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Dora Siliya’s Tribal Rantings and Hate Speech is a violation-Canisius Banda

General News Dora Siliya's Tribal Rantings and Hate Speech is a violation-Canisius Banda

ENERGY and Water Development Minister Dora Siliya stresses a point during National Water Day celebration at Choma Stadium
ENERGY and Water Development Minister Dora Siliya


Friday, 15th April 2016

Minister of Energy Dora Siliya’s tribal rantings and hate speech directed at the people of Southern Province is very disheartening and completely violates the spirit of the “One Zambia, One Nation” motto being preached and pronounced daily on ZNBC.

As a senior member of both the PF’s Central Committee and President Edgar Lungu’s Cabinet we can only assume that Dora Siliya has all the blessings of the President himself who is allowing his Ministers to preach tribal hatred, as she has been recorded yesterday in her address to Katete residents of Eastern Province.

Once again we do not expect any action to be taken against Ms. Siliya from President Edgar Lungu because the President has not acted on any of his senior party officials who have been uttering similar or worse hate speech, derogatory remarks, lies and slander against the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and other leaders and members.

Dora Siliya’s conduct is not only illegal under the Constitution, but it cleary goes against the resolutions of the recently held political parties Peace Indaba, which resolved that civil political discourse is an important way of reducing political violence in the country.

We also wonder how Dora Siliya’s tribal rantings and hate speech in Eastern Province yesterday will reduce the cost of farming inputs, bring an end to the power-cuts that have crippled business, reduce the cost of mealie meal, and address the many challenges the country is facing at the moment.

As we head towards elections, we call on Zambians to be on the lookout for more divisive sentiments and lies from the PF leadership who, while proclaiming to be Godly, the evidence shows continue to deliver evil messages meant to divide our people.

Dr. Canisius Banda
UPND Vice-President

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    • Well said DR Banda. Dora is so naive and forgets that when HH becomes president she will be begging for survival.

      Southerners have all the time been supporting presidents from other regions a proof that they are not tribal but just support a sensible person who has a clear vision.

      Its actually people in Eastern province who support their own and are proud about it to the extent that even Bembas are fooled. 2011 East voted RB 100%. 1991 East voted KK 100% this evidence shows that Eastern refuse to move with the wind of change as long its their own in leadership.

      Dora confirmed my ascertion above in her statements which drew a reaction from DR Banda a man who is trying to reform Eastern province.

      That said people in the East will not be fooled this time around. They have chosen…

    • Canisius Banda should have said what exactly Siliya said to prove to all and sundry that she was perpetrating tribal hatred against Tongas. I though from reading what she said on ZWD she was merely pointing out that there are many intelligent Tongas and Ilas who would want to work with the government of the day but are stopped by UPND. So, where is the hate speech here. In fact, reading the report of the ZWD on this and reactions of UPND cadres on the site, one gets the impression it was the ZWD and bloggers who were promoting hate speech against Siliya.

    • Zedoc… How can UPND stop Ilas and Tongas from working with PF? We just recently gave you Shakafuswa, you already had Siamunene and his his friend from Itezhi itezhi. There are Tongas in PF. You want UPND to merger with PF?

    • Iwe chi @UPND Cadre…., and what happened to Siamunene and the rest of UPND MPs who have wanted to work in this Govt? Don’t these people have cases pending in courts straining UPND to expel them from the Party? And these, of course, are Presidential appointments we are talking about. Appointments that our Constitution allows, but UPND just want to be difficult for nothing. So if this what Siliya was pointing out; then where is TRIBALISM in that? This is the danger of having people in Party leadership/MPs who almost all of them come from one region, because every time someone talks about them there is no way of avoiding looking like you singling out a certain tribe.

    • There is no difference between this serpent Dora and leon musegera the Rwanda politician who in 1992 called tutsis cocoroaches and called for their extermination, two years later 1994 a genocidal war broke out and 800,000 tutsis were massacred, he has been extradited and found guilty for preaching hate speech, can’t we take a leaf from Rwanda and cage her.

    • Badala ba Banda, Pepe you are surely confused considering that sister Dora has merely invoked indelible truth. This doctrine shoved on our necks that we should never align with Bemba/Nyanja but UPND Tonga leaders only is self driven genocide and doom. Aren’t we the ones who have called bembas as monkeys thieves from Katanga and easterners as rats from Malawi. If we birthed UPND on a spirit of tongalisation of Zambia under a flawed philosophy it’s our time to rule, what makes fault a mere reminder. Party Patches with valueless dissidents of insulting motormouth GBM, yourself rejected in Mandevu and vagabond Sampa does not chance our spirit and useless dream of b.a.n.t.u.s.t.a.n.i.s.m.

