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Zimbabwe not bothered by Guy Scott’s comments, he is not in Government


ACTING President Guy Scott talks to Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe during the burial ceremony held at Embassy Park in Lusaka
FILE: ACTING President Guy Scott talks to Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe
Former Vice President Guy Scott has escaped the diplomatic wrath of Zimbabwe over his negative statement against President Robert Mugabe because he is not part of the Zambian Cabinet

Dr Scott was quoted at the weekend as saying Mr Mugabe was still President of Zimbabwe despite losing an election eight years ago.

Zimbabwean high commissioner to Zambia Gertrude Takawira said her office was not bothered by Dr Scott’s remarks because he was not part of the Zambian government.

“We are not bothered about the comments attributed to Zambia’s former vice president on Zimbabwe because he is not part of the Zambian government but our standpoint is that with the Government,” Ms Takawira said.

She said in an interview yesterday said that the Zimbabwean mission in Zambia learnt of Dr Scott’s disparaging remarks against President Mugabe from news reports and when Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba dissociated Government from the former vice president’s remarks.
Ms Takawira said Zimbabwe would not comment on every individual Zambian’s comment as they have a democratic right to express themselves.

She however said Zimbabwe was pleased that the Zambian government quickly dissociated itself from the statement attributed to Dr Scott.

“As Zimbabwe, we learnt about the issue through the media but we go by what Minister Kalaba who dissociated Zambia from Dr Scott’s statements. We cannot comment on every individual Zambian’s opinion but what we standby is what the Government issued through the minister,” Ms Takawira said.

Dr Scott was last week quoted disparaging Zimbabwe.

“We don’t want this country to be like Zimbabwe. Why should we voluntarily become like Zimbabwe, where the President can lose an election and eight years later, he is still there,” he said.

But Mr Kalaba castigated Dr Scott and dissociated the Government from the sentiments he described as being in bad taste.

He advised Dr Scott to respect Zimbabwe as a sovereign state, which has managed its affairs since independence.

Mr Kalaba said he did not want Zambia to be misunderstood by its eight neighbouring countries with whom the country still enjoyed warm and cordial relations.


    • GRZ should not be proud of dictators. Surely, people have died at the hands of the dictator and we have no standpoint as a nation! It’s a shame!

    • PF campaign strategy – Donchi kubeba reloaded:

      A. Obtusification: Lying that Lungu is not to blame for economic disaster he created and that unprecedented borrowings, shortages, corruption, inflation, increased cost of living are global.
      B. Falsification / Smear / Hate campaign: Accuse HH of sattanism, mason, privatisation
      C. Tribalism: Demeaning and intimidating other tribes that challenge Muchinga Bemba PF failure. Label and insult them as Tonga whilst exaulting wako-ni-wako Muchinga Bemba-Eastern alliance.
      D. Violence through Police and PF militias.
      E. Blackout HH from public media whilst Lungu branded campaign vehicles are everywhere and PF holds campaign rallies with Police help.
      F. Enhanced corruption through economic blackmail.
      G. Heroism. Using KK and Sata legacy to…

  1. These are the left-overs gunning to help their HH win an election? What does UPND say about outbursts of their carder Scott on Zim? And, earlier, on SA? It tells the nature of a violent party. And by the way, have you asked if a link exists between the nature of the party and the Govt they could run? UPND has never held an election, or has it? so what are its democratic credentials? The first criterion to be Party President – TONGA. Uko? This Zambia my brother!

    • These cowards in government put their tails between their legs even before the Zim High Commissioner said anything. I guess they are relieved now that their mentor’s representative has assured them that there is no case. What a bunch of cowards we have for rulers!!!!

  2. Hhahahahaha..Kalaba mantha Zimbabwe please don’t joke with it, it can wipe the LAZY ZAMBIAN DEFENCE FORCES IN 30 MINUTES and ECL , KACHEMA, will be nowhere

    • Do not under estimate the Zambian defense forces. Ours have been continuously funded, while Zimbabwe has been in dwindle state.

    • Zambian soldiers are the most useless army on earth. They’ve nevr fought any war. The soldiers are busy impregnanting little girls in Kaoma and Mongu.

  3. Dr Scott was correct. Zimbabweans have accepted Mugabe’s mediocre and ruthless leadership. By his ruthless leadership he has dispersed over 5 million Zimbabweans into unwarranted exile and inconveniencing other countries economies. There’s outstanding issues over Mugabe’s murderous campaigns in Ndebeleland. Why keep quiet about a despicable and brutal creature like him? Zambians rose enmass and kicked out a cruel dictator, Zimbabweans can do the same instead of waiting until mother natures her job.

  4. Scott has lost direction and no wonder his marriage of convenience with the tribal party is not making any sense and adds no value at all.Little wonder Sata never trusted him apart from ending up a chola boy.At his age,we expect him to be uniting the nation and also respect our neighbours.

