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I am castrated, Chanda Chimba reveals details of living with prostate cancer


Chanda Chimba III, the producer of the infamous television documentary, dubbed "Stand up Zambia"
Chanda Chimba III, the producer of the infamous television documentary, dubbed “Stand up Zambia”

Journalist Chamba Chimba II has revealed that doctors had to castrate him as part of treatment for his advanced prostate cancer he was diagnosed with in 2014.

Mr Chimba who is famed for his controversial television documentary Stand up for Zambia disclosed that since he is medically castrated, he is not able to produce sperms but that he is still able to have normal sex.

He said as a castrated man, he is now having what is known as dry sex.

Mr Chimba was is now the founding President of the newly registered Prostrate Cancer Foundation of Zambia was speaking this morning when he featured on the Hot Seat radio programme on Hot FM.

“You know sex is on the mind, so I am able to have sex but it is just that I can’t produce sperms because the cells that produce the sperms cannot multiply but I am able to have sex normally. I have dry orgasm and I enjoy sex as vigorously as I can. Sex is in the mind,” Mr Chimba said.

Mr Chimba also stated that reports that frequent masturbation causes prostate cancer in men in later years are mere myths.

He said most men above the age of 50 are living with prostate cancer in silence and dying silently.

Mr Chimba said the major challenge in fighting prostate cancer is the silence that most patients and families live with.

“The biggest scare is for most men is that they will be castrated but it shouldn’t be. You can maintain your normal function as a man moreover there are different risk categorisation of patients and that means that treatment approaches also differ,” he said.

He added, “Some patients may just have surgery especially for early diagnosis and those at intermediate stage while some may end up with radiation but they can still maintain their function. Castration is only for advanced cancer which has spread to other parts of the body like the case was with me but I thank God and the medical staff at the Cancer Diseases Hospital for the treatment, I am now feeling much better.”

He said, “the key challenge is about silence. When I was diagnosed I started talking about this and I vowed that I must live to tell the story and that is how we started the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Zambia because there has not been any organisation to openly talk about issues of prostate cancer. I appeal to families to talk about this. I sat down with my wife and to tell her about my situation and I also discussed the issue with my bigger family about what I was going through.”


    • Thanks for sharing Chanda. We have a lot of people with prostate cancer and we need such awareness.

    • All Zambian men should join that organization and get castrated too, sounds better than the circumucition on of PF government they did. Chanda Chimba deserves position of Minister of healthy. Ebwaume ubu, not these cowards who faint from hang-over and they rush to Milpark Clinic in South Africa.

    • This should be encouraged instead of hiding like old man Sata…the earlier it is dicated the better…its common among us no wonder its not highlighted. Its up to us to sensitive our brothers.

    • This guy has a lot of class. Congrats brother Chanda for making it. And you for turning the sickness into an instrumental of changing lives. Please give us more information on the Foundation i.e. making donations. Thanks man.

    • Despite the public admission, this patient Chanda Chimbwi appears to have misunderstood the details of his treatment regime and focused on the sensational aspects to gain cheap public sympathy.

      Allow me to clarify.

      Physical castration is ACTUAL removal of the testes.

      Chemical castration is leaving the testes intact, but blocking the testosterone receptors on the tumour cells by the use of medicines such as stilbesterol, an analogue of testosterone.

      Whether physical or chemical, this treatment regime is successful because the growth of prostate cancer depends on hormone (testostrone in this case) stimulation.

      What I mean to say is that, I am not sure Chanda Chimbwi should be soliciting public sympathy as a means to lighten the court sentences that are surely coming his way…

  1. Brave Chanda Chimba. We need more like u.

    My uncle refused even just to be checked by a doctor. He preferred to die with pride than have another man poke him from behind.

  2. Thanks for sharing brother. We hope to get better very soon. But this is the warning to very one please report the truth about anything, this guy reported negatively about the late Sata and mostly lies. If you are full of hate or paid to lie unless you repent the end is terrible.

    • Nonsense
      I don’t like Chimba but what he wrote about the late illiterate dictator was largely true.The problems we are going thru today as a nation are what this person was warning us about.My biggest worry is that even after Sata got into office,embarrassed us at various international fora,run down the economy and openly practiced tribalism and nepotism there are still1diots like you trying to shower praises on him.In my opinion the late illiterate dictator does not even deserve the tomb he was given.

