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UPND does not give youths opportunities based on their financial muscle-Charles Kakoma


Charles Kakoma
Charles Kakoma

United Party for National Development (UPND) Spokesperson Charles Kakoma said his party gives opportunities to young people based on their capabilities and not their financial muscle.

Speaking on a discussion program featuring 2410 Executive Director Chama Kalaluka and FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza, Mr Kakoma said that his party gives leadership opportunities to youths based on their ability to organise and mobilize and not based on their financial status.

Mr kakoma said that his party will continue to give opportunities to young people but was quick to mention that the party will scrutinize individuals to ensure that those chosen are loyal to the party so as to avoid cases of crossing the floor.

And 2410 Executive Director Chama Kalaluka says youths of political party wings are supposed to be the nursery of political parties who should be natured to take up the leadership in the various parties.

Mr Kalaluka said political parties in the country have continued to use youths as destructive tools instead of tools of development and that political parties have not been giving positions to youths who can easily be manipulated by their main bodies.

He said youth wings should ideally be nursery of political parties who should be built up and go on to become leaders in the main bodies of the various political parties.

He lamented the lack of strong autonomous youths wings in political parties who can represent the true interest of young people in the country.

He said due to the lack of independent youth wings and the continued suppression by the main bodies, youths are easily bought and that the trend will continue as long as youth wings remain stooges of leaders from the main body.

And FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza has urged the learned youths to join politics saying if they are waiting for handouts no one will give them.

Mr Mwanza said that youths should realise that no one will hand them positions freely but that they should raise and fight for them.

He said unless youths fought for their positions old leaders will not hand them over adding that young educated people should leave their comfort zones as the country will only be liberated from the clutches of poverty if learned people participated in politics.

He called on the youths who are not getting opportunities to stand in various positions to go to FDD saying the doors are open to young people.

He defended the record of his party as regards the use of youths for destructive purposes saying his party is the only one which has been empowering women and youths with different economic programs across the country.

He also called for unity of purpose among youths regardless of their party inclination. He said youths should support each other provided the young people they choose to support are able to deliver because once elected they will not only represent those from their party.

The trio were speaking during a discussion program on Millennium radio on Wednesday.


  1. This sounds like a discussion of learned people with good ideas for the country. Not the name calling, insults and mediocrity that some ministers and opposition leaders resort to. Let us encourage such mature discussions so citizens can make informed decisions on who to vote for.

    • Thank God we had no representation from pf, they would have resort to trivial issues especially name calling, that’s we need to blot them off the political face of this beautiful country called Zambia on the 11th of August. The discussion was sweet music to our hears and soothing to the soul.

    • Unlike chimps like Mr. Kudos who only trade insults as their IQ is right at the bottom

  2. We are happy to note that UPND has so far tamed its youths including GBM who was humbled by a night in prison. Together we can prosper Mr Kakoma. Let’s learn to co-exist. This is the level headedness we seek in politicians. You and Nkombo are better than some self proclaimed supreme gods of Southern Province. September 2016 and UPND is all yours brethren, after the defeat of one Honourable Hyena (HH) quoting one blogger earlier today.

    • Kudos. Please try a little sense once in a while. You may be paid, but can’t see how you win hearts with this behaviour. By the way come you are permanently online?

  3. As I gave said before. Let UPND be run by independent minds and funded by the people for the people.

    HH political has expired. He has become a dictator who feels he is entitled to run Zambia and bully UPND.

  4. The only problem with PF cadres is that they want to criticize even a straight forward issue. What is there to criticize in this article honestly? Your ignorance really amazes some of us. Why mention Southern province?

    • They are a reflection of their leaders. They have nothing to discuss concerning the problems Zambia faces.

      That is why PF are struggling with the grade 12 clause. They are mostly grade nines.

  5. You people pliz advise Mr Kudo’s, he is behaving primitive. Why mention southern province here, the topic is straight forward. We are all zambians. Is that what Mr Kambwili and Davies Chama hav been teaching him, to insult people from certain regions of zambia. Its such a sheme Mr Kudo’s, u need to grow up.

  6. So you have finally emerged from the woods Mr Kakoma? Now give us your views on those disparaging and insulting comments in the Post editorial of Monday where your party and HH were called corrupt and lacking integrity for their association with corrupt elements. Do you still think that you have an ally in the Post and Mmembe? Indeed just to follow up on the editorial, how possible is it for your party UPND to fight corruption when half the party now consists of proven thieves running away from their former parties towards what they mistakenly think is the honey party?

  7. PF political strategy swings on five hinges:

    1. Hate for Tongas and tribes aligned politically to them
    2. Belief of and pushing Bemba hegemony and taking a vow of death against tonga aspirations to provide presidential leadership
    3. Violent domination and suppression of political space
    4. Unbridled corruption
    5. Use of Sata image and Catholic Church to push Lungu plunder agenda.

  8. Skodogo, so you don’t like the bembas that have joined you in UPND? Suspicious of them ka? Looks like DNA cannot come out of you guys. But anyway, the bembas including GBM are there To take over UPND, soon we shall see a UPND led by bembas….kikikikikiki…..that is how HH has auctioned the UPND.


  10. Y’all missed the point. First off, the constitutional G12 clause is so soothing to my nerve that I cant help but go straight to the need for every youth to put on the helmet of partriotism. A partriot in a youth will bring forth all the goodies needed for successful youth life. First is education then partriotism. The “Put nation first” syndrome then the “what can I do for my country thing”, not the other way round that bleeds corruption. Hey Kakoma although it is not right for me to judge you outwardly; man, you look presidential – take a chance and replace classless HH.

  11. @Kudos, you are just a skull whose brains got rotten and decomposed a long time ago and I don’ t think there is anything of substance that you can offer. Just go to the grave and remain there and leave mature debates and comments with substance to people with brains.

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