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Zambia and Ethiopia signing of MOU to boost co-operation

Videos and Audios Zambia and Ethiopia signing of MOU to boost co-operation


  1. Ethiopia has lots to offer, agriculture is first, tourism is second – Ethiopia has political will do deliver for its population. The level of industrialisation is admirable – i cant think of any economy in Africa that is growing at a faster rate than Ethiopia.

    • @ me

      No need to research. I am one of them. In last 6 months, Ethiopian Government has gunned down more than 300 people. You should research more. But then, how anybody can expect Zambian to be informed about Africa? After all, dictatorship and power at any cost are integral part of African “leadership” (LOL) DNA.

  2. Sikaneta should be retired in the next Govt this Special Branch has been moving from government to the other. It is time for others also to lead Zambian affairs forward.

  3. Suzane Sikaneta, for how long are you going to learn from others? Its time to work now not learning. Football, agriculture, learning from others. For 52 years?

  4. Apuu! But Sikaneta is aesthetically vile! Is she related to Nkandu Luo? Damn, these are bitches who give credence to the belief that we are descended from apes!

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