    • I guess there are many of such documents by the PF because also this idea of the President being a good Christian from no where no church no baptism. First lady going to any church gathering from no where. But the first family has been insukated from the real nature of the family and no one questions: Which Church does ECL go to? When was he baptised? But today ECL is portrayed as Christian even verses are given to him just to convince the gullibles!

    • It is useless people like you and the ***** above called TJ who give our country a bad name. Learn to analyze issues like a mature person. Is it good for Dora to teach hatred! Why do you like deflecting issues? Dr. Banda has a right to speak on behalf of Dora cisusu’s victims. Edgar Lungu is a failed president because he encourages tribalism, hate-speech, and incompetence in his PF. He needs to be replaced ASAP. Dr. Banda, speak on!

  1. I believe for you Tongas to feel the way do against other regions, someone does tell you somethings, negative or derogatory information about others like Bembas or Easterners. Only that you do it in secret, in your homes, your offices (where marjority or 99% are yourselves) and especially the younger ones beacuase you are cowards.I say so because by now this tribal thing would have been a thing of the past especially for the younger generation. But no you pass on your hate to your children in secret, meanwhile you want others to keep quite SHAME

  2. Violence begets violence. Anyway some of us are non the wiser at what Dora is supposed to have said in Katete since your communique has been rather shy at furnishing us with the alleged offensive comments. Since you fail to control GBM and said that you could not verify GBM’s offensive statements just days ago, one wonders why Zambians must feel badly on your behalf.

    Everyone knows these offensives are about voting along Tribal lines to comply with your Modus operandi. Cry a Wolf too many times and people won’t listen.

    • When a president of another party enters state house, that will be the end of Dora as we know her. She has nothing to fall back on except her booty and HH ain’t buying. Pun intended!

  3. Mr vice president Banda, 2015 Southern Province gave over 80% vote to HH…why don’t you yourself start by going to Monze and tell Southerners not to repeat such pattern in 2016? Did you expect Hon Siliya to tell Easterners in Katete not to vote for their own?


    • Luapula voted for Lungu but not 80 perc. and Lungu is not Bemba anyway. You could have asked that question if they vote Mumba

    • If I were ECL I would ask you not to vote for me. I would refuse to be supported by people who refuse to use their heads.

    • Your logic is stupid to say the least! I’m shocked! Zambians, your thinking capacity is too low. Surely, should we have laws that define what political campaigns are and how they should be conducted? We have too many uneducated “educated” people in our country. Dora should be busy swaying the people with the force of her arguments on what the PF government has done for them, not practicing tribalism and being encouraged by the likes of this LIDY SA *****!

  4. What Ms Dora Siliya said is that the people of Southern Province are very good people and that the Leadership of the UPND were the ones who were tribal by ensuring that all senior positions in the party were 99 per cent were held by one region and systematically could not allow others to hold those strategic positions …That’s what she said in Katete….

    • UPND are so scared of GBM that they want to divert the attention of his insults he made last week.I’m surprised that even the Supreme Leader HH of the UPND is so scared of GBM…The current Republican President of Zambia Mr Edgar Lungu knows GBM very well that’s why he refused to be intimidated by him and refused his money…It was only the late President Mr Michael Sata who could tame GBM and yet used his money…

  5. Southern Province, Southern Province why this hate for you from other people within the country? Does it mean having HH coming from this region is a crime don’t think so.southern province is not made of only tongas almost all tribes of Zambia are here just like anywhere else within Zambia. For example, if you were to walk through the corridors of Livingstone, you will realise that they are two most spoken languages and guess which ones Bemba and Nyanja of course I’m not promoting tribalism but this will give you an idea that this part of the region is beyond what people think it is.In Eastern province, honourable energy minister mentioned almost all the tribes except one major tribe who she described as not supportive as long any candidate does not hail from there. In 9191,FTJ was given…


    • If you want to vote for theives, vote for PF.
      In 5 yrs Zambia owes 10 billion, if they are given another 5 years we will owe $20 billion. Your children and grandchildren will owe money forever. All PF know is to borrow and steal.

  7. Even non partisan bembas and Easterners are tired of the stealing and missmangment in PF. That is all they think of is to steal.
    10 billion US owed, High inflation, cholera, shortages of mealie meal ati it’s global

    It’s time for change from these bemba and eastern theives in PF.

  8. Don’t cry when it can’t suit you.remember your campaign Slogan in southern province (all bembers are devils).including your chiefs went even further telling your small god not to waist his time campaigning there but concentrate in other provinces because they already did the campaign for him.some chief even said it openly that some people are not welcome here.Dr don’t pretend you are not aware of this.i recall mulobeka talked about this in luapula and every one opened their filthy mouth condemning her,but when she gave facts on the ground in southern province, everyone kept quiet. Hon.siliya that’s the way to go.people should not think they above others.we are starting campaigns and I personally will do the same.tell the people about neganega formula. My entire village in kasama are…

    • Tongas are not against Bembas. They are against Edgar Chagwa Lungu, a man they are feeding with their sweat. Last time I checked, Edgar was not Bemba.

