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GBM’s Recorded Conversation with Zambian Voice Chilufya Tayali

Videos and Audios GBM's Recorded Conversation with Zambian Voice Chilufya Tayali


    • This is what is in the so called “government in waiting”, leadership gone to the dogs and bad dogs for that matters. This man wants to be number in our beautiful country called Zambia ooooooooooh God help us.

    • Absolutely subnormal material to be leadership of my grand children. What a country Zambia would become if we ever turned out reckless only to risk the country with such retardation of substandard. The mouth is floating with rage and chaos. Even Donald Trump under heat is far much better than this thing bluffing unconsciously.

      That’s what happens when the intelligensia either resort to social media insulting trolls or become apathetic to matters of public affair. Such rascals gets emboldened and believe they are leadership material by selling such stuff.

    • Okay, I have listened to the recording. Two things I have to say:
      1. GBM was wrong to use such foul language. Unacceptable.
      2. I, however, agree to the content of the message. Everything GBM said is true.

      Believe what you want.

    • I know people will try and crucify GBM on this one, and probably, rightly so. However, if you take a critical approach to what he is saying, he is defending Zambians, the poor majority. He singled out useless people who are blindly supporting PF and the expense of the poor majority. Do I condone the insults? Absolutely NOT!! Do i get sense in what he (GBM) is saying? YES!!. Should he be disciplined? YES! Everything he (GBM) said, apart from the insults, is very true about Tiyali, Mr Bwalya, Daily Nation team, and PF in general.

    • GBM is about GBM. This man is a ” katubi”. He is both PF and UPND, he is mobidly obese, thinks the world of himself and on top of that beats his wife. In any other country, a wife batterer would never be a Vice President of any political party. President Lungu did good to distance himself from this narcissist who can’t even control what he shoves down his throat.
      Am not a fan of president Lungu but am glad he is the grown up one in all of this in that he never responds to any of these quacks who day in and day out keep provoking him. Keep throwing your toys little children!

    • I challenge HH to denounce Ginger Bread Man (GBM)’s insults if he HH is really a man of principle. Further I challenge the party to disassociates itself from the insults made by Ginger Bread Man. Further still I challenge their party to remove the man from the party because he is not leadership material. I am sure HH is just wondering what he has gotten himself into with this man, You can’t have a grown up, a husband, a father a boss to be insulting in such a man with pride and party members don’t find anything wrong with it. Is this the kind of leadership the party is selling to the Zambians – Awe! Twakana! If HH does not move on this one it will cost him votes and the party will turn up against him if they lose.

    • Bo Mr. Intelligent, didn’t you hear him boast he has got tons and tons of maize for export and that he is mad at why this government has banned exports? From the same mouth which is saying Zambians are suffering? Imwe sure!

    • Why are Bembas so chaotic, rude and thieves??? Regardless of which party Bembas are in, they are the loudest and most uncouth. It’s really sad to share Zambia with such crude charlatans.

  1. Ladies and gentleman, that was the Vice President and Potential Running Mate of the Under 5 Party UPND run by chief Under 5 HH. Thanks for Listening.

    Goodness me. How does Under 5 HH manage to sleep with People like this as his second in Command. What do UPND have to say about this. I would love to hear how they Spin Doctor this. This is what not going through Grade 12 does to your brain!!!

  2. If I were HH, I would immediately dismiss GBM as vice President and distance the party from his comments. This wont go down well with civil societies, churches and even youth Group. GBM is really bad influence and has not morals at all. That is not what leaders do. This is a bomb thrown on UPND by its own vice president and this should be unacceptable. This is not just how leaders speak. Even Sata at his worst times never spoke like this

    • @Observer;What? HH to dismiss GBM and lose the Bemba vote. That will never happen in a million years! You have to understand that HH’s mantra is ” win at any cost”. Even if the vilified Dora Siliya joined UPND, the UPND cadres will sing her praises. Include Kambwili, Mumbi Phiri and Frank Bwalya. HH would welcome them and make them VP’s of something. HH is shameless!

    • With a fool like GBM, there is only one answer to him insulting his smelly mouth dry like that! Laugh at his descipicability!

