont have keep yo beak shut

    • @ Ati God’s creation
      God gave you knowledge to think and not to be parroting what that privatization of a crook you call HH is busy telling people. If there is no maize or mealie meal as HH is telling us, then what is that stuff on trucks destined for neighbouring countries that are being impounded? Is that HH’s poo poo? Do you really want to blame PF and ECL for the greed of some Zambian millers and businessmen? Grow up!!! In case you were still in your nappies or not yet conceived when KK was in power, you may wish to know that it is the greed of some of these millers that made KK one time to nationalise some milling companies. You may not know about Mr. Ephriam Chibwe and how his milling company was nationalised in the late 80s. But you can read about this. If it was during the…

  2. Make no mistake, Hakainde is a desperate alarmist wimp who is at the moment enjoying Zambia’s economic woes. That’s what these people thrive on. Messages of ill-will and suffering. We all remember how they celebrated when the late Sata died, how they rejoiced when President Lungu fainted. We know you are the devil (HH). Your Pride is what got you kicked out of heaven. You can’t F0OL us Lucifer 666 beast.

    • Make no mistake. President Lungu warned that the devil has entered the Zambian political scene. It’s this same Kachema who has bought all the maize to make Chibwantu and Mabisi.

    • You don’t make any sense with your rants. Stop attacking the man, instead attack his message, prove him wrong, not always attacking his personality. This is the reason Africa will remain as it is, you focus much on the individual, mud slinging and trying to pull people down instead of analyzing the message.
      Africa will always remain a dark continent because of this attitude. You cant think beyond your nose.

    • The devil has invaded the political arena, very soon people will be lining up to buy milk because the devil (HH) is busy brewing Mabisi for his cadres.

    • Make no mistake, Zambians are used to mediocre performing governments such that shortages and lineups are an acceptable norm

    • Cheap PF strategy is to continuously demonise HH whilst shielding the villain; the criminally negligent incompetent Lungu who is busy getting fat and making money daily whilst population famishes.

    • Indeed, HH is the evil incarnate!!! I am now more inclined to believe he could have a hand in the shortages of mealie meal and maize. Does this fool of a politician honestly think we can be duped with his cheap mealie meal shortage politics when we know how much demand there is for Zambian maize in the region and how some selfish Zambian millers and businessmen are trying to smuggle the commodity outside Zambia and causing artificial shortages? Do we not all know how government has deployed ZNS officers to border towns to stop the vice, is blacklisting millers involved in the vice, and is stopping the transportation of maize and mealie meal in the night? For this Zambian political fool called HH, all this counts for nothing. What a fool this one really is!!!

    • HH is indeed the evil incarnate!!! I am now more inclined to believe he could have a hand in the shortages of mealie meal and maize. Does this fool of a politician honestly think we can be duped with his cheap mealie meal shortage politics when we know how much demand there is for Zambian maize in the region and how some selfish Zambian millers and businessmen are trying to smuggle the commodity outside Zambia and causing artificial shortages? Do we not all know how government has deployed ZNS officers to border towns to stop the vice, is blacklisting millers involved in the vice, and is stopping the transportation of maize and mealie meal in the night? For this Zambian political fool called HH, all this counts for nothing. What a fool this one really is!!!

    • It is true HH is the devil incarnate!!! I am now more inclined to believe he could have a hand in the shortages of mealie meal and maize. Does this fool of a politician honestly think we can be duped with his cheap mealie meal shortage politics when we know how much demand there is for Zambian maize in the region and how some selfish Zambian millers and businessmen are trying to smuggle the commodity outside Zambia and causing artificial shortages? Do we not all know how government has deployed ZNS officers to border towns to stop the vice, is blacklisting millers involved in the vice, and is stopping the transportation of maize and mealie meal in the night? For this Zambian political fool called HH, all this counts for nothing. What a fool this one really is!!!

    • Make no mistake. President Lungu warned that the devil has entered the Zambian political scene. It’s this same Kachema who has bought all the maize to make Chibwantu and Mabisi.
      Your comments. Shows you are a bitter man. The devil is all over the places to looking for someone to corrupt. Do you think Lungu is a saint or Obama. All these are workers of iniquity. A giving General Miyanda my vote he is a better saint.

