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I am focusing on my studies-Kalu

General News I am focusing on my studies-Kalu

FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya
Ex-FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya

Celebrated football icon Kalusha Bwalya has distanced himself from reports that he is involved in politics with the ruling PF.

In a posting on his Facebook page, Kalusha said he is not standing for any political position.

He said he is now focusing on his studies and that he will continue promoting football in Zambia, Africa and the world.

Below is Kalusha full posting.

Dear Friends,
I would just like to clarify that I am NOT standing for any political position.

I appreciate and will be forever grateful to HE President Edgar Lungu led PF government for their support of football in Zambia. I am not campaigning for any position right now.
Contrary to some mis-spelt posters that are circulating, this is incorrect.
I am enjoying my free time and am focussing on my studies, and will continue promoting football in Zambia, Africa and the World at large.

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  1. Talent and passion are the best tools to sustain your livelihood. Good luck in what you`re doing and your new direction. Politics is messy, don`t even try.

    • He played his football in Belgium, Holland, Dubai and Mexico and never took advantage of the superior education facilities there to upgrade his education to university level? Even 19 year Rashford of ManUtd is doing his schooling. Anyway, its never too late. Mike Mulongoti got his law degree at an advanced age

  2. Great Kalusha Bwalya I have peace. People developed goose pimples when someone painted a picture that you now have become a PF cadre vying for parliament. It looked like a clear case of destitution after having lost the FAZ president. Please focus on something else and continue building yourself. God will always provide meanful avenues through which you can contribute to mankind.

  3. Kalu wants to make sure he gets a grade 12 certificate first before he can start thinking of either becoming a Councillor or MP. That is smart!

  4. Leave the man alone. He has clarified his political position. Most of you people are hurting and you are of no good. What do you what Kalusha to say that will please you.

  5. He’s studying for a political science degree at some uni in SA. He’s still a Zambian & the most famous & most decorated footballer to have come from Zed. Let’s give the man some peace. We wanted him out of FAZ, now we want to follow him even in his house sure?


  7. Comment: kalu you are great, since you left FAZ no nation team including shipolopolo has won any single game. What’s the secret ba kalu? Please help kamanga or else we are doomed.

  8. People let him enjoy , wish we had 10 former soccer star of his caribe . He has contributed to the best of his capability and he will still continue .

  9. Thank you Great Kalu. You did your best to this country. We can for see the country not qualifying to the Africa Cup to be played in 2017.

    • Says who? Much as we have respect for the football icon lets support the present regime and stop discouraging them.Football has been a uniting sport in our country as such posting discouraging remarks about administrators is not building but destructive. Before/During Kalusha’s reign in football there were other administrators who took us to greater heights. Lets support the majority voted Kamanga team, Lets Go Kamanga !

  10. Definitely studying to get a grade 12 certificate. This grade 12 thing has really separated men from boys, chancers from fighters and the lions from the leopards.

  11. Most of you guys on this platform are very dull. Kalu completd his form five then, at Kantanshi sec. sch. in Muf. Is this what Zambians can give back to Kalu for being patriotic to his country? This is the man who has stood for Zambia throught out his life. Kalu has university level of education. Please let the man rest and forcus on your new faz president. Kalu gave us Africa cup , let Kamanga give you World cup. Zambians too critical for nothing, you can’t even praise your own son of the soil for what he has and continue to do for Zambia. Ask yourselves what you have done in life? Most of you have done nothing for Zambia and your own families. Don’t come here and brag twalimishiba namayanda tamwakwata usonkelafye foolish , cheap critics good for nothing zambian craps.

  12. You voted for change and change is here, focus on what you wanted and promote the game to the fullest. Personally, am greatful for the great Kalu. He was there for national duties while others preferred to earn dollars at their clubs and that’s my opinion… Hmmm just saying.
    Fabian Lungu-USA.

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