  3. This man GBM can make you lose confidence in older people. This man is in his 60’s and he can insult young Chilufya Tayali like that. What if the young man didn’t find him so descipicable and insulted him back? Chilfya ends up sounding very mature compared to GBM who insults even the father to Mr. Tayali. Tayali simply laughed at the great big bag of hot-air!
    GBM is more like vice president for insults than administration within the UPND.
    Everytime, it starts looking like UPND could have a chance at national leadership, we get a bomb shell that tells us that they are not an alternative at all.
    Very disppointing words from GBM, especially that he is potential VEEP and running mate! My God what a Veep we would have! 🙁

    • Don’t waste your sympathy on Tayali…. am sure he got a few thousands for the insults. Others could replace the chi-word with f-word. These people have known each other for a long time.. Listen to the recording again. No sleepless nites for MOI. pUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE 🙂

  4. Suspend GBM from UPND for using foul language. It is unacceptable and disgusting. No matter what the issue is, insulting is not the best way to solve issues. I have said it before and Iam saying it now, we dont want temperamental leaders because they are a danger to national security.

    Iam waiting for a comment from UPND spokesperson within 24 hours. If nothing comes, then it will portray what type of leaders UPND is comprised of. HH used foul language, now it is his second in command, what the hell is going on in UPND. Iam personally very disappointed.


  5. Theory 1> this is a fabrication and an indication of the PF’s fears if GBM is made the UPND running mate.
    GBM go forward. HH please make this man the running mate so these guys can ground to halt…..!
    Viva GBM

  6. What’s this from GBM. Its not right by any measure. It appears GBM has no conscience and never conscious of his insulting language will injure his party and political party.
    Ba GBM Bapuba sana.

  7. He made a lot of sense apart from the many insults. At least there is confirmation here that Tayali is a PF cadre. So how is Tayali going to claim to be neutral now. Very smart move by GBM to expose this one man NGO. But next time ba GBM avoid the insults, you are a senior party leader.

  8. How does UPND choose its leaders? The two vice presidents are defectors from other parties. Canicius banda defected from MMD and was immediately appointed as VP. Lately GBM defected from PF and immediately made VP. Does the UPND constitution allow this practice? I guess Miles Sampa and Guy Scott will also be made VPs. What a circus!!!

  9. This is normal with bembas. Malumbo. In case you didn’t know this is the kind of language that resonates with the kaponyas who happen to be the majority voters. Speak to them in civil when campaigning and you will lose. KK Chiluba Mwanawasa and Sata all used vulgar outbursts. It’s a political strategy in politics to unsettle your opponents.

    • @ judy
      Okay we shall see on 11 August 2016. Zambians including those in opposition cannot be demeaned in this manner NO. This is the surest end of UPND. Ba Nawakwi, take advantage of this nonsense from HH and GBM and come out second, Zambians are peaceful but they cannot be taken for granted like this.

    • I hope you are not a woman. If so you have wasted 20 years of your youth being uncouth, uneducated and just——

  10. Are these the people honestly that are even standing on the podium to talk ill of President Lungu? Has Zambia gone to the d0gs that we can even entertain such leaders? Zambians, woke up, this is GBM and HH for you! They pretend that they talk for the Zambians when in fact its the Zambians that they can insult in this manner. Never in our entire political dispensation have we heard of a leader insulting the Zambian people and yet they go out to seek for their votes.
    GBM has insulted all the voters in plain and crude language and his leader, HH, is mute and quiet, what does that tell you? These are guys who are just ordinary people in opposition and have the pompesity to insult the innocent men and women in our country, what would happen if you made a mistake of putting them in power? HH…

  11. One fact GBM has pointed out among the insults is these people respect more of their stomach than ours, their interests are for personal gain.

    • exactly but most of the people commenting can only hear the insults… or rather titles. He could have called them morons, stupid *****s, etc but opted for the common bemba word chicken licken.

    • @pretty – Stop being permissive of this type of language. GBM is supposed to lead by example and offer advice without using abusive language even against his perceived opponents. Both HH and GBM should moderate their language because insult or outbursts will not win them votes.

