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UPND MP’s Son found with a case to answer in an alleged Murder case

General News UPND MP's Son found with a case to answer in an alleged...


Kalabo Central UPND Member of Parliament Chiinga Miyutu’s son Wamulume has been found with a case to answer in Mongu High Court for the alleged murder of an Immigration Officer in Kalabo District of Western Province.

This is in which Wamulume Miyutu aged 24, a student at the Catholic University in Kalulushi is jointly charged with 23 year old female Akamandisa Nyambe both of Kalabo District for murder contrary to section 200 of the Penal Code cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

In passing the ruling, yesterday, Justice Judith Mulongoti said the evidence adduced by the prosecution had established a prima facie case against the accused.

This is in a case in which Wamulume and Nyambe while jointly acting together in Kalabo District did allegedly murder 23 year old Kalabo Immigration Officer Amis Siame between 14th and 16th of December, 2015.

In his defence Wamulume told the court that he received a call around 21:00 hours on 14th December, 2015 from Precious Sinonge of Kaoma who told him to go and check on her sisters Oranta and Nyambe who reportedly were being beaten by Siame on 14th December, 2015.

Miyutu further told the court that he received a call from Akamandisa that she had been beaten and injured on the left ear of which they agreed to meet at Pilgrim School near Orantas’ house.

He said they later met at the school around 22:00 hours and went to the neighbour’s place where the children that were being kept by Oranta Nyambe had remained.

Miyutu added that he had never seen the deceased but just heard from his ex-girlfriend Oranta Nyambe that she was now in a relationship with Amis Siame.

In a statement that was given earlier at Kalabo Police Station by Akamandisa and read by the arresting officer Chanika Sallu in the Mongu High Court, it stated that Siame was beaten twice with a pot on the head by Miyutu.

The body of Siame was on 16th December, 2015 found facing downwards in shallow waters of the Luanginga River beneath a canoe that was covering the head and part of the shoulders.

A post-mortem was conducted and showed that Siame died from brain haemorrhage.

Justice Judith Mulongoti adjourned the case to today the 13th April, 2016 for Akamandisa Nyambe to give her defence.

Scores of Kalabo and Mongu residents are flooding the Mongu High Court to listen to the murder case of the Kalabo Immigration Officer.


  1. We are not surprised by UPND’s participation in the recent spate of ritual murders. This satamic cult is ready to steal, kill and destroy just to get into power. Reject Lucifer (HH) and his minions

    • This Kudos lito.le sana, he is a form 3 failure propelled by the chipatepate party to go and test good life as a fake non performing diplomat in EU. Now that he has tested a better life, he dreads coming back pa Zed if the pf loses and hence the loose canon towards the HH and UPND s a party.

      As cbu has stated, c.hi.kala you are coming back to face reality of full abject poverty-no job for you not even as a councillor!

    • Whom are you trying to implicate by saying “We are not surprised…” just talk for yourself. Say “You are not surprised…” Are you possessed by several demons?


  3. even me am not surprised that upnd is attached to a murder case.satanic acts is part of their ideology.

  4. most stupid reporting. what has upnd got to do with this case? cant you say university stuendent found with case to…..

    • @George … If ZWD reporting is biased it doesn’t make this biased reporting right. Call all things by their proper names. Biased fello!

  5. @joe bows, did you complain when it was reported that Mpombo’s son was appearing in court for murder instead of calling a ” student at……”? Or maybe you were underage then?

    • @ joe bowa its stupid reporting indeed especially that its trying to insinuate UPND had a hand in an obviously private matter leading to a death! @ Wise head it was also stupid reporting to try and focus on Mr Mpombo for his son’s misdeed. We all know its all about throwing dirt for reasons best known by those reporting. Neither MP Miyutu and his UPND nor Mr Mpombo are supposed to prominently feature in the report. Anyway I don’t expect any professionalism from the substandard reporters.

  6. Ba kachema ba UPND like killing too much + kaso ba Tonga + vigololo
    we are scared of these tribalist. Us its PF for life. Wenyo

    • Why are you scared of them, are you a thief? Just get close to them, they will tell you how to work hard. Jealousy is the key to poverty.

  7. Zambians will NOT VOTE for UPND for so many reasons some of which are below
    1. They are tribalists to the core
    2. They have no plan, message or roadmap for Zambia
    3. They are devil worshipers
    4. They are VIOLENT and BITTER
    5. They are vulgar and dont respect people’s rights
    5. They are murderous (its on record)
    6. Their MPs can even start fights in Parliament
    7. They dont know what they stand for
    8. They have no experience in governance issues…
    9. Their top leader doesnt know what is doing
    10. Their to leader does not believe in God
    11. Their top leader is a “KNOW IT ALL” loner.

    The list is endless.

  8. Top of the list is the fear by most tribes that UPND is heavily dominated by one tribe.
    A government should be by a party with national character. Definately most Zambians are not voting UPND for the same reasons they have never trusted UPND in the past. Despite late MCS being a very rough and not very educated, he beat HH for the same reasons that ECL will beat him.
    Villagers and people in shant compounds believe HH would be a corporate friendly president , he would have a cabinet with 3/4 one tribe and being rich would barely understand their issues. In short most Zambians don’t identify with HH.

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