    • Please stop this hate speech mentality. Simply make your contributions in a civilized way – that is if you can & have meaningful contributions. This is the violent nature the country is working hard to get rid of because your contributions are meant to hurt some of your own compatriots.

  3. it is a known fact that you rejoice when there is bad news iwe shonongo. Very soon this crisis will be no more. Just shut your beak up.

    • Kudos you really have an empty head .we are faced with shortages of staple food across the country and instead of advising your pf how to arrest the situation,you are busy insulting someone.please burn that skull of yours.

  4. Hakavotela Haka HH is a jealous man. Every day pointing fingers at the ruling part. Show us by giving money to your vice president mr Banda

    • Cheap PF strategy is to continuously demonise HH whilst shielding the villain; the criminally negligent incompetent Lungu who is busy getting fat and making money daily whilst population famishes.

      Lungu/RB PF has destroyed Zambia and departed from the PF of Sata. The new PF of Lungu-KK-RB has brought corruption, shortages and high prices.

    • Please replace Zambian with ‘Lungu-RB corrupt PF”

      Zambians are not happy to que for mealie meal, pay sky rocketing prices for groceries, constantly pay bribes to PF police, immigration, cadres. This is Lungu-RB way.

      The Zambians will have their say on 11 August is they agree with this incompetent corrupt tribal government.

  5. HH instead of making noise claiming you can have a solution to the problems of 13 million Zambians sort out that of your vice president.

    • UPND Vice president Canisius Banda says those bringing in Hakainde Hichilema on his alleged eviction from the house for failure to pay rentals should know that the party president is not his father.

  6. Zambians surprisE me. Dont u come here to comment after coming from a house with no power to get on a bus coz your car has no fuel due to queues at gas stations and then finally to also line up for mealie meal which is in short supply? Are you not experiencing these things on your own sincerely ? Why insult when the writing is on the wall? And why defend the people we put in power who are poor at planning and make bad economic decisions?

    • @Chomba

      The ones commenting and insulting are the PF campaign goons who are paid just to do that. That is why you find Kudos, jkalusa, Senior Citizen, Patriot Abroad always on these sites.

      They are pushing a PF strategy of rebutting the facts by attributing all problems to HH and Tongas. They equate almost half of the population of Zambians that did not vote for PF as Tongas. This is a clarion call to all being insulted by the PF campaign team to rise up.

  7. The same trick which HH used to make MMD panick and sale our Mines for a few pennies
    He wants to use it again to make Zambian people panick and vote him as a president.
    We all know you and friends are smuggling the Maize and making millions of dollars by selling at high price to the neighbouring countries. Just like you made your billions
    In speculating false values of our Mines
    To MMD.
    This time we know you’re the Freemanson
    Satanist who caused this problem.
    That’s why you will never rule our nation

    • And who are you to say HH will NEVER rule rule Zambia? Are you God? Let me remind you that you are just a a simple person and you can die anytime leaving this world just like any other. You even Say NEVER as if you are party of God’s decision maker. Nothing will stop us voting HH no matter your accusation.

  8. There is nothing of this thought as alarmist. First and foremost was it not prudent to sell finished product than the grain? Before you tell us about 666 which you dont even understand, tell us when was ECL baptised, His Church, why did it matter for him to rush to Mugabe and not the Church. Where did he learn his dances from? Is it from Church? Nay. Just tell the President to be baptised the LPM did. Dont play holy for the sake of votes. You will not manage to deceive us – try it to the simple-minded who are rare!

  9. some people have no shame HH has done nothing ar a bunch of bad planners and only know how to kongola for the well know that they ar not the who will pay back.Good also at selling anything they set their eyes on.soon state house will soon be sold to raise election money.For pf must be shown the door.

  10. Why don’t you accept that your VP financial
    Problem and homeless is real. Why can’t you
    Take responsibility of housing your collegue instead of promising the poor Zambian people false miracles just to be voted
    as a president so that you finish off liquidating the whole nation.
    HH Zambians can’t be fooled twice
    You made your billions this time it’s pay
    Back what you stole

  11. Why can’t you accept that CB finational and homeless problems are real and that he needs your help with the billion dollars
    You minted after liquidating our resources ?

