Darlington Michaels

SOUTH African actor Darlington Michaels, known for his starring role as the flamboyant gangster Georgie “Papa G” Zamdela in the South African soap opera Isidingo and as conman Daliza in the Mzansi Magic sitcom Chandies, is next month expected in the country for a series of acting clinics.
His visit to Zambia is being facilitated by the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria and Amitek Holdings Pty Ltd.
Papa G’s visit has also been tied to the August 11 general elections that the country will be holding, and he is therefore going to engage the youth on their participation in the democratic dispensation.
“The actor says he is passionate about the African youth and is involved in youth development, not only in South Africa but throughout the continent. Michaels has been studying the events throughout Africa and he sees elections in Africa as an opportune time and moment for African politicians and its citizens to engage in developing the youth for the sustainability of African political and economic freedoms,” reads a statement made available to the Weekend Mail by Amitek Holdings.
“As Zambia goes to elections in 2016, Michaels wants to partner with Zambia and its people; with the Zambian government and the private sector in developing the youth of Zambia so that they can take Zambia’s destiny in their own hands.
“Among other projects [he is] intended to do whilst in Zambia is to conduct acting clinics to young and upcoming actors and stage performers [drama]; this is because getting discovered as an actor can be tough especially if your skills of acting are not professionally developed.”
Asked on how he hopes to discover aspiring actors and actresses in Zambia who can compete on the international stage, Papa G says: “We have to develop the aspiring Zambian actors and actresses through professional training at an actors’ workshop. Our acting clinic workshops will offer the 10 different types of acting classes in the various categories, and the classes are ranked in the matter of importance,” the statement reads.



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  1. Aikona. What is this washed up pseudo actor going to teach Kasaka or Mwine Munshi. Zambia has better actors, only problem is that we don’t support local stuff. We fall madly in love with anything foreign.


  2. Acting is not a problem in Zambia. We have very good actors. The problem is facilities to use for acting. technical know-how is an issue too. In short he is only coming here to make money for himself.



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