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Nevers Mumba warns Felix Mutati, Mr Mutati is defying a court order


MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba speaks to the Clergy from various congregations at Victory Ministries in Kasama on 11th February 2016
MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba speaks to the Clergy from various congregations at Victory Ministries in Kasama on 11th February 2016

Movement for Multiparty Democracy President Nevers Mumba has warned the party’s Lunte Member of Parliament Felix Mutati that he will soon institute contempt of court proceedings against the expelled parliamentarian.

The MMD President accused Mr Mutati of defying court orders through continued statements against the MMD after his expulsion, saying that Mr Mutati was trying to destabilise the former ruling party for selfish political gains.

Dr Mumba warned Mr Mutati to lay his hands off MMD saying the Luntu parliamentarian is playing a dangerous political game.

Last month, the Lusaka High Court ruled that Lunte Member of Parliament Felix Mutati remains expelled from the MMD. High Court Justice Mwamba Chanda in her ruling said the interlocutory injunction sought by Mr Mutati could not be issued to restore membership of a political party because the expulsion already occurred. Mr Mutati had applied to the High Court to restrain the MMD party from expelling him pending an application for judicial review in the Constitutional Court to compel the MMD national executive committee (NEC) to hold a national convention before the August 11, 2016 General Elections.

However, Mr Mutati has since appealed against the High Court ruling that upheld the MMD national executive committee decision to expel him from the party because the action will bar him from contesting the presidency of the former ruling party.

Mr Mutati filed a memorandum of appeal in the Supreme Court against High Court Justice Mwamba Chanda’s ruling that he remains expelled as the decision was already made before commencement of the application for an injunction to restrain the party from taking such action.

He explained that the High Court judge erred in law when she refused to grant him the injunction against his expulsion because it interfered with his rights to contest the presidency of the former ruling party.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mutati has said that it is unfortunate that MMD members that voice their concerns on the leadership of the party are slapped with suspensions and expulsions.

The MMD Lunte MP who served as Commerce Minister before the 2011 general election has further bemoaned the hand picking National Executive Committee members without subjecting the positions to elections.

Mr. Mutati has since advised MMD Leader Nevers Mumba to respect the party constitution and allow for people within the party to compete for positions.

He said this in Mansa District when he addressed hundreds of MMD leaders drawn from all the Districts in Luapula province.

Mr. Mutati is on a tour of MMD structures in the ten provinces with the aim of reviving the fortunes of the party.

And MMD national secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima noted with concern that no Members of Parliament or former cabinet ministers are on the side of Dr. Mumba.


  1. Nevers Mumba is a punk, a disgraceful former man of God who has killed the party which brought Multiparty Democracy to this country. Mutati also appears to be too soft to lead MMD too much of a “sophisticated” dude. Better for him to join some International Organisation like maybe the World Bank or IMF.

  2. Nevers Mumba. A wrong guy for any political leadership. He has killed the MMD single handedly. This is a party he joined as a chancer and he has now dispersed all MMD founders and buried the party.

  3. Mr Mutati, only the Lawyers will gain from this case. The case is so de old of valid legal arguments that even a grade seven knows where it is going. So are you grade seven Mr Mutati? Sorry you are no longer an honorable. Maybe try joining UPND before they finish adopting those corrupt political failures.

    • @ wise head (LOL)

      Please, be wise and read krap you are contributing before clicking on “post comment”.

      On the other hand, I do agree with your sentiments about Political Failures.

      But, do not worry, PF is a birth place and great nursery for Political Failures with great track record in replacing the departed ones with never ending crop of new members which qualify to be part of Plunderers Federation.

  4. Why has everyone rejected this once upon a time such a followed man. RB has rejected him, Kadansa has rejected him, his MPs have rejected him. I wonder if Florence is still there.

  5. This man mumba is an ***** to the fullest. The fool is blind, he is only remaining with his bitch chitika. No matter what you do Nevers your time is over. You are a loser, just continue bonking chitika, u can do it from the anus up to the mouth, since you like it that way. *****.

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