  12. I thought these stories of shortage of mealie meal were not in Lusaka but ala yesterday, I was shocked when I went to buy mealie meal and found that all the retailers including shoprite, spar,game, PNP and others didn’t have 25kg bag so I was forced to a 10kg at K45.This is unacceptable ,Zambia can not be going through this.
    We know very well that this shortage of mealie meal is caused by PF and its a deliberate move so that they can start importing maize from Brazil and indirectly they will be fundraising for their party for this general elections.

  13. Those who are condemning HH can you please tell us why other than your useless rants about the devil?.I am a Christian and not foolish.Convince us your PF has has been planning,the pictures of queuing we are seeing are not true. Convince us it’s okay that we are running to IMF.Please convince us the euro bond was OK and well spent.Oh God,convince us the Kwacha issue is global as you always say…Thank you.

  14. The PF President is not serious, he is busy going round campaigning instead of being at one place planning on how to sorting out the problem he has created for us.
    He doesn’t care for the people but for himself, he is just there to raise money for himself and the family.
    Zambian people do not deserve this type of leadership.

  15. Show the Zambian People that you’re the Savour/Angel by putting up CB and his Children in your Mansion and even build them a decent home. Is it not what you
    Humbley accepted to be doing when you
    Invited those hundreds Clegys men showing
    Them your beautiful Mansion and hosting all
    Those diplomats. Why can’t you do it to your
    Fellow collegue who needs it most

  16. What is really is that the Devil/Shonogo has entered the political Arena and he will do anything evening hosting and dining the poor clergymen with human remains just
    To make political mileage.
    Zambians be very careful with Satanists there are very deceiving.
    Always claiming to have solutions to every challenges encountered.
    The Mister I know everything look at me I am billionaire after liquidating your mines
    And now I am ready to rule.
    How pathetic is that ?

    • @ Ponyo

      You are most pathetic blind 1mbecile in Zambia. Still talking about mines? If you have evidence, please go to Police. Otherwise, suck my thick honey stick.

    • @ Ponyo…dont worry dude…they have come all guns blazing today…its Hate 2.0…..whenever their god HH makes a statement, they get so excited even when the statement is littered with drivel…but hey…we have been here before ne? claims of winning the elections even before the ballot papers have been printed…i actually hope somehow for hh to win…then maybe they can really see that he is human after all and not the mystic god they feel he is….

      on that note fellas…i am ready to receive the proverbial upnd insults …fire away 🙂

  17. The problem with zambians is they can’t make a switch to other food substances always it’s nshima. Try others like potatoes rice wheat even rice just for one month you won’t die.

    • Do you know that 7kg bag of potatoes now sells at 85 from 27?
      The problem with Zambians like you is genetic 1mbecility.

    • Techichilema dont be silly.

      Do you expect those alternatives to fall from heaven or there is some place in Zambia where they grow in wild?

  18. Look at this bogus economist first find out why govt did that
    -govt sold off old and extra maize to avoid wastage this was to be done fast before rain leaving secured maixe for consumption.
    lack of storage facility which minister explained earlier.
    -value addition can only be done when ve enough time to grind the maize
    Mr haldof hitler hh its easy said than done. U have been talking too much and promising kilimajaros out of anthills. remember ukwasamwisha kulaponwesha meaning one day you may accidentaly be given a chance and u fail to do what u ve been promising kuponoka be bele.
    U have promised workers 1000% salary,mealie meal to cost k20 per 25 kg breakfast,fuel to cost k3 per litre,electricity to be k5 per unit,vihecles to be k5000 only etc

    • @jkalusa

      Your PF campaign strategy of mud slinging HH when the shiet is for your failed Lungu-RB PF.

      The PF of Michael Sata is buried at Presidential burial site. This PF is just to fatten Lungu body, pocket through corruption. Look at how Lungu has bulged. We have known him for more than 30 years but all of a sudden he is becoming fatter faster than GBM

  19. Is he not the same person who objected when the government was suggesting that retrenched miners be encouraged to venture into farming?

  20. You cannot deny something which is real! You cannot succeed in defending something that is not working! There are mealie meal shortages in many parts of the country! The price of mealie meal has more than doubled! Poverty is now very high in our country, courtesy of Edgar and his PF! What more evidence do you need to accept that Edgar Lungu and PF have no competences to manage this country properly?