    • @John Chandwe

      Sata was more crude and more diabolic. Just remember the satanic jokes he made about Mwanawasa. Lets learn not to be hypocritical, GBM was speaking in the language thugs (PF) appreciate, otherwise it would have been gibberish to them.

  12. contd
    HH and GBM are evil people and if you dont believe it, go ahead and vote for them. Ask their workers and you will hear things that would make you not to ever hear their names.
    My family and I will vote for the most humble and hard working President Zambia has ever seen, President Chagwa Lungu, come 11 august 2016!
    To the PF campaign team, please play these insults at every rally so that Zambians can understand when we say that these people in UPND are devils. They treat everyone as a slave because of their stolen money. What has the Church Mother Bodies, Civil Societies, Mean and Women have, the Youth and students have to say about this type leaders? INSULTING PEOPLE LIKE THAT SURELY, NO, NO, NO, NO!

  13. Kikikiki. Ka Tayali almost urinating in his pants on realising that the Great GBM was on the other end of the receiver kikikiki. Couldnt handle the mighty GBM. Badly exposed as a PF cadre, kikikiki. I didnt know GBM was intelligent and has so much passion for Zambians. Atleast he was the caring one in that conversation and the ka little hungry fool could only think of his stomach. In a private convesation issues of language dont matter. We all say these words, even Chagwa was told off at KKIA by a collegue on how he has “DYELA AND FORGOTEN ABOUT HIS PEERS EVER SINCE HE WENT TO PLOT ONE” in venacular and un palatable nyanja.

    • Your reasoning is just as defective as that of your GBM. So you can see intelligence in the language GBM used? In as much as I am UPND I cannot stand the insults in the recording and I will not support nonsense be it from UPDN or PF. If you allow this nonsense, how else will people notice the difference. UPND leaders are supposed to be above board and not tolerate this kind of language. Can’t see that even our HH is slowly getting contaminated.

    • Actually, though Tayali has his own shortcomings, he behaved better than GBM in the recording. Mind you GBM is old enough to be the father of Tayali. I think GBM was just demonstrating to the masses how stupid he is. If this man became Vice President tomorrow, Zambians will surely regret. I feel sorry for UPND. I am sure many UPND members are now regreting that GBM is one of them. It is too late. They cannot get rid of him now. They have to live with the mistake.

    • But kwena you are truly absurd to call GBM intelligent this goes to show how shallow you can think, bushe ninshi kubabemba takwaba abakalamba? Just imagine if Tayali responded ati naiwewine Chatile….. If he cared for the Zambians would he exporting tons of maize? He made it clear he doesn’t dance to the tune of a President, HH that message was for you. Keep him for the Bemba votes then drop him like a hot potato. Such characters don’t have a place in modern politics.

  14. There is absolutely no reason for removing Lung except selfish one. If HH and his supporters will try to force matters they will be in serious problems. The best HH can do for his party and the country is to support some MPs from his party who can be in parliament for checks and balances others this is not HH’s year

  15. Who you vote for is entirely up to you. And again it is not the whole country he is insulting but a few. Listen to it again…

  16. Ati ” I use my five brains” kikikikik, GBM we are only asking you to at least use one of your five brains and engage others with different views in a more intellectual manner. It is true what they say, you can take a man off the streets but you will never take the streets out of the man. HH, I knew it was mistake to appoint GBM, just as it was a mistake by Zambians to make Sata the president of the country. Too much “street” language and behaviour.

  17. ..I like people who don’t pretend……he always unleashes his real being…he was calling 1diots people he perceives to be just that…please goggle the word 1diot and see what it means…bafikala is no insult in bemba…..behind the scenes…Frank Bwalya, Kambwili, Simbyakula, Chama including ECL….that’s exactly the language they speak towards UPND…when they meet

    • the *******represent baf1kala…its no insult among Bemba people, its just a description of a stup1d man…..
      …look at what the media is portraying Donald Trump and look at what the real voters are giving him….same as on this site….bloggers are up in arms, voters whose tummies are affected are all nodding to GBM’s utterances…

  18. I can forsee GBM insulting HH in the near future the same way….GBM is a rich kaponya and a vengeful empty tin.
    I wonder why people are surprised by him!!