  3. The sexual stigma about the cancer is indeed the silent killer. There is radical prostatectomy and brachytherapy for localised treatments and chemotherapy by metastasis. Thanks Brother Chimba, just like cervical und breast cancer spreads carnage amongst women, prostate cancer is the curse of men and all MUST be man enough to go for diagnosis starting around 40 years of Age!! Well done !

    • @ Charlie diaspora, how about saying what you have just said in English??! All I see above is medical or scientific gibberish, and I believe it doesn’t help most of us that aren’t scientific!

    • @st jude: That is the jist of it – GO AND GET DIAGNOSED! Simple as that and the urologist and the radilogist will EXPLAIN so you fully understand – there is a good lad 🙂

    • It is English, but medical jargon. What you are asking is for the writer to use the English that everyone understands.

  4. Ba LT is he Chimba the ll or the lll?

    RB and MMD hired this man to malign Sata. We never listened and we all saw what happened. But now the Same RB is now the Godfather of PF. This is what is supposed to make Mumbi Phiri vomit.

    Anyway that aside I wish him well.

  5. Brave man. You go all the way for what you believe in (right or wrong). Most of us are just cowards hiding behind social media. Wishing you well

  6. Brave indeed that you came out like that brother. How I wish everybody could be brave enough to also go for HIV tests, cancer tests etc, this world would be a better place to live in, but problem is a lot of people hide in diseases like diabetes, BP and the like and ignoring of fearing the fact that even these diseases they are hiding behind could be as a result of the body’s compromised immunity.

  7. I have been checking my prostate status every year in the last five years. First time I did a combination of physical palpation of the prostate gland (pretty intrusive!) and an antigen test based on blood (PSA). So far so good. The PSA test at Nkanza laboratories or other centres is very affordable and you get your results the same day or next.

    I know Chanda personally and he once called me brave for riding a cruiser bike in Lusaka! I told him we all should be and remain happy whenever we can and there was no point living a life without fun. Surely Chanda’s sharing is undoubtedly the bravest thing.

    • One more thing. Many of the common diseases endured are also genetically linked. Unnecessary check ups and screenings can be avoided or eliminated to a large extent by doing a complete DNA profile of oneself.

      A lot of us would like to think of DNA as only good for parentage or sibling confirmation or lack of them. Rather disease and lifestyle management are some of the biggest positives from a profiling.

  8. Thank you chanda. I never liked your stand up for Zambia documentary, but I feel for you. I salute you for your courage in revealing this though I suspected you could have been a victim of prostate cancer when you started doing your write-ups on the subject. I also started going for prostate checks. I did one with Nkanza laboratories. The last one was with Coptic hospital. Am due for another check.

  9. You see life has and always a way of dealing with people, it is just good to respect people and argue principally. Chanda Chimba is not a brave man as most people want to claim here. Just because he has openly said he is castrated does not make him a brave man. You cannot hide these issues, your body can tell. My point is let us not laugh people and ridicule them, illnesses come in different forms. Therefore, when we criticize let us also remember that we can be criticized. Chanda Chanda knows what I’m talking about, I hope he is now well! It had to take prostate cancer for him to see an opportunity such a foundation. Hope he has not given up on Zambiareports!

    • Please don’t be so petty! We see men in frail bodies dying of some ‘unknown’ disease because they are too scared to go for check ups. The lucky few like Chimba who end up being castrated don’t even talk about it – it is taboo! We have to applaud the sharing of his personal health status. Every person has his own misgivings. Prostate cancer is real and it has silently killed our men – gallant or villain. It is a must for every man above 40 to go for check ups.

  10. This disease is for those who belong to upnd especially those whose balls are as big as Tonga Bulls. You can actually see them miles away as they graze.

    • ati you can see them balls of Tonga bull (Gary Nkombo, Paul Moonga, Mupatili Bwalya) as they graze or is it ploughing along the chambeshi or luapula river banks…!!!!