  21. Mealie meal under PF (poor family) mulefwaya nangu tamulefwaya na budula .Mr President HH you are 100 % right and this time around let them talk negative about you and UPND the truth of the matter is that come 11 th August 2016 we will Vote for you sir visionary leader. 2016 mpaka litente mpaka litulike come what may ,God ‘ time always the best. God bless mother ZAMBIA.

  22. I like the analysis by Culogo on the PF campaign strategy being pushed by the cohort of jkalusa, mandingo, kudos. It’s a revision of donchi kubeba. The strategy is:

    1. Falsification. PF has told its cadres not to face the facts but bring us other subjects that demean and malign opponents in this case HH primarily.
    2. Minimize the importance of other tribes. The PF are aware that the support base of UPND is the whole of Southern, Lusaka Rural, bulk of central province, lamba land, Barotse and North Western. But to insult these tribes, they just group them under Tonga. To them when they insult Tongas and HH, they are using that as a proxy for the gallant peoples of North Western Rhodesia/Barostse.
    3. Use fake Tonga names in their posts but the shibboleth of it all is seen as…

  23. Cheap propaganda, UPND do not mislead people of Zambia, you can not change anything. Please understand the world economy and how it affects Zambia and do not think as if the brain is like a pot but it is a universe.

    • @RMP

      This is another cheap PF propaganda. Ati its “global”….lol.

      It’s global for staple food to be in short supply…..its global for people to be queing for food….its global for inflation to treble in a year…..its global to have corruption institutionalized in a space of a year…..its global for one person (Lungu) to be getting fatter and fatter every day whilst the population starves….its global to be denying freedom of expression and expression…its global, its global….your foot brain!!

  24. WYNTER Kabimba says people must be careful with the choices they make on August 11 because they will end up with a government that is worse than PF

    • PF blogging strategy debunked:

      Use of Tonga and Lozi names as pseudonym.
      Group almost half of the Zambians that support HH-UPND as Tonga and thus never mention the people of North Western, Central – Lamba. Soli and Lenje lands, Western and project them as useless for aligning themselves to ‘Tongas’.
      Canonise Lungu as a saint by taking him to church events etc but ignoring his lust for money and food now shown in his ever increasing wardrobe as his body grows at a faster rate than GBM

      The chief bloggers are mmd chief bootlicker, kudos, luapula, jkalusa and multitude tonga names adopted for the insults.


  25. The most important thing is that we all know why we are facing meal meal shortage in PF strong holds. can HH still talk about mines? Tanzania voted the ruling when things were as bad as we are seeing in Zambia. we are not going to be the first.

    • What is there to talk about the Mines?

      How many mining units did Zambia have before privatization? How did the privatization process evolve under the Chairmanship of Francis Kaunda? Who privatized KCM, Mopani, and Luanshya Mines? Who were the consultants and how much were they paid? How much were the mines sold for and by who?

  26. HH you will do the same when you get into power. Thats how African leaders does. They dont listen to the opposition. Lungu is not listening to you becoz you are from the opposition and same applies to you when you become the President.
    I heard some people saying white farmers who were chased from Zim are now doing wonders on the farms allocated to them by the Zambian govt. Meaning to say the maize produced in Zambia is being exported instead of feeding the locals. If its true then its bad. On the other hand may be Lungu is trying to help his neighbours.
    As youngsters here in Zim, we used to laugh at Zambia. News was that, when a Zambian wanted to buy a sweet, he would fill the wheel barrow to the brim with kwacha coins. Kikikikikiki lol. Then Zambia was under KK. We dont want Zambia to…

  27. The folly of politicians is failure to look at the situation in the context of the regional maize/mealie meal situation. Maize and mealie meal are being smuggled because Zambia’s prices are cheaper in comparison to prices obtaining in surrounding countries. The market solution to shortages and smuggling is to let maize and mealie meal find their own market prices. This will push the price of mealie meal up to equal the ones obtaining in neighbouring countries. However, this will make the commodity be out of reach of manority Zambians.