    • But kwena you are truly absurd to call GBM intelligent this goes to show how shallow you can think, bushe ninshi kubabemba takwaba abakalamba? Just imagine if Tayali responded ati naiwewine Chatile….. If he cared for the Zambians would he exporting tons of maize? He made it clear he doesn’t dance to the tune of a President, HH that message was for you. Keep him for the Bemba votes then drop him like a hot potato. Such characters don’t have a place in modern politics.

  19. GBM is not leadership material period. He has just successfully de-campaigned himself and his party, UPND. We don’t need such leaders in Zambia anymore. God bless Zambia.

  20. Did I hear some one say gbm isn’t speaking for Zambians ? Which Zambians would what to be represented by someone with a feuthy mounth, and he is saying he has 10 000 thousand read for export as in maize

  21. So it is true what Given Lubinda was saying on The Assignment that some millers are ‘holding’ on to the maize!! Shameless full.

  22. ….KK used to repeatedly say…’stup1d 1diots’ whenever he was upset about something….the only difference is that GBM brought in a bemba terminology ‘baf1kala’ which means just the same as ‘stup1d people’…

    • Wilabepa iwe baf1kala is not id1ot in bemba! Why do you want to mislead pipo? If you dont know bemba just shut you mouth.

  23. GBM is speaking for Zambians on nothing. All he has said is common knowledge about our suffering. Do we need someone to remind us about the suffering? And call them heros even why they are busy insulting. GBM is just patronizing to fool some people. I expected people who read and write on this media to have some level of critical mind. Now GBM sounded like Sata – who am told spoke for the suffering masses. Even FTJ spoke for the suffering masses. Both FTJ and Sata did not insult in public. Remember Hitler spoke for suffering masses in Germany after the 1st world War. Let us not be fooled by old politics instead let us start assessing our politicians by their grey matter content, not just political rhetoric. What has GBM said that shows us how he will tackle the economy or the price of…

  24. I listened to the recording twice. On Face value, it is full of insults. To make good fair judgement, you have to analyze the language within the context of two things. First, there is a conversation between two familiar individuals; the respondent sending this signal by his untamed laughter 2. GBM is targeting highly uncouth opportunists who are working as vultures; misleading the people of Zambia for a piece of silver. He mentions them as Tayali, Father Bwalya, Emmanuel Mwamba and Sunday Chanda. GBM uses the common vulgar to undress then for what they are: vultures without shame!!!

  25. Unfortunately, all these individuals GBM is targeting have their conscience seared with a hot iron. They are morally weak individuals without an iota of integrity. Even if he uses this language, they are laughing because they wallow in corruption.

  26. I like the message which has been effectively delivered by GBM. It will reasonate with us the street guys. Tamangas and Kopala

  27. First and foremost, Chilufya is not mentally upright, he is laughing from without. The most appropriate behavior you’d expect from such a low life phone conversation is to allow the disgraceful GBM puke his cheap vulgarities: which until now as we have all heard, propels his massive body; talk about his BMI, shameful.
    In the developed world GBM’s cheap utterances automatically point you to the exit door. And finally, If by God’s grace HH has a right state of mind FIRE GBM.

  28. Gbm did not insult. That is typical Bemba conversation between friends.
    It is normal. That is why Chilufya did not get angry.
    Iam surprised at *****s here trying to make a storm out of a cup of tea.
    Iam not Bemba but I understand their culture.
    There is nothing wrong with GBM. He was frank and friendly.
    That is how typical Bembas talk.
    Only the pf finds it offensive and can not stomach it. Pfools are in trouble.
    He just attacked the pfools.

  29. Gbm is right. That is Bemba culture. Typical conversation between friends in chibemba.
    Non bembas stop advertising your ignorance and idiocy.
    Present the audio recording to a typical Bemba and seek the interpretation of the conversation.
    Primitive people surprises me here with their understanding of chibemba. Please learn more or go to cb and live there to learn chi Bemba.
    CB people have no difficulties understanding the recordings above. It is their daily language there.
    Stop ubufontini mwefipuba mwe.
    Just get the message.
    It will not help you to make a storm out of a cup of tea.