    • This disease is also for people that have deep voices.You can only have a deep voice if your balls are big like those of a Tonga Bull.You listen to Broadcasters past and present only Tongas have these voices.I will give a few names.
      George Mwampatisha, Peter Mweemba,as for politicians, listen to VJ,HH. Don’t argue big voices go with big balls that cause prostate Cancer!!

  11. @Mailon you are an 1diot may be you are one of the mailon murderers why talk rubbish about a dead man who can not defend himself? You are very un cultured and you bring bad luck and insults upon yourself. The stupid chanda chimba is talking about Cancer and you are busy desparaging a dead man musatany0ko! chi color ca wiso.

  12. Brave, yes, but Chanda by now knows that what goes round comes round. Sata learnt it the hard way. Remember how he used to tease late LP Mwanawasa and Mazoka? Now it is Chanda’s turn to learn not to talk bad about ill people. We all fall ill and we will for sure all die.

    Chanda even went to an extent of calling catholics all type of names, yet he himself was a catholic.- Money is bad! It is indeed a source of all evil

    Any way, I wish Chanda well, although I hope RB Dora and MMD are taking care of his medical fees.

  13. thanks a lot ba Chanda for sharing. I will also go for examination like you did. Kanshi one can continue participating in the same. Thankyou ba Chanda.

    • But how without the assegai….?? Wonders never cease…..dry something….like a dry fish or what mwebantu?!! Ati in the mind, so why the assegai? Napapa

  14. Ka chanda cikala chobe and let this prostate cancer kill you soon, you were busy mocking late President Sata about his life and sickness he went through, i only hope you have repented about your demonic behavior you expressed to sata and his family. Also i hope you have genuinely apologized to Sata’s family. now is your RB paying your medical bills?

  15. Comment: really brave sir! Lemme even take this opportunity to find out about my own issue related to prostate. Where in zambia can I find were dey deal with prostatasis, I suspect I have but o I get each time I go to the clinic is antibiotics and medicine for STIz but wen I kn I don’t have STIz

  16. He’s famed for his early years at ZNBC presenting that musical show (I can’t remember the title) & for his relatively unique name. The stand up thing made him infamous.
    But I will respect any man who courageously talks about what’s perceived as a taboo subject. Chanda you are a great guy & many ups to you bro.
    Can I digress a bit, when can we openly talk about GAY? I mean just talking.

  17. Chanda Chimba has bravely stood up and publicly written about his private and private life. What he is talking about is affecting a lot of men yet Bloggers like Wajimona is cracking insulting jokes about UPND. Why does politics have to come into everything? Wajimona if you are a man, bear in mind that it could happen to you. Stop trying to be a Smart Alec! Focus on the issue of prostrate cancer. It is a nasty disease but if detected early is one of the cancers that does not have to result in death. Unfortunately here in Zambia we have very little choice when it comes to medical services. I salute Chanda Chimba for creating the Prostate Cancer Organisation of Cancer. It would help if the Organisation can educate the public by posting articles on the disease.

  18. What’s brave about this normal condition…muleibwelamo fimo ifintu. Who tells him it is wise to gain public sympathy pa matolefye? He was busy demonising ba Sata about a similar case …overly exeergirating it in fact! Mind what you share and how you share it Chanda Chimbwiii!!!

  19. Men go to CIDRZ LAB Kalingalinga clinic and get tested for Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA qualitative) its only K115


  21. Umwana ashumfwa amenene umwefu kwi koshi! Chanda Chimba you see now how you were scandalizing the late Mr. Michael Sata as if he is your fellow boy! Learn to be sober the way you should handle issues. You will never know may that is the wage you have gotten by scandalizing the old man!

  22. First, sad to hear he’s dealing with prostate cancer. Secondly, it’s important that facts are put across. Hormonal therapy is first line treatment and not for aggressive or advanced cancer. My guess he has an enlarged prostate with the tumor mass still encapsulated, so hormones therapy will kill them before metastasizing to other parts of the body. Next, the sex issue is far from accurate. Castration or hormone therapy actually removes sex drive, lack of testosterone affects not on speed production but also drive! And folks, dry or wet is another inaccuracy, semen is not sperm and is produced by accessory sex glands. On a positive note, I would suspect the cancer is still responsive medically before surgery and chemo, so I keep fingers crossed and pray for the young man.

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