    The other option (currently being pursued) is to keep maize prices low and melie meal affordable. This makes the 2 commodities become profitable for businessmen (including millers) for sale at a more lucrative price in neighbouring countries resulting…

  28. This makes the 2 commodities become profitable for businessmen (including millers) for sale at a more lucrative price in neighbouring countries resulting in shortages. The other option is to flood the market with Maize. This is an impossible task as the market include Zimbabwe, Malawi and DRC. Our stocks will run out in no time.

    Can politicians for once stop the blame game and offer solutions to this economic challenge

  29. Logic is so scarce mwa chagwa, in the first place minister of agriculture assured the nation that the country has enough maize stocks from last season that will last up to the end of the year 2016,why not just offload this maize on the market, when we are assured this year’s crop will be ready for the market July /August, problem is most the maize was exported to raise cash for the moneyless treasury, but with the high number of unplanned projects and insatiable appetite for expenditure the raised dollar was just a drop in the pfool ocean, it had no effect. We need change.

  30. Remembering the Past and the present.
    It is the issue of mealie meal that got KK into trouble with the citizens.
    FTJ brought in kantumbi to supply cheap mealie meal.
    Now the opposition wants to rid the market of mealie meal through bulk buying for smuggling.
    The caring Government buys Hammer mills to counter ever rising prices of the commodity.

  31. Zambia will always be a tail if its people do not use their God given brains to recognize the problem of mealie meal, suggest possible solutions, evaluate the solutions, choose solution (s) to adopt and implement. Clearly PF is attempting to solve the crisis using Stone Age methods, blaming the opposition, hiding behind Christianity and calling the rival satanist when PF actions are not Christ like, lying everyday about the problems the country is facing. There is too much evil going around and PF should be cautious that God can not be mocked and you can not use God’s name in vain, you can not use God’s house for political mileage by attacking your rival. Ancient Israel was punished by God using pagan Babylon because of fake religion and social injustice.

  32. Why is it that maize is only in Zambia and not Zimbabwe, Malawi, DRC and other countries in the region? What happened in these countries that Zambia was spared from? National Day of Prayers worked mwee!!!

    • @Umwina Nkana

      I don’t know about Malawi but I know in Zimbabwe the brutal and heartless dictator ensures his nationals are kept in a perpetual poverty loop. He chased productive farmers with predictable consequences. In Congo DRC you should know there’s no farming to speak of, they depend on Zambia to feed them. DRC is our baby and has been since time immemorial. If the Zambian leadership was not brain dead the country would be the center from which food is supplied to starving stomachs surrounding us minting money in the process.


  34. @Unwina Nkana. National day of prayer was on oct 18 last year after the current maize we are chewing was harvested. What can you say about low water in the kariba. Did national prayers affect the levels?

    • Ba Nyirenda (wa mwana wakwithu) Christ the Lord over Zambia made it clear that “In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). So don’t be deceived by politicians, Zambia will still go through challenges here and there; now and again. But we’ll always emerge victorious! The current load shading is actually working to propel Zambia to a higher level in terms of energy (power) resources.

    • You can not emerge victors just sitting down while folding your arms waiting upon God. You are misinterpreting the Bible. God gave you brains to solve situations when faced with challenges and hands to work. You cannot just sit back to pray without doing anything.

  35. The truth is that as a country, we hav not significantly improved from where MMD left us. Economic growth has retarted instead of atleast remaining the same or accelerating. Production has slowed down due to the electricity deficit, global reasons and poor management as well. Some Zambians are so used to poverty that they are even defending the current bad situation and blaming others who may have the solution. People like Mr Kudo’s, i’m so ashamed of his backward thinking. As zambians let us not be robbed of what we truly deserve because we think that people who have competencies to help and curb the situation are evil. Lets not get used to this load shedding, mealie-meal shortage, inflation and poor currency, we are trapping ourselves in this poverty trap by defending those with poor…

  36. People are making ques in tribal HH’s dreams because we normally buy mealie meal anytime we want to!!!PLUS WHY DOES HH TAKE PRIDE IN SUCH NEGATIVE ISSUES?INDEED THIS MAN IS A SATANIST AS HE ONLY D

  37. Kuyabebele. Doesn’t matter how many people PF will sponsor to blog here in defense of a character who preaches love but practices violence, a man sending cadres to strip women in the streets, a man who allows his government to sell all the maize without thinking of his country, a man who has gotten so rich within a year, a man who allows corruption in broad daylight, a man who closes learning institutions indefinitely, a man who continues to borrow for corruption. We definitely don’t deserve this. So PF blog campaigners just get the monies from your sponsors and use it wisely and remember to vote wisely to liberate your families from poverty permanently.