  31. GBM is a very crafty character, all this was an indirect attack on Lungu, next will be HH at the receiving end.

  32. Since most UPND bloggers seem to see nothing wrong with GBM’s vulgarities, I propose that the PF disseminate this recording across the whole breadth and length of this country and see how common folk will react to this and whether it is going to help them win the August elections. Is GBM surely the man HH will have as a running mate? Mind boggling!

    • GBM is formerly PF. Most PF members will identify themselves with this language and defect to UPND. Morals in Zambian politics don’t exist, sorry.
      Imagine a SUSPENDED councillor defects to the ruling party and is given media coverage… And who in Zambia has reacted to that story? You are either celebrating or calling him a non-factor depending on the political party you belong to. -THIS IS WHAT I FEEL IS MIND BOGGLING!!

  33. Whatever points GBM has, he shot himself in the back. It just shows what level of thinking capacity the man has. And this is the man vying to be president of Zambia some day? Wasnt one Sata enough for a century? To have another one so soon? Are these the kind of people HH wants to be connected with? I dont believe GBM is at the same level like HH and the two to me seem poles apart. Why is GBM in UPND, someone explain that to me? This is a man with no manners, not even bad ones!

  34. Kikikikikiki…..ati future governmenti! But the insults of GBM resonate well with the core DNA of UPND. When they talk about tonga bull, what do you think they mean?

  35. GBM is a hypocrite period! His against government exporting maize saying Zambians are suffering and yet himself brags to have tons of maize waiting to be exported but seems bitter about it cause his been blocked from doing so (POLITICS AT PLAY). Business wise if it does so happen, he will benefit fully as an individual. These politicians are selfish. Tayali is even aware to the fact that when Sata (MHSRIP) was president GBM used to win tuma tender and exporting a lot of Maize to Zimbabwe.

  36. Kikiki awe sure ba UPND and Tonga party can kill.These chaps have no moral grounds.They will defend anything even if they know their man is wrong. No-wonder i can’t vote for UPND cause these chaps can kill if they are given power.Other tribes will suffer.

  37. Ba UPND kuwayawayfye! Sure can you be supporting such stupid1ty by a leader just because you want to win an election? Ba PF this is an oppotunity for you to make political capital out of it, play the recording at every rally and ask the crowd if that is want they want to hear from pipo who want to lead this country.

  38. So this is the man causing the artificial shortage of mealie meal because he just confessed having more than 5000 tonnes of maize for export. We shall see

  39. Insults not condoned BUT, he spoke the truth about those that surround the President.
    Tayali and GBM are bubs. No sleep lost on that one.
    This was a private conversation with a hint or sarcasm.
    Don’t take politicians to heart because tomorrow, they will be laughing again.

  40. I am very disappointed with you Mr. GBM me as a bemba man listening from you insulting someone in public it is not our culture as bembas also as an adult and more especially someone who comes from the royal family you are indeed a disgrace to us as bembas and also to the country Zambia. This is a very good example that show us as Zambian that the party that want to come rule this country it is a wrong party. GBM you are disqurlified of being Chief and President.

  41. Nomba! mule tumpa ba fikala. Tulandeko mulebosa. Ba GBM kubeba, Pakwakana ubunga tapaba insoni. These Tayali calibre of people, Bamuselela kwakaba. They just talk to earn a living.You do not even represent an individual Zambian. Wechiwa we. You need deliverance double dealing yapitilila. Tayali Do you have a grade 12 cert. Uveka monga NJALA inakuchita BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. This was a friendly chat between Tayali and GBM though addressing real issues. …..one can get laughter and addressing each other as “boyi”

  43. GBM could have done better without insulting language. Who would want to be governed by a person like GBM? I heard him say that he uses his five brains to make money. Is it five brains X five senses = 25 senses or one brain with five senses? I think that the self-proclaimed next VP come August 11 was wrong. Is it because of the much talked about little understanding of the Queen’s language or a joke? I would have believed this to be a joke if he was talking to Richard Sakala or anybody from the East but not Chilufya from the North. I beg to be corrected.

    Voter who will decide on the 11th August 2016.

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