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US not interfering in Zambia’s politics-Schultz

General News US not interfering in Zambia’s politics-Schultz

Ambassador Schultz
Ambassador Schultz

US Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz has said his country is not interfering in Zambia’s politics ahead of general elections in August, but will support a credible electoral process.

Mr Schultz said the US did not have a preferred candidate in the forthcoming elections.

This is according to a report posted on the US Embassy of Zambia Facebook page depicting an interview Mr Schultz gave the Bulletin and Record.

“We have no preference for one candidate or one party. We support the (electoral) process,” he said.

Mr Schultz said he was interested to see an election process that was credible, because credibility was one way of avoiding disputes over election results.

He said he believed in talking to all stakeholders in the country for him to understand Zambia better.

Mr Schultz said the new provision in the Constitution to get 50 per cent plus one vote increased the legitimacy of the outcome of an election.

He encouraged political groups to engage in meaningful dialogue.

The US envoy also said that violence had no place in a democracy, hence political parties should encourage tolerance among their members.

Mr Schultz further said it was easy to be optimistic about the future of the country’s economy.

This was because Zambia was stable, had rich democratic credentials and vibrant young entrepreneurs.

Mr Schultz said Zambia should invest in a well-managed education sector to attain a bright future for the economy.

He said Zambia was well-positioned to emerge as one of Africa’s growing economies if it successfully diversified to agriculture and tourism.

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    • We are voting for a credible candidate! The majority of Zambian voters know who that person is. HH is the man!

    • Mr Schultz, please go back home…we don’t need your schooling on how to conduct our elections. Already you have shown your political inclinations….our embassy in America is not commenting at your on-going election process. The Ugandan elections are always cooked up and yet your America does not utter a word…take your homosexuality back to where you come from…

    • @ 2016 Kolopa! Hahahaha!! Ati “we don’t need your schooling on how to conduct elections…”!!! Laughable indeed! Don’t you remember that the last elections you conducted as a Party, instead of a secret ballot, Chagwa was “elected” by people lifting Pangas in the air! You still think you don’t need to be educated on the intricacies of ‘secret ballots’???!!!!

    • We all know who they support, they shouldn’t play the innocent guys, just because Guy Scott is out of the picture.

  2. Even if you had to interfere, we would welcome your timely interference, this country is on its knees and any interference for change is welcome.

  3. Those Freemasons wants his person to go thru. but because OUR GOD is above the plans of the Evil nothing shall prosper In Jesus Christ. Its EL again.

  4. This guy whoever he is must focus on his country’s forthcoming elections. The world has already seen the worst candidate in their country and that’s what should keep this guy worried.
    Zambians will vote for President Lungu and NOT a Satanist and a puppet who can bring homosexuality.

  5. Only those with compressed brains will vote for ecl, us on 11th Aug its HH and UPND finish. Go hang yourselves!

  6. Good diplomatic language but I believe what he has said. If I asked to speak about the Primaries in USA at the moment my answer would be that I don’t suppose Hilary or Trump what I would like to say is THAT I would not like to see a process that brings America back to the civil rights movement days in terms of the oratory by the candidates or America to make haste and historical changes in their electoral process but I want them to make good choices in terms of the President they elect into White house.

  7. Diplomats are paid to be diplomatic not to interfere in matters of sovereign states. VJ will know this (VJ) say something, you’re the most seasoned diplomatic ever produced by Zambia, although you’ve been naughty). Ambassador Shultz does not intend to change the course of Zambian history or cause a diplomatic row between US and Zambia resulting into bad relations between the two countries. He’s only trying to help.

  8. That’s TRASH to me to say the least because we already know the person you are supporting. Mind you, you will be recalled after August 11. You have failed to meet most of the political party leaders and then you are cheating us that you are not interfering in our politics. We know your mission in this country but your preferred candidate will again lose. He went to parade you at his house built out of our money he privatized the mines and you think people are happy, wait and see!!

  9. Zambia news makes sad reading all the time… insults over nothing…! The country has gone to the dogs

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