  9. Fully aware of this and they gone flat out to educate others on the neganega formula so that we see who cries.tufilile munsenga.i hope my mbuyas will do the same.southern province has always been a no go area for other parties apart from upnd.the pf chair lady was stripped naked by upnd cadres in mazabuka and Gary nkombo just said she asked for it,what nonsense is this?so now it’s neganega formula and pf for life period.

  10. When you hear tribal remarks, that is a sign of desperation by PF. The suffering zambians don’t belive the looting and missmangment are due to global factors.
    See them jumping at the appreciation of the kwacha, those PF plunderers who can now go on shopping holidays abroad with their looted monies.
    The struggling Zambian sees only shortages and high prices while they sign about the low dollar.

    Come August,
    Zambia shall be free.

    • Looting was done during privatisation of our companies,now there’s only development. Some chief in southern province is a millionaire after stealing in terms of shares in a hotel that was valued at us 20 million dollars but they got it at 5.6million dollars when others bidded 18,14,12 and 9million dollars respectively.

    • Why is that cheif not in jail or why have his I’ll Gotten wealths not been taken from him?? Could it be because that is all PF lies and jealousy to cover their looting and missmangment of the economy ???

    • ‘chiwamila galu kuluma mbuuzi’ not “mbuuzi kuluma galu” – It ok for tongas to be tribal and not easterners to love themselves. Icho!

  11. Sata also did not allow the party officials to participate in the NCC and those MPs were labeled rebel MPs. The Machungwa’s, the Sinyangwe’s too many to mention. This was all to make P.F strong. UPND is doing the same

  12. Canisius Banda is a house Negro; he only seeks to please those paying his rentals i.e. HH and GBM. Not every Easterner is house negro like Canisius Banda, I am a field negro, I have no masters to please. Let the easterners vote for one of their own this time around because every time an easterner is governing, we have the cartel and its allies trying to destabilize his government. Canisius has unconsciously abandoned his culture, his identity, everything that make him an Easterner, and thrown yourself in an elusive quest to identify himself with alien culture and identity.

    • C Banda is a principled Easterner not like your convicted fraudstar president lungu and his mentor the corrupt RB with another theif siliti siliya, all house negros who have become theives.
      PF is made up of thieves.

    • aSpaka kuliye zoteto. Come 11th Aug we are voting the way Southern Province votes. Neo na abululu bangu ti votele kwasu. Wako ni wako this time.

    • You are worying about an individual’s rent while inflation, looting and cholera reck havoc on zambians ???.

      You PF theives should get your priorities right.

      Come August, Zambia shall be set free from this corruption.

  13. Dora Siliya’s message will be replicated in all the villages and towns in the east and north of Zambia. Voters from Pikamalaza in Lundazi to those in Pondamali in Mansa deserve to be aware of the voting patterns in Southern province. These voters need to know how to protect their vote from house Negroes like Canisius Banda and Andrew Banda. People from East and Nothern provinces should know that Canisius Banda doesn’t want them to compete with voters from Southern Province on equal footing. 2016 the game is on, viva ECL

    • It is empty stomach’s that will do the voting.
      High food prices, suffering and shortages know no tribe bwana. Your silly attempts at sparking tribal wars in Zambia are not working, zambians of all tribes are tired of the corruption and missmangment.

      Come August, Zambia shall be free of this cancerous PF corruption and mismanagement.

  14. Canius Banda is indeed an uncle Tom! Scrumbling for hh’s bread crumbs- pathetic being!Indeed people of Zambia’ll return the favour to the people of Southern by teaching them their own formula-neganega! The opposition have no issues to chant and have now resorted to low life practices- we ain’t s!upid but aware of thy devices- We’re voting for a national leader not a myopic leader riding on a regional sympathy vote!


  16. Shut up chi mandevu iwe. You have enough problems fighting for running mate and a possible rent free accommodation at government House. Just concentrate on encouraging GBM to insult and disqualify him from running mate.

  17. Lungu should stop her Lungu should drop her. Iwe Dorah Kodi ni PF ya nyoko? Na iwe Lungu same funso

  18. This is one stupid tribal/regional debate if it worthy to be called debating for each one makes a comment from their heart and while in the “Kano nibena!” spirit want to shout “ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION!”

  19. If you want to campaign for Dora Siliya continue debating her foolishness. it is foolish for anyone to talk the way she talked. Has there been any Tonga president before? The answer is no. How have they been voting all along? She fooling those that cant analyse. ECZ has all the results. Debating this is campaigning for PF because you take away all your time from important things. So just hit the road go to the east people are hungry there. They are intellingent too and they can read in between the lines as Dora speaks.

    She has no message and she knows people are hungry and made up to show PF the exit door. Debating the Dora statement is simply amplifying it. Stop it.

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