  38. Some people are not ashamed of themselves ! They create artificial shortages of mealie meal deliberately and then pose like they are the only hope for the country.This behavior is evil and some of us who are not politicians get flabbergasted by these high levels of hypocrisy.

  39. So, in short:-
    FACT No.1: – We had a bumper harvest.
    FACT No.2: – We exported maize.
    FACT No.3: – Govt assured the nation repeatedly that there was enough reserve stock under lock and key with FRA to last the Country up to next harvest.
    FACT No.4: – The next harvest is due in August.
    FACT No.5: – This is April and there is a shortage of maize.(i.e. There is a restriction to buy ONE bag at a time. There are queues to buy mealie meal. The price of mealie meal has gone up due to the shortage).
    FACT No.6: – Something is wrong here.

    • “…, because our party leadership as well as our senior party members come from an agricultural background…”

      ‘naff said!!!

  40. Zambians lets start teaching the politicians lessons by giving them 5 years if they fail like pf has failed we change lets not be cheated that change is expensive we deserve better not queeing for mealie meal loadshedng we say no to these by changing the government

  41. And Given Lubinda says there is a rush for Mealie meal because HH went on BBC saying the country exported maize. Surely how many people watch BBC in Zambia.This Given was the most objective guys at some point

  42. HH what are you doing about. Leadership is not State House. If you can not do anything now then stop blaming

    • Dear Edward,
      LOL – Is this the best you can contribute to a debate on an issue-based topic like this? And you have a Masters degree? How did you get it?

  43. Since President Lungu took over the Presidency, Zambia has been in the deconstruct [of an evil cartel system], build and growth phase of the revolution, and this will require some to sacrifice and work outside [in the diaspora] to support the revolution at home that is not just for Zambians but for Africans as a whole. Illegal phone tapings and mass export of maize to starve people who are not from Southern province are things HH and his tribesmen enjoys. Four months before the election verdict people in Northern, Copperbelt, Lusaka, Central and Eastern provinces should know they are starving because the cartel is buying Maize and Mealie meal in bulk to punish them for not voting a Tonga President.

    • @47,
      LOL – Your attempt at conspiracy theory has ended up more like a comedy script from ‘Bikiloni and Difikoti’. This is actually revealing what could be your untapped talent in comedy. Try and market yourself, who knows you could earn a living.

  44. It is not everyone queuing up for mealie meal is an ordinary consumer. Most of them are illegal re-sellers. And most border towns like Chingola, Ndola, Chililabombwe, Solwezi, Mufulira, Nakonde, etc are notorious for smuggling. The photo being displayed is for Chingola scene. Please, bring Shoprite Lusaka, Mazabuka, Kabwe, Namwala photos which are not prone to smuggling. Otherwise the only blame PF can shoulder is failure to curb smuggling and encourage legal exports. This has been happening even at football games. The kaponyas normally buy tickets and start re-selling and if you see stampage for football tickets doesn’t mean that there is hunger for football. PF explain these things to people otherwise you will lose elections even if you have performed well.

  45. People are short sighted about Tongas and their tribalism. I want to remind you of the time when a Tonga became a PEO in Kabwe. All high portfolios in education in the province ended up being given to tongas. When a Tonga was Chief of Bursaries Committee, Tonga students were priority in getting bursaries – especially 100%. When Chinene became VC for Mulungushi University in Kabwe, Tongas dominated including one Malambo who was jailed for faking G.12 certificate. Do I need to remind you that when Mazoka was ZR chief…. People, Tongas cannot be trusted. Surprisingly, they even go against thier own cousins (lozis), they reject them when they are placed in positions of power. Why don’t you ask Sikota, Vice to Mazoka, why was he rejected him? Open your eyes, you’ll vote in a party whose…

    • @p.f fyeeke,
      How old are you? From your comment it is clear that you, my friend, suffer from ‘Selective Perception’ most likely because of where you grew up. Your misguided belief in tribalism and all that trash has formed a screen of logic thru which you see the entire World around you.
      Racism and tribalism is for backward small-minded prejudiced people with self-limiting beliefs. Period.


