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High Court did not rule that MMD holds a National Convention-Sambo

Headlines High Court did not rule that MMD holds a National Convention-Sambo


Rev. Reuben Sambo
Rev. Reuben Sambo

MMD Acting spokesperson Pastor Reuben Sambo has clarified that the order by Judge Mubanga Kondolo (SC) was a refusal of an interim injunction that the MMD was seeking to restrain certain individuals from holding meetings in the name of the party.

He said at the moment the party is preparing for the 2016 elections and the decision of NEC to have the convention in 2017 remains unchanged. As such, MMD members are encouraged not to be swayed by any misinterpretations in the media.

On Friday, Daily Nation reported that the Lusaka High Court ruled that was nothing to stop the Felix Mutati group in the MMD from holding a convention to elect the next president of the party  because there was no documentary evidence before court to support the fact that MMD president Nevers Mumba was elected for a five-year tenure of office in April 2012, and therefore a party convention could be held.
Lusaka High Court Judge Mubanga Kondolo said there was also no evidence to support the notion that the convention could only be held in 2017.
In what the paper described as a landmark decision which has far-reaching consequences for the former ruling party which has been rocked by leadership squabbles, Mr Justice Kondolo allowed MMD Lunte Member of Parliament Felix Mutati and 11 others to hold a party convention to choose the president of the party.



  1. What is Sambo going on about? This old git is just making a fool of himself! Just go wherever you came from – the game is over and Mumbwe has lost! Mwe tupuba imwe – dont you have shame sure??

  2. lets try another option coz we re tired with lungu’s ubufi.pipo were complaining abt dollar lyt now dollar naibwela but de prices dosent change.leadership has no power to control pricez go go HH.ifutu nafilungula
    meali meal hear in linda dere selling at k105 while meali meale shud b at k65.if posible goverment can send some officez to check for de pricez plz we re apealing to de goverment to control situation here in linda compound.

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