  5. vi ma soldier va njala na nyele. they cant fight Mugabe’s soldiers

  6. So what does that makes Scott? He is truely the dullest buga ever to wear bemudas, he was calling Mugabe a comrade when Mugabe came here and also when he went to Zimbabwe and now all of a sudden he is deriding the old dictator what a turncoat..as far as 2020vision is concerned they are both evil people..Mugabe is evil because he has messed up his beautiful Zimbabwe and killed and brutalized innocents whereas “oposa” wanted Zambia to descend into chaos when he had the helms of power by refusing the will of the people..let’s not exargerate things people all of Africa is going through hard times, yet as much as the UPND mis-information goes civil servants are still being paid, maize prices are in fact dropping, the exhange rate in 2 weeks I predict will be 9.50 or less to the…

    • 2020 you have no vision but anyway keep dreaming because dreams are ten a penny; wake up and smell the coffee.

  7. Dr Guy Scot’s comments were on Zimbabwe and Mugabe. The remarks were directed to President Lungu of Zambia. We Zambians do not want ECL and PF to employ violence like in Zimbabwe during elections in August 2016 and do not want our votes to be stolen. We are aware PF and ECL are desperate to win the elections at all costs and call upon all opposition parties and progressive Zambians to be alert and protect our votes on 11th August 2016. Zambians should go and vote in huge numbers and vote out ECL and his visionless PF. If Zambians turn out in big numbers it will become difficult for Lungu and PF to rig the forthcoming elections in their favour.

  8. Ctn..the exchange rate will be 9.50 or less to the USD and the economy will pick up..and what do you Zambians think will happen if the hungry hyena takes power ama civil servants half of you will be sent packing, expect a quarter of you to die from depression as HH caused the miners to die of back in the late 90s when he was executing the instructions of his big boss and ex partner in crime kafupi under the guise of privatisation.. UPND a party with no democratically elected President, what a group of jokers..never ever..please be ready to accept defeat again..
    2016 ECL nafuti..

  9. PF campaign strategy – Donchi kubeba reloaded:

    A. Obtusification: Lying that Lungu is on top of things and humble despite shortages, high prices, violence, corruption, inflation, unprecedented debts. Don’t talk about Lungu wealth and body size ballooning faster than Mutembo / GBM
    B. Falsification / Smear campaign: Accuse HH of sattanism, mason, privatisation
    C. Tribalism: Demeaning other tribes that they cannot challenge Muchinga Bemba PF failure. Label all Non-Muchinga PF Bembas as Tonga and insult them as one. Wako ni Wako RB-Dora-Lungu-Mumbi Phiri chaiwo
    D. Violence through Police and PF militias.
    E. Blackout HH from public media.
    F. Stop HH from campaigning.
    G. Enhanced corruption using increased borrowings to bribe PF taxi drivers and marketeers

  10. The true Sata PF is no more. The current one led by Rupiah Banda helped by Dora and Lungu is a corruption citadeal.

    Sure, how can Nyama Soya today be raising the PF symbol? And laying claim to King Cobra’s PF? Abomination.

    This Kaingu PF or Dora PF or Rupiah-KK-Lungu PF is going nowhere!! it is just being sustained by police corrupt support of Lungu militias.

  11. Iwe sindamasale or whatever mwana what a load of nonsense you are on..you are the big mis-information campaign ..please stick to facts and not falsehoods you dream of.
    1) The Global economy is on a downturn
    2)Copper prices have fallen but are now slowly rising as seen with the corresponding rise in the value of the ZMW against the USD
    3)Maize will soon become more available as more farmers begin to release the commodity for sale this will force the price to drop
    4) Load shedding has significantly reduced as a result of contingencies that were dismissed by the opposition but and are now coming to fruition
    5)Most civil servants have enjoyed better conditions of service and pay under PF than any other govt
    6) More schools have been built by PF than any govt and the govt has…

    • @2020vision or is it master of obtusfication

      1. What is the global economy downturn compared to the free fall under Lungu-Dora-RB PF?
      2. What is Dollar now compared to pre 2011 relative to the fall in copper prices?
      3. Where is the bumper harvest of previous two years?
      4. What contingencies were dismissed; are opposition responsible for running govt?
      5. Which civil servant has benefitted to daily fattening Lungu who can now buy tickets for whole stadium?
      6. What of the unprecedented borrowings?

  12. Yes the majority of our Zed people are stupid, what Scott was saying was that Lungu lost an election and allowing him to rule again can lead our country to Zimbabwe situation. I have always known it but its not a secret anymore. Lungu you forced yourself on us, but God will surely shame you soon!

  13. Look YPND it doesn’t matter how bad the government of Edgar Lungu maybe, your party and HH are simply not good enough as an alternative. You don’t have to listen to me, Just read what the Post write about HH.

    • @Wise head or is it the other way head?

      According to you the lot Zambians have been subjected by Lungu is acceptable and for which Lungu must be given another term like:

      unprecedented borrowings which has mortgaged the future of our great great grand children; shortages, unbearable cost of living, grinding poverty, higher taxes, less money in pockets if any apart from Lungu and PF minions, hunger apart from Lungu and PF goons getting fatter each day, skyrocketing prices of commodities and inflation, horrendous corruption, relegating kids to streets by increasing retirement age.

      Zambians wont allow this rot to continue!!

  14. This explains how irresponsible and dull the so called Minister of Foreign Affairs is. You mean he could not read the situation as the High Commissioner did?

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