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UPND Mps in near punch up in parliament

General News UPND Mps in near punch up in parliament

INFORMATION and Broadcasting Minister Chishimba Kambwili (r) and Choma Central Member of Parliament Conelius Mweetwa laugh and applause the dance by St. Mark’s Secondary School culture group (not in picture). This was during the Youth Day celebration at Choma stadium
FILE: INFORMATION and Broadcasting Minister Chishimba Kambwili (r) and Choma Central Member of Parliament Conelius Mweetwa laugh and applause the dance by St. Mark’s Secondary School culture group (not in picture). This was during the Youth Day celebration at Choma stadium

There was a near punch up in parliament Wednesday when UPND Choma member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa aimed at His Katuba Counterpart Jonas Shakafuswa after he was heard shouting Yaaaaaaaaa” and raising a PF symbol while seating third from Choma law maker.

Mr Mweetwa got upset after because the “UPND suffered to bring Mr Shakafuswa to parliament.”

Mr Mweetwa who later rose on a point of order seeking the Speaker’s ruling on Mr Shakafuswas’ raising of a PF symbol.

“Mr Speaker I raise on a point of order seeing your serious ruling, going by the rules of the house is it in order for Hon Shakafuswa to raise a PF symbol in this house after we suffered for him as a party to win a by election, Mr Speaker this is political stupidity,” said the visibly upset law maker.

When Mr Shakafuswa tried to hold calm Mr Mweetwa down he yanked his hand away from the reach of his colleague as the Choma parliamentarian would not have none of it and threatened to beat up his counterpart.

Mr Mweetwa later walked out the house as he refused an order from the speaker who had ordered him to sit down and end the confrontation.

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    • I would also. It’s utter foolishness for Shakafuswa to raise that symbol when the whole country has resolved to move forward with the UPND.

    • I too would kick his balls. Shakafuswa is a fo0l! You can’t raise that symbol when the whole citizenry has resolved to move their country forward with the UPND.

    • Observer you are the one who may be a disgrace on this site…any normal person in Mweetwa’s situation would react the same way….campaigning for someone to land in Parley is no mean task at all….the Mweetwas had to leave the comforts of their homes to sleep in Katuba villages just to ensure ras.cals like Jonnas came victorious…only to be treated as such..i would react the same as Mweetwa did

    • Anger is always exhibited by losers…UPND, HH and all the followers know pretty well that they are going to lose the August elections, hence the hooliganism and violence..


  1. Shakafuswa exhibits backward behavior all the time. Isn’t he the one who insulted women parliamentarians at Parliament Motel during the MMD rule.He is a common thug who deserves to be booted out of politics completely.
    We will deal with you on Ballot Jonas !.
    Word of advice to PF , Please do not adopt the thug on Katuba/You stand to lose.

  2. Local Champion, who is more of a thug Shakafuswa or GBM the veep for administration for the up and down party? Pot calling kettle black! Get a life man!

  3. Don t be shocked people, the Chickens have come to roost in UPND eversince they imported the ‘Brontok Virus’ in the name of GBM to UPND. GBM is synonymous with GBV, Insults, Violence and “illegal drilling’
    By the way GBM, whose the Health Worker at UTH that is carrying your baby ?

  4. GBM doubles Pf member and Upnd vice president. He lost on mmd to zayelo in kabwata and Pf faught battles for him to do in kasama. Same with masebo who are now raising both hands to show dual membership.

    • Since when did raising a fist become political stupidity? Ba @scrutinizerer naimwe some of your comments these days are very stupid.

  5. And you say you have leaders..SMH Leaders should learn to refrain from such acts regardless of feeling some type of way on certain issues. These are public leaders mind you. Leaders of political parties, constituencies, Homes and other Orgs. UPND should discipline GBM and Mweetwa on grounds of failing to show true leadership.

  6. Unless you have not seen the French, Dutch or English Parliament even the Japanese. Jackets have been removed but at the end of the day we are brothers.

  7. This is why reporters are said to be liars. How can they say this was a near-punch up. How do they know that this quarrell or argument would have ended up in punches? If a fight erupts I could decide to kick-not punch my enemy so where does near-punch up come from?

  8. Comment: which whole has decided to move forward??I’m not among those moving forward with HH,I’m with PF and Lungu

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