  47. @Cactus
    Even the people who buy almost 50% of fuel when there are shortages are not ordinary consumers (motorists) but kaponyas with jerricans. The fuel attendants have no shame and give preference to these kaponyas. The only fuel distributor which does not condone this no sense is Petroda filling stations. Whenever, there is fuel outage, you will not notice that situation unless somebody tells you because they will serve you like a king or queen and there will be no stampede. They have installed cameras to monitor the fuel attendants and those who are found wanting are disciplined, accordingly.

  48. Its worrying now, some Zambians have contracted ‘Stockhum’ syndrome and not ready to listen to anything sensible. At worse, they have become prone to liking and adoring those that inflict pain or suffering on them. Citizens of North Korea is typical of it.

  49. I agree,Zambia is slowly becoming like North Korea where leaders inflict so much pain and suffering on the population but they are still revered.Wake up people and smell the coffee.HH is just saying it as it is.There is a crisis of mealie meal in this country and all what these cretins and vermins like Kudos,Nostrademus,HH techilema can do is condemn him on tribal grounds.We know you are cadres masquarading as diplomats in our foreign missions.But take my word, we will flush you out after 11 August and make you account for your wilful destruction of this country.

  50. Ka hh waba etallay prophet of doom that’s why you are exporting ubunga so that you gain political mileage

  51. Why is it that I have not personally experienced any mealie meal shortage. On 21 March, on my way to the Copperbelt to attend a niece’s funeral, I found plenty of mealie meal in Pick and Pay at East Park Mall. In Ndola, at the funeral house, we had absolutely no problem in finding the commodity at the recommended retail prices. I came back to Lusaka during the Easter weekend and still found a lot mealie meal at Pick and Pay at East Park Mall. And there was no scramble or queue for the commodity. Just what is going on here? Is there something I am missing Mr. HH?

  52. @ 55.TRUE ZAMBIAN,
    I hear you. You said … “..The photo being displayed is for Chingola scene. Please, bring Shoprite Lusaka, Mazabuka, Kabwe, Namwala photos which are not prone to smuggling.”

    Yes, that will be a reasonable indicator. So, lets wait and see between now and August.

  53. HH warned govt. about this. Don’t export maize and allow a ‘free for all’ for private people (including PF gangster business men) to do the same when you don’t quite have enough. Further, he told govt. of a way to have a consistent working policy on inputs that would increase productivity. In January the Vice-President of Zimbabwe was thanking Zambia for all the hundreds of thousands of tonnes of maize it had contracted to export to them. Now some unthinking bloggers are accusing HH of criticizing and not offering a solution. For goodness sake! He gave govt. the ‘hows’ of avoiding the current situation. It didn’t listen. Now govt. is in this same and you are again asking HH to provide a solution. What a circus – though very serious at the same time.

  54. HH is an increadibly pathetic liar. An extremely dangerous opportunist. He tried to use the CBU ordeal, he has failed to capitalize. Now he has decided to go the mealie meal way. Listen to this his, most of the Milling Companies in Zambia are run and managed by masons who frequent masonic temples across the country. Its unbelievable how it turns out that HH is getting help from the devil himself through his agents (the millers). Work up Zambia, HH is one if them. He is a fake. Give him red brick at your own max-risk.

    Lungu will rule accordingly and hh will continue losing until the go black he puts in his hair will start showing grey color.
    Who ever took part in micheal s d~ will not enjoy life or rule this nation you repent first

  56. Its a shame that people who call themselves intelligent can fall for these pictures as people lining up for meali meal. Have seen any one coming out with a bag of meali meal in these pictures? These people are sending money using shoprite. It is like this in most shoprites were people prefer to send money across the country. Wake up please. kikikiki.
    Whoever sent these pictures to HH have really deceived him big time.
    If people truly were buying meali meal atleast if they were waiting for a truck to finish offloading, we should have seen that truck offloading meali meal. Has meali meal become invisible suddenly. Wake up badala na basimbi

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